Gifts for Surgical Techs

Being a Surgical Tech isn’t an easy job. You are constantly on your feet and have to deal with high-pressure situations every single day. To make sure that you can handle the stress of the job, you must find ways to relax outside of work as well. We’ve compiled a list of some awesome gifts that will make surgical techs happy after a long shift!

Fitbit/Fitness Tracker

It is fascinating to keep track of how many steps or calories are spent on foot each day with so many hours spent on feet.

Surgical techs are empowered by fitness trackers. Any medical professional would find this a valuable health tool since it can monitor their heart rate and track their stress.

There’s a lot of features you can get from Fitbit. You can view your SpO2 ranges and averages over the past week through the Fitbit app when place on the wrist. Each night, measure how your skin temperature varies from your own personal baseline.

You can also track your workout in real-time using 20+ goal-based modes. In addition, it’s swim-proof and waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the shower or track your swims.

Spa Gift Set

Surgical Techs love to relax after a long day of performing surgery. This spa gift set is perfect for her and the price tag won’t break your budget!

This spa gift set is made with natural products such as sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, which help to moisturize and soften dry skin. Also included in the spa experience are essential oils that provide mental calmness as well as overall well-being and promote an overall serene environment.

This set also includes a handcrafted wicker basket to perfect the craftsmanship and detail. You will give any recipient the feeling of being pampered and special with this item. Many items can be stored in it, including items for a powder room, bathroom, bedroom, and more.

Weekender bag

The surgical tech in your life will love a small weekender bag to pack all their essentials. It’s not only easy to find, but it is a perfect gift for any surgical tech as they head back home after an exhausting shift at work.

These late nights are less stressful when you have a simple weekend bag filled with essentials, clothes, and toiletries. Gifts like this will be very useful for someone who will be on their feet all day- even when they’re not at work.


Stethoscopes are one of the most popular surgical tech gifts. They are practical and many people already use them regularly – they can be used for listening to patients’ heartbeats, lung sounds, bowel sounds, etc.

Stethoscopes will always come in handy as a medical professional because it allows you to accurately assess what’s going on with a patient.

The best option is to get one as a gift that you know will fit the person who’s receiving it – so make sure they have preferences like color, or model, or brand in mind before buying their stethoscope!

The MDF Acoustica Lightweight Stethoscope is the perfect stethoscope for nurses, nursing students, EMTs, and medical professionals. This lightweight stethoscope has a dual-sided chest piece with tunable diaphragms that allow you to hear high or low-frequency sounds. The adjustable headset provides a comfortable fit with an easy-grip handle. The durable design includes stainless steel binaural and PVC tubing to provide years of use.

Insulated coffee mug

When working in a hospital, coffee is a must. Coffee boosts energy when you are feeling sluggish, especially if you have hours and hours of clinical hours ahead.

Surgery techs don’t always have time to enjoy their coffee in a leisurely fashion since emergencies are common. So they need an insulated coffee mug to keep their drinks hot and hands warm as well.

A good-quality ceramic mug that will not burn your fingers when you pick it up is a perfect gift for the surgery tech in your life.

Insulated travel mugs are also helpful during long hours of clinical work because all too often, things happen and a surgery tech needs to step out of the OR for something.

Athletic Jacket

Hospitals can be very cold, so a good winter jacket or an athletic jacket can make the day much more comfortable for any surgical tech.

Athletic Jackets are great because they typically have pockets with zippers, which makes it easier to keep their hands warm when outside for breaks and keeping personal items safe on site.

It’s also important not to forget about protection from sun exposure.

Comfortable Shoes

Good shoes are crucial for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Those of us who have ever walked in poorly fitted shoes that weren’t made to last know how painful this can be.

An elegant gift for medical professionals is a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Give your friend or family member who is a surgical tech a pair of new shoes to help them keep up with their busy schedule.

Scrub suits

A scrub suit is an outfit that surgical techs wear for work. It’s typically a white coat and trousers or skirt, with pockets to carry all of your necessary equipment when you’re on the job. They have wide legs so they don’t restrict movement in any way – this means that you can stride rather than waddle behind doctors as they rush into the operating room.

Too many scrubs are not a problem. The best gift for a surgical tech is a pair of high-quality, durable scrubs built to last.

It’s important that they’re both comfortable and professional since they’ll wear this every day. Make them even more special by embroidering them.

Compression Socks

Another good gift idea for a surgical tech is compression socks. These are a great way to help prevent blood clots during long flights or car rides and also after surgery.

These socks are available from many brands and come in different thicknesses. Thanks to that they suit the needs of most people. They can be found at most pharmacies as well as online retailers like Amazon. Prices vary with quality but generally range between $40 and $80.

Bouffant Hats

Bouffant hats also make a good gift for a surgical technologist because they are stylish. They come in so many colors, patterns, and materials that it’s easy to pick out the perfect one.

Another great thing about bouffant hats is that they don’t have any hair ornaments on them, making them easy to wear with wigs or hairpieces.

Underscrub Tee

Imagine the joy on your favorite surgical tech’s face when they open a package from you and find an under scrub tee. This is a great way to show your love and appreciation for the surgical tech in your life.

The under scrub tee is designed specifically with the surgical technician’s needs in mind, providing them with excellent protection against bacteria that can cause infections through their clothing or skin contact. The fabric is thin enough to allow a full range of motion but thick enough to provide a barrier against bacteria.

The under scrub tee is very comfortable, easily washable, and dries quickly in minimal time.

Neck Massage Pillow

A neck massage pillow is a great gift idea for the surgical tech in your life. This presents an opportunity to spoil them with not one but two gifts-one tangible and one intangible, both designed to give physical relief and promote relaxation.

The greatest thing about these pillows is that they can be used at home or on the go.

These pillows are designed to provide a therapeutic neck massage with the simple application of gravity and gentle pressure from your head weight.


Surgical techs are some of the most dedicated and hard-working people in our healthcare system. If your friend or family member is a surgical tech, you want to get them something they can use on their job that will make things easier for them.

We hope that we’ve helped you learn about some of the best gifts for surgical techs. If it’s been hard to figure out what to get, hopefully, these awesome ideas will help!