16 Gifts for First-Time House Owners That They Definitely Want in 2019

Moving is stressful, and it’s even harder when moving out of mom and dad’s to a first house or apartment. While your friend or family member is busy stressing overpacking, signing documents, and rearranging, you can help them feel excited and comfortable with this big new change in their life. Support them with an affordable, unique gift they can enjoy in the new home by checking out these great ideas for men and women of all ages. Here is a list of the best gifts for first-time homeowners that they definitely want to get.

1. Multi-purpose Griddler

First-Time House Owner Gifts Multi-purpose Griddler

Living on one’s own means needing to provide themselves with food. This concept might seem daunting, but there is a fantastic solution right here. For experienced chefs and young learners alike, this small, lightweight device can put you on the way to fresh grilled meet, hot paninis, pancakes, and more. Safe, easy to clean and simple, to operate the new home owner will love you for this addition to their kitchen. Maybe they’ll even cook you breakfast at the new home.


2. Echo Dot

First-Time House Owner Gifts Echo Dot

Alexa is everyone’s best friend, no matter your relationship with technology. Let Alexa help around the house by setting timers, creating to-do lists, playing music, and beyond. Who knows, she might even microwave dinner, or change the tv channel if your favorite new home owner so desires. The possibilities are endless.


3. Hide a spare key in a fake rock

First-Time House Owner Gifts Fake Rock

There’s nothing worse than getting locked out of the house. Give someone this realistic looking rock which can secretly hold multiple keys inside. It’s a discrete, creative way to make sure they are never locked out of the new place. They can just leave this hidden outside. And access it anytime they accidentally forget their keys indoors.


4. Power port outlet bank

First-Time House Owner Gifts Power port outlet bank

We just can never find a free outlet. Yet, we constantly need to charge the phone, computer, tablet, and practically everything else. Give the gift of this powerful charging system to make freeing up outlets a worry of the passed and ensure that no one ever runs out of charge.


5. Snuggie

First-Time House Owner Gifts

Everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable in their own home, even when it’s freezing outside and the heating bill just can’t get any higher. This silly, soft, sensible gift will take them through the cold temperatures and provide comfort on chilly, rainy, dark days. I feel warm just looking at it, don’t you?


6. Magnetic photo pockets

First-Time House Owner Gifts Magnetic photo pockets

Who doesn’t like to keep memories? Make a new residence feel homey by giving this pack of magnetic photo sleeves. People will love decorating refrigerator doors with these easy to adjust photo pockets, giving them the opportunity to display favorite memories and change the images as life goes on. Alternatively, these pockets could be ideal for displaying notes, grocery lists etc.


7. Wall/door mounted storage system

First-Time House Owner Gifts Wall/door mounted storage system

Ever felt like there wasn’t enough space? Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, this customizable unit will help minimize the stress of not having space for items or being unable to access supplies quickly. Easily mount to a wall or door and give the gift of more space.


8. Find anything quickly with Tiles

First-Time House Owner Gifts Find anything quickly with Tiles

A new house or apartment means plenty of unfamiliar places to lose things. The remote, the keys, the backpack, the list goes on. eliminate this frustration with the push of a button by giving someone these small “tiles” which can be added to almost anything and recovered with assistance from a smartphone app.


9. Roomba

First-Time House Owner Gifts

Let’s be honest, no one wants to clean, especially not someone who’s exhausted from moving into their first home. Since this new place is their future, why not jump further into the futuristic with Roomba? They’ll never have to pick up a brush or a vacuum again! Plus, you’ll never have to worry whether or not they keep things clean.


10. End of the world survival guide

First-Time House Owner Gifts End of the world survival guide

For a little light-hearted education and humor give the new home-owner this end of the world survival guide. Just in case the world does end, all the instructions for survival at home will be accessible. After all, anything’s possible, right? Zombies, nuclear destruction, we can never be too careful. Or too over-prepared


11. Food saver

First-Time House Owner Gifts Food saver

Afraid there will be too many left-overs from housewarming parties and neighbors’ generosity? For that, there’s food saver, the gift that ensures nothing gets wasted and no one goes hungry., it’s perfect for keeping meals fresh to be enjoyed later or preserved for those nights no one wants to cook.


12. General purpose toolkit

First-Time House Owner Gifts General purpose toolkit

DYI repairs are possible and even fun. A new house or apartment owner will love knowing that if something breaks it can be easily fixed with little hassle and less expense. They may even learn something, too., so why not pick this up and make sure they have it around?


13. Custom-made Coasters

First-Time House Owner Gifts 13 Custom-made Coasters

Make the new home fun by delivering a custom drink coaster designed by you with them in mind. Make it personal, funny, or romantic, the choice is yours. Either way, this is sure to be a hit. You might want one yourself.


14. Front Door Mat

First-Time House Owner Gifts Front Door Mat

The first welcome sets the tone. Help it be great with this welcome matt right at the front door, inside or out. This way you can welcome them home without living there.


15. Apples to apples

First-Time House Owner Gifts Apples to apples

They bring the house, you bring the game! Everyone of all ages can destress from moving together with these mind stimulating cards. Just remember that no matter how much fun it is, this was a gift for them, not you. Don’t take it home for you unless you plan to get them a new copy.


16. My pillow

First-Time House Owner Gifts My pillow

No, not your pillow, but you wish it was! Such a super comfortable pillow will be certain to give your favorite home owner a great night sleep as soon as they move in and every night after. They’ll sleep good because of you with this one.


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