Meaningful gifts for him

Meaningful Gifts for Him That Will Show Your Man What He Means to You

Ladies, if you have a special man in your life, then you know the awesome feeling that comes along with spoiling him with a really special meaningful gift. You don’t even need a reason to gift him with something long lasting and memorable, except that you really love him and love putting a smile on that special face of his.

This list provides great options for meaningful gifts for the special man in your life no matter what the occasion. Be sure to provide him with a box of tissues too, as they are so special and will mean so much to him that they may even bring him to tears.

Here is our gift list of meaningful gifts for him that will keep the sparks alive in your relationship.

1. Custom Engraved Wood and Metal Watch

Meaningful gifts for him engraved watch

Some men are obsessed with watches and wear them for style status, whilst others simply need them for telling time. Whichever the case, your man is sure to be more than satisfied with this beautiful piece. The face and strap accents are made from mahogany wood and the strap is made from titanium. It has a 6-hand display so he never has an excuse to be late again. Engrave a special message or date on the back so that the watch is not only strikingly beautiful, but also extremely meaningful to him.


2. ‘100 Reasons Why I Love You’ DIY Kit

I love you gift for boyfriend 100 Reasons Why I Love

Most of us probably try to remind the special man in our life that we love him every day, but every now and then they might require a small reminder. This gift allows you to get creative and create an original gift. Simply download the digital purchase, which includes pre-written notes, blank notes and jar labels, edit them, print them, cut them out and place them in a jar. Let your creative juices flow by decorating the notes and jar as you desire. Now he can just grab a little note and be reminded just how much he means to you every time he is feeling down.


3. Custom Soundwave Poster

Meaningful gifts for him Custom Soundwave Poster

This is very likely the most meaningful gift for him on our list. A moment in time can often be captured by a specific song or phrase. Capture your special song as a couple or you saying a special phrase to your significant other forever, with a soundwave representation of it. A soundwave of your recording will be printed onto a poster so that even when he can’t hear you or your special song, he will always be able to see it and remember the special moment linked to it. This gift will always be a very unique and special reminder of your love for him.


4. Engraved Cufflinks

Meaningful gifts for him Engraved Cufflinks

Every man deserves a good pair of cufflinks- whether he adorns a suit and tie every day or simply enjoys dressing up from time to time. Cufflinks are such a small accessory, yet they make the biggest statement in the world of men’s formal wear. Help your special man to truly stand out with a signature pair of cufflinks, engraved with a special message, name or date. These are made from stainless steel and come in silver, gold, rose gold or black, so you can personalize them according to his style even further. His formal wear will never be boring again with this subtly sentimental gift.


5. Special message Shadow Box

Meaningful gifts for him Special message Shadow Box

All men are true softies at heart, whether they care to admit it or not. At times your special man may miss you and feel lonely, but with this meaningful gift, his heart will be warmed by your love for him every time he turns it on. A special message can be engraved into this wooden box and a candle placed inside, so that the message is projected onto his wall, by beautiful soft candle light. Now he can always remember how much you care, no matter how near or far you are and your love can light his way if the power ever goes out.


6. Custom Photo Socks

Meaningful gifts for him Custom Photo Socks

Yes, we know, socks are probably the most overrated gift possible, other than soap on a rope, and every man has probably been gifted more socks in his life than he can even remember. However, these custom photo socks are bound to be a hit and a pair of socks that he won’t mind receiving. It’s as simple as picking a photo of you, picking a color and picking a filler image. Now he’ll remember you and have a quiet little laugh every time he catches a glimpse of his feet while wearing these socks.


7. Hidden Message Leather Arm Band

Meaningful gifts for him Hidden Message Leather Arm Band

Jewelry isn’t usually associated with men, but there’s nothing wrong with giving your man something special to wear around his wrist. This subtle yet fashionable and manly leather arm band will become a favorite everyday accessory that will look good with any outfit. Pick a color to best suit his wardrobe and have a special message engraved on the inside of it. He may not be able to see the message all the time, but on the rare occasion that he takes it off, he’ll be able to see your special message and remember how much you care for him.


8. Puzzle Keyring

Meaningful gifts for him Puzzle Keyring

Long distance relationships can be very tough to endure, but there’s many big and small ways to make them better. This keyring will serve as a small token of your love for each other. It consists of 2 parts, one for each of you, and the charms fit together like a puzzle. One piece says “I’ll be back” and the other says “I’ll be waiting”. Every time he looks at his half of the keyring, he will be reminded of his great love for you and that you will always be together again no matter how far you are now.


9. Long Distance Couple Map

Meaningful gifts for him Long Distance Couple Map

Unfortunately, some of the greatest love stories often happen from afar. If you and your significant other don’t live in the same city or even country, then this is the perfect gift to remind him just how special he is to you and that distance is only a number when it comes to the love that you share. This gift is created by taking each of your locations and combining them into a circle or heart shape. Have it framed and include a special message so that he can brighten up his wall with this unique artwork and always be reminded just how much you love him. (107)


10. Personalized leather wallet

Meaningful gifts for him Personalized leather wallet

All men love a good wallet. When they find the perfect one, they seem to hold onto it forever. Give your man something practical and sentimental, with this custom engraved leather wallet. Include his name or monogram on the front and make use of 2 different spots to write him a special message. The wallet includes multiple card and cash slots, a clear license slot, 2 secret key slots and has RFID lining so that his identity and cards are always protected. No gift could be more practical and special than this one.


11. ‘Our Adventures’ Couples Bucket List Book

Meaningful gifts for him ‘Our Adventures’ Couples Bucket List Book

Most couples love going on adventures together, but it is often easy to run out of ideas of things to do or you get into the habit of repeating the same few activities over and over again. Gift the special man in your life with this book, filled with 101 romantic, fun and unique ideas for things you can do together as a couple. No relationship should ever become dull and this gift is sure to keep the spark alive and encourage you both to try new things.


12. Personalized Leather Journal

Meaningful gifts for him Personalized Leather Journal

Some men enjoy writing and others require a journal to help keep their life in order. Whatever the case, every man needs a journal in their life so why not give your special man one that is customized just for him with words “you mean everything to me”. Choose a colour and size and have his initials embossed into the leather so that it is extra special and can never get mixed up with someone else’s. In fact, this gift is so beautiful that he may even end up using it as a timeless piece of décor!


13. Cute Pillow

Meaningful gifts for him Cute Pillow

There’re few things better in life than snuggling up next to your special man in bed after a long day. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always possible so you need to provide him with an alternative in case you can’t be there. Give him this pillow so that he always has something to hug and squeeze. It may not come close to cuddling and hugging you, the real deal, but at least it’s better than nothing and will always remind him of your awesomeness.


14. Engraved Hammer

Meaningful gifts for him Engraved Hammer

Let’s be honest ladies, your man probably does most of the handy work around the house. Even if this is true, there’s no reason why you can’t remind him how much you love him even while he’s busy hammering away at a list of ‘fix it’ tasks provided by you. This handy hammer can be engraved with a special message chosen by you. Let him know that all his hard work around the house never goes unnoticed or unappreciated with this practical yet romantic gift.


15. Custom Comic Strip

Meaningful gifts for him Custom Comic Strip

Even if your special man isn’t a fan of comic books, what man wouldn’t love a custom-made comic strip about the special love that the two of you share? Simply send in your special love story with a few photos of each of you and this fabulous company will interpret it into a comic strip. It’s fine if you lack in creativity, because even with a small amount of information, they will create a comic so awesome that this is bound to be the best meaningful gift your special man has ever received. Now he’ll have no excuse to ever forget your special love story.


16. Love Coupon Book

Meaningful gifts for him Love Coupon Book

Ladies, whether we like to admit it or not, the special man in our lives does so much for us, so here’s our chance to give back and do a little something for him. This love coupon book is the perfect way to do a few good deeds for your man…be it naughty or nice! The coupon pack comes in the form of a digital file and includes pre-written coupons as well as a sheet of blank coupons, which can be filled in by you. Simply fill in the blanks, print the file, put the book together and let the love deeds begin.


17. Special Place Constellation Picture

Meaningful gifts for him Special Place Constellation Picture

Every couple has a place that is extra special to them. Whether it’s where they had their first kiss, first date, the place where he proposed to you or simply your favorite restaurant. Chances are good that you’ve noticed the stars above you at that place before, but never taken note of their exact formation. Now that special place can become even more special by pinpointing the constellations and star formations above it. Special technology is used to create a picture of the exact image of the stars above that spot, should you look up at night. The image is then printed and you can have it framed to add a special work of art to his wall.


18. Engraved Pocket Watch

Meaningful gifts for him Engraved Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are an accessory that add a touch of class to any man’s wardrobe. Spoil your husband with this beautiful black zinc alloy metal pocket watch. It is a timeless piece that has a very retro style and is engraved with the phrase “To my husband, loved you then, love you still, always have, always will” this as well as this meaningful gift will mean a lot to him. Now he will always be able to tell time even if he doesn’t enjoy wearing a wrist watch and people will be very impressed when they see this subtle piece of statement jewellery making an appearance every now and then.


19. Husband Appreciation Mug

Meaningful gifts for him Husband Appreciation Mug

No matter how many mugs your husband already has, you can be certain that this one will become his new favorite. This meaningful gift with the phrase “This guy is one awesome husband”, will reminded him just how awesome he is in your eyes every time he enjoys his favorite hot beverage. Not only will he be reminded how much you love him, but he will also always remember just how awesome you are for giving him such a fun and thoughtful gift.


20. 50 Calibre Bullet Pen with Custom Engraved Wooden Box

Meaningful gifts for him 50 Calibre Bullet Pen with Custom Engraved Wooden Box

There’s something about guns and bullets that seems to intrigue all men. Your special man can now own his own pre-used 50 calibre bullet and though it won’t be much use for shooting, it will certainly be very useful for writing. These pre-used bullets have been transformed into high quality refillable pens and are presented in a beautiful wooden box onto which you can engrave a special message. Every man deserves a special pen that will last a lifetime, so give him that, as well as a special message to go along with it.


21. ‘I love you from top to bottom’ Toilet Paper

Meaningful gifts for him ‘I love you from top to bottom’ Toilet Paper

Not all romantic gifts have to be serious. Remind him of your great sense of humour and that you love him from top to bottom despite all his flaws and faults with this hilarious roll of toilet paper. As long as the roll lasts, he will have no more dull moments while using the toilet. Chances are he will love the gift so much that he won’t have the heart to actually use it, but at least he knows there’s always a backup roll of toilet paper in case of an absolute emergency!


22. ‘Why I Miss You’ Book

Meaningful gifts for him ‘Why I Miss You’ Book

Life would be amazing if you could be with your special man all the time, but since we don’t live in a perfect world, you might as well give him a reminder of all the many reasons you miss him, for when you can’t be together. This book contains page after page of phrases and you simply have to fill in the blanks, to customize it specifically to your relationship. You can make it funny or make sure he’ll shed a few tears whilst reading it so be sure to give him a box of tissues with this gift, because he’s bound to shed a few tears, whether they’re happy or sad ones.


23. Special Event Heart Map

Meaningful gifts for him Special Event Heart Map

Where you met, where he proposed and where you got married. These are 3 very significant events in your relationship and each event will have a special place linked to it. Make sure your husband will always remember the dates and places of these special events with this customized heart map. Each place will be pinpointed on a map and the 3 heart maps will be made into a stunning poster that will liven up any wall. Now he will never forget an anniversary again and can always be reminded of the special memories linked to these special places.


24. Custom Engraved Zippo Lighter

Meaningful gifts for him Custom Engraved Zippo Lighter

Light up your special man’s life with a Zippo lighter engraved with a special message just for him. Whether you are a smoker or not, a lighter is always a handy thing to have around. Zippos have a lifetime guarantee so this gift will never get ruined. You might as well make sure he remembers you every time he has to light up, with this extra special gift.


25. Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Meaningful gifts for him Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Bobbleheads- who doesn’t love these quirky and fun little figurines. A bobblehead of his favorite sports star or TV character would be good, but even better would be a custom bobblehead made to look like you or himself. These figurines are individually handcrafted using the finest quality clay and can be customized with absolutely no limitations. No matter what your specifications, these bobbleheads are guaranteed to come out exactly how you want them. Give him a laugh and help him appreciate your thoughtfulness every time he sees his very own fun little character.