Going Away Gifts for Boyfriend When He Leaves for College

Going Away Gifts for Boyfriend When He Leaves for College

When your boyfriend must take off to enter the college chapter of his life, it can be one of the most bittersweet experiences. For the reasons of career and personal development, you are very much aware that he must complete the tertiary level of education. While your brain understands the logic that is present here, your heart sings a completely different tune as what you have considered as your ‘normal’, i.e., his presence is about to undergo a huge change.

You know that the right thing to do is to be supportive as this is going to be a huge change for him as well. So, you decide to offer your words of encouragement and to send your love along with him. You also decide to give him a going away gift for when he leaves for college that will simultaneously bring him joy and help to keep the memory of you alive in his heart. You may be unsure of what to get him which is where we come in.

Here are some gifts that we recommend you get your boyfriend as he leaves for college.

Best Going Away to College Gifts for Him

1. Customizable keychain

Boyfriend leaving for college gift ideas Romantic long distance key chain

One thing is certain, your boyfriend is going to be staying somewhere and he’s going to be needed to use keys to get into his college apartment. This key chain not only facilitates being a single point for keeping keys together, but it also complements the memory of you and your love. With three different customization options, the messages that can be engraved on the stainless steel will all convey the same message that the love you share is more expansive than the distance that currently lies between you. This sentimental gift is a reminder that you are in his corner no matter what he faces.

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2. Personalized Distance Map

Going away to college gifts for guys Customizable Distance Map

Your boyfriend is going to need new stuff for decorative purposes once he settles into his new place. A poster that reflects your love is the perfect piece to compliment this. This graphical illustrates your physical locations, your names and a line connecting both places symbolizing the connection you have. This going away gift is heavily customizable as you can submit various options such as the names to be used, the locations required for inclusion, the date the relationship began, etc. He will start each day smiling inside as he remembers what you mean to him every time he sees it on the wall in his dorm room.

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3. Long Distance Relationship Bracelet Set for Couples

Couples bracelet - going to college gifts for him

He goes to another city to study and you want to have a object that will strengthen your relationship and celebrate your love. This gift can be shared by both you and your boyfriend and it is perfect way to show how much you care. It is a memento to be worn proudly on his person as a reminder of the fact that you hold each other’s heart. The option also exists to get two bracelets not only for matching, but also for the sake of reinforcing the commitment that you have each agreed to. Each bracelet boasts a compass as its centerpiece and this is indicative of the direction and distance between and your soul mate that is currently a factor. The card includes the message that distance is just a test of your love. Before he left for college surprise him with this very romantic gift.

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4. Personalized Romantic Candle Holder

Cute and romantic going away to college gift idea for guys

The way this gift is crafted alone reason enough for him to want to use a candle. The cuboid shaped candle holder can be customized with a message of your choice. Ensure this message expresses the sentiment of your love for your boyfriend as it adds a creative flair to his bedroom with the message engraved. The true beauty, however, comes out when he places a candle within the candle holder and the message you selected displays on the wall along with the heart or butterfly shapes you may also select. This is truly a beautiful present in every sense for your sweetheart.

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5. Hugging Pillow

Gifts for college students guys when they  going to another city

Sometimes after a hard day or just for showing affection, you and your guy would hug each other. Of course, the distance involved in his going away for college makes that impractical and you now need to give him something that can take over from you while he’s away (we all know nothing can replace you though). Available in three sizes, this pillow bares the message “Hug this pillow until you can hug me”. It reminds your honey that you are still there for him, and he can have this to hold until he is again able to hold you.

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6. Multi-purpose Notebook

Come Back Soon I Miss You

This gift will show him your feelings clearly and it will be useful for him, not just in romantic way. If there’s one thing your boyfriend will need for college, it’s a notebook. Technically, he could use several. These notebooks are multi-purpose based on their design. They can be used for notes, as a journal, as a scrapbook, for recording to-do lists, etc. No matter what he decides, it will keep the memory of you alive as not only will he remember that it was given to him by you, but the cover also reads “Come back soon, I miss you…” as a reminder of his other half that awaits his finishing of a very important career move.

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7. Girlfriend Pillow

The Original Girlfriend Pillow – Cute and Funny Unique Gag Gift Idea

Sometimes video calling and talking everyday just isn’t enough. When college wasn’t a factor, not only could your boyfriend hold you, but he also knew you were there to hug him. While that will no longer be possible due to the distance, it doesn’t mean he can’t still have an arm around him that you approve of. Featured in the Huffington Post, this pillow is notorious for being one of the top boyfriend gifts for those in long distance relationship.
The comfort, durability and softness will be enough for him to cope without the benefit of your presence.

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8. Headphone Support

Going away to college gift for boyfriend leaving Headphone Support

If you aren’t a romantic soul and you do not like pathetic goodbyes you should consider a gift that will be useful to your dear and that he personally liked to have. Consider this cool and stylish headphone support. Seriously, who doesn’t have over-ear headphones these days. One struggle that proud headphone owners know too well is that of storage. Finding somewhere to put the headphones is hard enough but finding somewhere to put them in a position that won’t cause any continuous damage (especially if its wired) is where it can get tough. This wooden support is built to accommodate headphones from all popular brands and their cables. It will fit easily on his desk and he’ll never have to lose his headphones or worry for their safety all thanks to you. Saying goodbye to your significant other in this way can be much easier for both.

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9. Magnetic Wristband

If your boyfriend likes working with his hands on little projects, and he uses screws, nails, nuts and bolts, then this is the gift you want to give him. There is nothing more annoying that doing some work and realizing these little things are lost. Even more annoying is having them and losing them because they fall into places that cannot be reached. These wristbands possess strong magnets and are perfect for not only holding the items we made mention of before, but they are also perfect for various small tools such as wrenches that he may need in his student apartment during the college years.

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10. Custom Photo Key Chain

Custom Photo Key Chain

If there are two things we can agree on, that you look beautiful together and keychains are helpful. So what better going away gift to give than something that can have both, plus express sentimental value. This goodbye present idea is fully customizable with a picture you and your high-school sweetheart on the front and any romantic text you wish on the back. Of course, there are several designs you can choose from without compromising the stainless-steel quality. No matter what picture you decide to add, your college-bound boyfriend will remember you every time he looks at and reads your engraved love message.

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11. Professional Beard Bib

Professional Beard Bib

Proper grooming is very important in the life of any male. We’re sure you just love the freshly groomed look of your darling. The process of achieving that look, if done independently of the barbershop can be a messy one with hair clippings seemingly want to travel the world to seek adventure. This beard bib place around the neck, comes with suction cups that attach it his mirror, allowing him to better manage hair clippings and prevent clogging of his sink. You have no idea the weight that you’ll lift off his shoulders with this. Although this gift does not fall into the category of sentimental, romantic, meaningful.. certainly belongs to the category of most useful gifts for your college boyfriend.

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12. Personalized Knife

Practical Gift Ideas for College boyfriend

While it is unfortunate that knives are sometimes misused for nefarious purposes, the truth is they do come in handy for many useful purposes. This knife is customizable as you have the option of engraving a special message for your boyfriend directly onto the knife. The knife is shipped with a sheath, comes with a paracord handle for comfort and easy storage, and it simply looks cool. Who knows? Maybe the next time he’s slicing up some fruit he’ll see the engraving and remember the way used to slice fruit and feed to him.

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13. Healthy Snack Box for College Students

Sweet gifts for your favorite college student that is not near you

No matter how far your boyfriend may go, he cannot do without you and he cannot do without food. Gifting him something considerate helps him with the you part of it as he knows your heart is still his, so why not kill two birds with one stone? This assortment of tasty and popular snacks such as Oreo cookies and Nature Valley bars will delight him with satisfaction and fullness. The snacks in this care package are guaranteed to have expiration dates at least 50 days away so no worries about him becoming sick.

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14. “Reasons I love you” Hardcover Linen Notebook

Going to college gift idea for boyfriend: “Reasons I love you” Hardcover Linen Notebook gift for college boyfriend

Sometimes in a relationship, it’s important to remember the reasons you began in the first place. With your boyfriend away from you, the distance will no doubt be a challenge that you must both face. This hardcover journal can help with that in one of two ways. First, you could buy this journal and populate it with all the things you love about him, giving him something he can see and remember while he’s in college. Alternatively, you could give him the empty journal and have him populate it while he’s away, so his heart reflects on you daily.

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15. Love You Miss You Blanket

Gift idea for boyfriend who leaving at college: Love You Miss You Blanket

Love is an expression which means that typically it’s felt on an emotional level. What if we told you that you could get your boyfriend a gift that expresses your love in physical form while he’s away. The color scheme of this blanket is enough on an expression, however, the velvet feel and softness and warmth radiate the positive feelings of love. Additionally, the text on the blanket can be customized and reflect one of eight love filled statements.
With a gift like this, your boyfriend will be able to all but feel you snuggling next to him.

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16. Massager

Amazing gift idea for Boyfriend who leaving for college Massager

Your boyfriend’s being far away doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a relaxing massage. This electronic masseuse focuses on the neck and shoulders which are known to be very tense areas. Not only does the device give a deep tissue massage, but it also can generate heat to relax muscle tension away. And it’s better if he needs a massage to have this thing, than some college girl give him a relaxing massage. Due to this, your boyfriend can enjoy a massage virtually anywhere without another woman ever touching him.

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17. I Am Already Taken Hoodie

I Am Already Taken Hoodie

One of the best feelings in a relationship is being able to assert your position and branding someone you love as your own. This hoodie is your chance to let all the girls at your boyfriend’s college know that he already belongs to a girl, even though they may not see her. Also, you get to reinforce the fact that you’re crazy (if they couldn’t tell as he’s even wearing this) and that if necessary you’ll resort to violence for the sake of your relationship. You’re just protecting what you love right? Nothing more.

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18. The Long Distance Lover Book

The Long Distance Lover Book - great gift idea for boyfriend that go to study

The Long Distance Lover book is described as a guide for men that’s good for women too. Considering that your boyfriend is a man who will be dealing with a long distance relationship with you, he falls right into the target audience for this book. The idea is that the book conveys the necessary information to improve attitude, improve communication, foster maintenance of love and attraction and discuss and prevent known long distance relationship issues. This can be considered as a gift not only to your boyfriend, but also one to the health and preservation of the relationship you hold dear.

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19. Long Distance Couples Mugs

Couples long distance gift

This gift for going to college feeds into the cliché of the persons in a relationship becoming two parts of a single whole. The graphics on the mugs (yes, it’s a pair) are very well done individually, but both mugs are needed to illustrate the complete picture. The fact that none of these mugs can do this alone, and that it is impossible for them to do it while your boyfriend is away, perfectly captures the importance of each of you to your relationship. Once you both remember that importance, all will be well.

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20. “What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner” Recipe Book

Going Away Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Cook Book

Chances are before taking off for college, your going away partner didn’t always have to cook his own meals or even think about what dinner would be. Now that he may need to pick up that mantle, we’d suggest giving him a little guidance, so he doesn’t end up having to live at fast food restaurants. The title of this book alone gives insight into the frustration that can come with this decision and it loads him up with 50 adventurous recipes.
Giving him this gift you can sleep well knowing that you have averted a potential crisis.

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21. “Me Without You” Book

Going Away Gift Idea for Boyfriend: “Me Without You” Book

Sometimes one of the best gifts you can give to your boyfriend is the pride in the thought of how much you need him and you’re sorry that he’s leaving. It is often said that males are visual creatures, so making use of the illustrations in this book to get your point across should be the perfect method of getting him to understand. The book presents various scenarios in the life that you must go through, and the negative implications of his not being present. Knowing his value to you is an awesome feeling.

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22. I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Waiting Necklace Sets

Gift for boyfriend going away: I'll Be Back I'll Be Waiting Necklace Sets

This gift is the physical manifestation of a commitment that you have each made to each other. Your boyfrind must go off to college to gain the knowledge he needs to help secure a better life for you both and he promises to be back for you. You understand the necessity of what he is doing and you are just as committed to the preservation of your relationship so you have promised to wait for him. The promise to meet again is the best going away gift to send him off with smile.

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