Boyfriend Leaving for College – 7 Going Away Gifts to Bring Along

Well, even though we don’t realize it, our lives can often resemble a plot of a film- sometimes a comedy, sometimes a horror, and many times a romantic drama. This is especially true when it is that time of the year when your boyfriend has to leave for college. We’ve all been there, and we know how hard it can be to be supportive when your heart sings an entirely different tune.

Still, this is an important moment for both of you, and you should not be selfish. And what a better way to show your encouragement than a meaningful going-away gift? We know that this part of your life is already hard enough, and deciding on the perfect present may be close to impossible. That’s why we are here to help you a little bit!

In today’s article, we’ve gathered the best going-away gifts for your boyfriend when he leaves for college. They are all fantastic, and we hope you will find something suitable that says both “I love you” and “I am really happy for you!” Now, let’s get started!

Chanasya Love You Miss You Blanket


The Love You Miss You blanket is the ideal thoughtful gift for those cold nights that your boyfriend is about to spend without you. With this cute gift, you will warm up both his body and his heart! The blanket is made of 100% microfiber and it is super soft. It’s 65×50 inches in size, and it’s suitable for machine wash (he’ll also appreciate this little fact, trust us!)

This is the perfect going-away gift because it will remind your beloved one how much he means to you. The messages written all over it are super cute- “you are my only sunshine,” “love you to the moon and back,” “Thinking of you,” and more.

LParkin Love Keychains for Couples

Love keychains are always a great idea because they will literally be with your boyfriend anywhere he goes. These cuties are made of stainless steel that is durable and sturdy. They have a hook and loop closure type and look very simple, so your boyfriend won’t feel like they are “too much” to carry around with his keys.

The two pieces read “I will see you soon” and “I love you more than the miles between us”- if that is not ideal for a going-away gift, we don’t know what could be! The best part is that for the quality they have, they are not expensive at all, so you can start saving for your ticket to visit your guy!

Healthy Snacks Care Package for College Students


We bet that your boyfriend will have a hard time being without you, but there is one other thing that he surely can’t survive without- food. This care package is not only a cute gesture that will show your guy how much you care about him and his well-being but also a worth-it deal that you should not miss!

All of the snacks included in the snacks box are guaranteed to have an expiration date of at least fifty days. Moreover, all of the 40 products included are more than delicious and are of well-known brands. Save your boyfriend some time and get him the tasty snacks he deserves!

“Me Without You” Book


Filled with cute love scenarios, this “Me without you” book is the perfect way to show your boyfriend just how much he means to you and how much you are going to miss him! It is a well-known fact that males are visual creatures, so the illustrations in this book are a great advantage that we guarantee he will love.

We like the fact that the book comes in a few options: hardcover, paperback, and diary. What’s more, you could also purchase it for your kindle, and it will cost you less than five dollars. Since the book is a celebration of love, it is actually suitable for both boys and girls.

Hugging Pillowcase


There is nothing as good as falling asleep in the hug of your significant other! That’s why we love this microfiber pillowcase so much! It comes in three different sizes- standard, king, and throw, and is super soft due to the high-quality material it is made of.

However, what’s important here is the message written on the pillowcase- “Hug this pillow until you can hug me.” How adorable is that? The pillowcase is really durable and will not fade even if you throw it in the washing machine. It is also wrinkle resistant.

“What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?” Recipe Book


Well, we all know that most boys don’t really feel like the kitchen is their favorite place. Still, college is a whole new chapter of their life, so why not learn to cook? This recipe book could literally be a life savior for your guy, providing him with 50 solid meal ideas written is a super funny and interesting way.

The recipes are well-explained, so even a boy with zero experience in the kitchen will be able to follow them. Moreover, if your boyfriend has a great sense of humor, we guarantee he will love this gift! This is a kindle edition of the “What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?” book, but if you wish, you could also purchase it in a hardcover-spiral or spiral-bound edition.

“Sorry I Am Already Taken” Hoodie

Unfortunately, in college, your boyfriend won’t be surrounded by boys only….so, you’ll need a way to show all the girls that he is taken! We’re kidding, of course, we know that he loves you, but this hoodie is the perfect going-away gift that will make your boy laugh!

It is designed and printed in the US and is made of polyester fleece and cotton. It comes in plenty of sizes so you can make sure you get the ideal fit! We really love the funny message it reads, “Sorry, I am already taken by a sexy and crazy …and she’ll punch you in the throat.”

Wrap Up

Well, girls, these were our suggestions of going-away gifts for your boyfriends when they leave for college. We really hope that they have been useful and that you have picked one to make your guy smile before he leaves.