29 Gifts for New Drivers That They Will Love and Use

Ah… The wind in your hair. Heat waves rising from the blacktop. The freedom of being able to go anywhere… Teenage boys and girls glow in the pride and optimism that comes from earning driver license for the first time.

Passing driving test is a great milestone and a big reason to celebrate. Finding the right gift for new drivers is extremely easy with our ideas. Celebrate your new car drivers’s milestone achievement with useful, funny, thoughtful or practical gifts. Here’s a list of gifts to give your new driver as they start on this road of privilege.

Best New Driver Gift Ideas:

1. Car Emergency Kit

New Driver Gifts Car Emergency Kit

We are starting this list with a very useful gift that all drivers should have, not just new drivers. How often have you found truth in the saying “Better safe than sorry”? A new driver is likely only thinking about the new thrill of being able to drive, but, luckily, they have you thinking about their safety. With this 125-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables, they’ll be prepared for every potential danger that could come their way. Thirteen of the items that are included in this kit cover basic first aid needs, such as various types of bandages, iodine, and alcohol. The safety precaution items will come in handy during break downs, accidents, and more. Gifting this emergency kit to your new car driver will ensure their safety for day or night, winter or summer, and sun or rain.


2. Garmin Drive GPS Navigator System

New Driver Gifts Navigation

Trying to rely on cell phones for GPS directions can end up being messy and complicated as several other app notifications, texts, and calls come up. Make getting around simple for new drivers by getting them this great Garmin GPS navigation for car. This navigation has step-by-step voice directions, driver alerts, and constant up to date information about points of interest like stores and restaurants with Foursquare data. This gift is also a way of expanding your new driver’s world with lifetime map updates. Have confidence that they’ll be able to get where they going by giving them a navigation system that will build their confidence in driving knowledge and directional abilities.


3. Chocolate Car

New driver gifts Chocolate car

The state has deemed your new driver as mature enough to drive now. But one can never be too mature for chocolate! Reward a new driver with this edible chocolate Hummer. The chocolate car comes as either dark or milk high-quality Belgian chocolate. This product comes from France and can take 10 to 30 business days, so make sure to plan ahead. The boys and girls probably thought that after getting a driver’s license, at the age of 16, they would get a real car from their parents. But for the start, this gift is a sweet enough. If you want to upgrade present, you can buy a real Hummer jeep for your teenager.


4. Gas Clutch Socks

New Driver Gifts Gas Clutch Socks

How many times did new driver mean to slow down and actually hit the gas pedal? We’ve all been there. This socks can serve as a funny reminder of which foot does which. These slightly-above ankle socks come in black and white and have “Clutch” printed on the left sock and “Gas” printed on the right. These socks are perfect as a gag gift for new teenage drivers.


5. Simple Driver Kit

New Driver Gifts useful car accessories

Perhaps, you want your new driver to be prepared, but you’re worried about overwhelming them with all the details just yet. This driver kit is simple and will let them know that while you are concerned with their safety, you also want them to enjoy the perks of being on the road. Included in this kit is a flash light, a coffee tumbler, a first aid kit, a tire gauge, and fuzzy dice for hanging on the rearview mirror. Batteries for this flashlight are included, and everything is packaged in a box with a retro “New Driver Kit” logo so that it’s gift ready.


6. Car Vacuum

New driver gifts car vacuum

Your new driver can have pride in her car by keeping it clean. This vacuum is conveniently small for storage and light weight for use. Even with its small size and weight, it has a 106-watt motor. The vacuum comes with three different suction nozzles, a replacement HEPA filter, a small brush for cleaning the filter and debris collector, and a carrying bag for after-use storage. A 12-volt cord that reaches 16 feet allows the user to power it through the car electric outlet and makes cleaning, even in backseat areas, convenient. Everyone will be asking to borrow this gift!


7. Tiki mask Car Hanging

New Driver gifts Hanging decor

Though often stressful, driving should be fun and reminiscent of a video game. This Crash Bandicoot fan art Aku Aku tiki mask ornament will encourage that feeling for your new driver. Driver can hang it on the rearview mirror to look back at her. This wooden ornament is handmade with birch plywood and touliper wood and is painted with very colorful acrylics. This gift is perfect for any vehicle to add a touch of color to daily drives.


8. Car Accessories for Steering Wheel – Don’t Text and Drive

New Driver Gifts Accessories for Wheel

It seems like almost everyone texts these days, and there are so many reminders about not texting and driving. That reminder is often needed for brand-new drivers, and having the reminder printed on a steering wheel cover is a good way to both give them that encouragement and a clever way to add style to car. This gift has “Don’t text and drive – Love, Mom” printed on a partial steering wheel cover as a way to have the reminder subtly in front of them every time they’re behind the wheel. This wheel decor is universal to fit any type of vehicle.


9. Rearview Mirror Accessories

New Driver Gifts  Rearview Mirror Accessories

Maybe your new driver’s style calls for a little more class and charm. This unique rearview mirror copper wire heart ornament comes with one of eight (a large feather, small feather, lotus flower, shamrock, heart, moon, or Celtic knot) charms that can be added. Also, the ornament comes with your choice of a red, blue, gold, orange, teal, or hot pink pearl. The seller will also customize the wire heart to feature the driver’s name in more copper wire. The driver can hang the heart and charm by its 9-inch chain, which matches the copper, and hit the road.


10. Sunglasses

New driver gifts Sunglasses

One thing guys are often excited about when they get to drive is getting attention in their hot ride. They can be sure to grab even more attention when wearing these sunglasses. The 59-millimeter lenses of these Ray Ban frames are tinted green and polarized for extra UV protection. This gift for teen guy drivers is not only cool, it will additionally stylish the driver and it will prevents risk of being dazzled by the sun. Extra hack – polarized lenses often help seeing through heavy rain better than the constant passing of windshield wipers. The wearer will feel so cool in these he’ll even want to wear them when there’s no sun.


11. Road test shirt

New driver gifts Road test shirt

After the new driver passes driving test and sits behind the steering wheel hopefully they can say it fits like a glove. The pride they feels from this tee shirt will also hopefully fit like a glove. The shirt has a curves-ahead type traffic sign on it and says “Nailed It!” This shirt comes in options of five different colors and several sizes. This edgy, cute shirt’s confident statement is the perfect encouraging gift for a teen driver.


12. Personalized Driver’s License Holder

New Driver Gifts Personalized Driver's License Holder

Congratulate teen guys or girls on their drivers license with this unique license wallet. Getting a driver license is a rite of passage and a sign of maturity. Someone making this transition deserves a mature gift. This monogrammed leatherette license holder looks mature and classy. The holder comes in black, brown, and rawhide. It is personalized with the first name initial as well as the full name engraved into the leather. This will be a gift that can help mark their adulthood and last them through the years.


13. Car Cleaning Washing Tools Kit

New driver gifts car washing kit

Newly licensed teen drivers might not have the money to have the nicest most updated inner tech, but they’ll likely put as much as they can into the outside of their vehicle. Having this cleaning kit will help. This kit includes six different brushes, sponges, dusters, or cloths, each with special purposes such as getting hard-to-reach areas or for scratch-free wiping. It all can be stored in a 12×9×4 carrying bag, which can be easily kept in a trunk. With this cleaning kit new car drivers can be ready to impress with a set of wheels that are also polished and squeaky clean.


14. Caution Sign for New and Student Drivers

New driver gifts caution sign for car

She has her license now, but maybe she’s still inhibitive when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal. Giving these magnet stickers as a gift to your new driver should be a huge help as they notify other drivers in traffic that a new driver is in the car. The stickers are printed in that attention-grabbing yellow that is recognized as a color to slow down. This gift comes with two separate stickers, one with the phrase “NEW DRIVER” while the other says “PLEASE BE PATIENT.” Since these are magnets, they can be easily taken off once she has gained her confidence and is ready to burn rubber.


15. The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don’t Know to Ask

The Driving Book - Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don't Know to Ask

The phrase “By the book” is a little intimidating when it comes to being a new driver. There are so many mistakes that you could make. But a new driver going by this book, The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don’t Know to Ask will feel confident that they can figure it out. The book covers several scenarios from maintenance to how to talk to parents about driving rules. Not only is this a gift that teen drivers will appreciate, but parents or the gifter can have more peace of mind knowing they have this comprehensive guide.


16. Key Chain

New Drivers Gifts Key Chain

Parents and guardians of novice drivers want them to have fun of course, but as long as safety isn’t sacrificed. This keychain is a sweet reminder that after passing driving test they need to “Be safe. Have fun. Make good choices.” This 14-guage tag keychain made of polished silver and will add a bit of sparkle but subtlety on your new driver’s key ring. A smaller heart or round charm can be added to the 5/8 × 1.5-inch tag with the option to personalize with a name on the small charm.


17. Magnetic Phone Car Mount

New Drivers Gifts Magnetic Phone Car Mount

New drivers should have their phone with them so they can communicate (not while driving) with those who could be worried about them. If you’re the one congratulating them with a gift, you’re likely one of those individuals. These magnetic mounts insert into an air vent so they take up little room and are black so they can keep your phone at vision level without causing any distractions of tackiness or the phone sliding around and under car seats. This particular buying option comes with two mounts, universal for any phone type.


18. Drivers License Charm Bracelet

New driver gifts bracelet

Charm bracelets literally add charm to life, and this one can also signify that the wearer is a newly licensed driver and be personalized with her name. This is an adjustable antique silver chain encircling a 9-milimeter diameter single initial charm that has been made to look like a picture ID and also has the driver’s first initial and last name. Wearing this bracelet will make the teen driver that you give it to feel grown up as well as charming.


19. My Driving Scares Me Too Decal

New drivers gifts decal

If you looking for a funny new driver gift, this one is hilarious for any bad driver you know. Maybe he/she would want to alert others that they are still not seasoned yet but with a little more subtlety and with. Having this vinyl sticker on the back of the car will hopefully both make the driver behind them laugh as well as slow down a little. In jumbled text this sticker says, “My driving scares me too!”.


20. Dual Certified Helmet

New driver gift Gag Funny idea - Helmet

Again, the underlying theme for new drivers is “safety first.” Well, gifting them this helmet is sure to get the point across and likely in a comedic way. The helmet is a matte black finish, so it’ll match with most everything! If she keeps it in her car, it’ll be a funny memory from when (s)he first got her/his license and act as a conversation piece for passengers, if nothing else. And who knows? It might actually come in handy!


21. Roav SmartCharge F2

New Driver Gifts Roav SmartCharge F2

The right music can make any driver feel more comfortable and confident. This USB and Bluetooth music adapter will come in handy as they can plug it into their 12-volt vehicle outlet, set their music up, and then simply rely on the Back and Forward options from the plug in so they don’t have to fiddle around with their phone while driving. This transmitter connects to stable Bluetooth and FM stations to provide the listener a consistent stream of their favorite music. It also work as car locator if the teenagers might forget where they parked.


22. Drive Safe Keychain

New Driver Gifts Drive Safe Keychain

One of the above-mentioned gifts is a keyring already, so if you’re looking for some other gift for your new driver this one can be bought as a zipper pull or a rearview mirror hanger also. It can be made as unique as your driver is by adding a charm with one or two initials, a bead, or a stamped heart image. The main key tag is stamped with the phrase “Drive Safe – I need you here with me” and a heart image in the upper right corner. This gift seems most appropriate for someone whose girlfriend or boyfriend is getting their license for the first time.


23. Car Pad Non Slip Sticky Anti Slide Dash

New Driver Gifts Car Pad Non Slip Sticky Anti Slide Dash

Car dashboards are interesting features. They are made looking like you can place things on them, but if you add movement from driving, items are bound to be sliding all over the place. Anyone will appreciate having this black sticky dash mat to keep phones, MP3s, coins, and more from launching off the dash. No adhesive or glue is needed, but it’s made of nonslip rubber and is heat resistant, ensuring that it won’t turn into a black slimy blob on hot days.


24. Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

New Drivers Gifts Car Trash Can

Whether your teenage driver is planning a road trip or just daily transportation needs, they’re likely to end up with a buildup of trash in their vehicle. Rather than letting their car become a miniature dump, this gift will give them somewhere to stuff their trash. This storage for car garbage is attached to the center driver console, so both the driver and passengers are able to reach it. It can hold both wet and dry trash and has side and front pockets for extra storage. This little trash container has plastic braces and other reinforcements to make it sturdy.


25. Ultra Comfort Leatherette Front Seat Cushions

New Driver Gift Comfort Leatherette Front Seat Cushion

Sometimes finances control the outer appearance of a car more than one would like. The teenagers are likely to be even more picky about this since their focus is often on appearance. They can at least have control over the way the inside looks if you know or they help you to pick the color of these leatherette seat cushions. These seats are made with thick, premium high-density foam for long-lasting resiliency as well as comfort.


26. Trunk Organizer Storage

New Driver Gifts Trunk Organizer Storage

Young driver may have a clean slate when it comes to their driving record as well as what’s in their car. It is easy to accumulate accessories, nick knacks, and all kinds of other items that we keep in our car. Giving them this very practical collapsible cargo/trunk organizer can help to avoid that. The organizer has 11 pockets as well as removable subdivider inserts. Now just hopefully the items actually make it into the organizer and not just on the floor near to it like the laundry basket.


27. Test Driver Congratulation

New Driver Gifts Test Driver Congratulation

A typical “Congratulations” gift card is so overdone. Get them something a little more novel by gifting them with this small glass bottle that contains a little bit of outdoor environment and a sign or two that can contain encouraging messages “Don’t Stop,” “Yes You Can,” both, or some other traffic signal. . These gifts are made to order and can be delivered in a choice a various clever packaging methods. This will be a memorable way for the moment to be encapsulated.


28. Parking Sensors

New Driver Gifts Parking Sensors

Whether a person has been driving for years or they’re new to it, backing up can be complicated, especially in crowded parking lots or other tight situations. With most cars you just have to rely on your side and rearview mirrors and pray, but by giving them awesome gift, this backup radar system, both you and they can be more confident that they won’t end up with bumper damage. This radar system comes with four back sensors and is easy to set up.


29. Never Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly Rear View Mirror Hang

New driver Gifts Meaningful Rear View Mirror Hang

Before you speed off to buy your new driver gifts, this lovely chain that reminds them to “Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can Fly” can be given to them as a key chain, a rear mirror ornament, or a zipper pull. The round tag that has the statement is silver and hangs on a silver ball chain. An angel charm dangles on one side of the tag while a smaller round charm, with either initials or a heart image be stamped on it, or a bead with color of your choosing will hang on the other side of it. This gift is a reminder than even when you’re not in the car with them, their guardian angel is there.


We hope that our list has helped you to choose an appropriate gift more easily. You can also read our gift ideas for other drivers: gifts for bus drivers and Uber driver gifts.