48 Gifts that Every Unicorn Lover Will Want To Get This Year

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like unicorns? Every girl or a woman finds something magical in this cute and colorful creature, no matter if it is a cartoon character or mythological creature from fairy tales. The cult of unicorn expanded really fast and the market became rich and diverse when it comes to the gifts for unicorn lovers. We picked some of the original ones, just for you.

Unicorn Toys and Gifts for Girls:

Best unicorn gifts for young girlsLooking for the most beautiful gifts for young girls who love unicorns? Check out our 13 ideas that we have prepared for you.

1. Unicorn Winter Hat with Scarf

Unicorn gifts for girls Hat with Scarf

This unicorn designed, cute and knitted hat with a scarf will be the favorite gift of every young girl. It is more suited for little girls and teenagers than for the young ladies, but hey, who can know what is inside the heart, and everyone should wear cloth that makes them comfortable. This handmade hat and scarf are created from quality fabrics like cotton, acrylic, and polyester.

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2. String Art Kit – Unicorn Edition

Unicorn gifts for girls String Art Kit

This would be an ideal gift for creative kids who adore unicorns. This creative knitting set develops imagination and creation. Two different patterns, one of a heart and one of a unicorn will give every young girl hours of fun and joy. The set includes other tools necessary for a unicorn lover to have a lot of fun.

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3. Fleece Zip-Up Hoodies

Unicorn gifts for girls Hoodie

What we know for sure, is that parents love when gifts become a combination of useful and beautiful. This fleece hoodie has a cute and colorful print of unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, hearts, and stars. You will never see so many girly and pretty staff drowned in pink color on such a small hoodie. The lucky little girl who gets this gift will be swept off her feet

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4. Pink Plush Unicorn Toy

Unicorn gifts for girls Pink Plush Stuffed Fluffy TOY

Plush toys are always a good choice for a gift. If you know what is the favorite animal or cartoon character of a kid, then you cannot fail. We had decided to write about this big pink plush unicorn toy cos’ its size makes it a perfect XXL gift for every little girl. It will most certainly become her favorite hug toy.

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5. My Audio Pet

Unicorn gifts for girls Audio pet

This audio pet is a wireless speaker toy, designed to look like a cute little unicorn. It can be connected with every device that has Bluetooth, phones, tablets or PC. The kid will be able to play interesting games, like “hide and seek”, with this new pet. With the rechargeable batteries, this toy is something that children will always carry with themselves.

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6. Robot Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit-App-Enabled Building and Coding Stem Learning Kit

Unicorn gifts for girls Robot Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit-App-Enabled Building and Coding Stem Learning Kit

A dream of every child is to have a robot of their favorite cartoon character. This Ubtech Jimu Unicornbot is a kit with 44o pieces that have to be built into this cool robot. The app allows the kid to manage robot actions, and it also has a sensor that can recognize colors. With this kind of gifts, you will become the worshiped gift giver.

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7. Jxstar Girls Unicorn Dress

Unicorn gifts for girls Dress

If you want to be the best uncle/aunt in the whole world in the eyes of a young girl, then you should buy her a dress or plush toy. This time we decided to put on the list this girly pink dress with the print of unicorns and rainbows. It is made of quality fabrics and available in sizes from 3 to 13 years, the best thing is that you can choose from different fabric designs all with unicorn patterns. Great, right?

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8. Craft-tastic – I Love Unicorns Kit

Unicorn gifts for girls Craft Kit

This is another unicorn kit that will develop kids creativity and imagination. It has six different unicorn themes that will keep every girl busy for hours. Materials for projects are made in bright and lively colors, what guarantees joyful time spend in play alone or with friends. Creative toys are good for kids but we have to say that parents love them, too.

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9. PLAYMOBIL Fairy Garden Play Box

Unicorn gifts for girls Fairy Garden Play Box

This toy will occupy almost every little girl. It is interesting cos’ it has several different characters that can develop the game in many interesting ways. Two fairies, garden, unicorn, and many other accessories will be enough to bring a smile on a child’s face. This could be a nice gift for a little boy as well.

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10. Lunch Bag – Unicorn time

Unicorn gifts for girls School Picnic Thermal Carrying Gourmet Lunchbox

When girls have their favorite animal or hero, they like to wear cloth and begs themed with that character. They carry their toys in accessories all designed like their idol. That is why we decided to write about this unicorn themed lunch bag. Every little princess will gladly carry their lunch in school in this cute pink-unicorn bag.

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11. Rainbow Daze Rain Boots

Unicorn gifts for girls Rainbow Daze Rain Boots

If you want your gift to surprise parents as well, just buy something that will be useful and that will save the home budget for a few bucks. These rain boots are something that every kid needs. If you want to make them wear something like this, choose those with an interesting design. This pinky unicorn rain boots will make every rainy day a day of joy.

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12. Unicorn School Bag

Unicorn gifts for girl Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

Another useful gift for both, kids and parents. It is popular to carry things necessary for kids, like water bottles, paper tissues, spare clothes, etc. That is why the backpack becomes a “must have” item in everyday life of all youngsters. For those who adore unicorns, we prepared this cute unicorn bag in baby editions of blue, pink and yellow colors.

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13. Enamel Alloy Horse Unicorn Necklace

Unicorn gifts for girls Necklace

So far, all of our unicorn toys were more suitable for little girls, but this one might steal the heart of a teenage unicorn fan. This is a necklace with unicorn enamel pendant. It is painted in many different colors what makes it super cool and modern. It is available in several interesting color combinations and we believe that every girl will love them.

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Unicorn Birthday Gifts:

Best unicorn gifts for birthday Looking for fantastic unicorn gifts for the birthdays of the unicorn lovers? We selected the best ones to make each birthday even better.

1. Unicorn Journal Gel Pens Set

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Unicorn Journal Gel Pens Set -Lovely Birthday Gifts for Girls of All Ages

Every little girl likes to write secrets and notes in cute notebooks. That is why we inlisted this super girly notebook and gel pen set. It is designed in a pink color with the unicorn decoration on the book cover while the pen has unicorn figurine on the top. Every little lady will be delighted with this birthday gift.

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2. Unicorn Happy Birthday Banner

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Happy Birthday Banner

This would be a great gift from parents or someone close to the kid who celebrates the birthday. This is a birthday decoration-banner created in the shape of a unicorn. It is made in beautiful colors with the combination of glitter. What more can you wish for a birthday party of a little princess? The unicorn decoration comes in a bag but some parts have to be assembled.

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3. Tutu & Birthday Unicorn Tee

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Girls Lavender Pastel Satin Trimmed Tutu & Birthday Unicorn Tee

Every girl likes tutu skirts and headbands. For a dreamy birthday party, all she needs is to dress up and be the most beautiful girl at the party. This set includes tee, tutu, and headband with the unicorn design. It is available in sizes from 6 months to 10 years.

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4. Unicorn Goodie Bag

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Goodie Bag, Rainbow Bracelet/Hair Ties/Unicorn Necklace/Gift Card/Gift Bag

This could be a great gift for every unicorn lover. It is rare to get so many unicorn themed items in just one gift, but we managed to find one of those too. Rainbow bracelet, unicorn pendant necklace, hair ties and wish card are all in rainbow colors and packaged in a gift bag in mint color. Every girl will be delighted with this present.

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5. Photography Background Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Photography Background

A perfect gift for a birthday party. Can you imagine the happiness of a little girl if she had the possibility to make every birthday photo with this background? The best thing is that you can choose among many different sizes and unicorn themes. This would be the best side gift from parents, a perfect spice that will make a birthday party memorable.

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6. Unicorn Birthday Party Supplies

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Pink Children’s Rainbow Party Supply Set with Bonus Happy Birthday Banner Serves

This is the gift that parents would describe as practical and useful. With it, you will get everything that you could possibly need for a party. The gift box includes unicorn themed dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, straws, napkins, and cutlery set, all that for 12 guests. In addition, the box includes a birthday banner as well.

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7. Enchantmints Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Music Jewelry Box

Every little girl has some little treasures important just to her. This cute jewelry box with the pictures of a unicorn will be a perfect place for her valuables. It has two big and two small drawers, and it plays a beautiful „Unicorn song“ while the little unicorn figurine twirls along the melody. This is a nice decoration for a girls bedroom.

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8. Build-A-Bot Unicorn Robotics Kit

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Basic Fun Build-A-Bot Unicorn Robotics Kit

When children achieve something through the play they start to appreciate devotion. This unicorn robot comes in parts as a kit, and every child has to assemble it first. Once the assembly is over, the robot will react to hand clapping and start to jump, walk and play. It is a perfect toy for creative kids.

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9. Unicorn LED Night Lamp

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Night Lamp

Room decor can also be an original gift, especially if you know what does the birthday girl likes the best. This pinky LED night lamp will be a perfect decoration on her night table or wall. It is battery operated and there won’t be any danger from the electricity. You can choose from several unicorn designs.

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10. I am 10 and Magical: Cute Unicorn Journal

Unicorn Birthday Gifts I am 10 and Magical

This gift isn’t just unicorn themed, it is created for girls who are turning 10. This is a nice and colorful journal, perfect for all the secrets and notes that one 10-year-old lady can write. When you are out of ideas what would be a good gift for a girl, just turn to the notebooks with cute covers, you won’t make a mistake.

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11. My Magical Unicorn Interactive Plush Pet Toy

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Interactive Plush Pet Toy

This interactive plush toy will blow off their feet every kid who gets it. This plush toy has 100 different combinations of motions and sounds, and a horn that can light up in different colors. This toy will be the favorite cuddling toy to every little princess.

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12. Personalized Unicorn Necklace

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Personalized Necklace

This would probably be a nice gift for teenagers. This personalized necklace has the unicorn pendant, disc customized with the name or some interesting line, and birthstone. You have the possibility to make this gift original and unique as much as you can with the great choice of colors, stones, and necklace sizes.

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13. Stuffed Unicorn Birthday Gift Basket Box

Unicorn Birthday Gifts Stuffed Unicorn Birthday Gift Basket Box for Girls Cosmetic Bag Treats and More

We will end this section with the gift box perfect for a little and adult unicorn lover birthday girls. The set includes cosmetics as well as the sweets. The bath bomb with the hidden unicorn surprise in it and the loofah, unicorn hair ties and socks, lollipop, bubble gums, unicorn plush toy, and unicorn themed purse with zipper are all that is packed in this crazy-rich present.

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Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults:

Gifts for adult fans of the unicorn Not only children but adults also have many unicorn lovers. Many women love to get the unicorn themed gifts for a variety of occasions. These are the best gifts:

1. Unicorn Animal Fleece Slippers

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults Unicorn themed Slippers

Adults just love gifts that will have everyday usage. It saves the home budget and makes them happy. This cute fleece slippers with unicorn design will be the favorite item in the cold nights spent in laziness. They are available in different sizes and unicorn designs. Choose those that will suit the girls taste the best.

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2. Lubber Novelty Unicorn Latex Animal Head Mask

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults Costume

If your unicorn lover friend has a great sense of humor, you should surprise him with this crazy Halloween costume. It is the latex head mask in the unicorn design. One thing is sure, they won’t stop laughing once they open this gift. Crazy gifts should find their way to the cool and crazy people.

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3. Ndoobiy Printed Leggings

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults Yoga Workout Leggings

This would probably be a good and useful gift for your friend who likes unicorns and sport. Practical and useful leggings are must-have for girls who are always in action. Perfect for house sores and gym, they are made from quality fabrics with the unicorn print. There are different unicorn patterns available.

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4. Fleece Unicorn Onesie Pajama

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults Pajamas for Women

This unicorn onesie pajama is perfect for girls who still nurture a child in themselves. Available in many different designs, you can choose from those made in one color or other multi-colored models. The pajama has a tail and a hoodie with horn and unicorn ears. Perfect for cozy nights or Halloween party.

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5. 16GB Cartoon Cute Unicorn USB Flash Drive

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults Cute Unicorn USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive is something that everyone needs in these modern times. If you combine cuteness with the useful side, you will get something like this unicorn USB. A cute, small, colorful, totally girly and practical gadget that will be the inevitable part of a girl’s accessories.

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6. Inflatable Unicorn with Pump and Carrying Bag

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults Party Bird Island Giant Unicorn Float

If you like to be that one who gives the best gifts, then you have to see this gold suggestion. This is a huge inflatable unicorn shaped boat. It can accommodate five grown-up people. One thing is for sure, with this boat they will be the craziest lake visitors and you will be the coolest gift giver.

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Funny Unicorn Gifts

Funniest Unicorn Gifts If you are looking for funny unicorn gifts that will delight anyone who loves laugh and these magical creatures, we have excellent gift ideas.

1. Sparkle Farts Unicorn Plush

Funny Unicorn Gifts Sparkle Farts The Original Farting Unicorn Plush

Funny gifts are a good choice for both, kids and adults. This funny farting plush unicorn will melt hearts with its cute look, and bring the smiles on faces once it starts farting. The gift box includes two temporary tattoos and a limited edition poster. We are sure that even you would like to have something like this.

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2. Funny Unicorn Socks

Funny Unicorn Gifts Socks

What can we say? You can read the line by yourself. If you have a unicorn lover friends who are adults and have bright spirit, they will probably adore this kind of a gift. People with an open mind will enjoy wearing these cozy socks and their catchy line.

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3. Unicorn Toot Blaster

Funny Unicorn Gifts Toot Blaster & Collectible Figure

This gag toy will probably suit kids the best, but if you have friends young at the heart, they might enjoy this gift as well. Designed in the shape of a unicorn and with the handle that can be attached to the unicorn belly, this toy will bring a lot of fun to every child.

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4. Set of Two Unicorn Beer Beverage Holder

Funny Unicorn Gifts Beer Beverage Holder

We have found a funny unicorn gift for every occasion and every age. This neoprene made beer holders have a picture of a unicorn and a line „I am fucking magical“ printed on them. This is a set of two, so you and your best friend can enjoy a beer together. Be the one who brings the coolest gifts ever.

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5. Unicorn Toilet Paper

Funny Unicorn Gifts Toilet Paper

During their lifetime, people get a lot of crazy presents, but they probably never get toilet paper as a gift. That is why we have decided to in-list this original unicorn toilet paper. Kids and adults will love it as long as it keeps their tushies clean.

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6. Garden Gnome and Unicorn Statue

Funny Unicorn Gifts Funny Guy Mugs Garden Gnome Statue - The Ultimate Trio: Cat, Gnome & Unicorn Statue

It is hard to explain this gift, but that is what makes it charming and unique. So we have here a flag holding gnome and a cat riding a unicorn. We don’t get the message that this statue wants to send, but we are sure that you have a friend with a garden that would be a nice home for this strange trio.

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7. Color Changing, Heat Sensitive Unicorn Mug for Coffee

Funny Unicorn Gifts Color Changing, Heat Sensitive Mug

If you have a few good male colleagues at work, this would be a nice gift for them. The best working day starts with hot coffee or tea, always served in a nice and bright cups. These mugs are the best way for a strong man to show his sensitive side. Your strong male friends will be delighted with this gift.

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8. Glenda Glitterpoop Unicorn

Funny Unicorn Gifts Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn that Turns Feisty with a Squeeze

We have one more gift in the category of „funny but strange“. This is a cute unicorn with sad eyes who turns angry once you squeeze its body. We are sure that some of your unicorn lover friends will love this little personality deranged plush toy.

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Cheap Unicorn Gifts

Inexpensive Unicorn gifts You do not have too much money, and you want to give a unicorn gift that’s great, although it’s cheap. Look at these pretty cheap gifts.

1. DDazzling Girls Unicorn Hair Ties

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Hair Ties

If you have a tight gift budget, you can always find a nice and cheap present for a dear person. This set of unicorn themed hair ties will be a perfect gift for every girl, no matter how old she may be. They are made in different designs and the set includes five girly and cute hair ties. Little girls can wear it as a bracelet too.

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2. Albabe Unicorn Bracelets Wristband

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Transparent Soft Silicone Band Bracelet

It is always cool to prepare gifts that will be used by kids. This set is a perfect gift for birthday parties, or as a part of goodie bags. The set includes a sit glowing bracelets with the unicorn pendant on it. Little girls will be delighted, and it is important to write that they are non-toxic and kids safe.

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3. Handicorn – Unicorn Hand Puppet

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Handicorn

This gift will bring a lot of joy to every kid. Kids often like to play like they perform a theater play, that is why all puppet doll will have a special place in a child’s heart. This type of toys develop imagination and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

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4. Mary Meyer Talls ‘N Smalls Soft Smalls Unicorn Toy

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Soft Toy

Plush toys are nice gifts for girls no matter how old they are. That is why we have picked this cute unicorn from Mary Meyer collection. The Smalls Unicorn has its friend from the Talls collection so you can pair them in order to make the surprise even bigger.

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5. Zmart Funny Unicorn Socks

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Funny Crazy Colorful Unicorns Emoji Ankle Socks

Socks are pretty original gist if you think about it. How many times have you received socks as a gift? Probably once, from your mother. This is the best opportunity to become the coolest ever socks giver. The package includes five pairs of unicorn designed socks, but you can pick some other unicorn design too.

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6. Aurora World Sparkle Unicorn

Cheap Unicorn Gifts  stuffed animals

One more cute plush unicorn toy. What can we say? We love them very much. Made in white color from quality materials, this toy will be the favorite hug buddy of every little girl. If you have a problem to find a nice and cute gift with a tight budget, this might be the best solution for you. You won’t make a mistake.

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7. Unicorn Torch Pen

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Pen

If you are looking for a gift with a symbolic price, look no more. This is a nice unicorn pen, designed especially for kids. Every drawing or writing attempt will be a pure pleasure for every child who does it with this torch pen. The design is more suitable for girls.

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8. Black Unicorn Necklace Pendant

Cheap Unicorn Gifts Black Unicorn Necklace Pendant

This necklace with unicorn pendant is more suitable for grown-up girls. It is made in black color and the picture is probably something that ladies will love. The chain length is not adequate for little girls. Of course, if the receiver loves unicorns, she will be delighted no matter what the gift looks like as long as it has the unicorn picture on it.

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We hope that we have helped you in choosing a gift for any unicorn lovers in your life.