Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians

Finding the perfect gift for someone is usually hard enough. Add in that they are an Equestrian, and it seems to amplify that challenge ten-fold. They love their horses, and normally anything their horse needs (or wants!), they already have. So, what can you buy your horse-loving friends as a gift that they’ll love and treasure? Here are some great ideas to get you started that don’t just involve horse-shaped objects or stationary, but range from personalized to unique.

1. Custom Personalised Engraved Name Plate for Halters

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Custom Personalised Engraved Name Plate for Halters

Add a touch of personalisation to a horse’s halter by having their very own engraved nameplate! All the famous horses have their own personalised halter, so make your horse-loving friend feel special by getting their horse a gorgeous nameplate. Remember; horses usually have two names. A “Barn/Stable Name”, which is their every-day name, and a “Show Name” which is used if they enter competitions. If you’re unsure, go with their Show Name. Don’t know it? Ask your friend, they’ll love telling you more about their horse, and be none-the-wiser.


2. Personalized Digital Art

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Personalised Digital Art

If you can nab a photo of your friend’s horse (just ask them, trust me, they’ll send you heaps), you can get a customized digital art print made. Use these to print off stickers, make an art print you can frame, get a shirt printed – the possibilities are endless. You could even give them the digital file so they can use this on any media or display it how they want. Because it’s digital, you are giving your friend endless options on how to use this personalized gift.


3. Custom Horse Portrait

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Custom Horse Portrait

Any horse-lover probably already has their walls covered with photographs of their horse. But do they have any personalized portraits of their horse painted? It’s not something that you usually get done as a horse owner. Gifting a personalized painting of their horse is a wonderful, personalized equestrian gift that will last a lifetime, and be treasured forever. Once again, just ask them, “what’s your favorite photo of your horse?”, and they’ll be sure to send you not one, but quite a few for you to choose from.


4. Custom Cartoon Horse Portrait

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Custom Cartoon Horse Portrait

If you want something a little quirkier than a realistic-styled portrait, perhaps a cartoon portrait of your friend’s horse would be more ideal. You can then frame the portrait, or give to your friend so they can choose their own frame and way to display. You can choose from just a head portrait, to a full body portrait, or even a head portrait which includes your friend as well as their horse.


5. Custom Model Horse Portrait

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Custom Model Horse Portrait

Another great art inspired gift idea, is to get a portrait of your friend’s horse done on a 3D Model Horse! If they loved Breyer’s as a kid (or even still as an adult), then they can get a custom Breyer Model Horse painted like their own horse. There is a lead-in time for this style of artwork, so you’ll need to keep deadlines in mind before their birthday or Christmas so the model has time to arrive.


6. LED Horse Breastplate Collar

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians LED Horse Breastplate

If you know your friend rides along trails or roads, then this gift could be a great idea. Not only does it provide safety in the form of making their horse more visible, but it’s also just a snazzy way to dress up their horse. It comes in different color options, so you’re not just stuck with yellow as the only option.


7. Sterling Silver Stirrup Necklace

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Sterling Silver Stirrup Necklace

If you’re really stuck and don’t want to buy anything for your friend’s horse, then jewelry is always a timeless option. This gorgeous sterling silver necklace is simple enough that it appeals to horse-lovers, but isn’t tacky or unsightly. The best part is, this necklace is light enough to wear underneath their riding clothes, if they choose to wear it every-day, including at the barn with their horse.


8. Grooming Kit

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Grooming Kits

Most people with a horse already has a variety of grooming essentials, but it’s quite possibly in a bit of disarray. This set has the vital grooming accessories for any level of rider, and they even come all color coordinated to help you match with their favorite color. Having double-ups of brushes or hoof picks won’t be a problem either, most Equestrians like having a backup of the essentials. It’s also a great chance for them to be able to ‘spring-clean’ their old and overused brushes away.


9. Horse Treats

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Horse Treats

Whether it’s a peppermint, sugar cube or carrot, if you have a horse, you’ve usually got a treat for them nearby. Trying out new treats with your horse is always fun, but not something that equestrians often get to do. A gift of a treat test for your horse is always a welcome surprise for any horse owner, as it allows you to test out new treats for your horse without any upfront cost.


10. Horse Boredom Busters

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Horse Boredom Busters

If you’ve heard your horsey friend talk about their horse getting bored in the barn, or that they are trying to find fun new things to keep their equine pal entertained, this could be for them. The same as with the treats, buying and testing out new gadgets and boredom busters can hit the wallet hard, so having one of these gifted to you to try is a welcome surprise. And if their horse loves it? You’ll be a local hero!


11. iPad Cover

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians iPad Cover

If your friend has an iPad, what better gift than to buy an iPad cover with a gorgeous horse background on there? Let them showcase their love of horses while using their beloved technology any time of the day. This option is available for a range of models of iPad, so it should cover whichever device your friend is sporting.


12. Personalized Phone Cover

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Personalized Phone Cover

Speaking of technology, who doesn’t have a phone? You can give a seriously unique gift by getting a much-loved photo of their horse, printed onto a phone cover. It’s always hard to pick a phone cover for a friend: what color do they like? What style do they like? Do they like sparkles or plain? Having a personalized photo of their horse on their phone case is a great, unique idea that not many other people would have thought of.


13. Horse Personalized Doormat

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Personalized Door Mat

A door mat? How boring? What if you could personalise it! Backed with a picture of a galloping horse, you can add either your friends name, their horse’s name, their barn or stud name, or even a funny nickname you know them by. Put a smile on their face every time they enter house, and look down to see a name they know on their own welcome door mat.


14. Custom Horse Name Stall Door Sign

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Custom Horse name Door Sign

Every Equestrian wants everyone to know who is their horse, and what better way to showcase their horse but with a personalised stall sign? This gift will allow them to either hang this on their horse’s barn door, or even have it hanging in their room as a unique homage to their equine friend. It even has a small piece of artwork of their horse on the sign as an added, unique bonus.


15. Personalised Farm Sign

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Personalised Farm Sign

If your Equestrian friend owns or runs a barn or has their own property, this sign is a great gift to help them showcase their property. You can have this present fully customized and the best part is, it doesn’t have to be limited to a horse barn name. This could even be used as a sign for their house as well.


16. Funny Horse Quote Hoodie

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Funny Horse Quote Hoodie

If you are looking for something less for their horse, and more for them, this hoodie is a great option. The quote on the back is relatable for equestrians of all disciplines, and a great pullover to wear at the barn, or for everyday use.


17. Horse Hair Bracelet

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Horse Hair Bracelet

This gift has the option of been made with generic horse hair, or a you can send in horse hair for it to be crafted from. This means you need to be able to get enough of your friend’s horses hair, so it may require you befriending someone at your friend’s barn, or even asking your friend directly for some hair from their horse. Some Equestrian’s wouldn’t want to give up their horse’s beautiful tail, so best to ask first if you can get the hair first. Otherwise, the bracelet made from similar hair coloring would still be a beautiful gift.


18. Horse Hair Keyring

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Horse Hair Keyring

Another gift that can be personalized or have generic horse hair used in the design – this time, if you think jewelry isn’t a great option as a gift, this keyring would be right for you. The other great benefit is, you don’t need as much hair as the bracelet idea above, so it might be easier to get your friend’s horse hair. If you still can’t get a piece of your friend’s horses hair, you can also use like-colored hair for this gift.


19. Non-Slip Carpet Mat

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Non-Slip Carpet Mat

If you think your friend’s house could use some extra decor, or perhaps their tile or lino floor is a little slippery, then this could be a great, versatile gift. This non-slip carpet mat has a gorgeous image of two bay horses running together, and could be used anywhere in the house. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in their lounge room, it’s a beautiful mat that will compliment most rooms.


20. Personalized Mug

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Personalized mug

If your friend loves drinking lots of tea, coffee or another hot beverage, then this cup could be a great personalized gift. It’s easy to buy a generic mug with a generic horse print on there, but what about if you could put your friend’s horse on their own mug. With this gift idea, you can. You can guarantee that it will be a treasured and well used mug in their cupboard.


21. Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia Book

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia Book

Even buying a horse related book can be difficult for a horse lover – which book do you buy? What discipline do they want to learn more about? Do they already have the book? This horse fact and trivia book is a great gift which should suit all levels of equestrians. With over 400 nuggets of information about horses, it’s sure to have some facts in there that even the most knowledgeable horse lover didn’t know.


22. Horse Adult Coloring Book

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Horse Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been a hit for a few years now, and the craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you know your horse-loving friend has either some artistic talent, or loves to destress by doodling or coloring, this is a great option. You can even match it with some great coloring pencil options on Amazon as well.


23. Adjustable Horse Ring

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Adjustable Horse Ring

Another gorgeous jewelry idea is this sterling silver horse ring, which is fully size adjustable. So, you have no worries about trying to sneakily source your friends ring size and give away possible gift ideas. This is a simple, yet stylish ring which shows a love for horses, without having something bulky on your finger that resembles more of a donkey than a horse.


24. Customised Ribbon/Tack Holder

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians Customised Ribbon/Tack Holder

Another customizable option is this tack/ribbon holder, which your friend could use at the barn, or even at home to display their rosettes and ribbons. You can personalize the name on the holder, making this gift just that little bit more special. There are plenty of color options available as well, so you can pick a color that is your friend’s favorite.


This list should have given you some fantastic ideas, that aren’t just the generic “oh, here’s a horse book!” or “here is some stationary with a generic horse on it” gifts. These gifts are personal, custom and show that you’ve taken just a few minutes extra to really think about the ideal gift to give.

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“I’m an Equestrian myself, so I understand exactly what us horse-folks need and want!”
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