Gifts for band directors

17 Great Gift Ideas for Band Directors

Although Strike Up the Band is synonymous with the famed composer and musician George Gershwin, it’s something band directors are truly skilled at. Who else can take a group of musicians playing a variety of instruments and make songs come together so perfectly? A band director, of course! So, when thinking about the perfect gift for your favorite musical leader, consider something thoughtful and unique that any band director will truly appreciate.

Best Gifts for Band Directors:

  • Personalized Crystal Plaque

  • Band director gift idea: Crystal Plaque

    Nothing shows a band director that he or she is appreciated than to customize a gift…and this one is perfect. Beautifully crafted with heavyweight crystal, this will certainly make a lasting impression on your hard-working band director. Have something thoughtful to share with the person who plays such an important and pivotal role in shaping your musical skills and aptitude? Well, then this is the gift to give. Available in three different sizes, this personalized gift will definitely be music to their ears.

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  • Men’s Black & Blue Musical Notes Necktie

  • Band teachers gifts: Musical Notes Necktie

    We all know that that a band director needs his musicians to sound sharp in order to impress and entertain a crowd, but it’s also important that the band director looks sharp too. Nothing could be more snazzy or stylish (and completely practical) than a necktie that represents his passion for music. Bold yet classy, this 100% microfiber tie will become a mainstay in his performance wardrobe. So, when it comes time to show him a little appreciation for all of his hard work, keep this thoughtful and unique gift in mind.

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  • Whiplash Blue Ray

  • Whiplash Blue Ray the best movie to gift any band teacher

    Every individual needs a little inspiration- but you already know that. And for you, much of your inspiration comes from your band director. Your band director is a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. He or she pushes you to your limits and challenges you, but for good reason – to be the best. It’s a story that you may have experienced, so why not share that with a gift that projects that emotional and passionate relationship shared between a student and his jazz band teacher. It’s a movie that will not be soon forgotten.

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  • Lighted Conductor Baton

  • Gift idea for band director Lighted Conductor Baton

    Are you the kind of person who likes to gives practical gifts? Gifts that won’t be put away in the closet and forgotten about an hour after receiving them? Then this is perfect gift in which for you to honor your favorite band director with. Simple but thoughtful, this light up conductor’s baton will be your director’s go-to item for evening performances with dim overhead lighting. Portable, lightweight, and battery-operated, this gift will most certainly illuminate a band director’s skills.

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  • Music Lover Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • Awesome themed gift for band teacher: Music Lover Ceramic Coffee Mug

    A coffee mug is the quintessential gift for any teacher, especially when that mug can represent the passion your teacher shares for something. In this case, music. With three different handles available (guitar, violin, or musical note), why not consider this gift for your band teacher? It is also microwave and dishwasher safe, so between musical sets, your director can quickly heat up some coffee or tea. It’s a gift that is not only purposeful, but beautifully unique as well.

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  • Theremin

  • Theremin the most unique gift for any band director that they will adore

    Do you have a really wonderful, passionate and dedicated band director who deserves more than just an average, run-of-the mill gift? An inspirational leader who works day in and day out with you, helping you to perfect and hone your craft? If so, you may want to consider the Theremin. While a little pricey, this strange and unique electronic musical instrument will impress any music aficionado, especially a band director. If you have the means, this is a great device that will be very special for them.

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  • Baton and Music Clef Pen

  • Music Conductor gift idea: Baton and Music Clef Pen

    When considering a gift for a band director or music conductor, you may want to consider a items that will be put to use. If this is something you’re hoping to find, look no further than this baton and pen gift set. Handmade from  Padauk wood, birch and mother of pearl, this is beautiful and exquisite two piece gift will not only help the director conduct during practices and performances, but it can help with writing and composing music too. A perfect way to express your appreciation to band director.

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  • Band Instruments Patents Art

  • Magnificent band director gift Band Instrument Patent Art

    Are you thinking that your band director needs to spruce up his or her office walls? Looking for something subtle and refined? Then this is the perfect gift for you to give. Available either framed or unframed, this sophisticated wall print showcases key patents for various band instruments. This is truly a gift that anyone with an interest in band instruments would appreciate, but would particularly be valued by a band director. So go ahead, help bring some music to the walls of your band director’s office.

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  • Copper Brass Music Conductor on an Onyx Marble Base

  • Copper Brass Music Conductor cool gift

    If you’re looking to wow a band director, look no further- this might just be the most perfect gift you could possibly give. Standing upon a marble base is none other than a band director, sculpted out of a polished copper brass. Beautiful on its own as a stand-alone decoration, this piece could also be used as a paperweight for your band director’s sheet music or musical compositions. This band director gift is one of a kind, and one that will be appreciated.

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  • Band Director Figurine

  • Band Director figurine

    If your band director has a strong sense of whimsy, this may just be the present you are looking for. A perfect piece of art for a desk, this figurine is made of metal and features a music teacher/band conductor doing what he does best – conducting music while reading sheet music. This is a perfect and delightful little gift that reminds all of us just how important and special teachers of band and music are. Unique and pleasantly priced, this is a cute figurine to consider.

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  • Guitar Desk Lamp

  • Guitar Desk Lamp one of the best music themed gifts for your band director

    Now if your band director just happens to be a guitar player then this might be a great choice. Who wouldn’t love a lamp for the desk with a base shaped as a guitar and a shade adorned with musical notes? Practical yet cute, this lamp allows for a 60 watt bulb for maximum lighting. Ideal for a guitar-loving band director that enjoys composing music, using a guitar lamp to provide inspiration and light. A great music themed lamp that will surely be appreciated!

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  • Best Band Director Mug

  • Best Band Director Ever Mug - cute present for the best band teacher

    This mug says it all. Best. Band Director. Ever. Music to any band director’s ears! Perfect for that coffee loving, tea drinking band teacher. This adorable coffee mug can also be personalized for no additional charge, making this mug an even more unique and fun gifting option. Just imagine what the band director will think when their name is customized on this mug. Show your band teacher just how much you appreciate their efforts and passions by giving this great mug.

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  • Sax Wine Bottle Holder

  • Sax Wine Bottle Holder

    Do you have a band director who enjoys playing or listening the saxophone and enjoys a goof bottle of wine? If so, then look no further than this Sax Wine Bottle Holder. A handmade item of sculptured metal, this unique and practice wine holder will surely make an impact on any fan of the saxophone. Add a favorite bottle of wine to this holder, and you’ll have the perfect gift for your band director.

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  • Stop You’re Under A Rest T-shirt

  • Funny Novelty Music Band Shirt

    Does your band director appreciate humor and laughter? Enjoy a play on words and phrases, especially of the musical kind? This might just be the gift you should give! Available in a multitude of bright and bold colors and sizes, this gift is not only practical but comical. One that most band directors with a funny bone will welcome. Why not give your favorite band director a little laugh with this t-shirt? You’ll certainly put a smile on his or her face.

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  • Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen

  • Gift for band director Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen

    Ah, the great musical geniuses that have inspired millions and millions of musicians…and that have most likely, inspired your band director. This pen has engraved on it one of Beethoven’s most famous sayings: Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy. Perfect for composing music, this durable pen is made of metal and its ink is replaceable. Also included on the pen is a replica of Beethoven’s signature. If you’d like to impress your school band teacher, this pen is one gift that will do so.

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  • Custom Band Teacher Portrait

  • Custom Band Teacher Portrait very cool gift for show appreciation to your school band teacher

    Customized items are always a perfect route to go, especially for teacher gifts. If you’re looking for something custom that is easy and inexpensive, then this is an ideal gift for your band director. All you need to do is upload a picture of your teacher and in return, you will receive a digital file of a portrait reminiscent of those lovable Simpsons television characters. Funny and unique, this is something that any music teacher or band director will appreciate.

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  • The Complete Instrument Reference Guide for Band Directors

  • The Complete Instrument Reference Guide for Band Directors

    There are gifts for band directors, and then there is THE gift for band directors. If your teacher/band director loves to read and is a collector of musical reference materials, this is all you can stop your search right now. This paperback edition is easy on the pocketbook too. Perfect for any instrument lover, particularly for those who are passionate about directing and conducting musicians. This is just the right book to give to any band director.

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