Boyfriend graduation gifts

24 Graduation Gifts for Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Feel Special

Graduation is a huge milestone in life and it’s hard to find the perfect gift to fit the occasion. It can be even harder when the graduate is your boyfriend. How to find a gift that conveys pride, love, and is also useful for the next phase in life? Keep reading for fantastic boyfriend graduation gift ideas he’s sure to love.

    1. Journal

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Journal

    Does your boyfriend have a hard time remembering important dates?  With this gift he can keep track of appointments and other romantic milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. You can add a romantic touch by writing little notes or sketching out cute pictures or hearts throughout the pages. It’s also an excuse to get him to write you love letters and schedule in date nights!

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    2. Nautical Compass

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Compass

    What direction does true love point?  With this compass, and you, by his side, he’ll be able to navigate anywhere! Imagine cozy camping trips, cuddling up in front of a campfire and then snuggling together to keep warm in a tent. He’ll be inspired to take you out into the wilderness for rugged and romantic adventures with this compass as his guide. A beautiful message is engraved on the compass:

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    3. Tie Set

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Tie Set

    Everyone guy looks more handsome when he’s wearing a tie.  Help him get that polished, sophisticated look with these simple but elegant accessories.  You’ll want to show him off on your arm at graduation parties when he wears this gift. Not to mention he will look very professional in job interviews to get his career started or even land a promotion.

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    4. Leather Bag

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Bag

    Now when he’s graduated, say goodbye to the boyish backpacks from school and hello to this masculine and mature bag. Wearing a bag like this will give your boyfriend the confidence to move forward in life while taking with him everything he needs for the day. You can even slip little love notes or messages of encouragement into the pockets for him to discover. Or what about a yummy, homemade snack for him to discover at lunch?

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    5. Desk Organizer

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Desk organizer

    Your boyfriend will love you even more for helping him keep his busy life organized and neat.  Not only will you make it easy for him to find things when he’s running out the door in the morning, but this great graduation gift will free up his time to do more of what he loves, including spending time with you.  And you better get that quality time in now before he gets really busy with his new career!

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    6. Lego Figure Graduate

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Mini Figure Graduate

    He may have graduated, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still a kid at heart.  And who doesn’t love Lego!? Show him life doesn’t have to be all seriousness and get him some cute toys.  He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re playful and fun. Plus, this memento will remind him for years to come of this milestone in his life. And, when he sees it, he’ll always think of you!

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    7. College Cookbook

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend College Cookbook

    It’s true that the fastest way to his heart is through his stomach.  Just because you gifted him a cookbook doesn’t mean he’ll be the one doing the cooking.  Offer to make some of his favorite dishes and you’ll have his heart forever. If your boyfriend leaving to college after high school graduation or if he moves to another city for work let him know that you care about him and his well-being by giving him this cookbook.

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    8. Beard Comb

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Beard Comb

    Does your man love his beard and have a hard time taming it?  While you may not understand this hair obsession, show him that you still care and want to help with this beard comb.  He’ll feel extra loved to know that you care about the things he cares about. Not to mention, he’ll be looking more polished in no time.

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    9. Wood Puzzle Game

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Puzzle Game

    School may be out forever, but that doesn’t mean learning ever stops!  He’ll need to keep his brain sharp if he’s going to compete at work and stay on top of his game.  There’s no better or more fun way to do that than with games. Plus it gives you a chance to play, challenge each other, and bond as a couple by going on a puzzle adventure together.

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    10. Graduation Throw

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Graduation Throw

    Not only is this blanket the perfect piece of memorabilia to commemorate his big day, but it’s also super soft and cozy.  He’ll want to snuggle with you under it when the weather turns cold or take it to a chilly autumn sporting event. You can even use it for romantic picnics or stargazing during the warmer months. The possibilities are endless for fun times together and reminiscences of his big day.

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    11. Personalized Mug Graduation Gift for Him

    Personalized Mug Graduation Gift for Your Boyfriend

    Who doesn’t love a hot beverage on a cold day? Get this mug in his favorite color and personalize it to make it extra special.  It will soon become his favorite cup for having coffee in the morning before work or tea while relaxing in the evening. Make him his favorite drink and serve it with breakfast in bed to make things extra special.

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    12. Levi’s Men’s Wallet

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Levi's Wallet

    They say money makes the world go round and now, after graduation, that’s more true than ever.  And who wouldn’t want to keep their cash in this sophisticated wallet? And it’s great not only for storing money and credit cards, but cute photos, mementos, and little love notes can all be slipped inside to remind him how much you care.

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    13. Custom Graduation Bobblehead

    College graduation gifts for boyfriend - Personalized bobblehead

    A unique graduation gift idea for your boyfriend, this cute bobblehead is based on your boyfriend’s photo and surely will be the most original gift he received for graduation. He will show everyone with pride this cool figure he received from his awesome girlfriend.

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    14. Leather Portfolio

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Business Portfolio

    Everyone needs something to hold all their accessories while traveling or attending meetings. This is the perfect way to keep everything organized while looking smart and professional.  It also has a lot of tiny pockets that you can fill with additional useful or romantic items. He’s sure to love such a thoughtful and functional gift which can be put to use daily.

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    15. Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Watch

    This classic watch is the gift that just keeps on giving, and will last a lifetime.  Your boo’ll wear it every day, think of you every time he checks the time, and cherish it forever. It also might one day become a family heirloom that is passed down to future children. This is certainly one of the most desirable graduation gift for every boyfriend.

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    16. Star Wars Darth Vader Pen & Journal

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Star Wars Darth Vader  Pen &   Journal

    Star Wars is a classic beloved by guys of all ages.  With this Darth Vader Pen & Journal you can indulge his passion for science fiction while addressing the need for practicality all in one.  You don’t have to know much about the Star Wars world in order to know this is one great gift! Write in a cute quote about the force on the front page and you’re sure to win him over.

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    17. Book: The Academic Hustle

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Book: The Academic Hustle

    Graduation is daunting enough without having a job lined up afterward.  With this book, you’ll be able to help boyfriend to get a great internship or job right out of college.  With one less thing to worry about, he will have a lot of extra time to go out and have fun together before life becomes more serious.

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    18. Kente Cloth Graduation Stole

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Kente Cloth Graduation Stole

    With so many photo opportunities at graduation and the parties afterward, this stole will make a great accessory and make every photo memorable.  It’s masculine enough that he’ll want to wear it, and unique enough that everyone will be complimenting him. So go ahead, give him a reason to brag about you and how great couple you are!

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    19. Graduation Funny Gift T-Shirt

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Graduation Class Of 2018 Funny Gifts T-Shirt

    This attention grabbing and funny tee will be a topic of conversation long after graduation day is over.  Plus, it’s so versatile that he can wear it around the house or when going to the gym. It will serve as a great reminder of this momentous accomplishment in his life.  Not to mention you can borrow and wear it when you’re missing him.

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    20. Romantic USB

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Love USB

    This cute flash drive may hold the “key” to future success!  The unique design is sure to be a great conversation starter on the first day of his new job or internship.  You can add a personal touch by uploading some pictures of your last vacation together or a romantic date on before you gift it to him. His rational side will love the practicality, while his heart will melt at the loving touch.

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    21. Cord Organizer

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Cord Organizer

    Don’t you just hate it when all your cords get tangled up and take a long time to get straightened out? Unfortunately, cords and wires are still a necessary part of life so, until everything goes wireless, make things less of a hassle with this nifty organizer. Anything that makes life simpler is a winning gift in our book.

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    22. Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Toiletry Bag for Men

    Are you dreaming of overnight trips out of town and romantic getaways?  Help him pack all his essentials in this rugged leather bag. He’s sure to take it everywhere he goes and will never forget any of his grooming items or toiletries which will guarantee he always looks his handsomest.

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    23. Photo Album

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Photo Album

    While graduation may be closing a certain chapter in his life, this photo album is a reminder that there are many more new and exciting chapters ahead.  Every blank page is an opportunity to have an adventure and create new memories. So make a bucket list and start crossing off each item together. You’ll have a scrapbook full of fun in no time!

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    24. Plush Graduation Bear

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Plush Graduation Bear

    Some may think that graduates are too old for stuffed animals.  However, no one can resist this cute little bear in his cute cap complete with tassel.  Once graduation is over, it will remind him of this day while simultaneously providing decor for a new apartment or just something to snuggle when you’re not there.  Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to fully grow up!

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    25. Keychain

    Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend Keychain

    Even after accomplishing something as challenging as graduating, everyone can use extra words of encouragement and inspiration.  Every time he looks at this keychain, he will get that little nudge forward to pursue his dreams and keep working hard. He’ll be reminded every day that you believe in him and are cheering for him to succeed at whatever he pursues.  Knowing you have his back will make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

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