14 Terrific Retirement Gifts for Nurses

We all know that nurses do their job because they completely and totally care about people. Nurses are there during our greatest times of need, and it would be very difficult to find a person in the world who hasn’t been touched by the love and care of one of these wonderful people. This is why it is critical and essential to pick the most perfect gift for that amazing friend or loved one who is retiring from a long-standing nursing career. We have compiled a list of wonderful options for the retiring nurse in your life.

Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Nurses:

  • Personalized Framed Art Caricature

  • Thoughtful gift for nurse retirement Framed art

    This is sure to warm the heart of your favorite nurse. Not only do they offer several sweet messages that you can input, but it can also be personalized to represent your specific nurse. You can add her hair color, eye color, uniform type and glasses. Your friend or colleague will love all the little touches that make it true to life. Make sure you get a coordinating frame color to go with your chosen features!

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  • You Can’t Scare Me, I’m A Retired Nurse Mug

  • Funny Retired Nurse Mug

    Nurses have been through it all, so there is truly nothing out there that can scare them! This mug is a great way to show them that you acknowledge and appreciate everything they have done, while having a humorous twist to it as well. Your friend will be sure to appreciate your kind and funny gesture with this thoughtful gift. Retirement will taste even sweeter while drinking coffee out of this!

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  • Kindle

  • We recommend Kindle  as a gift for anyone in retirement

    Literally every person nearing retirement age has started preparing a to-do bucket list. This includes everything from travel to gardening to exploring…but most especially reading. In all the years of nursing that your friend has put in, there are surely many good reads that they have missed out on! Get them a new Kindle with access to thousands of books to kickstart their retirement in a great way.

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  • Retirement Plaque

  • Unique Nurse Retirement Plaque Award

    Haven’t you ever wished that there was an award out there that people got when they reached the end of their career? Well guess what, there is! Make a custom plaque to acknowledge all the years of service that your retiring nurse has devoted their life to. You can 100% customize this unique gift with the words and messaging of your choosing. This is definitely a gift that will be displayed proudly on the mantle for years to come.

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  • Celebration of Retirement Angel

  • Happy Retirement Angel Figurine, meaningful way to send nurses of in pension

    If you are in search of a unique gift for your most awesome retiring nurse, who also happens to be one that loves inspiring words and sentiments, this wonderful angel tribute is definitely the way to go. With its detailed design, hand painted décor, and sweet message, it will definitely go straight to the heart of the one that it is gifted to. This is the perfect idea for any retiring nurse who holds a special place in your heart.

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  • Custom Wooden Retirement Plaque

  • Nurse retirement gift: Custom Wooden Retirement Plaque

    Maybe you have a nurse who isn’t into flashy crystal and would prefer to display their accomplishments in a more subtle and low-key way. This personalized plaque comes in a beautiful wood finish and is ready to hang on the wall immediately. What better way to express your love and gratitude to your #1 nurse than to engrave it permanently? They are sure to love the custom message that you include and the high quality materials that it is created with.

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  • Day Wall Clock

  • Gift Days of week Wall Clock fun nurse retirement gift idea

    Who doesn’t remember the lazy summers that we had as children? The days in between school years when you woke up and couldn’t remember what day it was? Well guess what? Your soon-to-retire loved nurse is going to be on a permanent summer vacation very soon. Make the days easier for them with this unique and humorous clock, sure to be both delightful and well received.

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  • Retired Nurses Make Amazing Grandma’s Shirt

  • If you are looking gift for retiring nurse who is your grandma, this shirt is the best gift idea

    Maybe your mom is a nurse who plans to babysit a whole lot more after she retires…or maybe your mom is a nurse who really, really wants grandchildren and doesn’t yet. Either way, she is sure to love this shirt. Of course retired nurses make amazing grandma’s – who else can clean up a scraped knee with such professionalism, or check for a fever in their sleep? Nurses have very keen skills that go hand in hand with grandma life!

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  • Bonsai Tree

  • Bonsai Tree a great present for nursing retirement

    When you have a career that takes you a million miles an hour, you don’t often get time to sit down and enjoy the little things in life. When retirement comes, you are afforded the opportunity to slow down and enjoy those things that you miss. A Juniper Bonsai Tree is the perfect addition to a calm atmosphere. Not only does it require minimal maintenance, but comes with a beautiful bowl that is sure to complement their décor. If you nursing retiree loves to take care of plants, this bonsai tree would be a perfect gift idea for her.

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  • Mini Zen Garden

  • Retired nurse meditation gift

    In addition to the above Bonsai tree, another wonderful piece to include in a relaxing environment is this Mini Zen Garden. This comes with many ocean and sea life decorations and aids meditation and mindfulness, which is definitely something a newly retired nurse needs.

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  • Personalized Nurse Snow Globe

  • Most unique gift for retiring nurse. Personalized Nurse Snow Globe

    You may have thought that they were just for the winter holiday’s, but actually snow globes can be given as a thoughtful gift all year long. This one in particular includes several nursing trinkets inside and an engravable plate on the outside, perfect to etch in a message to your favorite nurse or to add in their name and years of service. They will definitely love the unique gift that depicts their career.

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  • Margarita Maker

  • Margarita maker is the best gift for the nurse retirement party

    Now let’s be honest here, who will be the favorite friend of all time when they show up to the retirement party with this margarita maker? You will, of course! The perfect way to start a well-deserved retirement is with this frozen concoction maker. Your favorite nurse will party their way into retirement with a smile on their face and a great beverage in their hand, thanks to you!

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  • Nurse Retirement Charm Bracelet

  • Nurse Retirement Charm Bracelet

    Some people love to have the things nearest and dearest to their heart with them all the time. Nurses are often these kinds of people, as they pour their heart into their work for many hours a week. Even when retired, they will always think about their career and their patients and the difference that they made. This bracelet will help them to keep those memories close. This cute retirement gift for nurse comes with four different charms and arrives in a velvet pouch.

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  • Book “Redefining Retirement for Nurses”

  • Book "Redefining Retirement for Nurses"

    It can often be said that people aren’t sure of who they are any longer when they retire, that they feel their identity was tied in with their career. For nurses especially this is difficult because they spend so long fully committed to other people. This book will help your newly retired nurse find their way in their new life.

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