4th Anniversary Gift Ideas for: Her, Him and Couples

Traditionally, the gifts given for the fourth wedding anniversary are flowers, fruit, linen, and silk. Though we live in a modern age, some still hold to tradition. This gift list for your fourth wedding anniversary has all your bases covered, ensuring you find the perfect gift for your significant other!

For Her

  • Gold Dipped Rose

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Golden Rose

    Roses are a symbol of eternal love. The precious metal gold is also associated with love- which is why it’s the popular metal choice for engagement and wedding rings. Combine these two elements together and what do you have? The perfect gift to show the special lady in your life she is your one true and eternal love. This rose will never die or wilt, just like your love for her. Because there is no greater gift than eternal love.


  • White Gold Necklace Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her White-Gold Romantic Necklace

    If you are truly romantic express your filings with this most romantic gift for 4th Anniversary. There are many different ways you can tell someone you love them. With words, without words, in a different language, and many other ways. There is a word for love in every language, showing the universal impact this emotion has on people. What better way to show your love then with a necklace that has it inscribed in 120 different language? Don’t just say I Love You one way, say it 120 ways with this most romantic white gold necklace!


  • Linen anniversary jewelry set for woman

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Linen anniversary jewelry set

    All women are different. Some women prefer luxurious and expensive gold jewelry as a symbol of love. But not your woman – She prefers jewelry that is simple and pretty. The gold dipped rose and the onyx and 24k gold necklace aren’t her style. But you still want to get her jewelry! Well this embroidered necklace and earring set will be the perfect gift to show you how much you love her. She’s sure to feel loved every time she wears it.


  • Personalized 4 Years Together Print

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Personalized 4 Years Together Print

    You’re one of those couples that holds true to all the traditions of marriage. From your courtship to the ceremony to your marriage now, you’ve held true to the traditions set forth by your ancestors. Your gift for the anniversary will be no different. For those who hold true to the traditional symbols of the fourth wedding anniversary, this personalized linen will be the perfect gift. A constant reminder of where your relationship is now and where you’re going together.


  • Scent Candle

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Scent Candle

    This gift is a modern take on one of the traditional gifts -linen. Candles are a multi purpose item that have the ability to make any place feel like home. In a range of colors, sizes, and scents, there is a candle for everyone to enjoy. This linen scented candle is no exception. Perfect for making the home smell like fresh and clean laundry. It keeps the tradition of giving linen for the fourth anniversary alive in a modern way.


  • Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary Teddy Bear with Fruit and Rose

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Teddy Bear with Fruit and Rose

    There is a stuffed bear for every occasion. Ones dressed like Pumpkins for Halloween, Santa Clause for Christmas, and ones proclaiming their love for you on Valentines Day. Stuffed bears a cute and fun way to show someone you love them. This bear can be given for multiple anniversaries as each bear comes with a custom shirt to signify the anniversary it represents and an unique artificial flower to match the theme. See the years go by in adorable fluffiness!


  • Personalized Box of chocolates

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Personalized Box of chocolates

    Women love chocolate. There is just something about it that makes us happy. And why limit giving it just on Valentines Day? Don’t limit when you give us chocolate because we always want chocolate! This chocolate is customizable for the 4 year anniversary occasion and handmade for your love. Imagine the look on her face when she sees Happy Fourth Anniversary written out in chocolate! She will love it and show her appreciation by eating it without sharing – because we don’t share chocolate!


  • Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set

  • 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set

    After four years, you will start to notice physical differences. Your back is a little stiffer when you wake up in the morning. Those stilettos she loves so much now cause her feet pain. Time changes things and all we can do is find ways to make it easier. What makes pain easier to deal with? A warm relaxing bath! This bath set will be the perfect way to help her relax after a long day of wearing painful shoes.


    Hydrangeas and Geraniums


    Flowers always make women happy. Every anniversary is associated with a certain flower. Hydrangea is a flower associated with 4th anniversary.


    Geranium is also a flower associated with 4th anniversary. Don’t forget to give your wife a bouquet of beautiful geraniums.

Fourth year wedding anniversary gifts based on gemstone

Did you know that the fourth year wedding anniversary gemstone is blue topaz?

Fourth year wedding anniversary gemstone

Blue topaz is the stone of true love – and that makes it an even better reason to gift it to your wife or to your husband. The Blue Topaz stone symbolizes love and fidelity and you can easily show your wife with beautiful necklaces, earrings, or rings how much you care about her. Also Blue topaz rings and cuff links add luxurious accents to a man’s look. You can think along these lines if gifting based on gemstone.

Here you can find Blue topaz gifts for her and for him

Note:Most men do not like jewelry, rings or Blue Topaz. If your husband is one of us 🙂 then you can check below other better 4th Anniversary gifts for him.

For Him

  • Fossil Watch

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband Fossil Watch

    Time has a way of flying by without us realizing it. If we get engrossed in a good book or a video games, hours can fly by without us realizing it! And with this loss of time, it can lead to us being late or becoming frantic over fast approaching deadlines. So for the man in your life who always seems to lose track of time, this watch is the perfect four year anniversary gift to keep him on time all the time!


  • Memory Book

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband Memory Book

    Memories are an important part of any relationship. Being able to reflect on good times together can help strengthen a bond during hard times or help you see how far you’ve come together. And having physical reminders of those memories helps ensure you never forget them no matter how much time goes by. With this linen covered memory book, the memories of your four years of marriage and all the years to come are safe and all in one place.


  • Family Established Year Sign Wooden Cutting Cheese Board

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband Family Established Year Sign

    Food is a great way to bring people together and most men like food related gifts. Holidays where food is the main focus bring together family and friends. Conversations are held, gifts are opened, and joy is brought to all. The tools you use for food prep are also important because without them, you wouldn’t be able to prepare your delicious meals! This beautiful cherry wood cutting board is the perfect gift for the husband who loves to cook. Personalized engraving is optional, so go for it!


  • “You’re My Lobster” Pillow

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband "You're My Lobster" Pillow

    You always want your home to feel warm and cozy. Whether it is filled with love and laughter, fires in the fireplace and warm tea, or pillows and blankets, you just want your home to always feel like a home! This linen pillow is the perfect accessories in this goal. With the linen keeping with the tradition of the fourth wedding anniversary and the ability to personalize it, these extra touches will always make your home feel filled with love!


  • Engraved Compass

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband Engraved Compass

    Life is a never ending journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. It’s easy to get lost or lose your sense of direction, but there’s always something to help you find your way again. Because having a solid sense of direction can help bring peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic world. Whether this compass is for literal or figurative use is up to hit, but the symbol remains the same – Always know where you’re going and you’ll be home.


  • Beer Chiller

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband Beer Chiller

    Your husband likes beer. He likes to have a beer with the boys or some beers during the big game – or any game for that matter. Maybe you two even met at a bar! There any many beer memorabilia and paraphernalia out there, but this gift is so unique, you might not have even known it existed! With this device allowing your husbands beer to stay the perfect temperature all the time, your beer loving man will always be happy! Give him this truly unique and nontraditional 4th anniversary present. Let your partner know how cool gift giver you are.


  • You Are My Rock

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband You Are My Rock

    Most people will compare their relationship to a rock – Naturally built strong and made to endure any and all storms that comes its way. And how many time have you told your friends and family that your man is your rock through the hard times? Probably more times than you can remember! Show your husband that he is indeed your rock with this beautiful engraved rock. Display it as a constant physical reminder of the strong love you two share.


  • Whiskey Stones Gift Set

  • 4th anniversary Gifts for Husband Whiskey Stones Set

    You met your husband at a bar. Your eyes locked across the bar and you immediately knew he was the one. Your wedding had an open bar and your date nights still include going out to the bar for a drink. Bars and drinking were the foundation you built your love on. So there’s no better anniversary gift than this glass and whisky stones set for your man! Instead of going out to the bar, bring the bar home to you!


Bonus DIY Tip
Women can make creative bouquets made of fruit and food and package them well, a gesture that shows the time spent on the gift. Men will love chocolate-covered strawberries inserted into bouquet stands or fruits arranged attractively in baskets with words like these:
“I’m bananas for you!” – For bananas
“You’re the apple of my eye” – For apples
“You are ‘pear’fect!” – For pears

For Couples

  • His and Hers Bathrobes Sets

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples His and Hers Bathrobes Sets

    Your favorite couple has decided to take a second honeymoon to celebrate their first four years of marriage. You want to give them something they can use on the trip, but can also use at home. Though hotels provide nice robes for guests to wear, the thought of wearing something a hundred other people have is uncomfortable. This matching his and hers robe set is the perfect gift for them! Ensuring they’ll never have to wear a hotel robe again.


  • Journal To Document Wedding Anniversaries From The 1st To the 50th Year

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples Wedding Anniversary Book

    This couple is meant to be. Everything about them fits perfectly together. You have never seen two people more in love. This is the couple that without a doubt will grow old together and hit every marriage milestone until death do them part. This anniversary book is the perfect way to document their perfect marriage from the first year to the 50th year. So when they’re old and grey, they can look back on their life full of love happily.


  • Bracelets King and Queen Matching Set Anniversary Promise Gifts

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples Bracelets King and Queen Matching Set Anniversary Promise Gifts

    He is the King of her heart. She is the Queen of his life. Together they have built a castle of friendship and love in which they live in. And one day they hope to be blessed with tiny princes and princesses. Crowns are too over the top to wear everyday, so these bracelets are the awesome way for this couple to represent their relationship. A statement piece to let the world they are united as one always and forever.


  • Couples Aprons Mr and Mrs, anniversary gift for husband & wife

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples Aprons Mr and Mrs, gift for husband & wife

    They say the way to a man’s heart through his stomach. For this couple, it was the way they got into each other’s hearts. This is the couple that wines and dines together. They enjoy food, whether it’s being prepared for them or they’re preparing it themselves. Food is what bonds them and keeps their relationship strong. So a matching set of aprons is the perfect anniversary gift for that husband & wife, to celebrate this couples love for each other and their love for food!


  • Picture Frame 4 Year of Marriage

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples Picture Frame 4 Year of Marriage

    Couples take a many photos together. On vacations, on dates, at holiday events, and then most importantly on the wedding. Photos are a way for the couple to see how much they’ve grown and changed together throughout the years. Though most people keep digital photos now, some still prefer to frame their photos. So for the couple who holds to that tradition, this personalized frame is the perfect gift for them. A special piece to hold all their special memories.


  • Engraved Penny Keychains With Heart Around Year

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples 6 Engraved Keychain

    They say if you find a heads up penny, you will have good luck for the rest of the day. Well this couple feels like they have a lucky penny everyday they are together. The world seems brighter when they are together. No obstacle feels too hard to overcome. They are, in essence, each other’s lucky penny. So these lucky penny keychains are the perfect representation of their relationship. This handmade gift can be engraved with their year of marriage.


  • Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs

    Your favorite couple met at a coffee shop. He was the barista, she was the customer or vice versa. But they knew it as meant to be and craftily wrote their number on the cup to keep in touch. The first date was a coffee date that led to many more coffee dates and then eventually to marriage. There is no better gift than a his and hers coffee mug set to represent where that first cup has taken them.


  • Custom Made Wooden Wall Clock

  • 4 years anniversary gift ideas for couples Custom Made Wooden Wall Clock

    Four years have gone by since your favorite couple got married. That’s 1,460 days together! But time has gone by quicker than they thought possible. Yet after all this time, they still love each other deeply and have maintained that newlywed glow. Time may not stand still, but for this couple time will only allow them to fall deeper in love with each other. This beautiful personalized wooden wall clock will allow them to be reminded of their time together.


With so many gifting options to choose from, finding the perfect gift for 4th anniversary will be a cinch!