Funny gifts for doctors

25 Hilariously Funny Gifts for Doctors That Will Bring a Smile on Their Faces

How can we possibly thank doctors enough for the many times they heal us and care for us? Many doctors receive calls at all times of the day from patients or loved ones who are in need of relief.

For all that doctors do for humanity, we should all be thinking about ways in which to appreciate a doctor or doctors in our communities with a gift. Everyone say that laughter is the best medicine so maybe we should reward our doctor with funny gag gifts that will bring the smile on his face.

So check out these 25 silly gifts doctors won’t be expecting.

25 Hilariously Funny Gifts for Doctors - We have gag gifts for your nonstandard doctors that will bring them a big smile

25 Funny Gift Ideas for Doctors

1. Human Organ for Transplant Lunch Bag

Hilarious gift idea lunch bag for doctors

We’ve all felt the need for an emergency lunch before! This hilarious bag is sure to receive a reaction from your friends and family. It truly describes just how important that ham sandwich is to you, and will ensure that your lunch would not be stolen by any hungry lunch stalker. So this lunch carrier is safe and stylish! Suggested places to bring your lunch bag are: doctor’s conventions, vampire gatherings, zombie apocalypse preparation meetings, ambulances, hospitals, weddings, funerals, and family reunions.


2. Fabulous Wine Bottle Holder

Metal Doctor figurine Wine bottle holder

This present is a perfect way to pay your doctors back for all the times you’ve driven them to drink. Its handcrafted and exquisite design will leave them in awe…or fright! This fun little guy is sure to keep your wine safe and fresh for consumption with its wine stopper and foil cutter. Being the highlight of your next dinner party, this gift has got to be the coolest wine holder your doctor has ever seen. You know he will love it.


3. Custom Doctor Bobblehead

Handmade custom doctor bobble heads

Office toys are perfect for putting clients at ease and breaking the ice of intimidating professionalism. Doctor’s offices especially should have office toys to entertain certain patients during consultations because, let’s face it, going to the doctor’s office isn’t necessarily one’s favorite activity. But it could be if the office is fun! With these fun bobbleheads, your doctor will have a great toy to talk about with his patients and you are sure to earn some brownie points for your next checkup.


4. Ashes of Problem Patients

Extremely funny gift for doctors Ashes of Problem Patients

This sadistic kind of humor is perfect for your sassy doctor friend! Though we all joke about annoying patients or clients, we all know your noble doctor would never dream about hurting even the worst of their patients. This is the kind of gift that is incredibly fun to see the reaction of the one who receives it, and it is perfect for storing all of those little knick knacks that pile up on the iconically messy desks of busy doctors. So consider this your part of keeping the world a cleaner and more interesting place.


5. Brain Cell (Neuron)

Brain Cell (Neuron) gift for dear medics

Everyone could use a few more brain cells in their life, so why don’t you give you doctor a couple more this holiday season? This is bizarre, but it is a perfect gift for doctors who need a visual illustration to explain the shapes and functions of brain cells. It is funky, unique, and full of fun. And hey! If your doctor doesn’t need it in the office, it could also make a great chew toy for a pet!


6. Please do not Confuse your Google search with my Medical Degree

Funny doctors mug

WebMD is no match for the esteemed education of doctors and nurses, and this mug is the perfect way for your doctor to express that! For all the amount of money they paid to be able to say big words like “fibromyalgia” or “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia” (brain freeze), they should certainly be the ones who deem your symptoms worthy of an actual diagnosis besides a terminal disease because of a toe cramp. Leave doctoring to the professionals, and let them enjoy their coffee with this snazzy gift!


7. Figurine Gift for Delivery Doctor

Perfect GAG gift for the OB-GYN doctor in your life

This hilarious little figurine is sure to please your OB-GYN. They probably get the most jokes out of all doctoral fields, but we would all certainly be lost without them! Show your appreciation to your OB for sticking with you through one of the best and most difficult moments of your life with this small trinket. It is unique, thoughtful, and a funny winner to surprise your favorite doctor! They certainly deserve all the love that we can give to them!


8. Gummy Bear Anatomy Model

Gummy Bear Anatomy Model

If you have ever wondered if gummy bears actually have any substance, this is your chance to find out that they do! Yes, gummy bears are not fully gummy on the inside! This gift serves the purpose of being used as a teaching aid for anatomy as well as a sweet treat for those who get to use it. It seems like this gift would be a no-brainer for candy fanatics and anatomy enthusiasts. Who knew science could be so sweet?


9. Doctor Cushion

Funny doctor cushion, medical doctor comical gift

This pillow is a great idea for doctors who spend long hours working and standing on their feet all day. They need a chance to rest, and this pillow is the perfect way of saying that you care about that. This adorable pillow will cause your medical professional to relax easily and enjoy their limited time off of work. It could also be accompanied with a gift of wine and a good foot rub!


10. Syringe Pen

Doctor gag pen

Pens are an unforgettable tool in the hand of your doctors and nurses, but this gift can also be good for your beloved medical students or any other person who is enthusiastic about medical practice. The problem of constantly losing your pens should be significantly reduced because these pens will stand out wherever you go! They print in black or blue ink; so even though they are fun on the outside, the can still sign legal documents on the inside.


11. Mankini

Hilarious gag gift that would laugh even Dr. Grumpy

You’ve already heard of sexy nurses. Well, here’s another opportunity for you to dress to impress your romantic interest! This underwear is sure to be fun and spice up doctor’s life outside of the clinic or for an interesting party time. This memorable piece will certainly leave quite an impression. Give this gift for a laugh or for a hint , but either way, someone is sure to enjoy it!


12. Prescription Shot Glass Set

Doctors Funny Gag Gift mugs

These are the prescriptions we all want! Watch your doctor crack up when he sees these funny shot glasses that can be used at any fun party. In a lot of ways, you may find their side effects are similar to most prescriptions as well. Unlike most prescriptions, these little glasses are encouraged to be refilled over and over again. They come with hilarious prescription and can also double as party favors. Share the love of fun prescriptions with your friends and become the talk of the party with this clever gift.


13. Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater For Doctor

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater For Doctor

Christmas sweaters are the epitome of every Christmas party, and your doctor is going to enjoy rocking the sweater parties with this awesome wardrobe addition. This sweater is perfectly accompanied by eggnog and fireplaces (not included). It comes in a variety of different colors from which you can choose your favorite. It also comes with the amazing satisfaction of warmth and comfort that accompanies every enjoyable cotton sweater. So keep your doctor feeling warm and satisfied this winter season by giving them their perfect sweater.


14. EKG Rhythm Toilet Paper

FUN present EKG Rhythm Toilet Paper

Every self-respecting doctor or nurse can read an EKG, so why not give them more to read while they are taking care of business on the porcelain throne! This funny toilet paper is perfect for a gag gift and is sure to leave a funny memory of the time you gave your friend or loved one toilet paper as a joke! So if you ever have a “code brown” this EKG reader will know exactly what to do.


15. Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Why Do Men Have Nipples - Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini

Speaking about reading in the bathroom, this book would be perfect to place in the lavatory for some leisurely reading. Or, of course, this book would be perfect to place in any doctor’s office as it is delightful and informative! Give it to others or sign it up for your next book club read as the highlight read of your time together. We all have embarrassing doctor questions that we’ve been too intimidated to ask, but now is the time to get some answers and share your knowledge with friends.


16. Bacon Bandages

Weird Funny and Gag Gift for doctor in your life - Bacon Bandages

Bacon and health don’t always mix, but when they do, it’s in the form of an adhesive bandage. Sometimes you need to wrap your pain with a bit of a laugh, and this is your opportunity to make that happen. The only downfall for this gift is that it will make you hungry and desperately in the need for breakfast food. No actual animals were harmed in the making of these bandages.


17. How To Live With..

Gag gift for every men

For certain overcompensated friends, this book is sure to bring an amount or relief and understanding. Or you could give this book as a gag to those who may need a little more encouragement in their life. Although you may think this book is only for males, you could also give this book to girls who have BDE (Big. D. Energy) that is represented in strong female icons (like Beyonce or Meryl Streep). In any case, this gift is sure to support and inspire those well-endowed friends in your life.


18. Men’s Meds Socks

Men's Meds Socks

Because of the amount of time doctors spend on their feet, you can be sure that they need effective socks to help them through their long shifts. These socks are fun and bright to keep your favorite doctor’s energy up and lively. Everyone needs a pair of fun socks in their life!


19. Flask Medicine

Medicine in flask funny doctor gift

Clever flasks are the lifeblood of every hilarious adult gift exchange. If you or your doctoral friend are needing some more “medicine” in your life, ingest this “cough syrup” as needed and repeat until you feel the desired results. This fun gift comes packaged in an intriguing box that will inspire you into every flask-like mood. Hot or cold, this flask will keep your beverage fresh. So take a swig and pass it to the left because that’s just common courtesy.


20. Tears of My Patients

Funny mug Tears of My Patients

Doctors and coffee go hand and hand. They rely on each other (ok…may just doctor relying on coffee), and they have a great relationship. It is impossible for a good doctor to have too many coffee mugs, so mugs will always make a great gift for them. This one is particularly cold – or hot! – because as it changes temperature when it is filled with hot coffee, its appearance changes! This mug is entertaining and contains a witty saying to make your doctor chuckle every morning.


21. Nerve Cell Toy

Nerve Cell Toy

You can really get on your doctors nerves with this quirky little plush toy. It is interesting, and honestly, a little disturbing to look at. But what doctor doesn’t need another teaching tool in their life? This alien-like plush toy is sure to raise some questioning looks, but that’s all part of the fun of visiting a doctor’s office. Thankfully, you won’t have to look at it all the time if you give it to someone else!


22. Doctor USB Flash Drives

Gift idea Doctor USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are one of the most helpful inventions of the twenty-first century. These cute little lego-like doctors are fun to use and probably will be your doctor’s favorite flash drive that they will ever have. Not only that, but for their outward appeal, they also have a significant amount of storage (16 GB) that they can contain in their little surgeon brains. You can trust their reliability just like you can trust your favorite medical professional.


23. Orthopedic Doctor Figurine

Orthopedic Doctor Figurine -  funny gift for your Orthopedic Doctor

This exquisite little glass piece is probably the most disturbing of our doctor gift list, but it also contains that humorous appeal that is sure to bring a positive reaction from the person to whom you plan on giving it. Orthopedic doctors are greatly appreciated and save people from a lot of pain. But this gift can also remind them how scary and powerful their medical abilities are. Hopefully your doctor isn’t covered in red or carrying a large butcher knife.


24. Doctor Business Card and Pen Holder

Gag Doctor gift idea: Doctor Business Card and Pen Holder

Every great doctor has great organizational desk trinkets. This could be one of those great organizational desk trinkets. Imagine coming into an office with this little pen/business card holder and thinking how organized and prestigious your doctor is. As important as this gift is to your doctor friend, they will get a feeling of support and inspiration as they unwrap it and put it to use in their office. You will enjoy their reaction to this gift just as much as they will enjoy receiving it.


25. Hospital-Themed Card Game

Funny gift idea for doctors: Card Game "Doctor Wars"

This medicinal-themed card game is great for all medical workers. Not only for them, this game will entertain everyone. If you looking for board games related to the medical field is is right choice. It’s creative and humorous and fun, quick game. You can give this card game beside a doctor and someone who need funny cheer up gift after surgery.