Physical Therapy Graduation Gifts: 15 Ideas Bringing a Touch of Care

Physical therapists are essential for our health and well-being, and becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy requires many years of studying and practice.

And even after graduation, the future physical therapist needs to pass the NPTE test in order to become a licensed physical therapist.

So, if you want to help somebody celebrate graduating from Physical therapy school, you should pick the best gift for the occasion.

We have selected the best physical therapy graduation gifts for 2022 for you.

Muscular System Laminated Poster

This high-quality, detailed laminated poster of the human muscular system is among the most useful gifts you can give to a future physical therapist.

Even though he or she has spent months and years learning and memorizing all muscles and body organs, it is always useful to have an accurate handy reference while working.


Physical Therapy is a Work of Heart Journal Notebook

Even though the physical therapist in your life has already graduated, he or she will still need a notebook to write down notes regarding the patients, the cases, and the practice.

This affordable notebook has 110 college ruled pages and a beautiful floral-style cover with a title saying “Physical Therapy is a Work of Art.”

The journal is 6×9 inches in size and costs less than $7.


Physical Therapy Torture Mug

This is an affordable and funny idea for a physical therapy graduate or anybody who practices the profession.

It is а ceramic 11-oz mug that is suitable for coffee, tea, or any other beverage of choice.

It can be microwaved, and dishwasher washed, and best of all has the funniest PT-related print on each side, referring to a “personal torture (PT) instructor.”

It is an excellent idea for a gag gift, a white elephant gift, or as a humorous graduation gift.


Anatomical Chart Healthcare Education Collection: The Professional’s Reference for Patient Communication

While some of the other gift ideas on this list may be more sentimental, this anatomical chart reference is among the most useful physical therapy graduation gifts you can buy.

It is a great learning and reference tool that the newly graduated PT can use to help explain the therapies, exercises, injury types, and more to their patients.

It is useful even for physical therapists with years of experience with patients.


PT Don’t Even Ask for Wine Glass

Even though graduating from PT school takes a lot of hard work, practicing this profession can be even more stressful.

This is why this 10-oz wine glass is another excellent physical therapy graduation gift idea.

With this funny and yet useful glass, the PT in your life can have a laugh and relax with some wine or another beverage of choice after a hard day at work.

The glass is 10-oz and is 7 x 2.5 inches in size, perfect for any wine-loving physical therapist.


Spine Jim Clift Design Lapel Pin

This impressive and unique piece of jewelry is one of the best physical therapy graduation gifts you can find in 2021. Plus, it costs less than $10.

It is a perfect gift idea for graduating physical therapists, nurses, doctors, and other medical specialists.

The lapel pin is made of lead-free pewter and is hand cast in the USA.

It comes with a presentation card and is an eye-catching accessory for any physical therapist to wear for any occasion.


Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT Graduation Pin

This is yet another pin that is perfect for a graduation gift for a future physical therapist.

It will look great on his or her scrubs, suit, and lab coat, and even on everyday and formal wear.

It is intricately designed and made and will allow the recipient to flaunt his or her recent achievement.


RUTICH Novely Bone Design Ballpiont Pens

Your physical therapist will be thrilled to see their desk decorated with this set of 8 pens shaped like real human bones.

These pens have a 0.7mm smooth ballpoint and are all 5 1/2 inches in height! They come at an affordable price, so you can fill your loved one’s stocking for the holidays without breaking the bank!


Eat Sleep Physical Therapy Repeat T-shirt

Becoming a physical therapist is really a way of life, and this T-shirt reflects the dedication of any newly graduated or practicing physical therapist.

The T-shirt is a cool way to display this.

It is available in different color options and variants made of 100% cotton or 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

You can buy the fun T-shirt in different size options, and it is available for ladies, men and youngsters.


Physical Therapist Caduceus Seal PT Necklace

This necklace with a PT pendant is a beautiful keepsake for graduation and is something that the new physical therapist can wear every day to work or just about anywhere.

The pendant has an affirmation ring with the words “Bless me with a healing hand and a caring hand” engraving and a circular PT pendant.

It has a silver finish and comes with a 23-inch long chain.


Physical Therapist Graduation Keychain

This elegant keychain says it all – “she believed she could…so she did”, and it comes with a Caduceus and PT charms.

It is an impressive graduation gift idea that costs a fraction of what other presents cost. At the same time, it will be a wonderful reminder of the recipient of the gift of the determination and hard work put into physical therapy school, as well as of the achievement of the ultimate goal to graduate and begin practicing and helping people recover.


The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes Wall Decal

This wall decal is a great gift idea for a newly graduated physical therapist who is about to set up their own practice.

It is a motivational decal that will look great on the office wall and help keep patients and the PT stay inspired to work hard while on the road to recovery.


CafePress PT Tote Bag

This wonderful, eco-friendly tote bag is an affordable gift idea, which is also a very useful one. It can be used as a reusable shopping bag, a work bag, a gym bag, or everyday use.

It comes in small and medium-size options and is made of sturdy canvas with reinforced gussets and handles.

The bag can safely be washed and reused over and over again, and the newly graduated physical therapist in your life will no doubt love flaunting it on a daily basis.


Silver Springs Relaxation Indoor Fountain

The physical therapist and his or her patients need some relaxation, especially when the sessions are hard and painful.

With this gorgeous indoor relaxation fountain, the newly graduated PT can add some Zen to their office and help everyone relax and feel better.