Gift for Your Favorite Twitch Streamer – 13 Fun and Useful Ideas for Every Budget

You may not have heard of Twitch, but if you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, or relative of an avid young gamer, you probably will soon find out more about this popular gaming streaming platform.

Thousands of gamers of all ages use the Twitch platform to stream their gameplay, and even larger numbers of fans watch the streams and follow their favorite Twitch streamers. Twitch is also used for streaming all other types of content, so chances are, your young or not-so-young relatives and friends will become involved in this popular activity too.

The question is, what are the best gifts for Twitch streamers in 2023?

We have selected some of the best options, suitable for all occasions and all budgets.

Twitch For Dummies by Tee Morris


If you have an aspiring Twitch streamer in your family or circle of friends who is not yet experienced in the process of streaming, then this useful Twitch for Dummies guide is an excellent idea for a gift.

It includes all of the information that a prospective Twitch streamer needs to know to get started on the platform and gain followers and views.

The guide is detailed and easy to understand even by complete newbies and will help the recipient get started in the world of streaming gameplay, music, concerts, podcasts, and more.

Written by Tee Morris, Twitch for Dummies is an interesting read and can be useful for more experienced Twitch streamers as well.


Elgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller

This Stream Deck is the ultimate gift for any Twitch streamer. The gadget comes in different variants – with 6, 15, or 32 LCD keys, and can be used by the streamer to manage the content, switch among scenes, various media, and audio, and make adjustments in real time.

It has built-in direct integration with the most popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, XSplit, OBS, Control Game capture, TipeeeStream, and more.

The compact device will make streaming much more straightforward and seamless. The results will be higher quality professional streams, which will undoubtedly boost the popularity of the recipient of this gift for Twitch streamers.


High-Performance Dell 27″ Full HD IPS LED-Backlit 1920×1080 Monitor

With this fantastic 27-inch widescreen monitor, the Twitch streamer in your life will have a stunning view when playing games or watching media files.

The reasonably priced, premium quality Full HD monitor by Dell has a 16:9 aspect ratio, a lightning-fast 6ms response time suitable for the fastest-paced action games, and multiple inputs and outputs to connect it to a computer, game console, or other devices.

It can be used as a primary or secondary monitor by Twitch streamers who want to keep their eyes on their streaming programs and at their other online activities like chats at the same time.


Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset


This headset offered by HyperX is an excellent gift idea for any gamer and for Twitch streamers. The comfortable ear pads have memory foam so that the gamer won’t feel discomfort even after wearing them for hours during intensive gameplay.

The headset has high-quality 7.1 surround sound and a microphone, which will enable the user to hear each and every sound and exactly what the other players are saying during an action-packed game.

The premium quality headphones have a built-in microphone, and a durable aluminum frame and are compatible with PCs, Xbox One and PS4. They will be highly appreciated even by non-gamers.


Blue Yeti Microphone with Knox Gear Pop Filter, 3.0 4 Port USB Hub Bundle

The Blue Yeti Blackout microphone is among the most popular picks by Twitch and YouTube streamers, as well as for crystal clear VoIP calls and voice-overs.

The beautifully designed microphone looks great and is plug-and-play compliant via a USB port, so the streamer can connect it to any PC or MAC.

It offers the best sound clarity thanks to its microcapsule technology and will ensure that the Twitch streamer in your life can record premium quality audio with his or her streams.

It has a built-in metal stand, a Knox Gear Pop Filter and comes with a 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub to connect it to multiple devices simultaneously without plugging and unplugging it every time.

Last but not least, the mic setup looks very cool on camera.


Elgato 4K60 S+ Game Capture Card

Now, for the streamer in your life who’s worth their salt, you need a quality capture card, and what better gift than that of Elgato. The Elgato 4K60 S+ Capture Card can snag 4K60 HDR10 – with zero-lag passthrough so they don’t have to wait on it! It also benefits from an SD card slot which lets them boot straight into recording footage without having to go through any extra steps. Finally, this device provides unlimited footage recording meaning they’ll never run out of space when streaming games online or even just making videos for YouTube!


Twitch All Over Glitch Sock

If you want to buy an affordable yet impressive gift for a twitch streamer, then these Twitch socks are an excellent idea.

They will cost you less than $10 a pair and will bring joy to any Twitch streamer or fan.

The socks are available in a one-size-fits-all option, suitable for men who wear a shoe size of up to 12.


Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam – Full 1080p HD Camera

This premium quality web camera by Logitech has been specifically designed for use by streamers and social gamers who use YouTube, Twitch, or similar platforms.

It will allow your streamer friend or relative to record real and vibrant HD 1080p videos at 30FPS and 720p resolution at 60FPS.

It has high-quality glass lenses, and autofocus, and even has two built-in microphones in its sleek body allowing for recording video and audio in the best quality.

The camera has an automatic light correction and is a superb gift for Twitch streamers and anyone who wants to record their own videos, and vlogs, or make high-quality video calls online.

The HD camera for twitch streamers is compatible with PCs, macOS computers, Xbox One, Android, Chrome, and more and connects via a 5-foot USB port cable.


Elgato Green Screen – Collapsible Green Screen Panel for Background Removal

If you are looking for a gift for a Twitch streamer who is experienced and uses some more advanced technologies and techniques for their streams, then this collapsible green screen panel is a great idea for a gift.

It will allow the recipient of the gift to add any type of background to their videos and vlogs. It is easy to fold and unfold and wrinkle-free, so it can be carried around and set up easily anywhere.

The Screen, which is optimized for camera chrome editing, is 58.27 x 70.87 inches in size when unfolded and only 64.76 x 4.53 x 4.13 inches when folded, making it easy to transport and store.


Twitch Logo Unisex Full-Zip Hoodie


Any true Twitch fan will love receiving this branded Twitch hoodie with a full zipper.

The unisex Twitch hoodie features a white Twitch logo on the front left side and a larger Glitch logo on the back.

It offers a standard fit and comes in different sizes, and is made of 25% cotton, 50% poly, and 25% Rayon.


InnoGear Microphone Arm, Upgraded Mic Arm


With this adjustable mic boom arm, the Twitch streamer can adjust the microphone to the perfect location, height, and angle every time, to record the best quality sound during recording or streaming.

The boom microphone arm comes in a large or medium version and can be mounted on any desk or surface via the strong table mounting clamp.

It can be used with a Blue Yeti microphone or other compatible mics and will become one of the favorite gadgets for use by your Twitch or YouTube streaming relative or friend.


OHill Cable Clips, 16 Pack Black Cord Organizer Cable Management


With all of the computers, monitors, keyboards, cameras, switches, and multiple other gadgets, the desk or workspace of the Twitch streamer in your life can easily become an unmanageable mess of tangled cords.

Thankfully, with this inexpensive gift for Twitch streamers, you can help the recipient to put all of the cables in order once again.

The set includes 16 parts, which are easy to use to stick and attach the cables to any surface and keep them in place.

It is a useful gift for anyone having trouble with cable management at home, be it with their home entertainment system, TV, audio system, computer, and even kitchen and other household cabled appliances.


Gaming Coffee Mug -The Perfect Gift for Gamers & Coffee Enthusiasts

This inexpensive gaming mug is another superb gift idea for the gamer or streamer in your life. It features fun, colorful characters, weapons, and gaming gadgets all around it and is an excellent choice for a gamer of any age and type.

The 16-oz cup is a simple, affordable gift for Twitch streamers but will most likely be highly appreciated and used on a daily basis by the recipient.