34 Shark Themed Gifts for Anyone Who Love The Coolest Predators in the Oceans

Why wait for Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week to get excited about sharks? Everyone knows that sharks (from great whites to tiger sharks) are the coolest predators in the oceans. As in the animal kingdom, and in the “kingdom of gifts”, there must be a list of cool shark themed gifts. That list with the best gifts for kids and adults shark lovers is here. These cute and fun shark-themed items are awesome gift ideas for anyone who loves sharks.

The perfect gifts for anyone obsessed with sharks

1. Jaws

Shark themed gifts for adults movie Jaws

Ground-breaking. Unforgettable. Terrifying. Do you like edge-of-your-seat suspense? Nothing says that better than Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 film, Jaws. The ultimate shark movie – give this multi-format Blu-Ray and digital DVD to your shark-loving friend or family member, and make sure they know not to get back in the water.

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2. Shark Bottle Opener

Unique shark themed gifts bottle opener

Summertime at the beach. What’s better than an ice-cold bottle of soda or a frosty bottle of beer? Make sure your shark enthusiast comes prepared with this hammer head bottle opener. One bite and that bottle top is toast! And if it’s a bottle of wine that needs opening, the hammer head detaches and becomes a comfort-grip corkscrew. A fun, stylish gift that everyone will love showing off.

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3. Hawaiian Shirt

Shark gifts ideas Hawaiian Shirt

For the man who loves the retro look and loves to stand out in a crowd, you can’t go wrong with this modern take on the classic button-down Hawaiian shirt. Patterned with sharks, waves and palm trees, this ultra-modern shirt is soft, lightweight and breathable. Don’t wait for summer nights and tropical parties. Wear this amazing shirt whenever you need to put yourself in a tropical state of mind.

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4. Fun Shark Stapler

Shark gifts stapler

Missing the beach but stuck in the office? Has Shark Week come and gone, leaving an empty place in your heart? Fear not! We have got you covered. Just add Design Ideas Shark BigBite stapler to your office desk or cubicle and keep that special sharky feeling with you all year round.

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5. Tumbler: Shark Loves People

Shark related Christmas gifts Travel Coffee Mug with shark design

In today’s high-speed society, there never seems to be any time to slow down and smell the roses, much less relax and enjoy the coffee. We rush to do everything on the go, and for the workaholic, this 17-ounce, stainless steel travel mug is perfect. Proudly declaring “Sharks Love People (They Taste Like Chicken),” your shark lover will feel as though his love of sharks has finally been reciprocated. So, take a minute to enjoy the coffee and bask in the love of sharks.

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6. Shark-Covered Board Shorts

shark fanatics gifts Men's Novelty Swimwear

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. These shark-covered board shorts have more bite than Jaws. These quick-dry, stylish swim trunks announce to the world that you’re ready to hit the beach, the boardwalk or the party. With a no-mesh liner, three pockets and ultra-lightweight material, you’ll feel as happy as a shark in a feeding frenzy.

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7. Leather Wallet Born to be Wild

shark related presents Wallet with Shark

Does your shark lover like to walk on the wild side? Does he sometimes lose his wallet on those walks? Then maybe he needs a wallet that will stay with him no matter what. This soft leather tri-fold wallet has a chain that hooks to his belt loop and a zipper that secures everything inside. Also, the tooled motto “Born to be Wild” and shark on the outside can’t help but impress the man who’s wild at heart.

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8. Key Chain

shark merchandise gifts Key Chain

Does your keychain have too many keys and not enough shark? We thought so. Liven up your keychain with this solid pewter hammerhead shark. Beautifully detailed and realistic, you’ll swear it came right from the ocean. Add this keychain to your set of keys, and you’ll never forget where you left them again.

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9. I Love Sharks T Shirt

shark enthusiast gifts I Love Sharks T Shirt

Some people may want to take a bite out of the Big Apple, but this shark wants to take a bite out of your heart. For the guy who is loud and proud about his love of sharks, this “I ❤ Sharks” t-shirt is a must have. Made from ultra-soft ring spun cotton, this t-shirt is lightweight and super comfortable. Once he puts it on, he may never want to take it off again, so maybe you should get a couple of these.

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10. Shark Attack Women’s Socks

shark gifts for her Shark Attack socks

Let’s face it, some days you just don’t feel like going to the gym, but with these inspirational socks, how can you refuse? Just slip into these shark attack socks and smile at the motivation they give you to get up and get moving. High-quality moisture wicking technology keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter how long you run or how hard you sweat. Be fierce! Be relentless! Take a bite out of the day!

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11. Shark Bookmark

great shark gifts Shark Bookmark

Do you know someone who loves to read as much as they love sharks? Then this is the perfect gift. This unique great white bookmark is made from plastic, is only 2mm thick and comes with a great message carved on the body reminding people not to kill sharks for their fins. The best part? The dorsal fin and tail fin stick up from the book pages, keeping your reader’s place safely marked until they return.

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12. Handbag

shark gifts for girlfriend or wife Shark themed handbag

She’s unique. She’s stylish. And she loves sharks. What better gift to give her than this custom woman’s riveted handbag? Made from high-grade PU leather, this large capacity purse features double handles with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. Fashion, function and sharks. It’s perfect!

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13. Shark Attack Bowl

shark gifts for women's - Shark attack bowl

Okay, so there is no practical reason for this gift, but what’s the fun in being practical? This shark bowl is awesome. It is perfect for holding shark-appropriate snacks during the television binge-fest that is Shark Week. It can hold soups or cereal. Candy or nuts. Ceramic and beautifully painted, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. There is no reason not to get this bowl. So, what are you waiting for?

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14. Leggings

good gifts for women shark lovers Stretchy Capri Leggings

Two words: shark leggings. If you know a woman who is a shark fanatic, then this pair of leggings is a must. Bright, colorful and covered in gaping shark heads, these comfortable pants are perfect for yoga, Pilates, jogging or doing absolutely nothing. Help her flaunt her love of sharks with this great gift.

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15. Women’s Shark Keychain

gifts for shark enthusiasts Women's Shark Keychain

She likes sharks. She loves a little bling. Why not get her this beautiful crystal keyring/bag charm? Set with colored rhinestones and covered in a gold-plated alloy, this charm is perfect for adding a little shark-style flair to her life. She can hook it to the zipper of her purse as a pull charm or use it to liven up her keychain. No matter what she uses it for, she will thank you for giving her this great gift.

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16. Shark Ceramic Cup

cute shark gift Shark Ceramic Cup

What’s that lurking at the bottom of her tea cup? What’s smiling up at her as she drinks her morning coffee? You guessed it…sharks. This adorable handmade ceramic cup holds the perfect companion for your shark-loving girl. Hidden by her favorite drink, this happy little shark slowly reveals itself sip by sip. What better way to enjoy her day?

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17. Swim With Sharks Dress

shark gifts for her Dress

Summertime means beach days, tropical nights, summer dresses and sharks. What better way to combine all of that than into one perfect tropical summer dress? Ocean blue and patterned with great white sharks, it’s the perfect gift for that weekend getaway to the beach. Soft, stretchy, and lightweight, this dress will keep you cool all day and looking good all night. Flirty and dangerous, this dress says it all.

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18. Awesome Barefoot Shoes

perfect gifts for shark lovers Awesome barefoot shoes

Women know that shoes should be anything but boring, so why not give her the gift of these quirky shark water shoes? Breathable smooth fabric on top with a thick rubber sole, these quick-drying water shoes are great for all her outdoor fun. Wear them to the beach, swimming, sailing, kayaking, jogging, fishing, volleyball, even gardening. These shoes are a cute and fun way to liven up any day.

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19. Shark Jewelry

unique gifts for shark lovers Shark Jewelry

When in doubt, give the gift of jewelry. This handmade, beautifully designed pendant is a wonderful accessory for the shark-loving woman in your life. The pendant size is 1.5 inches, with a chain that is 18 inches that can be customized to any preferred length. Delivered in a lovely pale blue jewelry box, all you need now is a bow.

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20. Shark Attack Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Cool cheap shark gift - Shark Attack Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? How could you not with these fantastic shark attack salt and pepper shakers? Made of ceramic, expertly painted and finished in a high gloss, these salt and pepper shakers will liven up even the most boring dinner. Embedded magnets keep the shakers attached so that it looks like the shark is biting the foot, bringing a smile to the pickiest eater. Don’t forget to pass the salt.

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21. Slippers

shark gift ideas Indoor Slippers

Sharks may love the cold, but that doesn’t mean you do. Keep warm with these cozy fleece shark slippers. Easy to slip on, they are perfect for lounging around the house on the weekend or for comforting your tired feet after a long day of work. With high-density memory foam insoles, your tired feet will have the comfort and support they need. The soft rubber sole is waterproof, anti-slip and even absorbs noise as you walk. When they’re dirty, throw them into the washing machine. Simple. Comfortable. Shark slippers.

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22. Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

cool shark gifts Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

Want to know everything about sharks? Then this is the book for you. With more than 400 incredible color photos, Discovery Channel offers you Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark. Filled with everything any kid needed to know about sharks, this book also offers tons of “fin facts” throughout. A must read for any junior shark lover.

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23. Whale Shark Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

shark gift Whale Shark Cute Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker

Your little one can’t get enough of the “Baby Shark” song? Does he like to rock out to music all day? Is she your little dancing queen? Then this Bluetooth wireless shark speaker is for you. Simple to pair and easy to use, this portable little speaker can go anywhere you go. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the shark speaker still puts out a loud crystal-clear sound. Soft on the surface, this speaker is still built ruggedly enough to handle your child’s attention. Makes a great gift for the music and shark lover in your family.

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24. Shark Ocean Backpack

Shark Ocean Blue Backpack gift for kids

Nothing is cooler than sharks. And kids know cool like sharks know water. That’s why this ocean blue, shark-patterned backpack will be the best of the back-to-school supplies. Reinforced and water-resistant, this backpack comes with three large compartments, including a padded compartment for a laptop. There are also two side pockets and plenty of smaller storage pockets, making sure that everything your child needs to be successful can fit into their backpack.

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25. 3D Night Light for Kids (Shark)

shark gift idea Kids Night Lights

Make bedtime fun with this 3D shark night light. Operated by smart touch or by remote, this multi-colored night light makes the perfect gift for your little shark enthusiast. With seven colors that can either change gradually or be fixed to just one color, this tough little lamp can help kids feel safe at night. What monster in the closet would dare come out when there’s a shark in the room?

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26. Shark Tails Blanket for Kids

Little ones love sharks gift that make them happy Shark Tails Blanket by CozyBomB for Kids

Who said sharks can’t be cozy? This one sure can. Great for kids aged 3-15, this durable plush sleeping bag is cozy yet dangerous. Kids will love being “eaten” by this snugly shark. Made from an expertly tailored polar fleece fabric, this blanket is able to endure intense amounts of pulling, dragging and kicking. Perfect for camping, sleep overs, riding in the car, laying on the couch, anywhere and everywhere in all seasons. The best part? There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. But I doubt you’ll need it.

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27. Stephen Joseph Wallet, Shark

gifts for kid shark lovers cool wallet

Do you want to your kid keep money safe? Really safe? What better way to do it than with this Stephen Joseph shark wallet? With multiple inner pockets and a strong Velcro closure, this wallet gives kids a great place to keep their cash. There’s even a zippered pouch for their loose change. Give them a fun, safe way to store their allowance money. You and your child will be happy you did.

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28. 3D Wooden Shark Model

shark gifts for young's 3D Wooden Shark Model

For the puzzle master, this 3D wooden shark model is perfect for kids 8 and up. This puzzle helps children develop their hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. Made with smooth, pre-cut wooden boards, there is no glue required, and the pieces are suitable for small hands to put together. Feel free to buy just one or a whole frenzy of these amazing shark puzzles.

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29. Laser Pegs Shark Ambush Light-Up Building Block Play Set

shark themed gifts for boys and girls LED-lighted construction playset

Dive in and get ready to explore your child’s imagination! This LED-lighted construction playset features a fully articulated light up shark, a light up dive boat, a light up scuba diver, and an underwater sled. Your child will love exploring all of the imaginary reefs and shark encounters they can dream up. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

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30. Shark Tooth Dig Kit

creative shark gift idea Shark Tooth Dig Kit

Do you have a future archaeologist or marine biologist on your hands? If so, they will love this shark tooth dig kit from National Geographic. Kids will have a blast digging and excavating three different shark tooth fossils, each from a different shark species. The included learning guide teaches children all about how to identify teeth from the Sand Tiger, the Otodus and Crow sharks. Great for a home-schooling lesson or an afternoon of fun!

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31. Giant Soft Plush Shark

Giant Shark toy gifts for kids

It’s big! It’s huggable! It’s a shark! Over three feet long with a happy, tooth-filled grin, this stuffed shark from Melissa and Doug is ready for fun and adventure. This amazing plush toy is the perfect unique gift and great for imaginative play or room decoration. Dive in and get ready for some deep-sea fun with this lovable, huggable shark. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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32. Shark Bite Game

shark present ideas Pressman Toys Shark Bite Game

Watch out! This game has real bite. Get ready to grab your fishing rod and try to save the fish from being this shark’s dinner. Players take turns rolling dice and fishing for sea creatures, but you never know when the shark will bite. Shark Bite sets up in a snap and doesn’t require batteries to play. Easy to learn, easy to play and perfect for developing hand-eye coordination. You kids will be “hooked” before they know it.

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33. Shark Collapsible Cube

kids unique shark gifts Shark Collapsible Cube

Is your child’s room overflowing with amazing books and toys that they can never seem to find? Do you have a hard time seeing the floor of their room some days? Then get organized with this adorable storage cube. It’s perfect for storing books, toys, clothing, and most things that end up on the floor. The see-through smiling mouth shows the contents from the side, while the top provides easy accessibility. Ideal for that messy shark lover in your house.

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34. Mother Shark with 3 Baby Sharks Bath Tub Toy

shark gifts for toddlers Shark Family Bath Toy

It’s not only safe to go back in the water, now it’s fun, too! A set of four bath toys, mamma shark floats along and holds three baby sharks on her back, but you’d better watch out because these little sharks squirt water. This is a great toy to turn bath time into fun time.

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