Goodbye Gifts for Neighbors Moving Away

Are your neighbors relocating to a new place or city? Well, it is always a grand gesture to give them a goodbye gift as a way of appreciating them for being good neighbors. This also shows that you value them and you enjoyed living close to them. So, if you are not sure of the gifts, you can give your neighbors as they move away, this is the right article to read. Below is a review of the greatest 8 goodbye gifts perfect for neighbors moving away.

Baydurcan Friendship Anchor Compass Necklace

Sometimes our neighbors become our best friends, and it is only significant to remind them of that. So, if your friend is moving away, get her this compass necklace chain with a fantastic message. This necklace features a compass pendant that signifies her ability to navigate her way wherever she goes with courage and faith.

What puts this necklace among our greatest options is the design and the size. The chain can be rocked with different outfits, and I bet your girlfriend will never forget you whenever she sees this beautiful neckpiece.

Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill in the Love Book

What I love about this fill-in-love journal is that you can give it to anyone. Do you want to express how great your neighbors have been? Get this journal book and fill in the questions. The book features multiple questions that you ought to fill in describing the person you are gifting the book with according to the questions asked.

You get to answer the questions based on how you related to your neighbor or neighbors. For example, if you were close and joked all the time, fill the answers using silly and sly messages. If an elderly lady or man treated you like their child, fill the questions with sweet and beautiful notes to show them how amazing they have been to you.

Joycuff Personalized Inspirational Bracelets

Women love jewels and if you have a friend who is moving to another place, get her this beautiful personalized bangle. This bangle comes with varying personalized messages, and thus you can get it customized to fit the purpose you are gifting it to your friend. Another thing I love about the bangle is that it is adjustable.

So, it will fit perfectly on your best friend’s hand. This bangle features high-quality materials crafting, plus a polish finish that makes it look all shiny. The bangle may retail at an affordable rate, but the materials are high quality and do not cause skin irritation even after one wears them for an entire day.

Wine Tumbler With Special Message

Is it time to part ways with your roommate you have stayed with for some time? Get him this tumbler as a way of appreciating him and wishing him well wherever he goes to. This tumbler gift comes in different colors, so you can always select a color that your roommate loves. We cannot ignore the message since it is meant to assure your roommate of your friendship regardless of where they move to.
The tumbler has a non-leakage lid so he can carry his drinks when going out.

Also, it is a versatile tumbler you can put both cold and hot drinks since it is resistant to damage from heat and cold drinks twice compared to regular tumblers.

Vilight Neighbor Gifts – Pink Marble Coffee

If you used to enjoy a cup of coffee regularly with your neighbor, I believe this would be an excellent gift for them when moving away. This cup features a beautiful marble finish plus a message that shows the solid and fantastic relationship you had with your neighbor. This cup is handmade using quality materials safe from microwave heat, and you can wash it with a dishwasher.

Filimin Friendship Lamp

Do you still want to keep in touch with your neighbors even when they are away from you? Get these friendship lamps for the both of you. These lamps come in pairs, whereby you keep one lamp and give the other to your neighbor. These lamps keep you connected with your friend through lighting and connect through WiFi.

These lamps light up in different colors, which are smooth to choose from. So, this is an advanced and sweet method to stay connected to your neighbors regardless of the distance.

Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

Missing your morning coffee dates? Give them a little reminder of what they are missing with this stainless steel spoon.

Engraved on the bowl is, “still having coffee together” which will surely make their heart grow fonder every time it catches sight!

AEEZO WiFi Touch Screen Smart Digital Picture Frame

Do you need an easy that you can still connect with your neighbors even when they move away? This right here is a perfect gift to get them. It is a technology picture frame powered by WIFI such that you can share your pictures and videos online through the frame.

This frame has an ample storage space of 16 GB that can be expanded to 64 GB. This is a quality touch screen photo frame with a display of 9 inches large for easy displaying of images and videos.


These are quality and memorable gifts to get your neighbors when moving away. These are durable gifts that will last for long, and I bet they will connect you and your neighbors from wherever they are.