Get Well Gifts for After Surgery – 13 Ideas to Show That You Care

Going through surgery is never easy, but the recovery process can be even more trying and painful than the procedure itself. This is why supporting a loved one who has undergone surgery with a suitable get well gift is one of the most important gestures one can make.

We have selected the best get well gifts for after surgery for 2021 for people of all ages.

Laughter The Best Medicine


Recovery from surgery is no laughing matter, but laughter is known to help release endorphins and help alleviate pain and stress.

This is why this hilarious book titled Laughter The Best Medicine by the editors of Reader’s Digest can be a very suitable get well gift idea for a relative or other loved one who has undergone surgery recently.

The book is filled with the best and funniest cartoons, jokes, captions, stories, and anecdotes collected from the most popular magazine in the US – Readers Digest.

While your recovering friend may not feel like laughing out loud at the moment, surely this book will help him or her smile or have a chuckle while getting back to normal.

Get Well Soon Gift Set


Recovering from surgery or spending time in a hospital or at home while dealing with pain can be a tedious and lonely time.

With this wonderful gift set, you can help your loved one pass the time faster and in a more enjoyable manner.

The bundle consists of six parts, including an inspirational tote bag for ladies, two intricate coloring books for adults, a box of 24 color pencils, a sharpener, a color bookmark, and an Inspirational Word Finds booklet.

It is a thoughtful and wonderful gift that your ailing relative or friend will appreciate and one which will help them stay inspired and motivated to get better soon.

Warm Hugs 5-Piece Gift Pack for Women or Men in Hospital

This is another gift set that is specially designed and compiled with a recovering person in mind.

The bundle includes a plush soft microfiber fleece 50 x 65 inch blanket with Sherpa lining, an ultra-comfortable neck pillow, soft plush socks, a padded eye mask, and a foldable tote bag and purse. The gift set comes in a pretty gift box, which you can label and send to a loved one who is in the hospital recovering from surgery or another illness.

The microfiber blanket is machine washable and will help keep your friend or relative cozy and warm in the hospital bed, on the couch, or anywhere else.

All of the items are decorated with inspirational words and quotes, and you can purchase the set in one of four beautiful color options, suitable for men and women.

One Tough Cookie Gift Box

This thoughtful get well gift box comes to the rescue when you want a tasty and comforting food option. This sweet idea is perfect for men or women, containing seven delicious cookie varieties from top brands with messages of hope that will make your loved one recover even faster!

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

For those who are on bed rest, it is not easy to do anything. However, with an ergonomic bed pillow, the experience can get a whole lot better. That’s why you should consider getting your appreciated one of these multipurpose pillows for their neck and back because it will make sitting in front of the TV much more pleasant- especially if they have just had knee or back surgery!

Silly Obsessions Get Well Soon Gift Set for Women

With this beautiful care package cheering up your loved one is a sure thing. But its overall effect isn’t the only great thing about it. The gift box provides relaxation (aromatherapy candle inside) and restful sleep (sleep mask inside). There also are cute warm socks and a charming silver necklace.

Make the recovery of your favorite woman faster and easier by making her feel loved, appreciated, and taken care of.

6 Glass Stone Messages to Bring Comfort and Wishes for a Fast Recovery

Is someone you care about ill or recovering from surgery? With this simple and yet thoughtful get well gift set, you can help send positive vibes and help them feel better.

The set of six Get Well glass stones includes five colorful stones, each of which is 1.25 inches in diameter. Each of the stones has an inspirational message printed on it, including “healing,” “hope,” “get well,” “believe,” “protected by angels,” and “consider yourself hugged.”

They come in a pretty gift box and are the perfect gift to show how much you care when someone is in pain and in need of support and hope.

Feel Like a Sloth? Hang in There! Gift Set

This cute get well gift set will no doubt make anyone going through surgery recovery or anyone with another health or emotional problem instantly feel comforted and better.

The set includes a sweet plush sloth toy and a funny booklet with illustrations depicting “The best things to do when you feel like a sloth.”

While it may not be the most useful gift ever, this humorous gift will surely make your ailing relative or friend smile and feel loved and motivated while dealing with a health issue.

Get Well Magic Morsel Fairy Brownies Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket


Chocolate has almost magical powers and can help just about anyone who is feeling down or in pain feel better.

If your friend or family member who is currently recovering from surgery has a sweet tooth, then this gift box is among the best get well gift ideas ever.

The pretty box includes a set of individually wrapped, delicious handcrafted brownies in six assorted flavors made of premium quality Belgian chocolate.

You can buy the get well chocolate brownie box in different size options, including 12, 24, or 36 pieces.

Each of the mouthwatering sweets is bound to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Get Well Soon by Jennifer Wright


If you are looking for the perfect get well gift for a bookworm recovering from surgery or another ailment, then this funny and exciting book by Jennifer Wright can be one of the best options to choose.

The Get Well Soon History’s Worst Plagues and The Heroes Who Fought Them book is based on historical facts and follows the stories of the worst plagues in the history of the world, as well as the people who fought them.

The book is a real page-turner that covers this serious subject with humor and a fun voice, making it a perfect read for anyone who is ill and recovering and wants to be inspired by stories of others who have gone through much worse ailments and have recovered.

It is a witty and fun read which will help your relative or friend pass the time in hospital or at home faster and with much fewer negative thoughts and feelings.

Netflix Gift Card

If your friend or family member is having a hard time taking their mind off of their illness or spending time at home in bed or on the couch recovering from a surgery, injury, or a sickness, a Netflix Gift Card is one of the best presents you can give them.

With the gift card, your recovering loved one can install and use Netflix on their TV, phone, computer, tablet, game console, or another device, and gain access to a vast array of different new, classic, and hidden gems from the film and TV industry.

With a Netflix Gift Card, you will provide your recovering friend with non-stop access to any type of movie, TV series, documentary, or other streaming content they feel like watching.

Binge-watching series and other content on Netflix has no doubt become one of the top preferred pastimes of people closed down in their homes due to quarantine or the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On The Bright Side, You Don’t Have To Wear A Cone 100 Easy Puzzles Book


With this affordable and entertaining gift, you will help a recovering relative or friend pass the time while getting better and spending time in a hospital bed or at home.

The comic book has a funny title and includes 100 easy Sudoku puzzles in large print, which will help your loved one keep their brain active, help them relax, and stimulate healthy brain activity while he or she is recovering from an injury or another health issue.

It is excellent get well gift idea for anyone – young or old, who likes the challenge of solving Sudoku puzzles.

Aurora 12″ Get Well Teddy Bear

The Aurora Get Well Teddy Bear is no doubt among the cutest of all of our get well gift ideas for after surgery.

The plush soft teddy bear has a sweet face and a cute band-aid and ice pack decorations.

While it may seem like a suitable gift for a young child only, we can assure you that this sweet and cuddly toy will no doubt make any person of any age feel better.

You can even get it in a personalized variant with the name of the recipient embroidered on this lovely toy.