Gifts for Labor and Delivery Nurses That Will Really Show Your Gratitude

Motherhood is the greatest gift in the world. The second greatest gift is being the person delivering the baby into the world and giving them to their mother for the first time. These nineteen gifts are the perfect way to thank the special labor and delivery nurse who helped you!

1. Nurse Figurine

Thank you gifts for labor and delivery nurses - Nurse Figurine

Hospitals are sparsely decorated. There might be a painting or two throughout the floor. Maybe some potted plants, but that’s usually about it. So after a day of looking at barely anything, your nurse will want to come home to a nicely decorated place This figurine is the perfect decor piece for them! Simple, not flashy, and sure to spruce up any space. A nice gift for the nurse just starting out or the one retiring.


2. Coffee Mug

Doula Gift, Labor And Delivery Nurse, Thank You Gift

The maternity ward is always a busy place! Filled with women in various stages of labor, fathers who are nervous and pacing, and all the babies, it’s a very high energy floor! With all that chaos, making sure everyone has what they need, and caring for the babies, your nurse is sure to grow tired quickly! So for the tired nurse in your life, give them this coffee cup to help fuel them every demanding shift.


3. Personalized Tumbler

Personalized Gift for Labor and Delivery Nursing

Nursing is a demanding profession. Especially on the maternity floor where a lot is going on at all hours of the day and night! With someone always needing something, you might not have time to enjoy your hot coffee or tea before it gets cold! Well, don’t worry, with this insulated cup that worry is a thing of the past! Your coffee will still be hot hours later when you finally have the chance to drink it.


4. Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket

Gifts for Labor and Delivery Nurses Bath Basket

Childbirth is a very messy experience. Working with the babies afterward is also messy. At the end of the day, you’ll come home covered in spit-up, tears, and bodily functions. You will smell kind of gross and feel gross too. And boy oh boy will you be tired and sore. Help your favorite nurse her relax with this spa set sure to help rejuvenate body and soul. And also help wash away the messes of the day!


5. Badge Holder

Personalized Labor & Delivery gift Button Badge

What is one of the most important things you need as a nurse? Your ID badge! With its many uses throughout your work day, it’s a vital part of your job. Losing that ID badge would be the hospital equivalent of losing your homework when it’s due or forgetting your wallet at home- It would be disastrous! Never lose your ID badge again with this handy retractable button that will clip onto your uniform and stay with you throughout the day!


6. Wine Stopper

Nursing Wine Stoppers

Babies are a cause for celebration. New fathers will pass out cigars and shake people’s hands. New mothers will accept hugs and presents for the new bundle of joy. And at some point there is sure to be a bottle of wine or champagne. And of course appreciation for the nurse who helped will be shown. So what’s the best way to celebrate them? With a bottle of their favorite wine topped with this wine stopper that is personalized just for them!


7. Alice Blake Scarf

Nurse gifts for labor & delivery Scarf

Is it just me or are hospitals always really cold, even in the winter? Nurses can only wear so many layers under their uniform. And I haven’t seen too many nurses wear a hoodie over their uniform. It’s cold, it’s drafty, and their choices for layering are limited. What’s the perfect gift to give them to stay comfortable? A beautiful scarf in a vibrant color! Sure to keep them comfortable and also brighten the mood of anyone who sees it!


8. Labor & Delivery Stork Nurse RN Tote Bag

Thoughtful gifts for labour and delivery nurses Tote Bag

Anything can happen during childbirth. Especially with at home deliveries, you need to be prepared for anything and everything. Dad passes out, you’ll need smelling salts. Mom might need an extra pillow to help keep her propped up. You might need snack or coffee to keep you going. Well with this bag, you can fit anything and everything you might need for home deliveries in it! With the extra space to hold water bottles and a loop for your pen, you’ll be prepared for anything!


9. Sterling Silver Necklace

L&D NICU RN Neklace

Being a labor and delivery nurse is a rewarding job. Helping bring new life into the world isn’t easy, but when it happens it’s a magical and life changing moment for everyone involved. Whether it’s your first birth, hundredth birth, or your last one before retirement, the magic of the moment never gets old. With many options for personalization, this necklace is sure to bring a smile to their face for years to come! Could represent the first baby they helped deliver or graduating from the nursing program.


10. Gourmet Coffee Box

Gift ideas for your labor and delivery nurse Gourmet coffee

Working in a delivery room can be exhausting. With taking care of the newborns, keeping a watchful eye on the new mothers, and so much more, it takes a lot out of a nurse! And let’s not even get started on births that take thirty-six and a half hours for the baby to be born (sorry mom). With the gift of gourmet coffee in a variety of different blends, may your favorite delivery nurse never be tired again. Perfectly compliments the coffee mug mentioned earlier!


11. Inspirational Fun Push Socks

Inspirational Fun Push Socks

Nurses need comfortable footwear to get them through their day. If any part of your footwear is uncomfortable, your feet will be in a lot of pain by the end of the day! And honestly, most of us probably wear socks more than anything else because we want to keep our feet clean and warm. So these comfortable socks will be perfect for the nurse in your life. Also makes a great gift for the new mother walking around the maternity ward!


12. Brooch

Birth partner Gift

Jewelry and nursing don’t mix well. Necklaces could end up tangled on something when you’re bending down to fix a bed or picking a baby up. Bracelets can catch on blankets or monitor wires. But you want to accessorize! So this brooch, with it’s small and fairly simple design is the way to go. With options for customization and no risk of catching onto anything, it’s the perfect gift for the delivery nurse in your life that she can wear with ease.


13. Baby Catcher

Baby Catcher

Keeping a journal is a great to keep track of memories. Unfortunately as we get older we start to forget more and more. So recording all those memories someplace safe is a great way to look back on them years and years down the road. This journal gives the gift of memory to your favorite delivery nurse. Whether it’s keeping track of every baby they helped deliver or things they learned along the way, they will always have the memories stored away safely!


14. L&D Nurse Buttons Pins

Labor and Delivery Nurse Buttons Pins

As a society, we love to find ways to express ourselves. Bumper stickers. Novelty t-shirts. These items and many more are used to help express ourselves and things we love. Some people even show off their career through these forms of slef expression! So for the nurse in your life who isn’t goiing to walk around in her scrubs all day long these pins are the perfect way to express her career in a subtle way that can be put anywhere.


15. Tea Gift Set

Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Nurse Gifts Tea Set

Not everyone enjoys coffee. In fact, some people avoid it because of the high caffeine count (I avoid it because it tastes like sludge). In a delivery room, all nerves are on edge and tensions are high, especially during high risk births. And during a long delivery, with all those factors in mind, you don’t need to add caffeine jitters to the mix! So for the labor nurse who needs a low dose of energy, this tea set is perfect for that!


16. Labor & Delivery Nurse Appreciation Sherpa Wrap Throw

Labor & Delivery Nurse Appreciation Sherpa Wrap Throw

Delivery nurses who make house calls can have a harder time than delivery nurses who work in hospitals. Unlike hospital nurses, they have limited resources, limited staffing, and they have to make sure they’re prepared for anything. This hoodie and blanket combo is the perfect tool for them. Whether they use it to keep mom warm or use it as a quick baby blanket because the other one got dirty, they are sure to get plenty of use out this for years to come!


17. Natural Canvas Tote Bag

gift for your labor and delivery team bag

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tells us it’s important to always have a towel. Towels can be very handy., but when you’re a nurse you need a lot more than a towel to help you out! You might need smelling salts to wake the new father up, an extra blanket because the mother ripped the other one in half, aspirin for your headache… the list goes on and on. With this handy tote bag, you’ll be prepared for any and all situations!


18. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath Bombs Gift Set

At the end of a long day of deliveries, your delivery nurse is going to be tired and sore. She’s going to want to come home, prop her feet up, and enjoy the silence. Maybe even enjoy some wine and a good book. What else will help her relax? A nice warm bath filled with bath bombs sure to ease her sore body. Pair them with the spa basket mentioned earlier and she is sure to feel relaxed in no time!


19. Obgyn Obstetricain Midwife Baby Doctor Pediatrian Labor Nurse Ornament Gift

Obgyn Obstetricain Midwife Baby Doctor Pediatrian Labor Nurse Ornament Gift

After hours and hours of screaming, pain, blood, and more pain, the baby is finally here. Mother and child are finally face to face. And it’s all thanks to you. As you pass the baby to its mother, you feel a warm sense of pride knowing you helped make that moment happen. With this ornament, depicting you holding the new baby, you will constantly be reminded of that moment. Not just for Christmas, you can display it anywhere you like.


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