Best Gifts for Twitch Streamers

30 Fun and Useful Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Twitch Streamer

If you’ve never heard of Twitch, you’re bound to sooner rather than later. Currently the largest gaming streaming platform in the world, Twitch has around 15 million daily active users. Without the streamers, however, there would be no viewers! In this article, we will present some interesting, very useful or fun gifts that you can give to your favorite Twitch Streamer.

With almost 4.5 million broadcasters on the popular site, you certainly have a Twitch streamer on your gift list. While people primarily stream video games, some also broadcast their music, art, makeup, cooking, or even just chat with their viewers. Whatever the content, every streamer needs the right setup to ensure their stream runs smoothly. Here are 30 great gift ideas for any Twitch streamer, from equipment to apparel and more!

1. Twitch For Dummies by Tee Morris

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Book Twitch For Dummies

Before anyone dives into the world of streaming, it’s best to do some research and gain an idea of what to expect. From creating a Twitch account, to that first live stream, and even making it a career: Twitch For Dummies covers every aspect of streaming and gives guidance along the way. Tee Morris is not only a wonderful writer, but a gaming streamer himself, giving an inside look into building a community and maintaining quality content. Whether just beginning or looking to improve, this book makes an excellent gift for any Twitch streamer at any level.


2. Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

When gaming with other players, communication is key to a strong team. Finding an affordable but quality headset can be difficult, but the Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset is an easy solution. With 7.1 surround sound and memory foam pads, you can rest assured your favorite gamer is communicating in comfort and clarity. The durable aluminum frame means not worrying when they get thrown across the room after a frustrating defeat, and the audio control box ensures screaming teammates can be easily turned down. Even non-gamers can enjoy these high-quality headphones, making them a great gift for Twitch streamers of all genres, and for everyone else who likes quality sound.


3. Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

Having a dependable mouse is important to any computer owner, but especially PC gamers. The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is an affordable, high-quality mouse that will make any gamer feel like an eSports competitive player. Any Twitch streamer would be delighted to get this mouse. The classic lines and lightweight body were inspired in design by said professionals, and the six programmable buttons allow for saving custom commands in each game. The customizable lights come with 16.8 million color options, giving a vast array of aesthetic options. Put a huge smile on your favorite gamer’s face with this incredible gift!


4. Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard

Pair the above mouse with a Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard, matching both style and quality! This excellent keyboard is not only durable but spill-resistant, making it ideal for anyone with a clumsy hand. The keys are designed to create smooth, responsive feedback, eliminating delays that can frustrate any gamer. The keys are backlit with the same 16.8 million color options, amplifying any mood and even helping those struggling to see the keys.


5. Blue Yeti Microphone

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Blue Yeti Microphone

Having clear and quality audio is one of the most important things to a Twitch streamer, so give the gift of one of the top-of-the-line microphones out there: the Blue Yeti. This beautiful mic plugs directly into a USB port and has four different settings, making it multi-functional but easy-to-use. Worried about the inevitable “pops” that come with recording audio? Worry not! It comes with a pop filter that can easily attach to a mic stand, boom arm, or the mic itself. Whether you choose classic black or midnight blue, the Blue Yeti will make a fantastic addition to any Twitch streamer’s setup.


6. InnoGear Adjustable Boom Arm

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: InnoGear Adjustable Boom Arm

A great way to make any streamer’s life a little bit easier is the gift of a boom arm. With so much equipment taking up space on their desk, having a boom arm will clear that spot normally reserved for their microphone. This best seller on Amazon is easily adjustable, whether a gamer is leaned forward and focused on an intense battle, or leaned back to relax a bit and chat with their fans. It’s lightweight and durable, and the desk mount is built with an anti-scratch pad to protect those precious surfaces. With a product so affordable (and free one-day shipping), what are you waiting for?!


7. Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

While some do stream without a camera, what people really want to see is your face! Catching a gamer’s reaction during an amazing play (or even a fail) is part of the fun, so give your favorite no-cam streamer a gift they’ll not only love, but their fans will appreciate! The Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam is a favorite amongst streamers, not to mention a best seller on Amazon. With its sleek design and 1080p HD camera, it provides a high-quality view for both the broadcaster and viewer. It’s compatible with several systems, plugs right into your USB port, and you can clip it onto your monitor/laptop, or easily mount it on a tripod. No mic? No problem! It has two built-in mics that record your voice in stereo, making it an all-around fantastic piece of equipment.


8. Dell 27” HD Monitor

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Dell 27” HD Monitor

While it’s possible to stream with only one monitor, it’s incredibly difficult and for most just not worth the trouble. If you know some Twitch streamer balancing one monitor and a phone or tablet, do them a big favor and get them this stunning monitor for a reasonable price. This 27” widescreen monitor is a full HD IPS LCD screen with anti-glare technology, perfect for illuminating the incredible scenery and detail in today’s games. If they already love and prefer their current gaming monitor, this second monitor can be used to keep an eye on chat and run their streaming programs, such as OBS.


9. DXRacer Gaming Chair – Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NW

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: DXRacer Gaming Chair

We couldn’t possibly talk about great gift ideas for streamers without mentioning the ever-important gaming chair. Many streamers are live for six or more hours, some even 12 or 24 for special events or milestones in their streaming career. Having a comfortable chair that maintains proper posture is imperative for not only their bodies, but their sanity. Every habitual gamer has heard of DXRacer Gaming Chairs, and for good reason. Their ergonomic design, extra high backrests, and adjustable features make for comfortable and healthy streaming for any amount of time. Check out this great chair from their Drifting Series for a gift any member of Twitch will certainly appreciate.


10. Elgato Stream Deck

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Elgato Stream Deck

A stream deck is sure to make any streamer’s life a whole lot easier. It may be something you’ve never heard of, but they sure have. This is a good gift for a Twitch streamer’s progress because with the push of a button, they can switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more, every button customizable to the streamer’s needs. This super compact device is available with either 6 or 15 keys. It’s even small enough to fit in a stocking during the holidays!


11. Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive

Speaking of compact devices that make their lives easier, an external hard drive can clean up the clutter that inevitably piles up. This super slim device can fit in your pocket, making it easily transportable. It works on Windows or Mac without needing to reformat, and comes in four different colors. It doesn’t require a power source, just plug it into the USB drive and store those extra files! It’s especially ideal for storing photos or videos that a streamer may use for highlight reels or YouTube videos. That’s why a external hard drive is a perfect gift to get for any Twitch streamer.


12. Zettaguard HDMI Switch

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Zettaguard HDMI Switch

For those gamers that enjoy playing on whatever they can, this will be a life saver and make a much-appreciated gift! The conveniently compact item that will help makes things easier for your beloved streamer is the HDMI Switch. This device is ideal for those who switch between PC, console, or otherwise. It makes the transition smooth as butter by automatically switching the video and audio sources.


13. OHill 16-piece Cord Organizer Set

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: OHill 16-piece Cord Organizer Set

With all of these devices and equipment and whatnot, you can only imagine the nightmare that is… the cords. Cords here, cords there, cords everywhere! Help your Twitch streaming pals out with this useful 16-piece cable clip set, designed to hold cords in place and keep tangles from happening. Included are a variety of single or multi-cord clips, with peel-and-stick adhesives on each back. They can also be used to hold items such as pens and toothbrushes, and come in both black and white. Chaos – be gone!


14. Elgato Green Screen

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Elgato Green Screen

Some streamers have fun trinkets in the background or pretty lights to create a fun atmosphere, while some would prefer a simpler backdrop, like a solid color or a beautiful landscape. Whatever the case, a green screen can provide exactly that with endless possibilities. This green screen is made by the same company responsible for the treasured stream deck, so you know you’re getting good quality here. It’s easy to setup or break down quickly, and made with wrinkle-resistant fabric and an aluminum hardcase. It’s a fun and useful gift for anyone recording video, streamer or otherwise.


15. Hydroflask

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Hydroflask

Equally as important as everything above, if not more, is hydration. With the long hours, time slipping away quickly, and focus held on gaming, Twitch streamers can often forget to take care of their basic bodily needs. They even have hydration bots in the chat, reminding them to hydrate every hour, so what better gift than the infamous Hydroflask. Another fast-growing company like Twitch, you’re sure to have heard of them or soon will. This double-wall vacuum-insulted stainless-steel water bottle is BPA-free, comes with a wide mouth and a built-in straw, and is available in two different sizes and ten different colors. It’s sure to keep their water cold for those long hours of staying hydrated!


16. Twitch Glitch Oversized Mug

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Glitch Oversized Mug

For those who like to hydrate on more than just water, this adorable mug is the perfect to give! And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t need coffee when streaming for several hours at a time? This cute mug holds 16 ounces of whatever yummy beverage is preferred to keep those peepers open for the long haul. The design is super fun and perfect for the holidays, plus it is microwave-safe for those needed reheats.


17. Twitch Hoodie

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Hoodie

Speaking of the holidays, things can get pretty chilly during the winter in almost every town, so give this awesome Twitch hoodie as another perfect present to warm things up! It’s a unisex, full-zipper hoodie, with the Twitch logo on the front and the Twitch Glitch character on the back. Any streamer would be proud to wear this hoodie, on or off stream! You can choose from gray or black.


18. Fortnite Tomatohead Funko Pop

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Fortnite Tomatohead Funko Pop

Fortnite is not only one of the most popular battle royale games, it is also one of the most popular to stream and view on Twitch. Anyone who enjoys Fortnite will quickly recognize the Tomatohead character, and this mini Funko Pop perfectly captures his essence! This would make a great gift for any Fortnite fan, and would look adorable on display in the background of their stream. It even comes with a little chug jug, a source of health from the game.


19. Fortnite “Where We Droppin’ Boys?” T-Shirt

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Fortnite “Where We Droppin’ Boys” T-Shirt

If collectibles aren’t their thing, give this awesome shirt for the Fortnite streamer in your life! It’s unisex like the hoodie, so works for male or female, and comes in nine different colors. The saying on the front, “Where We Droppin’ Boys?”, is a commonly used phrase in the game when players are deciding where to land on the map. It’s sure to get a laugh from whomever receives it.


20. “I’d Rather Be Gaming” T-Shirt

“Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: I’d Rather Be Gaming” T-Shirt

For the lady streamer in your life who may not indulge in Fortnite but still loves gaming, give them this fun shirt! This shirt is a women’s fitted baby tee and comes in seven different colors. It has the phrase “I’d Rather Be Gaming” on the front with a gaming headset, an easy way to let those outside of stream know what they would much rather be doing! It’s the perfect present for any occasion, and would look great under the Twitch hoodie mentioned above.


21. Twitch Glitch Pillow Plush

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Glitch Pillow Plush

Decorative pillows have been a favorite in households for many years. Whether on the bed or a comfy chair, or even in the background of a stream, this adorable Twitch Glitch pillow is sure to tickle the fancy of any Twitch streamer. It’s super soft and small, but not TOO small. It’s a favorite accessory among all Twitch fans and streamers and sure to be a big hit.


22. Twitch Glitch Fleece Blanket

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Glitch Fleece Blanket

What’s a super soft and super adorable Twitch pillow without a blanket to match?! Pair this classy and cozy blanket with the above pillow, or give it on its own as a great addition to any streamer’s place. It’s not only incredibly soft but very durable, and easy to maintain and wash. It’s the size of a standard throw blanket, so great for napping, an extra layer at night, or even to wrap around their shoulders when they’ve been streaming for hours on end. The solid black on one side and glitch artwork on the other is super stylish and something that would certainly be enjoyed by any Twitch fan.


23. Twitch Logo Adult Onesie

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Logo Adult Onesie

Sometimes when streaming, you just want to get into pajamas and feel comfortable. What better way to get super comfy than a onesie? This awesome onesie is designed much like the hoodie, with the Twitch logo on the front and the Twitch Glitch character on the back. It even has pockets and thumbholes in the sleeves. This would be a cool gift for any Twitch streamer unafraid to rock a onesie no matter their age!


24. Twitch Purple Glitch Socks

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Purple Glitch Socks

So, they have the onesie, the hoodie, maybe even some shirts; but do they have socks?! There is no denying how cute these Twitch Glitch socks are, in the traditional Twitch purple with the Glitch character all over them. They are made of cotton and one size fits all. Give the gift of warm feet and help maintain healthy circulation for those long hours of streaming.


25. Phillips Hue Lights Starter Kit

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Phillips Hue Lights Starter Kit

The background scene and ambiance can make a huge difference in how viewers enjoy a stream. Throw pillows and trinkets and other décor help create a fun environment, but you can help them take it to the next level with a set of Phillips Hue Lights. They can easily install these into any light socket, then just download the app and play with an array of colors. Changing the color scheme can really set the mood, making them a must-have for any streamer.


26. Twitch Logo Neon Light

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: Twitch Logo Neon Light

Another fun way to set the mood is with this Twitch Logo Neon Light. This is an awesome way to add a pop of color and light in the background and represent the Twitch community. Each one is hand-made, creating slight variances that only make them that much more unique. They do not get hot to the touch and operate quietly, ideal for a streamer who needs to focus on their broadcast. This gift is sure to brighten anyone’s day!


27. 3-D Printed Twitch Logo on a Stand

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: 3-D Printed Twitch Logo on a Stand

3-D printing has been around much longer than one would think, but only became available for commercial use in the last several years. While they are relatively affordable, not many have one lying around the house. Bring a piece of this amazing technology into a streamer’s home with this awesome Twitch logo on a stand. It is all white with the letters outlined, creating numerous possibilities to highlight the logo by setting it against different backgrounds.


28. ” T-Shirt

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: “<message deleted>” T-Shirt

If you have ever joined a Twitch stream chatroom, you are sure to see pop up at some point. Unfortunately, as with the rest of the internet, you will come across some less-than-friendly people, dubbed “trolls”. When someone is misbehaving and needs a time-out, their message in chat disappears and this message takes its place. This funny gift adds a touch of humor to the situation, displaying across the chest as a dig at these trolls. It’s sure to get a laugh and a great shirt for any Twitch streamer with a sense of humor.


29. Fortnite Llama Popsocket

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea:  Llama Popsocket

Popsockets have become massively popular over the last few years. With our delicate phones and tablets so easily shattered with a slip of the wrist, having an extra grip is a necessity to any one of us! This darling little Popsocket features a coveted character from the game Fortnite, the llama. Finding a llama in a game is a big deal, providing loads of loot for the player. Give this as a gift for any Fortnite lover and help them get a grip on their devices.


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30. “Eat. Sleep. Stream. Repeat.” T-Shirt

Twitch Streamer Gift Idea: “Eat. Sleep. Stream. Repeat.” T-Shirt

At this point, you have probably gathered that streamers put a lot of time and energy into their work. It really does become a lifestyle, consuming your days in the best ways. This shirt fully embodies what it is to be a full-time streamer, and the importance of it to that person. Many people literally eat, sleep, stream and repeat, so give this to those who dedicate themselves and pour their love into their stream and community. You can bet it’ll be a big hit and worn on (and off) stream time and time again!



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