70th Birthday: 11 Sweet and Practical Gift Ideas for a Man

Is your dad, husband, brother, or any other loved one turning 70? Well, this is a special anniversary which deserves to be marked with a special gift!

We have picked the best 70th birthday gifts for men for 2021, including the best funny gifts, the best inexpensive gifts, the best useful gifts, and the best gifts showing appreciation.

70th Birthday Aged to Perfection Wine Glass


If you are looking for an affordable gift for a friend or colleague turning 70 soon, then this wine glass is a perfect choice.

It costs about $10 and comes with a fun 1951 Limited Edition Aged to Perfection sign engraved in the crystal clear, durable glass.

The tumbler is 15 fl. oz. and is suitable for wine lovers turning 70 – men and ladies alike.

Made in 1951 All Original Parts T-Shirt


This funny T-shirt is another gift to consider if you want to surprise someone who is turning 70 with a humorous and reasonably priced present.

The shirt has a funny sign with the year of birth of the recipient.

It is made of premium durable cotton and comes in 9 different color options and in sizes ranging from small to 4X large.

Esky RF Item Locator with 1 Transmitter and 6 Receivers


Is your dad, granddad, husband, or other relative or friend getting forgetful? This useful RF item locator by Esky is a present for a 70-year-old, which will save him time, hassle, and worry every time he is looking for his keys, wallet, remote control, or another item.

The set includes a transmitter and six separate receiver tags, which can be attached to a key, wallet, or any other item, or even a pet. The range of the key finder is 100 feet and will make the life of anyone who tends to misplace their things much more comfortable.

Vintage Turntable with Radio, CD Player, and Cassette Player


If you will be celebrating the 70th birthday of a music fan, then this vintage music player is a gift that will make him truly happy.

The beautiful player includes a fully functioning 30-speed turntable, a CD player, and a cassette player. It is an excellent gift for men who have vinyl, CD, and even cassette tape music collections.

The player is also MPs ready and has a built-in AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, and an Aux port.

Personalized Vinyl Record Song Lyrics Frame

Does he have an impressive record collection? If he does, you can add something personal to it!

This record is fully customizable and you can change the name, date, color, and more. But the best is that you can add the text of the lyrics of your 70 years old man’s favorite song.

Well, it is not an actual record he can play, but it is a sweet and thoughtful gift for everyone who loves vinyl records.

“Senior Moments” Memory Game


If the recipient of your gift has a sense of humor, then this funny board game is a brilliant 70th birthday gift idea. But this game is not only a fun game that can be shared with family and friends. It is also a great way to keep one’s brain and memory active and working.

It contains hundreds of cards with memory tasks and tests, lost key cards, and a board with color markers.

Personalized Fishing Name Art

This artsy personalized fly fishing name art poster is another original idea for an avid fisherman turning 70.

It is a cool looking gift idea, which he will gladly display in his home, man cave, cabin, or lodge.

The poster is on a block mount sized 6.5 x 18 inches or 9.5 x 26 inches, or you can get the birthday boy an impressive framed canvas with his name, sized 13.5 x 32.5 inches.

Custom BBQ Branding Iron

This custom BBQ branding iron will become the pride and joy of any 70-year-old man who enjoys barbequing.

The original gift idea for such a special anniversary will allow him to add his initials to those beautifully grilled steaks.

It is 12 inches long and has 1 ¼ inch letters. You can buy the branding iron with or without a plate, a hanging plank, a steak plate, and a gift box.

Retro Woodstock Candy Nostalgic Candy Collection


This gift box will bring back some sweet childhood memories to the recipient, as it features all of the most popular candies which were available in the year in which he was born. All come in replicas of the original candy wrappers from 1951 and will surely be a nice surprise for such a special occasion.

The Bucket List


If your relative or friend feels depressed or sad that he is turning 70 and is now retired without any adventures and goals to pursue, this superb book is a great gift idea which will cheer him up for his birthday.

The Bucket List of 1000 Adventures Big and Small includes a thousand ideas that can help him set new goals and get ideas for new adventures, which he never pursued when he was younger.

It is a thoughtful and motivating birthday gift idea that can bring back his joy of life and keep him feeling young at heart and hopefully get him out of the house exploring new adventures.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch


Even if your 70-year-old relative is not too tech-savvy, he will surely appreciate this Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch.

The smartwatch will allow him to easily track his activity and hopefully help him stay active. It also includes a useful blood pressure monitor, a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor to ensure that he watches his health.

The phone can easily be paired with his phone so that he gets his texts and other notifications directly on the screen.

This model is the Golf Edition, so if he enjoys golfing, it will help him plan and log his games on over 40,000 golf courses in the country and around the world too.