Gifts for Massage Therapists

22 Great Gifts for the Massage Therapist in Your Life

No words can adequately express our gratitude for massage therapists and their amazing ability of curing the most oppressive of back pain. Spa days and relaxation therapy are the highlights of our week, and these gifts are just a small way to repay therapists for the relief that changes our lives.

We’ve compiled roundup of best gifts for massage therapist to help you in your hunt for just the perfect one.

This unique gift ideas are great for any occasion: Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Retirement, just because or to show your gratitude.

Best Gift Ideas for Massage Therapists

Here is a list of foolproof gift ideas for the massage therapist in your life.

1. Muscle Whisperer T-Shirt

Massage Therapist Gifts Muscle Whisperer T-Shirt

At some point or another, we all must have considered massage therapist to be magicians in the way that they easily calm aggressive nerves and muscles. This shirt just says what we are all thinking. They will certainly show their well-deserved confidence when they wear this shirt, but they also need something to relax in while they are home. Give this gift as a laugh and build up the superpowers that your massage therapist already possesses.


2. Nirvana Essential Oils

Massage Therapist Gifts Nirvana Essential Oils

Make an massage therapist’s day easier with oils that they certainly need! If you haven’t jumped on the essential oil train yet, you are missing out! If you have jumped on the essential oil train, you would know that this is a fantastic deal for the amount of essential oils that you are getting in this package. It will easily supply your massage therapist with refreshing and stress-relieving aromas for a long while. These oils are perfect for setting the tone for a perfectly zen space, and their patients will feel at peace in the comfort of this small patch of peaceful healing haven.


3. Rock Massage Ornament

Massage Therapist Gifts Rock Massage Ornament

Massage therapist’s offices are all about decoration. This cute little rock massage ornament will look dazzling on their Christmas tree during the holiday season. It’s adorable gift and will certainly bring a smile to everyone’s face when they see it. You can even name it to bring it a sense of personability around the office. Otherwise, you can let sleeping ornaments lie peacefully and nameless, but that’s not as fun. Everyone knows that are rock massages are awesome equally as this gift.


4. Organic Soy Candles Lightly Scented Gift Set Kit

Massage Therapist Gifts Organic Soy Candles Lightly Scented Gift Set Kit

These candles will actively fill in the place with subtle scents of what we’re pretty sure Heaven smells like. Lavender, lemon, or gardenia aromas will do some miracle work in the nose as it instantly causes patients to relax and feel invigorated by their treatments. These candles have done some incredible work in freshening up stale rooms with a calming presence. They also come in a bundle, so no one would know the difference if you kept one for yourself.


5. Chiropractor Wirecraft Figurine

Massage Therapist Gifts Chiropractor Wirecraft Figurine

Figurines are staple items for every doctor’s office. Imagine walking into an office with no figurines. It would be awkward because you would have nothing to pretend to stare at while the doctor fiddles around with reports on their computer. It’s just uncomfortable! Don’t let that be the case for your chiropractors/massage therapist. This little figurine is perfect for filling in the awkward spaces of their office, and they will be eternally grateful for little trinkets that deter direct eye contact.


6. Ambient Music For Massage/Relaxation/Meditation

Massage Therapist Gifts Ambient Music For Massage/Relaxation/Meditation

Who doesn’t love a music for relaxation? This one is perfect for massage therapists. Picture your favorite song. Now picture your favorite moment of that song stretched out to the size of the universe and you will get the incredibly relaxing soundscapes of this album. It is the perfect accompaniment for massages and spa therapy of every sort. The magical notes coming out of these recordings will have you dreaming of your happiest moments and bring you to a place of perfect peace.



Massage Therapist Gifts Tote Bag

Tote bags are perfect for the amount of remedies and relaxation devices that your massage therapist has to carry back and forth from work and home. What incredible purpose this bag has in helping bring healing and wholeness aids to patients desperate for a sense of relief. Your therapist will enjoy using this stylish and eco-friendly bag around town. Plus it gives everyone a chance to realize your massage therapist is amazing and publicly thank them as they carry this bag around.


8. Massage Therapist Prayer – Necklace

Massage Therapist Gifts Necklace

Like every occupation, chiropractors and therapists certainly need prayer for the strength to help the people around them. They do amazing things, and with your prayers, they can continue to affect the well-being of their patients and family members. Therapists are incredible people, and they deserve all the prayers we can give them! This little necklace will be an encouragement for them on particularly difficult days. It serves as a reminder of just how deeply you appreciate and admire them.


9. Personalized Travel Mug

Massage Therapist Gifts Personalized Travel Mug

Travel mugs are always useful gifts for professionals and students. This personalized travel mug is perfect for you coffee-loving friend in the therapy field. You can put their name on it so it will be sure to stand out from all the other mugs in the office. They will never have to worry about losing it! This is super handy because your therapist has a lot of other things to worry about, but lack of coffee should not even have to be a cause for concern.


10. MT Necklace

Massage Therapist Gifts MT Necklace

Speaking of personalized gifts, this adorable little necklace will be the perfect accessory for your favorite massage therapist’s outfit! You can also consider the possibility that it will be an incredibly thoughtful gift for someone who has a unique name that probably hasn’t been found in stores before. This is their opportunity to receive something that has been engraved to be theirs for life. You can’t go wrong with the sentimentality of this beautiful necklace.


11. Wall Sticker

Massage Therapist Gifts Wall Sticker

This wall decal is incredibly easy to arrange on the walls of your massage therapist’s office. It is simple to put up but still adds a lot of character to the design of their office. The graphic is creative and professional and leaves a sense of delightful ambiance to those who see it. With different colors available in print, it will also be easy to find the right color to accent the office.


12. Secrets of Massage

Massage Therapist Gifts Secrets of Massage

Wanna know a secret? Well you can with this nifty little book! If you’ve ever wanted to know the truth behind ancient massage techniques, you can certainly find the opportunity in purchasing this amazing piece of literary knowledge. This book could hold the answer to all your questions about health. Otherwise, there might be some interesting tricks that a massage therapist would find helpful in these pages! It would also look impressive sitting in your bathroom for some leisurely reading.


13. All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Massage Therapist Gifts All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Every massage therapist needs a great massage table. Maybe it’s time for your therapist to get a new table for their patients. Trade in their old, stinky, sweaty table for this fresh piece of relaxation station. Remodeling and renovating office spaces are a big undertaking, and every piece is important – but this is probably the most important piece of a massage therapist’s space. Your therapist (and their patient) will be incredibly thankful for your consideration!


14. Themed business card holder

Massage Therapist Gifts business card holder

This favorite little business card holder works as a great accent piece for an office desk. Let it brighten up the office space with its cute and unique design. You will be inspired to make some cool new business cards to go along with the cool new business card holder. It’s a domino effect that could lead to many new renovations around the office, but another great thing is it also works as an effective paper weight.


15. Personalized LMT Ornament

Massage Therapist Gifts Personalized LMT Ornament

Personalized engraving can never grow old. The sentiment behind this ornament will have your therapist feeling appreciated and loved for their amazing work in helping other people. The calming blue will also look great on the office Christmas tree. If it is your massage therapist’s first year as a licensed therapist, they will be able to look back on this gift and year as being the starting point for a long a fulfilling career.


16. Massage Therapist Personalized Custom Cartoon

Massage Therapist Gifts Personalized Custom Cartoon

Most people enjoy a good cartoon comic. With this gift, you actually get to be the comic! Its personalized nature will be perfect in displaying the nature of fun and relatability within the office. It certainly livens up the space with color and fun design. The patients will feel a sense of understanding just how amazing their doctor is. This gift is a great ice-breaker and talking piece for new clients or patients. Your massage therapist will love getting to be turned into an art piece!


17. Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Kit

Massage Therapist Gifts Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Kit

Hot rocks are the best rocks! These little spa pieces are the perfect accompaniment to the relaxation haven of your therapist’s office. Even if you need a case for your own home, these hot stones are perfect for relaxing after a long day at work and will have you feeling so amazing in just moments. Consider the fact that the cold of winter is no match for the depth of piping warmth that radiates from these magical stones.


18. Tranquil Guitar: Soothing Music for Relaxation and Sleep

Massage Therapist Gifts Tranquil Guitar: Soothing Music for Relaxation and Sleep

These soothing tracks will have you wishing you could just have a guitar player following you around all day to soothe your stress. The relaxing melodies will have you instantly at peace. It is almost impossible to be stressed when you have the tones of talented and tranquil artists blessing your ears. Enjoy these moments because you can relive them over and over again every time you press play. Thank you, modern downloading capabilities.


19. Cool Mist Humidifier

Massage Therapist Gifts Cool Mist Humidifier

This diffuser is, obviously, the perfect accompaniment to the massage oils previously listed. Its beautiful design and soothing led mood lighting will look great in addition to the design of your therapist’s office. The dark wood color will match almost everything that it sits around. Diffusers are great for helping aid stuffy noses, energy levels, and stress! They are incredible helps to get you going throughout your day! As soon as you walk into a room that is infused with essential oils, you feel strengthened and rejuvenated to accomplish your tasks.


20. MT Sneakers

Massage Therapist Gifts Sneakers

Functional and stylish, these shoes are the perfect addition to every massage therapist’s work outfit. With the amount of standing and walking that doctors and therapists do on a daily basis, they will absolutely appreciate the durability and comfort of these sneakers. Plus, they look great with basically every outfit. They are so iconic; these shoes could essentially become an identifier and irreplaceable item in the makeup of your massage therapist.


21. Selection of Spa/Bath Items

Massage Therapist Gifts Selection of Spa/Bath Items

Baths and spas go hand in hand. Not only that, but therapists can really never get enough lotions and scrubs. This bundle of spa gifts will be super helpful for their personal relaxation outside of work. Everyone appreciates the opportunity for self-care, and this is your opportunity to appreciate your therapist in a small way like they help so many other people. These scrubs and spa pieces could also be used as a great holiday raffle item or giveaway to spoil someone else.


22. Massage in Session Door Sign

Massage Therapist Gifts Massage in Session Door Sign

Door signs are necessary in an environment where privacy and peace are highly valued. Spas and massages should be quiet and without interruption. So this sign is a perfect and cute way for your massage therapist to make space for peace to fill the room of their patients. Even if there is no massage going on, this sign will ward off unwanted guests from invading your private time. It actually has many uses in a building where it may feel like there is no personal space.