Best graduation gifts for sister

17 Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Sister to Honor Her Achievement

The bonds between sisters is unbreakable, unique and special in their own way. Every sister’s success is your success. With the graduation season around the corner, your own special sister, biological or not, taking this huge step is as special as the moment and should be honored with a gift that will make her smile and think of you. The graduation gifts mentioned in this list are a perfect for sister who is closing one chapter and opening of a new one. Consider one of these 17 lovely gifts for graduation to show you are so proud of your sister. We have the best gift ideas that will make her happy.

1. Proud Of You bracelet

Graduation gift for sister Proud of you bracelet

This gift will show your sister how proud you are, not only because she graduated, you proud on everything she has done in her life. Though each sister is unique in her own way, it’s true that most girls usually like jewelry. Therefore, this bracelet will satisfy that itch but can be made as unique as she with an engraved message on the inside that can be personalized in any way you want to congratulate sister’s graduation. Beautiful floral texture on the outside gives the bracelet outer beauty as well as inner. This 1/4 inch wide, six inch long cuff will is made of aluminum, making it a favorite and lightweight piece that can be worn casually or formally. She’ll wear her heart on her wrist with a beautiful message meant for only her.


2. Audrey Hepburn Vintage Dress

Perfect Gift Idea - Audrey Hepburn Vintage Dress

Job interviews. College receptions. Sorority rushes. A girl needs no reason to dress up, let alone the many that are waiting after her graduation. This 1950s Retro Audrey Hepburn Swing Dress is perfect for such occasions. This dress has a knee length hem line as well as a classic sleeveless scoop neck cut. It can be worn casually or made more formal with a petticoat underneath. With 37 varieties of colors and patterns and sizes up to 3XL, you’re sure to find one that your special sister will like and that will look great on her!


3. Sister Butterfly Suncatcher

High school graduation gift idea for sister Butterfly Suncatcher

Why not thank your sister for being a ray of sunshine by gifting her with this butterfly suncatcher? This is a very good high school graduation gift idea for your sister, especially if you’re on a tight budget. The mostly silver butterfly has glass wing panels containing pressed flowers that illuminate with color as the sun shines through them. A silver heart charm with “sister” engraved on it hangs from the midsection of the butterfly’s body while decorative beads dangle at its sides. The beautiful suncatcher is ready to be admired as it comes with a suction cup for hanging in windows. This gift is perfect for the sister that loves butterflies, flowers, sunshine, or all three!


4. Cross-Body Handbag

College grad gifts for sister: Cross-Body Handbag

On her graduation day, your sister will likely be full of nerves and anxiety about the future. Instead this adorable bag can be full of items that will help her be prepared for that future. Blue denim canvas, buttons with cute heart and flower details, and antique brass-tone hardware that accents both the bag and an animal-shaped coin purse make this cross-body messenger bag suited for whatever sister’s favorite animal is as well as an edgy style choice. If you want to give a unique college grad gift this bag is great choice. Your sister will be thrilled to take this purse with her wherever she goes. The bag’s inside has an inner zipper and is large enough to carry books, a tablet, or her other valuables.


5. Sculpted Figure: “My sister, my friend”

Great sentimental gift for sister

If you are looking for a graduation gift that will be personal, meaningful, sentimental Willow Tree has something special for you. The handmade painted and sculpted Willow Tree figurines portray various situations and relationships and have long been a favorite of many. This particular one shows two sisters interacting and is a beautiful keepsake to present your sister with. The 8.5-inch tall figurine and an enclosure card with ”Walk with me. And along the way, we’ll share… everything” printed on it come packaged in a box…perfect for wrapping to give to your sister. The sculpture of the two women can be displayed anywhere that will catch the eyes for anyone to see how beautiful the bond of sisterhood is.


6. Graduation Poster

Graduation Poster

Looking for a way to show how amazing your sister is without the hassle and effort of making a slideshow with pictures from the years? How about ordering this digitally made Graduation Chalkboard Sign style picture? The artist truly personalizes this by asking for notes on the grad’s name, school, class of “year,” date of birth, and several favorites. The final is delivered digitally and can be used when ordering graduation invitations, as a display poster at receptions, or for any other clever ideas that will honor your graduating sister. By the way, not only will it save you the hassle and effort of making a slideshow, your sister will likely appreciate you not using any embarrassing baby pictures!


7. Weekend Travel Bag

Weekend Travel Bag - gift for a sister who wants to travel after graduation

Maybe your sister want to spend her time traveling to various destinations after graduation. In this tote bag she can store all travel necessities. Coming in four different styles and patterns, this bag is fashionable as well as classy. The outside of this bag is canvas with PU leather trim, while the inside has a cotton lining. Measuring 21.3 inches long by 11.8 inches high and 10.3 inches wide, this bag can be carried on planes for trips that are longer distance.


8. Epic keychain

Epic graduation present for sister

A lot of times our sisters are the ones usually pushing us to be amazing. Sometimes, though, she might be the one who needs that reminder. This keychain is a perfect way to remind her of that. This round, silver ID tag has a 1.25-inch diameter, is engraved with the phrase, “Do Epic Shit,” and can be even further personalized. The keychain can also be ordered with an accompanying graduation hat charm. Giving this to her on that special day will not only remind her of how amazing she has been but will cleverly encourage her to do great things with the life she has ahead of her.


9. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Grad gifts for sister: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Anyone onto a new chapter of life will appreciate the advice and encouraging sentiments from Dr.Seuss’s popular, Oh the Places You’ll Go. Published, in 1990, a year before the end of his journey, Seuss intended this book as wisdom for those who are beginning a new journey. Indeed your sister’s graduation will mark the commencement of her own new journey. Rather than trying to rely on your own clever words, use Seuss’s words as a gift to brighten the path ahead of her as she smiles at the alliterative and rhyming words on each page.


10. Michael Kors Gold-Tone Watch

Michael Kors Gold-Tone Watch - Great College graduation gift idea for sister

Whatever her future endeavors might be, you want your sister to be successful after college graduation. With this beautiful and elegant Michael Kors watch, she can be successful fashionably as well as by being on time. The gold-toned stainless steel watch includes three sub dials and a way to help her keep track of the date as well. The watch has a jewelry-style band clasp, and while it has a standard women’s sized band, links can be removed for petite wrists or added for larger wrists. This is attractive watch comes in a nice box ready for wrapping and gift giving.


11. Book: “You Are a Girl Who Can Do Anything”

High school graduation gift ideas for sister - Book: "You Are a Girl Who Can Do Anything"

Perhaps you feel that you’d rather give your sister a book that is less… over used. Or maybe you simply want to add even more encouraging statements to her arsenal. Well, You Are a Girl Who Can Do Anything: A Very Special Book to Cheer You on and Help You Achieve Greatness is your answer then. The title says it all, and obviously speaks directly to the female audience, which is a plus for the sister who isn’t afraid to call herself a feminist and appreciates that girl power message. The message and characters within are geared toward 11–17-year olds but are loved by women of all ages as well.


12. Plush Graduation Bear

Plush Graduation Bear

Even as an adult, a love for our stuffed animal friends never goes away as we can hug them and think of the great family member or friend that they are from. This teddy bear is specially designed to wear a white graduation cap and holds a diploma scroll. You might not be able to go with your sister on the journey that awaits her, but send her with this plush friend that will be a reminder that you are thinking of her.


13. CUSTOM Morse Code Necklace

CUSTOM Morse Code Necklace great gift for grads

Is your sister a lover of all things military or mystery? Perhaps she simply loves the inside jokes and secrets that you’ve shared just between you two over the years. This Morse code necklace can be customized with a sentiment that only she will understand. The message will be strung on a 16-inch chain—with either a 1- or 2-inch extender—with small beads that will communicate the message in Morse code. The necklace can be ordered as either sterling silver or gold filled. Want to say even more? A matching bracelet can also be purchased to go with it.


14. Deluxe Leather Portfolio

Expensive graduation gifts for your sister Deluxe Portfolio

This gift will help your sister look awesome and professional at first job interview after college. Beautiful leather deluxe portfolio is one of the best gift ever for any recent college grads. Some of us are just more technology-savvy than others, and this portfolio folder can hold some tablets for those that are. But for the sister who isn’t attached to a tablet, this versatile leather folder can also hold a spiral bound or other type of notebook instead. The inside of the the leather folder has two small pockets as well as larger pocket to carry all items she need to bring to a job interview and has a card holder that can contain up to three cards and has a clear ID window. This portfolio pad comes in multiple colors to choose from so that you can get this perfect college graduation gift in your sister’s favorite color.


15. Silver Compass Necklace

Sister graduation gift: Enjoy The Journey Sterling Silver Compass Necklace

For many, graduation day is a door opening to a world full of different directions. This compass pendant necklace is a reminder of that, and, lying against her chest, is also a reminder that her heart is her most important guide. The sterling silver necklace is hypoallergenic with a manufacturer offer of free length adjustments to the 18-inch chain adjustments to that for free. The necklace comes in a box that states “enjoy the journey” and is further prewrapped in a manufacturer-made gift bag. This necklace is both simple yet elegant.


16. Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes

What's a good college graduation gift?Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes definitely

Did you and your sister watch Sex and the City religiously and listen to Carrie Fisher’s advice as gospel? If so, this is the perfect gift for your graduating sister. These classic pointed toe pumps would surely be in Carrie’s shoe-obsessed wardrobe and are made by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker herself. Choose a pair from a selection of colors to go with everything or that will match her favorite outfit. Whether your sister’s future is in the city like Carrie and her pals or in a suburb, these shoes will keep her a step ahead.


17. Hand-painted Artisan Wine Glass for Graduates

Hand-painted Artisan Wine Glass for Graduates

After graduation, life can get so stressful and hectic that it’s important to also remind your sister to have fun or to unwind. What better way to do so than with this Graduation Girl hand painted long stemmed glass. Each glass is a piece of art as it is individually painted and has glitter and rhinestones accenting it. The stem of the glass comes with a unique cocktail recipe printed underneath.It beautiful and dazzling enough for display purposes but study enough for actual use also.