Police Retirement Gifts – 24 Gift Ideas for Retiring Cops

Police officers are true heroes who dedicate their lives to protect, serve and make everybody’s life safe and sound. When the retirement day comes they deserve to be reworded with the best possible gift. Police retirement is the perfect time to show our appreciation for everything they did for the fellow citizens. Let’s take a look at some great gift ideas for retiring cops available online.

1. Personalized Retirement Photo Plaque

Police retirement gifts: Custom Photo Frame

When asking children what they want to be when they grow up, a common answer is a police officer. These individuals are often looked up to, and now that the hero in your life has decided to put the ol’ blues to rest. It is now your duty to ensure that the duties he or she served are positively memorialized. Retirement not only means a horizon of opportunities post employment, but it also means making all the years that built up to that meaningful rather than just knowing that a job was once had.


2. Police Officer’s Decanter

Police Officer's Decanter great gift for retirement

At the end of a long work day, many individuals grab a glass of whiskey. So makes sense that after an entire career, a retired police officer would likely feel like they need a whole word full of whiskey. This hand-blown, globe-style whiskey decanter has a law enforcement badge in the detail of glass, making it look like its own continent among the rest and making it a perfect gift for your cop retiree. A glass stopper comes with the decanter and securely seals your whiskey and keeps it fresh. The decanter comes safely packaged in an attractive box, making it convenient to wrap and gift. As if the beautiful decanter isn’t enough of a gift, the company claims that when bought a tree is planted in commemoration of the decanter’s wooden oak base.


3. “Can’t Scare Me I’m a Retired Police Officer” Funny Coffee Mug

Retirement Gift Can't Scare Me I'm a Retired Police Officer Funny Mug

Even after retirement, it’s never too late or too early for a cup of coffee. And who deserves a cup more than someone who’s put their blues to rest. This mug is especially made for the retired police officer in your life. This ceramic mug holds 11 ounces of liquid and has the phrase “You Can’t Scare Me I’m A Retired Police Officer” printed on the front and back of it. Conveniently, your retiree doesn’t have to spend their precious hours of freedom on hand washing; this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.


4. Timeless Clock

Police retirement gift idea: Funny clock

Speaking of those precious hours, this comedic clock is more of a reminder that watching those hours is a lot less important than the free time that comes with retirement. The wooden oak clock has numbers 1 through 12, but they have fallen to the side as cares do during retirement. The upper part of the clock is carved with “Who cares! I’m retired!” While very untraditional, this clock has traditional hour and minute arms and has an 11-inch diameter face. Use this timeless gift as a way to remind your special police officer that life after retirement should never stop being funny (or punny!).


5. Comfortable Chair

Cop retirement gift: Comfortable Chair

Retirement time equals relaxation time, and what better way to relax than with this padded glider and ottoman. Though the chair arms are padded and have built-in storage pockets, the seating room is ample. Cushions on the chair can be removed for convenient cleaning. Padding for the glider and ottoman comes in seventeen different colors. You might want to include tickets to somewhere in your gift so there is reason to leave the comfort of this chair.


6. Personalized “It’s not a GOOD party unless the COPS show up!” Retirement Sign

Personalized Police retirement sign“It’s not a GOOD party unless the COPS show up!”

A retirement is always cause for a party, and as this chalkboard sign enforces that by stating that “It’s not a good party unless the cops show up!” This sign can be personalized with the name and dates of service at the bottom. The final of this is delivered digitally and can be printed as an 8×10, 11×14, or 16×20 image. This police retirement gift can be displayed at any retirement parties, and it can continue to be displayed as tribute. Every time your retired cop sees it, it will bring smile and pride.


7. Policeman Bobble Head

Policeman Bobble Head - awesome gift idea for a retiring cop

You’ve always thought that your police force retiree could have been a regular on one of those television cop comedies. With this gift it’ll be like receiving a collector’s item from their very own series. Just send one or more photos of your policemen to the seller and they’ll hand sculpt a personalized figurine. The polymer clay figurine ends up being about 6–7 inches tall and can be done as a still figurine or as a bobble head. The artist will diligently work with you to make sure that the product is exactly as you envision it. This gift will truly be a one-of-a-kind memorabilia of the retiree’s service.


8. Police Badge Custom Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

Police retirement gifts: Police Badge Custom Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

Work can be stressful. Retirement should be the antithesis of stressful. But that doesn’t mean that a retired cop doesn’t deserve a glass of whiskey. In fact, we often think that our police officers deserve it most. This whiskey glass and decanter set comes with a decanter and four whiskey glasses beautifully set in a handmade walnut stained maple gift box. Each glass and the decanter have a police badge image in the glass. Both the box as well as each piece of the set can be customized with a name. Your retired police officer will be very proud of this gorgeous and personalized gift.


9. Gun Coffee Mug

Gift for retiring police officer: Gun Coffee Mug

Some cops take their practice at the shooting range very seriously. This mug is for those particular cops. Printed with a typical silhouette target that appears to have bullet holes in it, police retirees gifted this can start the morning on target. This 15-ounce mug has a handle shaped like the handle of a gun. With this gift, retired police members can still feel in action without all the paperwork and hassle.


10. Donuts

Donuts, unique retirement gifts for police officers

Police members are famous for their badges, but they are also famous for their love of the goodies that they have during stakeouts. They might be retired, but don’t let your them forget that life is still just as sweet if not more with this gift of assorted donuts, chocolate frosted donuts, a crumb cake, and chocolate chip cookies. These goodies are made by Entenmann’s. Scents are the strongest memory joggers, and the scents of these pastries are sure to bring some good ones from your police officer’s work days.


11. Retirement Is a Full-time Job: And You’re the Boss!

Retirement Is a Full-time Job: And You're the Boss!

Retiring police officer are in for a shock when they read the title of this book, Retirement is a Full-time Job: And You’re the Boss!. Below the title is a picture of a bulldog wearing sunglasses. Ah, it’s a gag book! This hardcover book is full of colorful pictures and quotes that will make the retiring police officer you gift it with to smile. Unlike many colorful sentiments for retirees, this book is full of words that are cute and not crass. Retirees often have libraries full of very serious books from their career, but adding this one to the library will be a nice reminder that life doesn’t have to be so serious during retirement.  


12. Gift Hamper

Retirement gifts for law enforcement

Maybe you can’t decide on just one perfect gift. This gift hamper is full of multiple gifts that will fit the bill for your retiring police officer. This box printed with a police crest contains a pocket watch, a pair of socks, and a steel hip flask. The 24-karat pocket watch has typical 12 roman numerals and the cover can be engraved with custom text. The black socks are mid-calf length and printed with the phrase, “Trust Me,” on one foot, and “I’m a Policeman,” on the other foot. The hip flask is steel but is enrobed by a wood and is engraved on the face with a gold police crest.


13. Happy Retirement Set of 2 Golf Ball

Retirement gifts for policemen: Happy Retirement Set of 2 Golf Ball

Remember when your police officer was always talking about how they were so busy with work that they couldn’t make it to the golf green anymore? Well, now that they’re retired, they can make all the holes that they want. So give them this as a way to encourage the post retirement hobby. This gift pack contains two golf balls. One has a printed image of crossed irons and says, “Happy Retirement!,” while the other has a cartoonish image of a golfer and also says “Happy Retirement!” underneath the golfer image. Your cop will be excited to tee off with this gift.  


14. Shirt: “Retired Police Officer”

Retired police officer gift, super cool T-shirt

When we go on trips, it’s common to end up with a tee shirt as a souvenir. Well, similar to a souvenir of a trip, why not gift your policemen with a tee shirt to commemorate their retirement. Printed on the shirt is a radiating badge that says, “Officially Retired Police Officer.” You can select from five different colors and six different sizes. Choose the one that will best suit and look at your favorite cop. He/She might not wear a work badge anymore, but this is a different type of badge that he/she can wear proudly.


15. Scratch Off Bucket List

Retirement gifts for cops Scratch Off Bucket List

Scratchers are bought as a way to win the lottery. When the cop in your life hits retirement that’s already lottery enough. But this poster features 100 to-do tasks that can be scratched off as a way signify that the retiree has accomplished the tasks. The poster is 23.4 x 16.5 inches and doesn’t come with a frame but looks great in one if you choose to present it as well to your retiree. Use this to prove that retirement isn’t boring, it’s a set of challenges and accomplishments.  


16. Off Duty Socks

Off Duty Socks

Retirement. Ah… Time to put your feet up and relax. While your retired police officer is putting his feet up, he should also let others know that he’s off duty. He can do so with these socks that have “Off” printed on one foot and “Duty” printed on the other. The words are in a white font, and two blue stripes ring around the top of the sock tubes. These socks are made in a men’s size that is one size fits many. There’s lots of time during retirement for relaxing, and your police retiree will be super cozy in these cotton socks while doing so.


17. Police Academy 1-7: The Complete Collection

Retirement gift idea for police officers: Police Academy 1-7 The Complete Collection

Some cops can’t get enough police shows and movies. It further romanticizes being a police officer for them. If that was how your police retiree was, they likely didn’t miss the Police Academy movies. This Blu Ray contains all seven complete Police Academy films. Whether it’s one of their favorites or maybe it would just be a new one that they can add to their video library, this will definitely be an entertaining gift. These 80s movies are likely to be a new favorite during retirement.  


18. Thin Blue Line Shirt

Law Enforcement Retirement Gift Cop Thin Blue Line Shirt

Is your retiring cop also patriotic? If so, this is the right gift to choose. A black and white American flag with Thin Blue Line with the word “RETIRED” adorns the shirt in white font while the “T” and the flag stripe beneath it are blue. This shirt can be chosen in black or navy, and you can select from six different sizes. This shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton, which is sure to make it a wardrobe favorite for the police retiree in your life.  


19. Custom Police Retirement Cake Toppers

Custom Police Retirement cake toppers

This gift is a unique way to show how amazing your cop is as a cake topper. The artist of these cake toppers truly personalizes them by asking for photos and details such as the retiree’s pets, favorite foods, and hobbies. It is handmade using media mixes of foam, paper, mixed materials, cardboard, or polymer clay. The topper piece is also hand painted and is about 12 inches tall with a 5-inch diameter base. This piece can also be used as a table centerpiece. Give your awesome retiring law enforcement officer a gift that is as unique as he is.


20. “A hero is…” Plaque

Retirement Law Enforcement Poem Plaque

All retirement jokes, gags, and puns aside, it’s true that during their years of service your police retiree has been your hero. And, the police job may end with retirement, but that doesn’t mean that they stop being your hero. This personalized photo plaque is a beautiful way to show how meaningful them and their service is to you. Each plaque features a photo of the police member and starts of with the statement, “A hero is…” From there you can request the retiree’s name to be used, and a poem about serving follows. The full plaque is 8 x 10, has a wooden background, and is decorated with a silver ornate border.


21. Jumbo Hammock

Retirement gift ideas for cops:Jumbo Hammock

Okay. Back to retirement being about relaxation. Pretty much everyone has a hammock fantasy. Y’know, that fantasy where you laid up on a hammock drinking lemonade as a mild breeze blows by. Well, you can make that fantasy a reality for retired cops by getting them this hammock. This hammock is jumbo size and can possibly fit a couple people in it and can support up to 869 pounds. With multiple colors to choose from, the hammock will make things feel bright and tropical. Sounds like the perfect retirement scene.


22. Police-n-Glass

Great and cool police retirement gift Police-n-Glass

This vintage plush character in a jar is quirky and unique. The plush police officer inside has a badge and a traffic violation ticket. Close up, the ticket reads, “Dedicated to all those who patrol the streets, capture the crooks, protect, serve and work their britches off!” The entire jar is 7 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter and can be cutely displayed on a desk or anywhere else in the home. The gift is sure to get the attention of visitors and maybe bring up some fun police stories.


23. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Retirement gift ideas for police officer: Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Thankfully, after retirement the paperwork ends, But the need for somewhere to hold the retired cop pens doesn’t. Give them this pen holder that has been made to look like the cylinder of a revolver pistol. Pens go where bullets would, and though it is made of aluminum, it’s heavy and doubles as a paper weight as well. This pen holder/paper weight comes in either silver and black and authentically looks like the cylinder on a gun. Recipients will appreciate the realness and that it is very different looking from the average pen holder.


24. Police Officer Wine Bottle Holder

Police Officer Wine Bottle Holder

If your police retiree is more of a wine drinker than a whiskey drinker, then this police wine bottle holder is the perfect gift. This wine bottle holder is made to look like the uniformed body of a police officer while a connected chain leads to a bottle stopper that has a vacuum seal. The entire piece is made of nickel-plated metal and has a very industrial sculpture chicness to it. As an extra, this wine bottle holder also comes with a wine foil cutter. This wine holder is so cute and clever that even non-police members will want one.