19 Gifts for Junior Groomsmen – Wedding gift ideas for JR Groomsman

The chapel is set, choir is ringing, guests have arrived and you’re on a roll, falling into line with the wedding brigade … when all of a sudden, you realize you haven’t bought gifts for the tykes in front of you – your junior groomsmen! *shudder*

That’s definitely not something you want to happen at your wedding right?

Worry not, for we have just the right solution for your gifting woes!

What are the ideas that pop into your head when thinking about gifts for junior groomsmen?

Electronics, gadgets, clothes? Every child in your wedding group has a different idea on what to receive due to their tastes and backgrounds. Often, a gift that appeals to one junior groomsman might not be as interesting to the other. While making the choice, try thinking along these lines to make your selection easier:

Guidelines to selecting junior groomsmen gifts

Ask yourself the following questions before making your choice:

  • Is it Long-Lasting Gift?
  • Will gift be a a nice memory of a your wedding day?
  • Is it useful or cool or fun?
  • Will the child outgrow it very soon?
  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Does it aid in education or skill development?

These questions apply not just for selecting gifts for junior groomsmen, but also while purchasing items for children of all age groups.

Junior groomsman giftsWhen in doubt, consult the parents of the JR groomsmen. They’ll be better able to guide you in selecting a worthy gift.

Junior Groomsmen has a very important role in every wedding ceremony. Although his tasks may be simple and more symbolic, he himself represents an important member of the family through this junior groomsmen role. After all the wedding rush finishes, you will be glad to reward one of the youngest wedding participant with some nice gift. This gift will be a reminder of his important role on your special day. Here is the list that contains just Junior Groomsman gifts that all young boys want to get at wedding.

Best Junior Groomsmen Gifts That You Should Consider to Give

1. Junior Groomsmen Picture Frame

Jr groomsmen gift picture frame

This picture frame is a pretty unique gift for junior groomsman since you will be the ones who will have the insight in all the pictures taken at the wedding ceremony. You can pick that one where your Jr. Groomsman looks the best and put it in the frame before giving the gift away. Picture frames with nice engraved messages are especially original cos’ they will be thematically connected with Jr. Groomsman role in the wedding ceremony.

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2. Personalized notebook

Junior groomsman gift idea Personal notebook

This type of notebook gives you the ability to customize it with words, pictures, or phrases that will remind Jr. Groomsman about his part in the wedding ceremony. There is a great choice when it comes to personalized notebook offer. Personalized notebooks can inspire kid’s imagination and the creativity, and they will be a certain type of game for the young ones. What more can you wish for? Even though this is a great junior groomsman gift, every boy will probably choose another gift from our list.

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3. Personalized baseball ball

Jr. groomsman gift Personalized Baseball Ball

Jr. Groomsman is a close family member who is at the same time young enough to play, and jet old enough to be a responsible participant in the wedding ceremony. Every boy who is interested in sport will think that a sports equipment is a very nice gift. If that sports equipment, like a baseball-custom ball, has some cool and personalized message about his wedding role, we are pretty sure that it will become his favorite gift ever.

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4. Personalized wooden baseball bat

Junior Groomsman gift Baseball bats

Like we already said, boys are always into the sport and sports equipment, so instead of the personalized baseball-customed ball, you can surprise him with a wooden baseball bat with some unique and interesting message that will remind him of his Junior Groomsman role. This type of gifts is often handmade which gives them a special value.

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5. Junior Groomsman water bottle

Jr. Groomsman water bottle Gift idea for young groomsmen

It is popular and necessary to carry your own water bottle everywhere you go. If your little Jr. Groomsman is a sportsman or often spends his free time at the playground, this will be the gift that he will carry with himself all the time. What a great way to remind him of his important part at the wedding ceremony.

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6. Jr. Groomsman T-shirt

Junior Groomsman gift idea T-shirt

Printing original messages on T-shirts became popular. Almost every occasion or celebration can be described as one unique sentence on the T-shirt that you will wear almost every day. This gift can be perfect for your Jr. Groomsman, it will remind him of the important part he had on your special day. Just the title of the Jr. Groomsman on the T-shirt will be awesome and interesting.

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7. Personalized wooden Yo-yo

Jr. groomsman gift Personalized wooden Yo-yo

This gift is maybe a little retro. However, although it is not as popular as before, yo-yo continues to entertain millions of boys. Junior Groomsmen are young boys and it is in their nature to play all day long. Some old and original toy will make him stand out from the other boys. That can be personalized wooden Yo-yo toy with engraved name, title, phrase or something else that represents your Junior Groomsman. He will be delighted with this gift and he will carry it with himself everywhere he goes.

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8. Candy box

Candy box gift idea for young groomsman

What can make our youngest ones happy? Toys and candies, of course. This can also be an interesting gift that your Jr. Groomsman will particularly enjoy. Since the candies won’t survive for sure, you can personalize the little box that will contain the sweets. In the end, the box can always remind him of his sweet role at the wedding. This is sweet gift for the the sweetest Jr. Groomsman ever.

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9. Dinosaur Play Set

Junior groomsman gift idea Dinosaur play set
Any gift guide for boys without dinosaurs toys is incomplete. Every boy has a period in his growing up when he just adored dinosaurs. We can say that the love between boys and dinosaurs never fade, so if you have no idea what your gift should be, the dinosaur toy is always a good solution. Whenever he plays with his favorite toys he will remind how important his part at the wedding was. Great jr. groomsman present, isn’t it?

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10. Personalized Wallet

Junior groomsman gift idea Personalized wallet

Personalized wallet can be a great gift for every man or boy no matter how old he is. If your Jr. Groomsman can be too young to use a wallet, but he will have the opportunity to use it later when he grows up. This way, he will always carry that memory of his role with himself. Some nice phrase or title will remind him of a day when he was a responsible participant in a great event. You can make this gift even better if you put in the wallet a few bucks.

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11. Kids Edition Tablet

Jr. Groomsman gift idea Tablet

If you are ready to spend more money on Jr. Groomsman gift and really surprise him, then you should buy him the kid’s edition tablet. This is something that will become his favorite toy. Now-a-day kids like tablets, smartphones and all the other technique that can fill their days with games, music, cartoons, and movies. This could be his favorite toy, and since he will hold it most of the time, your wedding will be something that he will remember with the smile on his face.

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12. Wedding Sunglasses

Junior Groomsman gift idea Wedding Sunglasses

If you want your young Groomsman to be recognizable among all the other guests just buy him this perfect wedding sunglasses. It will be a beautiful and cool gift that will make him feel unique and popular. The lenses with the Title Jr. Groomsman will put him in the center of attention and he will also feel special on your wedding ceremony.

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13. Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

Jr. Groomsman gift Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

Just like the normal personalized baseball bat, this one has the same purpose, it’s just smaller than the regular one. These Mini Baseball Bats are made of wood and you can engrave whatever you think it will be a good reminder of the Junior Groomsman time. Every boy would like to have something like this, it is a toy and a symbol of an important role he once had.

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14. Lego Creative Brick Box

Gifts for Junior Groomsman Lego Creative Brick Box

If you think that your little Jr. Groomsman won’t enjoy some of the previously mentioned personalized items, then you can buy him a toy that he really likes. If you are not sure what is his favorite toy, you can always buy him a Lego Brick Box. You can never mistake with this toy. Even adults enjoy playing with Lego.

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15. Custom Personalized Wood Harmonica

Junior groomsmen gifts Custom Personalized Wood Harmonica

If your little junior groomsman has the potential to be a musician – show them your unconditional support. How complicated playing a wood harmonica can be? Custom made present with a free name engraving – your little future music star will be thrilled. Parents, on the other hand, they probably would not understand the delicate beauty of this present. Especially at the very beginning of the entire adventure, when your favorite little musician starts practicing. They couldn’t even sell it on the next yard sale – with his name engraved they will always find it.

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16. Little Prince Pocket Watch

Junior groomsmen gifts Little Prince Pocket Watch

A little prince design for your special little prince. A very thoughtful and meaningful junior groomsmen gift – he will probably cherish it even when he becomes an adult. Little prince is the book that reminds us of so many important things, and we tend to forget about them when we grow up. A little something that it will remind him that deep inside we are still children and that we can only truly see with our hearts. There are different aspects of this great gift such as time, something that can never be stopped yet it will always remind you of what is truly important.

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17. Leather Money Clips, Roller Ballpen

Junior groomsmen gifts Roller Ballpen

This gift is great if your junior groomsmen is not to young. Junior groomsman is a very important title, indeed. Especially if you have a little future businessman or entrepreneur, you know that you are looking at a future leader when you see those big and curious eyes. Honesty, bossy attitude and a smart mouth – your junior groomsman is probably a full package. So give them something of value, they will instantly feel like they are all grown up and important. He will proudly show their gift to others and he could easily organize his time – to play or watch cartoons, play video games or play with his friends.

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18. Chrome Compass In Metal Case FREE ENGRAVING

Junior groomsmen gifts Chrome Compass In Metal Case FREE ENGRAVING

Now a little something for our little adventurers. If your junior groomsman is also a boy scout – then you need to give them something of value, yet something that will symbolize how much he means to you. It is easy to get lost and lose the track – in the woods, as well in life. So give them this important reminder, a chrome compass so they will never lose their own way. They will use it all the time when in boy scouts yet once they are grown a bit – they will get your thoughtful message.

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19. Personalized Ceramic Kids Piggy Bank

Junior groomsmen gifts Personalized Ceramic Kids Piggy Bank

The gift for junior groomsmen certainly do not have to be expensive to be valuable. Now when we say that you need to give your junior groomsman something of value – we don’t mean money. Instead teach him the true value of money – teach them the importance of saving with this personalized ceramic piggy bank.. Sure, they can spend the money on ice cream right now and be happy for that one second. Or they can save and buy something truly valuable – and they will always remember that you teach him that good things happen when we wait a little bit.

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Other Great Wedding Gifts for Junior Groomsmen


One of the safest bets for children’s gifts is clothing items. There is a guarantee that it will be used and it’s usually budget-friendly. You can choose from t-shirts to pajamas to hoodies to winter accessories – The list is endless!

When choosing clothing, picking the right size can be a tricky part. Consult the parents of the groomsmen to get their correct sizes and ask if they have any preference in color. After all, a gift is what the recipient likes, and not what’s convenient for the giver.


Kids never get tired of owning enough watches! A good sturdy watch goes a long way into their life. You can also buy those fancy lightweight silicon ones with easy-to-read interfaces. Remember that when choosing watches for children, they should have very clear and simple dials for easy readability and must be expandable. Most kids don’t care about brand names associated with watches, so they are fine with regular fashion watches. The extras such as having changeable straps, some integration with phones and alarm features can make them more attractive to juniors.

Higher end watches running on solar power and smart watches are two types that make cherished gifts for people of all ages.


This is a wide sphere where you can go from the smallest to the largest of electronics. Factors that can affect your selection may be your closeness to the child and your budget.

Common electronic gifts apt for junior groomsmen include portable speakers, headsets, wireless headphones, smart lighting, virtual reality sets, instant cameras or Polaroids and many more. Accessories such as USBs and hard drives also make useful wedding favors. Usually, electronic gifts are fondly remembered by children because of their novelty.

Sports Items

Who wouldn’t like to own awesome sporting gear?! From customized baseball bats to table-top air hockey kits to portable table tennis or miniature golf sets, there are so many options if you are looking for gifts in the sporting section!

Even smaller items such as training gloves, sports jerseys, yoga mats and team-based fidget spinners make great wedding favours. You can also think along the lines of gifting sporting accessories such as gym bags, backpacks, collapsible water bottles and eye protection wear.

Now this is one arena that almost all boys growing into teenage are equally crazy about! Gaming gifts can include PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch controllers or games, gaming headsets and mouses, blue light blocking glasses and laser tag sets. You can also consider giving gift cards, Xbox game passes and PlayStation store cards if you are unsure which games the kids will like best.

Custom Gifts

If you know your junior groomsmen’s tastes well enough, you can gift them customized cushions, pillows, cups, pens, tie bars and even blankets. One gift that has stuck around for a long time in the current generation is customized phone cases. But to order them, you’ll have to check with parents regarding their flexibility with phone use and the phone model.

Make sure such gifts are fun and interesting so that the kids will enjoy showing them around! Nowadays, with many online retailers offering good quality custom merchandise, the process of gift selection has become much simpler.

Gift Cards and Experiences

Last but not the least, you can gift custom experiences such as tickets to a show, sky-diving lessons or a camping pass. This way, you are gifting the child wonderful memories that can last a lifetime!

If you are unsure about what to gift your junior groomsmen even after carefully pondering over all the above options, consider giving a gift card. With this, you give them the gift of personal choice.

Gifting from the heart

Somebody rightly said, “Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.”

Just a thought to remember when handing over your gift to your junior groomsmen!

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