Gifts for Veterinarians

16 Best Gifts for Veterinarians, Vet Office, and Veterinary Students

Veterinarians are truly amazing. Their ability to help heal sick and wounded animals, nursing them back to health and happiness is an incredible journey to watch. And the emotional support they give families through tough times with their pets shows their empathetic nature, something that isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. So here are 16 awesome gifts to the wonderful veterinarians – and future veterinarians – who help our fur babies get back to their best selves! We have the best gift ideas that will make vets happy.

1. Trust Me I’m a Dogtor Coffee Mug

Veterinarian Gifts Funny coffee mug

This is a very funny gift for veterinarians or for students and aspiring vets. People love puns. There is just something about a good pun that can make anyone have one of three reactions – Cracking up with laughter, smiling, or groaning at the corniness. Some people seem to speak pun as fluent language, always having one ready to use in any situation. And your good humored veterinarian is no exception. So for the veterinarian who loves a good pun, this mug is the perfect gift for them. It’s sure to have them barking with laughter every time they use it!


2. Animal Shaped Bookmark Clips

Veterinarian Gifts Animal Shaped Bookmark Clips

Veterinarian clinics have a lot of paperwork to handle. From bills to medical files to prescription scripts and more, it seems like there is paperwork everywhere at a vet clinic! And sometimes a packet of papers is just too big for a stapler to staple through. For those paper stacks too big for staples that is where paper clips come into play! And why have boring paper clips when you can have these fun animal shaped ones? Sure to put a smile on the face of clinic worker and patient alike! These paper clips are not just cool, but are very useful for veterinary students as well.


3. Female Veterinarian Ornament

Veterinarian Gifts Ornament

The holidays are a cheerful and festive time. They are a celebration of love, life, friendship and general merriment. Though vet offices are not always the cheeriest place due to sick and dying animals being brought in, it can be a place of solace and comfort to grieving pet owners. Especially around the holidays it’s nice to have something pretty to look at to take your mind off of things. This adorable veterinarian ornament is the perfect gift to add to the office around the holiday season.


4. Leash Hanger

Veterinarian Gifts Leash Hanger

A veterinarians office is much like a doctor’s office – Sparsely decorated to help prevent the build up of germs and bacteria caused by illness. It is also to give the place a neat and professional look. However, unlike a doctor’s office, a vet’s office is full of animals. And some of those animals to be walked. So this brilliant leash hanger is the perfect decor piece to add some life to the office and this gift also has a practical function. Also excellent to hang up in their own home and display their dogs leash collection!


See our gift list with ideas for dog groomers. Maybe there you find a gift that’s suitable for a veterinarian too.

5. Dog Paw Earrings

Veterinarian Gifts for Women: Dog Paw Earrings

Veterinarians probably don’t have the opportunity to accessorize much when they work. With hyper active puppies, feisty felines, and a variety of other animals coming through their door, accessorizes like bracelets or necklaces probably aren’t the best thing to wear. With the potential to get caught on their stethoscope, something else or accidentally ripped off, a bracelet or necklace could be hazardous to both the animal and the veterinarian. So for a simple, no hazard possible accessory, these paw prints earrings are one of the best gift for female vets! Cute and able to be worn without risk!


6. Cat Socks

Veterinarian Gifts Thank you Cat Socks

Looking for a simple and inexpensive thank you gift to show appreciation for everything the vet has done for your pet? Even this small and sweet gift can show your gratitude in the right way. Socks are one item we always seem to need because we always seem to lose them! And when you’re someone who is into different colored and patterned socks, it’s a pain in the butt when one goes missing. Yes we could just buy plain socks, but that’s no fun! Socks are a fun way to spice up an outfit even if we’re the only ones who see them. So for the fun sock loving veterinarian in your life, these cat themed socks are the way to go!


7. Paw Print Stethoscope Cover

Veterinarian Gifts stethoscope cover, veterinarian gift

One of the most important parts of being a veterinarian is the tools they use. Having clean and properly working tools allow vets to do their jobs with ease. It also allows for your pets to be safely taken care of. And one of the most used tools of a vet is the stethoscope! Used for checking breathe, heartbeats, and pulses, this tool is crucial to a vets job. This personalized stethoscope cover is the outstanding veterinarian gift for keeping the stethoscope protected as well as hopefully keeping it warm. Because nobody likes a cold stethoscope, human or animal.


8. Black Cat Door Stop

Veterinarian Gifts Black Cat Door Stop

Animal decor is a fun way to add a playful touch to any room in a home, office or elsewhere. A veterinarian’s office is the perfect place to add animal themed decor. So hang up those adorable pet themed wall art. Buy fun animal shaped hooks for people to hang up their coats. Have your welcome mat be in the shape of a bone or a fish! And have your door stopper be in the shape of a cat because why not? Also great for home use when you have your hands full and need your door to stay open!


9. Dog and cat Veterinary decor Wall clock

Veterinarian Gifts Wall clock

Time is something that never seems to be on our side. With busy lives and even busier schedules, time flies past us without our notice. We can think that one hour has gone by, but it really could have been three. Time is something we need more of, but don’t get to have. But at least we can have a cute clock like this one to let us know how much time has gone by! Fantastic gift for home office or veterinarian clinic waiting room.


10. Vet Shirt

Veterinarian Gifts shirt

Those who grew up in the 90s and grew up watching FRIENDS will love this one! Who can forget the iconic and totally relevant theme song from this show? And who can forget all the shenanigans the gang got into over ten seasons? The main thing to take away from that show is how they were all always there for each other, the same same way a vet is always there for their animal patients. So for the FRIENDS loving vet who is always there for their patients, this shirt is perfect!



Veterinarian Gifts Dog soap

Hygiene is super important for humans and their furry friends. Good hygiene is what prevents the spread of bacteria and germs which can make us and our furry friends sick. And especially in a veterinarian’s office, cleanliness is super important. Vet clinics have plenty of products to keep their tools and examination rooms clean. But what about the bathroom? For bathroom cleanliness, these dachshund shaped soaps are the perfect thing to keep hands clean after any dirty deed. And they are also super cute! Comes in other animal shapes as well!


12. Cats Print Tie

Veterinarian Gifts Cats Print Tie
An excellent gift to give to a person who spent time in treating your sick pet is this cool necktie. What is more attractive than watching a man nurse a sick animal back to health? Nothing that I can think of at the moment. Though in my experience most veterinarians are women, seeing a male veterinarian makes you feel warm inside. Seeing a big strong man take care of a small animal is a truly wondrous sight to see. And seeing them do it in a tie is just that much better. So for your favorite male veterinarian, give them this adorable cat tie. It will just add to their attractiveness.


13. 4D Vision Dog Anatomy Model

Veterinarian Gifts 4D Vision Dog Anatomy Model

In a doctors offices you see many educational posters and models throughout the examination rooms. It is the same thing in a dentists office and a gynecologists office. We see posters promoting healthy habits, what the inside of our mouths look like, what our stomachs will look like throughout pregnancy, etc. And then there are the models showing a baby inside the womb, a heart inside a chest, and many other models. This dog anatomy model is the perfect educational addition to any veterinarian office. There is also a cat model if you want the pair!


14. Organic Cat Grass Growing kit with Organic Seed Mix

Veterinarian Gifts Organic Cat Grass Growing kit with Organic Seed Mix

When you’re a pet owner you have to be cautious of everything you bring into your home. Houseplants, cleaning products, essential oils, and other items can all possibly harm your pet if you’re not careful. Cats like to chew on anything and everything, so you need to be thoughtful about that as well. This organic cat grass is grown especially for cats to safely chew on and eat. It evens helps with their hairballs. So if you are looking to add some plants to vet’s office, this is the gift to get! Every cats will love it!


15. Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Veterinarian Gifts Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Children love animals. They love reading books about animals, going to zoos and aquariums to see animals, and they love being surrounded by animals they can hug and pet. Some children want to be doctors or nurses when they grow up but not your child. Your child wants to be a veterinarian, taking care of animals and being surrounded by them everyday. This vet set for children is a great way to nurture that love from a young age and also give them an educational gift that they will enjoy.


16. Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book

Veterinarian Gifts Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book

Going along with gifts for your future veterinarian, here is another you might consider for them. Children love to color. It is a great way to let them express themselves artistically as well as learn their colors. Coloring can also help teach them how to focus on doing one task at a time. Overall coloring is a fun activity. But what if you could throw some educational learning into coloring time? Well now you can with this coloring book about animal anatomy! Perfect for your future veterinary students!