Gift Ideas for Someone Moving Out of State

It’s always hard when someone close to you has to move to a new state. Whether it be a child, a parent or a friend, our hearts feel like they are being torn with the distance. Thankfully we have technology available to make communication easier when someone lives a long distance from you, but the separation is still difficult. The hardest time is when it comes time to say goodbye. Make that time easier by surprising them with one of the following parting gifts:

  • Two State Inner-Outer Charm

  • Moving out of state gift idea 1. Necklace

    Not only are these charms eye catching, but they are incredibly meaningful. It features both the state you live in and the state the loved one resides in within a dual cutout pattern. Additionally, you can add a special personalized message. They will always have you in their heart with this touching gift, that can be easily added to a necklace or bracelet. This is incredibly meaningful gift for anyone who is moving out of the state.

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  • Good Friends Are Like Stars Sign

  • Moving out of state gift idea 2. Friends Sign

    This simple sign speaks volumes in regards to the significance of a good friendship. Another great thing about this selection is that you can order two of the same sign in one order. This allows for each friend to display this in their respective homes and have a constant reminder of the wonderful friendship that they each possess in one another. Built to last, this is made with high quality wood and completed with a distressed finish.

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  • Thoreau’s Go Confidently Compass

  • Moving out of state gift idea 3. Compass

    Talk about unique! This item will for sure surprise its receiver. The quote displayed on this beautiful gift is a wonderful message for the person in your life taking a new path. Even if you’re sad your friend is moving, try to encourage him/her on big move by wishing the best of luck. Made of copper and brass, this compass will last a very long time – just like the memories your friendship has created. This also includes a key ring and a leather pouch to store your gift in.

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  • Custom State Keychain – Matching Set

  • Moving out of state gift idea 4. Key Chains

    This heartwarming gift idea shows that no matter how far the distance is, the connection remains. This is a dual set, with one keychain that features the state of residence for each friend or loved one with a trail connecting the two. Both locations are then signified by hearts. These customizable matching key-chains are romantic way to say goodbye (but not forever) to the girlfriend or boyfriend who’s moving to another state. Both of you will enjoy this thoughtful sentiment as you carry it with you daily.

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  • Journey Compass Necklace

  • Moving out of state gift idea 5. Journey Necklace

    When you have someone who is about to “Enjoy the Journey” you want to send them out in style. This beautiful sterling silver necklace will not disappoint. Designed with an inset compass, it depicts the new path that your loved one will be embarking on. This necklace is a durable one made of quality materials, but also comes with a five year guarantee, so you can order confidently. Another bonus is that it comes gift wrapped in a beautiful box, ready for gifting.

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  • Bon Voyage Sun Hat

  • Moving out of state gift idea 6. Bon Voyage Sun Hat

    Are you looking for something that will completely catch your departing friend or loved one off guard? Check out this “Bon Voyage” sun hat. The colors are neutral, which complements most apparel and the style is very up to date. And to top it off – a hat is a completely practical and unexpected gift. This will surely bring a smile to their face and their thoughts will turn to you every time they go to wear it.

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  • Homesick Candle

  • Moving out of state gift idea 7. Homesick Candle

    No matter how excited a person is to embark on a new journey, there will always be times when they just miss the place they originally called home. This beautifully designed candle, which is available for every US state, allows for an extended period of 60-80 hours of burn time. The gifted person can proudly display this in their new home or office and have the ability to turn to it during those times of sadness. This will help to perk up at the wonderful memories had there.

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  • Never Too Far Shot Glass

  • Moving out of state gift idea 8. Never Too Far Shot Glass

    What better way to remember those college nights, wedding receptions, bachelorette parties and celebratory dinners than with a personalized shot glass depicting your friends old and new state? Any time that she goes to use this sparkly glass, she will remember the friendship and great times had by the two of you. This item is fully customizable and you can also select the writing and glitter color that best suits your friends preference.

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  • Friendship Lamps

  • Moving out of state gift idea 9. Friendship Lamps

    This is probably the best gift for someone moving out of state that shows your love for them in a very unique way. If you want to be able to let your loved one know that you’re thinking of them, this is the perfect way to do so! This lamp is designed in a way that allows you to touch one lamp that is in your possession and have the light shine through on your loved ones lamp in their own location in real time. With just a touch, they will know that they are in your thoughts and vice versa.

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  • Mother-Daughter Long Distance State Wine Glasses

  • Moving out of state gift idea 10. Long Distance State Wine Glasses

    When a child grows up and prepares to leave the nest, it’s most difficult on the parents, primarily the mother. These glasses (which also come in a stemmed version) are hand painted to reflect the state of residence for the mother and for that of the child. No daughter? No problem. This can also be changed to pertain to a son. Enjoy drinking a glass of wine during evening conversations with this gift!

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  • I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us – Going Away Couples Picture Frame

  • Moving out of state gift idea 11. Picture Frame

    Even when the miles between you and your loved one are quite lengthy, the love you have for each other far exceeds the distance. This frame will depict just that sentiment. With room for a 4×6 picture of the two of you and a clear acrylic photo protector, this gift will grace the new home in new country of your loved one. If your boyfriend leaving for college this is a great idea, more gift ideas for going away to college you can find here.

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  • State Cutting Board

  • Moving out of state gift idea 12. State Cutting Board

    When someone moves, their new colleagues and friends often have a lot of questions about where they came from. This cutting board will be the perfect center piece for those conversations. Cut in the shape of your desired state, it highlights the landmarks and prominent areas from the place that will always be home. This opens a door to conversations about the great memories and visits that your loved one has had in those areas. Be the ice breaker in future dinner parties with this great moving out of state gift!

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  • Bon Voyage Flats

  • Moving out of state gift idea 13. Bon Voyage Flats

    We all have that friend with the crazy style that can totally rock things that the rest of us just can’t. For that friend we have these Mary Janes with a global map imprint. These are bright and colorful and are sure to bring a smile to the gifted’s face when she sees them! These shoes are super cute and have an easy to reference size chart so you can be sure to get the correct size. And not only too cute but with the map on them this shoes are very meaningful present on this occasion for a girl who moves to another country (or state).

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  • Near or Far Hand Towel

  • Moving out of state gift idea 14. Near or Far Hand Towel

    For those of us with friends and loved ones who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, this one is a great choice! With a sweet message that speaks volumes about the relationship the two of you share, this will warm the heart every time it is viewed. And who knows, maybe they will end up sending some of those baked goods your way as a thank you?

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  • State Cut Out Hand Ring

  • Moving out of state gift idea 15. State Cut Out Hand Ring

    An eye catching and creative gift option for friend moving out of state is this hand crafted ring in the shape of your home state. It’s not often that you see unique jewelry pieces like this one, so it’s sure to bring joy to your loved one’s heart upon receiving it. This comes in sizes 4-14, and you can choose any US state, and is handmade so allow additional time when ordering.

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  • BFF Long Distance Going Away matching shirts ANY STATE

  • Moving out of state gift idea 16. Going Away matching shirts

    Is your running partner heading for a new trail? Let them know that you are best friends for life with this cute tank top set. With both states depicted on each shirt and paths connecting both locations – which are symbolized with hearts, you will show your BFF one that distance is just a number and that emotions are always present.

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