Gifts that Literally Say I Love You More

You know when you have that special someone in your life and you cannot possibly express how much you love her/him? Or when you finally reach that phase in a romantic relationship, when you’re both so in love, you each insist you love the other more? Now, instead of just saying it, you can buy a gift that says it too. Each gift on this list literally says “I Love You More” for that special person in your life, whoever he or she may be. They are the perfect gifts to give to brighten your loved one’s day and make them feel cherished.

1. Love You More Throw Blanket

Love you more gifts Blanket

This red blanket with “love you more” scrawled on it in white lettering is made out of 100% cotton, so it’s warm and comfortable, perfect for snuggling with your loved one while watching a movie on a cold night. It’s also great for a surprise, romantic picnic in a park. By giving this gift your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will know how strong your love is.

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2. I ♡ U More Custom Keychain

I ♡ U More Custom Keychain

If you want to win in the debate who loves whom more, this gift can help you to be a winner. This romantic keychain has a classic design and is customizable. It is handmade and the surface is brushed with patina, which gives it a beautiful, textured look. It comes in a variety of metals: copper, aluminum, stainless steel, so you can create the perfect keychain for your special someone.

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3. I Love You More Chocolate Box

I Love You More Chocolate Gift

Does your special someone love chocolate? If so, this is the perfect gift. “Love you more” is spelled out in block letters with vibrant colors on creamy chocolate squares. This thoughtful gift is splendid surprise to illuminate someone’s day. Each box is made to order, and can last up to six months if unopened.

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4. Necklace

iloveyou gifts rose gold necklace

This beautiful, gold rose necklace goes with any outfit perfectly. The heart is 1 ¼ inches, and “I love you more” is stamped on the outer-edge of the heart. The necklace is also accented with a Swarovski crystal heart and a Swarovski bicone. Both the heart and bicone are customizable making it a unique and personal gift.

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5. Mug

Love you more gift items: Romantic Coffee Mug

Colorful and fun, this romantic mug is great for someone who loves coffee or tea to start their day. Not only does the gift say “love you more,” it also has a couple other messages for your partner. The bottom says “to the moon and back,” and the other side says “you are my sunshine.” All the messages are written in black script inside of a circle. The rest of the mug is covered in multicolored, funky hearts. A lovely way to brighten your love’s day.

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6. Love You More Jewelry Music Box

Jewelry Music Box a gift that says i love you

This stunning, decorative jewelry box also plays the famously romantic song “All You Need is Love.” It features black velvet lining and metal detailing. Not to mention, an Italian-style Burlwood finish, giving it an antique-like look, and an embossed silver colored inlay around the framed lid. It’s inside is 4 X 4 inches perfect for your girlfriend or wife to store their most cherished keepsakes and jewelry.

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7. Romantic Light Box

Love you more Romantic gift for her or him

This is gift idea that will make you a hero of the night. Hand-crafted, beech wood box has the words “love you more” carved out on it’s side, so the words project onto a wall when a candle is placed inside of it. In addition to the words, the box also has a couple of hearts carved out, making it into a lovely decoration both as a box and as an ornamental light. Nothing is more romantic than cuddling up together with ambient light, projecting your love, into the darkness. The candle is included in this perfect love box.

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8. Teddy Bear

Gifts that say i love you Teddy Bear

Plush and cute, this happy bear is great present for putting a smile on your special girl’s (guy’s) face. Sherman teddy bear is 21 inches tall,super soft, and cute expression of love. He’s great to cuddle with and an adorable reminder of your love with the words “love you more” scrawled across his shirt. He adds a cute flair to any bookcase, bedroom, or toy box.

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9. I ♡ you more kit

Gift box that says i love you for her

This box is excellent gift to says i love you more for the women in your life who loves to be pampered. It features Marseille soap from France, a soap holder, Golden Triangle Incense (Inner Child), a soapstone heart-shaped tealight holder, tea (Song of Love), Kiwi Jasper handstones, a Chakra set, a handstone rose quartz, rose quartz raw, tea light fragrance and herbs (Song of Love), a clear quartz pendant, and a tray with sand and two coals. It’s the perfect kit to create a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere at home.

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10. Naziv

Wooden String Art Box Sign gift for him that says i love you

This decorative art box can be hung on a wall or stand on its own. It has a hand-strung red heart design created with silver nails and red string. Unique gift for him that says i love you more in the center of the heart. Whether it livens up your wall, table top, or book shelf, it accents any room well with its homey, wooden design.

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11. Te Amo Mas Necklace

Te Amo Mas Necklace

This stunning copper necklace is a delightful way to show your love in Spanish. It has a punched heart shape next to the words, Te Amo Mas, and you can pick which birthstone you would like to accompany the round disk. It comes on an 18 inch chain. This necklace can match any outfit, casual or sophisticated.

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12. Sweet pillow case

Pillow Case gift to show you care for him/her

A great accent for your loved one’s couch or bed, this pillow is an awesome gift. Its neutral colors will go with any décor. “Love you more” is written across the pillow in a bold, classic font. Made with a mix of environmentally friendly cotton and linen, this gift is soft and durable and can used either inside or outside.

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13. Engraved Stone

Engraved stones - Personalized gift

Strolling across a beach and having a pretty stone catch your eye is nice, but this stone is especially splendid because it has a special engraving on it, your love expression. Not only does the stone say “I love you more,” but you can also have the other side engraved with a special, personal message. The stone is about 2 inches big, and you get to pick your own color.

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14. Precious Moments Love You More Porcelain Figurine

Precious Moments, Love You More Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Girl

This sweet, tear-drop eyed girl holds up a pretty pink message saying “I love you more.” With her cute smile, angelic bob, and strappy sandals, you cannot go wrong. She can melt anyone’s heart, and add an adorable touch to any table top or shelf. She is made out of bisque porcelain, excellently painted and meticulously handcrafted.

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15. Cool Pink Fuzzy Novelty Cupcake Socks for Her

Cool Pink Fuzzy Novelty Cupcake Socks for Her

These creative and fun socks are a splendid gift that can bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face. They are neon pink with black writing, have well known love message for her scrawled across the bottom. And they come in a cute, cupcake packaging. They are super comfortable and fluffy so they can be worn for hours, and can keep your loved one’s feet warm and cozy during those long, cold nights. This gift will surely convince her that your love for her is stronger.

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16. Love You More Stainless Steel Necklace

Gift idea for her - Love You More Stainless Steel Necklace

This is a circular pendant with a cute heart carved into one of its sides, and with the words for love of your life written in a classic font on the other side of the circle. This stunning minimalist design is made with high quality stainless steal. It’s incredibly durable, and highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

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17. Docking Station

Iloveyou gifts Gift for Boyfriend,dock Station

This handmade, wood docking station is perfect for the man you love. He will be able to keep track of his keys, phone, watch, glasses, and wallet in one convenient spot that reminds him how much you love him. It has “I love you” engraved on side, if you want to make gift even more special for your man, you can add word more.

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18. Heart Ornament

Heart Ornament gifts that show you love

A colorful and pretty gift, this ornament shows how much you care. Its hand painted design has an enchanting, watercolor-like quality. It would be a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree or holiday wreath. It has an attached wire hanger with beads (one red and one black) and red ribbon. It is made of ceramic.

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19. Handmade Ring

Gifts to show you love to him Handmade ring

This handcrafted, ring is perfect for that husband or boyfriend in your life. It is aa gift for him that says i love, it’s engraved on the center of the ring.. Every time your beloved looks down at his hand, he’ll remember how loved he is. It has a minimalist design that suits to any stylish men.

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20. Keychain with words: “I Love You More. The End. I Win.”

I Love You More. The End. I Win.

This keychain officially ends the argument of who loves who more. It’s made out of brass and glass with a picture stating, “I love you more. The end. I win.” inside the glass. The font is bold and simplistically charming. Its clean cut style makes this a great gift for a man or woman. Show him (her) that, however, your love is much stronger and that is not worth the further discussion.

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21. Heat Sensitive Color Changing Mug That Says: I Love You More. The end. I win.

Gifts to say I Love You More. The end. I win.

Now it’s really the end. Definitely and last, surprising I love you more. Without any dilemma with this present, you are the winner of the game Who loves who more. This super cool mug is black at first, but once you add your hot beverage the message is displayed. The message says “I love you more. The end. I win.” in a cute, funky way with two red hearts next to the ‘more.’ Every morning, your beloved will remember how loved they are as they sip on the coffee and start their day.

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