Eight Great Gifts for Night Shift Workers

Do you have a close relative or friend who works at night? You can make the night owl in your life happy with a special gift for night shift workers.

Here are the top picks for the best presents for people who work night shifts in 2023.

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask Light Blocking, Soft and Comfortable

This bestselling sleep eye mask will help your friend or relative who spends all night working rest peacefully even on the brightest of days.

The mask is soft and breathable and will fit around the eyes and over the nose without allowing a single ray of sunlight to bother your sleeping friend.

The mask is handmade, with 5 layers of soft cotton and a sponge, which will keep the resting person comfy no matter what sleeping position they prefer.


VILIGHT Night Shift Nurse Sleeping Sign for Door and Yard

Nurses, doctors, and medical workers have become the heroes of 2020, fighting the COVID-19 virus day and night. If you have a nurse in your life that spends their nights saving the lives of patients, then this thoughtful gift for nightshift workers is an excellent idea for any occasion, or just as a thank you and appreciation gift.

The sign is handmade and is 11.8 x8.6 inches in size. It can be hung on the front door or in the yard, or anywhere your deserving nurse friend decides.


Blackout Curtains

Does the night shift worker in your life have trouble sleeping during the day after long hours of work? With these Blackout Curtains by Nicetown, sleeping during the day will be much easier and more pleasurable.

Not only do these curtains block all of the sunlight and UV rays coming from outside, but they also block the sounds from traffic, passersby, and other outdoor noise from entering the bedroom.

The high-quality, affordable blackout curtains come in various colors and size options suitable for any taste and for any window or door size.


Nurse Coloring Book: Midnight Edition Coloring Book with Nurse Problems


Working as a nurse or as a medical worker has become increasingly stressful with the pandemic. You can bring a smile to the face of a nurse friend or relative with this fun-filled and humorous Nurse Coloring Book – Midnight Edition.

While your close one may not have the time to fill out the fun colored illustrations, he or she will most likely appreciate the hilarious nurse problems illustrations included.

So, why not lift the morale and help the night shift nurse in your life get through those trying times with this funny and entertaining adult coloring book?


Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

With this compact and portable espresso maker, the night owl in your life will be able to make themselves a fresh and aromatic cup of strong coffee at all times, no matter whether there is a plug nearby.

It works with ground coffee as well as with NS capsules and is an excellent personal espresso machine for a graveyard shift worker.

There is no battery or electricity required to make a delicious cup of coffee with this popular Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker.


Kindle Paperwhite

If you have a close friend or family member who works at night and wants to stay entertained during the long night shift hours, then the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best gift ideas.

With the bestselling Kindle Paperwhite, your close one can download the books, comic books, or magazines of his or her choice in the available generous storage of either 8 GB or 32 GB.
The compact eBook is easy on the eyes, with an adjustable, glare-free screen and light. Plus, it is waterproof and can be paired with Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones so that your friend can listen to audiobooks as well.


Crossword Puzzles by Brain Games


If your night owl friend likes puzzles and crosswords, this inexpensive wide-ranging Crossword Puzzles book is another excellent idea for a gift.

The puzzles are printed in large print, making them easy to see in low light conditions and by people with failing eyesight.

This fun book of crossword puzzles is a great way to keep the brain stimulated and help kill time during the long night shift hours.

It is spiral-bound, and the crossword puzzles in it become progressively more challenging with every next page.


Straight Outta Night Shift Retractable ID Badge Reel

This retractable ID badge reel is a practical and fun gift to give to any person who works night shifts. The sign says “Straight Outta Night Shift,” and it comes with a strong spinning clip for an ID badge to be displayed and easy to see, and at the same time, it has a retractable cord that is 32 inches long, which can be used to swipe in and out of the workplace easier than ever.

The fun and useful gift idea for nurses and other nightshift workers come in a wide variety of colors, and shapes, and with different signs, which will make anyone working long night hours smile.