Jamaican Gifts - Best gifts inspired by Jamaica

16 Great Gift Ideas Inspired by Jamaica

There was a time when the island of Jamaica was known only for icons such as Bob Marley. However, as time passes, more and more persons are becoming aware of and are falling in love with the mystique of the Caribbean island. The people, the destinations, the cuisine and the culture come together to provide some of the most memorable experiences that can be had today. Those interested in the offerings of the island would welcome Jamaican souvenirs in their homes and lives. Today, we’re giving you some great gift ideas inspired by Jamaica.

1. “Wah Gwaan” Jamaica T-shirt

Jamaica gifts Wah Gwaan Jamaica T-Shirt

A cultural phenomenon known throughout the world is the variation of the English Language that is understood and used by the locals. This is a form of creole known as Patois (pronounced PAT-WAH). The language is based on and uses many words from the English Language. What makes it unique is the inclusion of West African (Akan) words in the mix.

With an image of the islands national flag and the phrase “Wah Gwaan” which translates to “How are you/things?”, this gift will excite all who love Jamaica as they wear it proudly while receiving their first Patois lesson.


2. Jamaican Flag Graduation Stole

Jamaican Flag graduation stole

The flag of Jamaica is probably the most recognizable feature of the island. The trademark black, green and gold colors have symbolism to the locals embedded in the design. “The sun shineth, the land is green, and the people are strong and creative”. Black illustrates strength and creativity, green is a depiction of the agriculture and of hope, while gold depicts natural wealth and the beauty in sunlight.

Give this gift to someone that is graduating to make them feel even more empowered than they already do with the knowledge that they have attained.


3. Island Fairy Travel Keepsake

Island Fairy Travel Keepsake

One of the most easily recognizable pieces of Jamaican culture is the Bandana Cloth. The origins of the cloth lie in East India though the cloth became a national symbol of the Caribbean island. In the 19th century, the cloth was worn as a symbol of pride and distinction. This little fairy proudly wears her bandana cloth while holding a Jamaican Flag that can be customized with whatever message one may want.

Any lover of the culture will instantly feel a sense of proud belonging with a gift such as this.


4. Jamaican style Hot Sauce

Jamaican style Hot Sauce

Spicy food is something that is almost unanimously loved by locals of Jamaica. Whether native or tourist, the spices involved in the preparation of Jamaican cuisine will wow the palette with flavour, especially if one decides to have the various jerked offerings. With ingredients such as garlic and jerk spice, this hot sauce is bound to imbue any meal with the spirit of the island.

Give the taste of Jamaica today and, who knows? You may even get to enjoy the meal as well.


5. Reggae Knitted Hat

Reggae Knitted Hat

There are not many things more Jamaican than Rastafarianism. Cultural icons such as Bob Marley showed the world the passion of the group in words and song. It began as a movement to provide a voice for poor blacks in Jamaica. Now, lovers of the island embrace the movement and the members of it which can usually be identified by their signature dreadlocks.

With the easily recognizable black, green, gold and red stripes, your gift recipient can proudly display that they love and embrace the Rastafarian culture.


6. Jamaican Language Cards + Bracelet

Jamaican Language Cards

As we stated earlier, Patois is quite something to behold when used among the locals. Any person with a vested interest in Jamaican culture is quite impressed by and drawn to the use of the language. As with any other language, there are commonly used phrases that non-native speakers take pride in and have fun with knowing and using.

Anyone with an interest in the language will be quite grateful to receive these cards with commonly used Patois phrases and their corresponding English translations.


7. Marijuana shaped Ashtray

Marijuana shaped Ashtray

As a cultural phenomenon most closely associated with the Rastafarian movement, marijuana has become a staple to many. Now that the substance is legal in small quantities in Jamaica, smokers can now freely enjoy it and ‘ease their mind’. Made of glass, the shape and colours used in the design make the references of this ashtray instantly relatable.

This gift can be used as an ashtray for smokers or simply as memorabilia for anyone with interest in the culture and/or Rastafarianism.


8. Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Bob Marley Don't Worry Be Happy Music Fans Gift

The easily recognizable likeness of Bob Marley graces this clock along with a guitar and the line “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, referring to his musical piece of the same name. This clock is guaranteed to add a Jamaican themed artistic touch to any room it is placed in.

Reggae music lovers and enthusiasts of the Jamaican culture will show immense gratitude for a piece that immortalizes one of the genre’s finest contributors on what appears to be the shape of one of his legendary records.


9. Red Stripe Beer Drinking Glass Cups

Red Stripe Beer Bottle Drinking Glass Cups

Beer is a staple for many Jamaican locals and visitors alike. There is no beer more synonymous with the island of Jamaica than the legendary Red Stripe Beer. Since 1928, Red Stripe Beer has been in production by Desnoes & Geddes, and this brand has been the standard by which other beers are measured. This lager can be distinguished by its smooth butterscotch taste and the brilliant golden color.

These recycled cups are perfect for drinking or for souvenirs, and are guaranteed to grace any gift recipient with the spirit of Red Stripe.


10. Dancehall: The Rise of Jamaican Culture Audio CD

Dancehall - The Rise of Jamaican Culture Audio CD

Jamaica is widely known for the roots style of Reggae. In addition to that, there is a sparser version of Reggae known as Dancehall. This musical style is generally faster and revolves around different aspects of life and the creation of interactive and fun dances. Though the genre continues to evolve, lovers of the style will always hold the classics dear.

Allow a lover of Jamaican music to rock away in enjoyment as he/she enjoys this 2-disc special.


11. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Coffee is a requirement for many persons to even start their mornings right. For the lovers of Jamaica, there is quite the coffee delight. This coffee brand is Blue Mountain in more than just name, as it grows in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Known as one of the best brands in the world, there is no going wrong with a choice such as this.

Any Jamaican loving coffee buff would be simply ecstatic to receive a gift such as this. Why not help someone to start the morning irie?


12. Jamaican Almond Oil

Jamaica related gifts Jamaican Almond Oil

You simply cannot go wrong with almond oil. Useful for skin ailments, hair growth, massages and joint pain, this multi-purpose oil is guaranteed to come in handy. Made in Negril, Westmoreland, this almond oil is a product of a completely natural process. The almonds are harvested, sun-dried, cracked by hand, washed, dried again, cold-pressed, filtered and then bottling takes place. This is done with no machinery by a group of locals.

The skin, hair, muscles and joints of any recipient of this oil will thank you deeply as they enjoy the light, effective non-greasy mixture.


13. Marley – DVD/Blu-Ray

Marley - DVD, Blu-Ray

Fans of Jamaican music or Jamaica in general are usually aware of and deeply love Bob Marley’s music. Many, however, are unaware of the man behind the musician. Marley, by Kevin McDonald, gives insight into the man known as Robert Nesta Marley.

Cultural enthusiasts are bound to appreciate his philosophies, beliefs, his fears, his life, his ailment, his attitude, etc. His energy and insightfulness are bound to evoke feelings of the deepest respect and gratitude in all who view this documentary.


14. Sorrel

Jamaican Gifts Sorrel

These leaves are used to make what can only be described as a Christmas staple on the island of Jamaica. Whether people are having a family get together, visiting friends or even visiting a local restaurant, there must be sorrel during the festive season. These dried sorrel leaves need only be placed in hot water, along with ginger.

Once that mixture sits for about 4 hours, then it can be sweetened with sugar or honey for pure deliciousness.
If you know someone that loves amazing Jamaican foods and drinks, then you know someone that would love some sorrel.


15. Dominoes

Jamaica gifts Set of Dominoes

The game of dominoes is like a locally understood language among Jamaicans. Any games night simply must include it. As a matter of fact, if you were to travel at nightfall past many street corners and bars, chances are you would see many Domino games in progress. There is an air of simplistic fun as everyone plays their best to avoid getting the dreaded “six love”. A player receives “six love” if he/she wins no games and someone else has won the match by winning six games.

Bring the fun to someone you care about with a set of Dominoes.


16. Book – How to Love a Jamaican

Book - How to Love a Jamaican

Alexia Arthurs created a real gem with this one. True to Jamaican culture, numerous short stories were written in a smooth lyrical prose which achieves its intended objective of really placing the reader into the shoes and context of a Jamaican, while establishing that there is no single or simple way of being one.

This book as a gift is sure to grab the interest of any person you may deem lucky enough to receive it.