Housewarming gifts for newly divorced

Getting divorced is never the easiest of life decisions – the splitting of assets, the legal fees, the challenge of ‘starting over’ can all become overwhelming very quickly. If you have a friend who is currently going through a divorce, or recently divorced and you are looking for a great housewarming gift idea, then these gift ideas could help you out. This list includes a great selection of funny gifts, practical gifts and useful gifts that give you plenty of choice to find the right housewarming gift for newly divorced friend.

For Him:

1. Marvel Floor Rug

Housewarming present for a newly-separated friend Marvel Floor Rug

If your newly divorced male friend is a huge comic book and/or Marvel movie nerd, but was never allowed to showcase this love, then this is the perfect housewarming gift. Help brighten up his new bachelor pad with this plush, non-slip Marvel floor rug. This listing gives you plenty of options to choose from, with different designs available. Help your friend unleash his inner-nerd, celebrate his love for Marvel, and bring a bit of himself into his new home.

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2. Light, Docking Station and Holder in one

Housewarming gifts Recently-Divorced Man: Light, Docking Station and Holder in one

Forget getting a boring old lamp to brighten your friends bedside table, this all-in-one docking station is both practical, and a little bit elegant housewarming gift. It includes a light with a simple switch, docking station for nearly all appliances, and some beautifully carved out areas to keep keys, wallet, pens and other items. Made from beautiful wood and sealed with beeswax, this organizer is sure to match any interior design in your friend’s new house. Unless your recently divorced friend has not gone to live in Europe, you may need to buy an adapter for the plug, as it’s a European plug.

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3. Beckham Bed Cover Set

Housewarming gift for newly single man Beckham Bed Cover Set

Depending on who got what in regards to all the household items, your newly single friend could be in dire need for some of the simple house necessities. This duvet cover set could be a great idea to help them restock their linen cupboard – and not only that, it’s just a little bit luxurious as well. Coming in a range of colors, you can pick a color that will match their new bachelor pad and help make it feel a little more like home, and help to give him a fresh start.

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4. I Used to Be Married Shirt

I Used To Be Married But I'm Much Better Now

Shirts with a funny quote are always a winner gift for recently divorced guys, so why not pair that with a funny quote to at least put a smile on their face after a divorce. Available in a range of men’s sizes, this shirt is sure to put a smile on his face, and maybe even win a small laugh. Great to wear around the house, or great to wear out as a gag shirt, this is sure to be a welcome addition to their wardrobe.

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5. Beer Soap

Housewarming gift for single guy Beer Soap

Don’t think of soap as an odd gift to give your male friend after a divorce, think of it as a new start and a fresh new smell to try. Hardly would any woman wanted to receive beer soap as housewarming gift. Now is your chance to give this cool gift. Scents can bring back some powerful memories, and also help to shape new ones. This sample pack is equal to two bars of soap, and will let your friend try some new soaps with varying scents and textures. Changing up a simple routine, which may have a lot of sentimental memories, can help take their mind away from painful memories.

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For Her:

1. Funny Divorce Sassy Gift Mug

Funny Divorce Sassy Gift Mug

This funny housewarming gift for newly divorced woman can be right choice if you want to laugh any recently divorced woman. If the splitting of assets was rough, and your friend ended up with a slay of mugs with marriage dates, photos of their wedding, or even just cups that remind her of her marriage, then this could be a great replacement mug. Sometimes having a new mug to drink your morning coffee from can change the outlook of the day – and what better way than with a funny quote like this?

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2. Bath Bombs

Gifts for newly divorced woman Bath Bombs

If your friends new house (or old one) has a bath tub in it, then this is a great gift which will allow her to spoil herself. Help to relieve some of the stress of the divorce, and give her some “me time” with these luxurious and moisturizing bath bombs. With this gift she’ll feel like a new woman every time she steps out of the bath, and nothing beats feeling relaxed, clean and refreshed after a wonderful soak in the tub.

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3. “I’m Done” Reusable Bag

“I’m Done” Reusable Bag

Another great gift that has real tongue-in-cheek humor attached to it. Avoid plastic bags, be a little eco-friendlier, and help your friend have a fun bag to take with her when she’s shopping. A great way to feel just that little more empowered after going through a divorce, whilst doing your everyday chores!

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4. Scented Candles

Scented Candles great housewarming gift for her

Sometimes changing up the general smell of an apartment or house can help to change the feelings a person is experiencing. Scents can bring back powerful memories, and also help to create new memories and experiences. These gorgeous candles, whether you purchase one or a bundle, can help to bring a fresh change to a house or apartment that your friend shared with their partner. A fresh new start, and a fresh new smell could be a wonderful housewarming gift to give to any lady.

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5. Inspirational Jewelry

Divorcee Gift

If her partner had given her lots of jewelry during their marriage, it could be hard to have that constant reminder of her marriage every time she goes to her jewelry box. This inspirational bracelet is a kind reminder that she is strong and will be able to move on with her life, no matter what life throws at her. This is not just good housewarming gift for recently divorced women, this gift is great for divorced woman for any occasion. It’s time for a new start, and time to remember that she is a strong woman.

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Housewarming Gifts for Any Divorcing Friend:

1. Picture Frames with New Pictures

Picture Frames with new pictures

This is a two-part gift idea. The first is, grabbing these gorgeous picture frames, and the second, filling the picture frames with photos of you and your friend having a blast. No doubt your friend’s house has photos of their ex-wife/husband which only serve as a bitter reminder of a failed marriage. This gift allows them to put up fresh photos with a reminder of the great support network they have surrounding them.

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2. Fleece Blanket

Gifts for newly divorced Fleece Blanket

There will often be times your friend will be on the couch alone in their house, perhaps watching TV or a movie to help take their mind off the divorce. Having a super soft blanket nearby to throw over yourself, or cuddle into for a little bit of warmth and comfort can go a long way. If they short on linen and blankets for their bed, then it’s a bonus extra blanket for those cold winter nights.

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3. Body Pillow

Gift for friend going through divorce Body Pillow

Suddenly sleeping alone in a bigger bed can cause all sorts of disruption to anyone’s sleeping pattern, and nothing is worse than lying in bed awake and allowing your mind to dwell. Body pillows have shown to be a helpful sleeping aid, firstly by putting you into a comfortable position, and secondly by providing a sense of comfort. If a gift of a good night sleep is possible to give, this could be the closest alternative to help.

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4. Fake Plants

Walking into an empty house which used to be filled with reminders of a marriage won’t do anyone any good in the healing process. This plant can provide a nice visual to add to any room in a house or apartment, and it’s often said that plants can help the feng-shui and create a homely feeling. The added bonus? This plant is fake, so you don’t have to worry about watering and looking after it. It will always look good.

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5. Copper Jug

At some point, your friend is going to have company over – whether friends, the neighbors or a potential new love interest. This beautiful copper jug is a great housewarming gift to bring out during a gathering with a great mixed drink and ice, to help get the conversation started and flowing. The best part, it will be a new kitchen item that won’t remind them of their ex-husband or ex-wife, and help them along with a new home and a fresh start.

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6. Comedy DVD Set

Housewarming gift idea for newly divorced to cheer them up Comedy DVD Set

Perfect housewarming gift idea for newly divorced to cheer them up. Having something to take their mind off all the divorce issues, or giving them something to do while sitting at home alone can be a world of help. This DVD set which includes a range of DVD’s from comic genius, Robin Williams, can be the cliché but true: laughter is the best medicine. Even if it provides just a few hours of entertainment for your friend, it can be a few hours where they weren’t thinking about their divorce.

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7. The Gift of Technology

Great housewarming gift for anyone

This awesome gadget will allow your friend to plug in a lamp, or other electronics and turn them on and off via an app on their phone. It’s not going to transform their life into easy street by any means, but it will give them a little fun every time they want to turn on or off the lamp in hallway, or their bedside lamp. And who doesn’t like a little bit fun when it comes to gadgets and technology?

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Matching any of these gifts with a few hours of your time and company can go a long way in helping your friend through their divorce and been in a new house alone. These housewarming gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face, both when you are with them and when they are alone, and to remind them that they have a friend close by when they need.