13 Meaningful Gift Ideas That Will Show Your Man How Much He Means to You

The act of gifting shows appreciation, love and expresses our feeling for the other person. If you have met a man in your life that is always there by your side and makes you happy, consider putting a smile on his face with our ideas of meaningful gifts for him. Some of our suggestions are perfect if you are looking for a gift for an occasion, Valentine’s Day, or without any reason at all.

Our team gathered some of the most heart-warming gifts that will last a long time as memorable souvenirs of your love. Others will win his heart all over again with their originality and good humor.

Engraved Whiskey Bottle

Every man loves a glass of whiskey now and then. What if you surprise him with a whole whiskey bottle that is personalized only for him? You can customize it with his name or a few words of love on a deeply engraved label.

If your man doesn’t like whiskey, you can fill it up with bourbon or scotch. He can put it as a decoration that will catch every guest’s attention or use it to pour them a drink and show what fantastic gift his girl had given him.

The whiskey bottles are an elegant and classic gift for every gentleman that appreciates quality. The personalized text is deeply engraved, not surface etched like some cheaper alternatives.

Personalized Stainless Steel Collar Stays

This is a classy set of collar stays that come with an elegant box that shows attention to detail and deep care for your man. The set is made of high polish stainless steel. The collar stays are 2.5 inches long each.

Since you can purchase it with any text that you can image, make sure that you carefully review it before submitting it. If your man loves to wear shirts, this little meaningful set will warm his heart.

You can add a personal message that you and your partner will only know about. It could be a date, your names, a secret massage, or anything that you would want him to know on special occasions.

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

The RUNMUS gaming headset is the perfect gift for your special man especially when he loves to play video games. The RUNMUS gaming headset is a high-quality stereo headphone with a noise-canceling microphone and volume control.

This is a great headphone to use while playing games on your computer or console (Xbox One, PS4, or PC) as it comes with an extension cable so you can sit far away from your screen without having to unplug the cable every time you get up from your seat. Additionally, it is compatible with all audio systems such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Windows phone.

Drive Safe Handsome Keychain

This might be a simple keychain gift but has a lot of meaning put into it. On the high-quality polished finish, you can read the words, “Drive safe handsome, I love you.”

In case your man is crazy about cars and is often on the road, this can be a lovely keychain for his car keys. It will remind him to be careful and drive safe because somebody loves him. The gift comes in a pretty jewelry box, and it costs less than $10 with free shipping.

Engraved Wallet Insert

This personalized wallet insert is the size of a credit card, and it will last for eternity. The two colors available are silver and black, while the message on it varies. It would fit in every wallet, which means it can be with him all the time to remind him of you.

The Luvimie stainless steel card will not bend and will last forever as your love for him. The message is smooth and will not wear off over time. You can gift this item on your wedding day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or on a regular day.

Customized Leather Valet Tray


The valet tray is a handy item for every man. If your partner is a practical person, he would love to have such a gift. The fact that you can customize it will make it more meaningful and adorable. It can be displayed on his office desk or bedroom dresser.

This beautiful leather valet tray will do a great job organizing watches, jewelry, keys, or any other daily accessories. The material is full-grain cowhide leather. You can choose between 6 leather colors, two sizes, and personalize a message.

It is an entirely hand-made and unique gift that will make your boyfriend or husband feel special. You would love it so much, you might want to buy one for your dad or brother as well.

One Awesome Husband Coffee Mug


Maybe you have a lot of mugs in your house, but this one right here will be your man’s go to mug every day. He might even take it to work just to show off how awesome husband he is. And if you are looking to buy him something meaningful like this, the chances are he really is a catch!

The item comes in black and white and is made of ceramic material. Remind your husband how amazing he is in your eyes every morning when he is drinking his coffee. This humorous, yet thoughtful gift will make him feel adored and loved indeed.

Puzzle Keychain Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes love finds us in unusual places. Other times we are faced with physically separating from our partner for a while. This can happen due to moving to another country, unexpected change in career, or many other reasons.

This little keychain gift is a perfect way to show how much you will miss your man on these occasions. It comes with two puzzle parts made of stainless steel.

One part of the puzzle says “I’ll be back” and has an airplane charm on it, while the other one says “I’ll be waiting,” including planet Earth charm. Both parts fit when put together. How cute is that?

Just the Ticket – Ticket Stub Organizer


If you both love going to concerts, sports events, or festivals, this ticket organizer can preserve any tickets that you have kept or you are about to keep the next time.

Every special moment from the event can be documented on the pages close to each ticket. This will show your partner how much you cherish every moment with them. The organizer holds up to 80 tickets and features a handy inside pocket for programs, pictures, and other keepsakes.

Fishing Lure Keychain

If your man is into fishing, he would love this keychain. It is made of stainless steel, which promises no fading and no deformation. The hooks are quite sharp, so be careful with your fingers.

The text on it says, “You are the greatest catch of my life.” How adorable is that!? This very original gift will remind him how much you care about his hobby and the things he loves to do.

This simple and meaningful gift will cost you only $7.99. However, the words of love and care will make him smile and love you even more. The keychain comes in a gift box.

Why I Miss You Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

This journal can be the perfect reminder of all the reasons why you miss him when you are not able to be with your special man. It is a personalized gift that you can make as lovey-dovey as you please.

The Why I Miss You book has a long-lasting hardcover and 112 pages. On every page there is a different sentence with blank space that needs to be filled in with your own words. This little gift will bring humor and help you to express your creativity.

Romantic Printed Toilet

If your man has a good sense of humor and you want to surprise him with a funny gift, then this one might be the winner. Toilet paper that says “I Love you From Top to Bottom” is something unusual, unexpected, and hilarious way to show your love.

The ink used for the image is soy-based and it is on the full roll. The toilet paper is soft quality, biodegradable and septic safe. We suggest switching it the night before and see how funny the next morning will begin.

100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Cards


On a more personal note, why not gift him game cards that will bring unforgettable moments of sharing, laughing, and having fun while spending time together. If your relationship is new, this is the ultimate gift to get to know each other.

Get yourself nice drinks, sit down, pick up random cards from the deck and start answering. The cards include thought-provoking questions as “What have you lost since childhood that you would like to regain?”.

This is the perfect opportunity to spend some precious time with him and get out of the comfort zone. You will be amazed at how much you can learn about your partner once you start listening to what they think about various situations. The cards are high-quality to use them many times.