Goodbye Gifts for Neighbors Moving Away

Goodbyes are one of the hardest things we have to do in life. Even if we know the goodbye is only temporary, it doesn’t make it any easier to say it. Whether we say goodbye because of death, breakups, moving away or some other reason, each goodbye impacts us in a way that will forever change us. In the neighborhood I grew up in there were elderly people I had known my whole life and friends I had grown up with. Saying goodbye to those neighbors as they moved and then finally as we moved out of my childhood home were very hard. So here are some gift suggestions to help make those goodbyes a little easier and to keep your neighborhood memories alive forever. The list below features some of the most beautiful goodbye gift ideas for your neighbors when they moving away.

Best Gifts for Neighbors Moving Away That Will Help You Say Goodbye With Style

1. Friendship Lamps

Goodbye gift ideas for neighbors: Friendship Lamp

One of the hardest parts of watching someone you care for move away is all the what ifs. What if I don’t like the new neighbor? What if I never see them again? What if they forget about me and our friendship? With the gift of these unique lamps that are connected to each other, you won’t have to worry about neighbors forgetting you! Simply touch the lamp and theirs will light up as well, reminding you both of the friendship that is still there.


2. Goodbye Music Box

Meaningful Goodbye gift for the best neighbors Music Box

Music is a universal language that binds people together. Music has a way of moving us to tears, conveying our thoughts and feelings better than we probably could ourselves. Certain songs remind us of a time, place, and a person in our life, so just hearing that song can transport us back to that memory as clearly as the day it happened. For the cherished neighbor moving away, give them this music box as gift that will always remember your neighbors on every moment you spent together.


3. Wood Sign for Neighbors

Sign with beautiful quote about friendship with neighbors, very thoughtful and unique gift

This is another wonderful sentimental present that you can give your neighbors when they leave the neighborhood. Everything in life happens for a reason. Whether it’s a reason we know the reason and understand or an unknown and confusing reason, whatever happens is meant to. The same goes for the people who enter our lives- All of them have a reason for entering our lives. Maybe they come in to help us improve ourselves or they enter for a reason that we never understand. This sign embodies that thought and shows appreciation for the neighbor who became more than just a neighbor.


4. Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frame - you can make digital picture frame great personalized gift for your neighbors if you add few image of you and your neighbors when you are together in neighborhood

Memories are a precious thing we often look back on. Whether it’s by reading old letters or journals or hearing a song we haven’t heard in years, memories are a way of keeping us connected to those we love. Pictures are another great way to stay connected to our memories, looking back on ourselves and the people we’ve grown with. For the neighbor who has been there all along, this electronic photo frame is the perfect way to show how far your friendship has come. You can personalize this gift and make it even better by adding the best pictures of you and your neighbors that you have photographed over the years.


5. Moving Away Goodbye Basket

Neighbors Moving away Sweet Goodbye gift  basket

When someone moves away to start a new life, someone might give them a care package to help them get settled into their new home. A mother might give her daughter a care package when she goes to college. You might give a friend who is moving to a foreign country helpful books to guide them in their new country. So for the neighbor moving away, this llama plush complete with goodbye cards in a box is all the care they will need from you.


6. Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick Scented Candle awesome goodbye gift idea

Scent is another way for old memories to awaken within us. The smell of fresh pumpkin pie might remind you of the last Thanksgiving your whole family had together before someone passed away. Freshly cut grass might remind you of helping your dad with the yard work. The smell of lemon cleaner might remind you of helping your mom clean. So for the neighbor moving away out of state, this candle is the perfect gift to remind them of the home they are leaving behind.


7. Keychain

Neighbors thank you goodbye gift idea

When people move away, they make changes and improvements to their life. Maybe they move into a bigger house so they can finally build their dream library. Maybe they finally took the leap and moved overseas to study abroad. Or maybe they moved to pursue their dream career. Whatever the reason, moves are a great chance to start anew. So for the neighbor who is trading in their old keys for new ones, give them this personalized gift, new cute and unique keychain to put their new keys on.


8. Preserved Four Leaf Clover

Preserved Four Leaf Clover great gift for anyone to wish them good luck before goodbye

When you move away you take a lot of risks and chances. Will you love your new home as much as you thought? Will you like your new neighbors as much as the old ones? Will you adjust to the new area well? Thinking about all these questions can make you nervous! So for the neighbor making the big and risky move, give them this four leaf clover as gift for some added luck! With this, probably the best goodbye gift, all neighbors risks are sure to pay off for them!


9. “Good Luck Finding Better Neighbors Than Us” Mug

Funny Neighbor Moving Gift "Good Luck Finding Better Neighbors Than Us" mug

Admit it- Your favorite neighbor is moving away and that fact is making you a little bit bitter. Knowing that a whole new set of neighbors will get to barbecue with them or throw snowballs at each other during winter makes you wish you were moving with them! It’s hard to watch them go and even harder knowing they might come to like their new neighbors more than their old ones. So remind them of fact that you’ll always be the best neighbor with this mug!


10. Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle

Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle one of greatest goodbye gifts for neighbors when they moving away

As someone who is moving out of the state I’ve lived in my entire life, there are many things about it I’ll miss. Especially because I’m moving somewhere that only seems to have one season! I’ll miss watching the leaves change colors, watching the snow fall, and all the festivals and fairs that happen in Summer. So for the neighbors who are moving out of state, this personalized hometown puzzle is probably the greatest gift to take a piece of home with them wherever they go.


11. Engraved Silver Compass

Compass gift for neighbor moving

Making the decision to move is never an easy one. People move for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, moving puts on a different path and sometimes along that path we might feel lost. And when we’re lost we need something or someone to help us find our way back. Whether you give this compass as a symbolic gesture or because your neighbor is moving somewhere with a lot of forests, this meaningful gift is sure to help neighbors always find their way back home!


12. Long Distance Personalized State Map

Long Distance Personalized Print

Your best friend is your next door neighbor. You have grown up together, surviving everything together and just always being there for each other. Your children are now growing up together, keeping the line of friendship alive and then it happens- They announce they’re moving to another state and you’re heartbroken. Long distance relationships of any kind are hard, but you know the two of you can make it work. So to remind them of that fact, give your neighbors this personalized long distance friendship state map.


13. World’s Best Neighbor Trophy

World's Best Neighbor Trophy moving away gift idea for neighbor
How about gifting your next-door pal with this awesome trophy? You grew up going to school with your favorite neighbor. In school they seem to give out trophies for almost everything from math to chess to sporting events. And even though your neighbor has always been a kind person who tried hard, they never seemed to get one of those trophies. So to say goodbye, give them this trophy because they earned it for being the worlds best neighbor!


14. Never Unfriended: The Secret to Finding & Keeping Lasting Friendships

Neighbor moving away gift: Never Unfriended - The Secret to Finding & Keeping Lasting Friendships

Friendships seem like a hard thing to maintain in today’s society. With a swipe or click of our finger we can remove someone from our lives like they never existed. Communication is all done through texts, Facebook comments, and emojis, making it hard to gauge where your friendship stands. So when someone moves away, it a person worry that the friendship will move away as well. With this book on friendship, you and your neighbor are sure to stay close even thought you’re far apart.


15. Winnie the Pooh Goodbye Quote Necklace

Winnie the Pooh Goodbye Quote Necklace

We never know how much someone is going to mean to us when we first meet them. We don’t know whether this person will stay for years or leave quickly. So when the time comes to say goodbye to the person who has been there for years, it makes us wish we could go back to the day we met them. This beautiful necklace with a Winnie the Pooh quote that sums up this very sentiment is the beautiful gift to for that special neighbor.


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We hope that we were able to help you in your search for gifts for moving away neighbors. The truth is separating from your favorite neighbors is difficult, for you and for them, yet you can make their relocation less depressing by giving a gift that will show your neighbors how much they are loved. Give theme something special for goodbye, something that will help them to preserve the most beautiful memories of the neighborhood where they lived.