Elephant Themed Gifts – 27 Unique and Cute Things to Get for Elephant Lovers

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a friend, or family member who absolutely loves elephants? Then this list could be ideal for you. We’ve put together some great ideas for you, including classy jewelry, collectibles, useful household items and some fantastic personalized gifts to really make for a unique gift idea. We will show you only the best elephant themed gifts.

27 Cool Gift Ideas for Elephant Lovers

1. Elephant Enamel Pin

Elephant gifts Enamel Pin

What better way for your elephant loving friend to show off their love of these gorgeous creatures, than a cute enamel pin? These pins are perfect for put on bags, wear on your shirt or have as a cute collection to showcase at home. No matter where they display this pin, it’s sure to be a hit.

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2. Elephant Sweater Clips

Elephant Gifts Sweater Clips

If you know your friend wears sweaters and loves accessories, then this elephant sweater clip could be something unique and special. These clips are a great way to accessories your sweaters, whether for work or going out for a special occasion. You can choose between gold, bronze and silver, so you can personalize it to your friend’s favorite metal type.

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3. Elegant Elephant Necklace

Elephant gifts necklace

If your friend likes a more elegant and light necklace, this could be the perfect gift idea. These adorable elephants are small, lightweight and absolutely adorable. Choosing between gold, rose gold or silver should be your only difficult decision with this necklace. If you’re unsure about the length it needs to be, remember that’s always easier for a jeweler to remove links of a chain to make it shorter.

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4. Elephant Plant Pots

Elephant gifts Plant Pots

If you know your friend likes having small plants in the house, then these three elephant pots could be just the ticket. You could take this elephant themed gift a bit further and also buy a small succulent plant for each of the pots, or even small herb plants if your friend loves cooking and is always using fresh thyme, basil or rosemary.

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5. Elephant Art Print

Elephant gifts Art Print

Having gorgeous artwork given to you to display in your home is always a pleasant gift surprise. Mix this, with this amazing piece of artwork depicting two elephants resting forehead to forehead, and you’ve hit a winner. This piece depicts such a gentleness that these giant animals possess and show towards each other, that it is sure to capture the heart of anyone receiving this as a gift.

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6. Elephant Card

Elephant gifts Card

Whether you add this to your present as the card you give, or you buy some of these to give to your friend to use, this card is sure to bring joy. This card is a watercolor print of a sweet baby elephant, that could even be used as a small art print as a cute keepsake.

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7. Personalised Elephant iPad Cover

Elephant gifts iPad Cover

Don’t get just any old boring iPad cover with an Elephant slapped on there, get something that is personalized with an eye-catching art print. Order this gorgeous iPad cover, and get your friend’s name included on the cover to really make it personal and special. Available in a range of iPad sizes, you should be able to find the right size for your friend’s device.

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8. Elephant Phone and Pen Holder

Elephant gifts Phone and Pen Holder

Whether at home or in the office, this adorable elephant phone and pen holder is a cute addition to any desk. Helping to keep your friend self-organised, and also adding in the bonus of keeping your phone close and visible is a cute idea in itself. Add in the adorable elephant shape, and you’re sure to hit a winner – plus it’s an affordable elephant themed gift if you’re tight on funds!

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9. Wooden Candle Holders and Tray

Elephant gifts Candle Holders

This gorgeous set of 3 wooden candle holders, and a matching tray is a great gift for someone who is both an elephant lover, and a lover of candles. This can be used as a table centrepiece with all three candles nestled together on their tray, or used individually around a room.

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10. Personalized Elephant Mug and Coaster Set

Personalized Elephant Mug and Coaster Set

There are thousands of elephant inspired mugs out there to find, but if you really want to personalize your gift that little bit more, this could be for you. You can order this wonderful set, which includes a mug and coaster set, and make it truly unique by adding your friends name to both items. You can almost guarantee this cup and coaster set will become a treasured favorite to use for their morning beverage.

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11. Elephant Journal

Elephant themed Journal

This isn’t just another elephant print on a journal. This is a beautifully personalized journal which has an elephant sculpted onto the cover in polymer clay, and the added your friend’s name, and your own choice of quote included. This journal would easily become a timeless piece, which can be treasured long after the pages are filled and used.

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12. Happy Elephant Stickers

Elephant gifts stickers

If your friend is crazy about stickers, whether for their diary, planner or just for decorating their laptop or accessories, then these adorable character stickers could be for them. A truly affordable gift, these stickers come in a pack of 6 different stickers, and are set at an affordable price to allow you to buy just one set, or multiple sets.

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13. Boho Vintage Elephant Jewelry Set

Elephant gifts Jewelry

Including a pair of earrings, a necklace and matching bracelet, this jewelry set means your friend can mix and match what they feel like wearing. Coming with black, red or turquoise coloring, you can match the color your friend likes the best.

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14. Elephant Floor Mat – Gag Gift Idea

Elephant Floor Mat - Gag Gift Idea

If you’re more into the gifting of gag gifts, then this could be perfect. “The Thinker”, as an elephant, sitting on a toilet which is causing the ground to crack and crumble beneath it. You’ll be sure to guarantee a giggle every time your friend walks into the bathroom, when they look down to see this floor mat waiting for them in the ‘throne room’.

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15. Elephant Art Floor Mat

Gift ideas Elephant themed Art Floor Mat

For a floor mat with a more serious tone than the above gift idea, this beautiful mat has a watercolor print of two elephants showing affection towards each other. Non-slip, soft and durable, this mat would fit into any room in a house.

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16. Personalized Elephant Necklace

Personalized Necklace for elephant lovers

If you want a more personalized piece of jewelry, this could be the right gift for who you. Not only can you personalize the name on the adorable little elephant charm, but you can also personalize the stone to be their birthstone. You also choose between Gold, Silver and Rose Gold for the base metal color as well to really make this little necklace a stand out elephant gift.

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17. Elephant Print Boho Infinity Scarf

Elephant themed scarf

This gorgeous infinity scarf is handcrafted and has an amazing elephant, bohemian style print. Sure to be a great addition if they have a few well-used scarves already, this will showcase their love of elephants in a simple and elegant manner. The soft cotton means it will be a warm, soft and comfortable scarf, that shouldn’t cause any skin irritation like other materials can.

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18. Elephant Adult Coloring Book

Elephant Adult Coloring Book

If your friend likes adult coloring books, then this is the perfect mix of their favorite animal in a coloring book! With these incredible designs, they will be sure to keep your friend entertained and well de-stressed well into an evening and over a weekend. If you want to bulk up the gift, you can also look at adding in a set of coloring pencils, or adding to their Copic marker collection so they have more colors to work with.

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19. Elephant Bookends

Gift idea Elephants Bookend Set

Your friend have books always falling over on their bookshelf? These classy, white glazed ceramic elephant bookends could be a great gift idea! They could even be used at the end of shelves to add a bit of artistic flair to their household, while displaying their favorite animal.

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20. Elephant T-Shirt

Elephant Lover Gift T-Shirt

If you want to give your elephant-loving friend an adorable and funny shirt as a gift, then this is priceless! Coming in a range of colors and sizes, this shirt’s caption says it all! A great gift which can be worn every day, and will be sure to put a smile on their face every time they do.

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21. Elephant Car Accessories

Elephant gift ideas Car Accessories

Friend love their car? Want to help them add some comfort while their driving, and also want to keep in with theme of elephants? This is perfect! You can pick and choose which set you would like to have, including: steering wheel cover and seat belt covers. The seat belt covers are great for people who find the safety belt digs into their neck, and the steering covers are great for those warmer days to prevent your steering wheel getting too hot to handle. 

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22. Elephant Tote Bag

 Elephant themed Tote Bag

With the world-wide push to be ‘anti-plastic’ and take your own reusable bags to the supermarket, this tote bag as a gift is a fantastic, eco-friendly idea. Not only can they reuse this bag for their grocery shopping, but it’s handy around the house and for packing in clothes and food for a day at the beach. With a gorgeous elephant design on the bag, you’re adding their love of elephants, with a love of been eco-friendly and anti-plastic!

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23. Elephant Memory Box

Elephant Memory Box

If your friend loves memory boxes, or needs another jewelry storage box, then this gorgeous elephant memory box is it. With a stylish design on the lid, this box is perfect for little keepsakes, small items of jewelry or even to hide away small sweet treats! It also has a lovely rustic feel to give it a unique, antique look.

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24. Hand Painted Elephant Wine Glass

Gift ideas Hand Painted Elephant Wine Glass

We’ve all seen wine glasses been given as gifts in the past, matched with the grimace and fake thank you that the gift-receiver suffers through. So instead, give something a little different than just a boring old wine glass. This wine glass is hand-painted, showcasing a gorgeous, multi-colored elephant which is sure to delight. Who else has a wine glass with a hand painted elephant on it?

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25. Folded book

Elephant gifts Folded book

If you really want a truly unique gift idea, then this folded book art could be something for you! The artist behind this listing will fold the pages of a book so you’ll have an elephant, with the words “Follow your dreams”. This would make a fabulous display on someone’s counter, bookshelf or other area of their house. You can also talk to this seller about customized orders.

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26. Elephant Watch

Elephant themed Watch

This watch has the image of beautiful full-grown elephant on the watch face, and allows you choose between brown and black for the wrist band. The roman numerals add an antique flair to the watch, making it a watch that is classy enough to wear out, but also simple and elegant enough to wear daily.

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27. Elephant Hair Clip

Elephant Hair Clip

Another gift idea for anyone with longer hair, is this gorgeous elephant hair clip. The elephants themselves are three different metal colors, which really makes this something special and elegant to wear for all occasions. This item also ships in a velveteen drawstring pouch, which adds that touch of specialness to the gift when you gift wrap it.

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This list should help you with your elephant inspired gift ideas – with a range of ideas from useful household items, to personalized gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their face. Good luck on the gift hunt!