18 Awesome Sunflower Themed Gifts

Sunflowers are a symbol of adoration and loyalty. They’re also considered a happy flower because of their vibrant color, meaning they can bring joy to someone’s day. With our wide gift range, you are sure to find something in any age range! So for the person you have loyally adored for years, these best sunflower themed gifts are the perfect way to brighten up their day!

  • Vintage Audrey Hepburn Style Sunflower Dress

  • Sunflower gift idea: Vintage Audrey Hepburn Style Sunflower Dress

    Vintage has never truly gone out of style. Some women still want to live out their Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s goals and look fabulous while doing it. Others just want to go back to a time of bright patterns and colors because this black and white trend isn’t working for them! This vintage inspired dress is perfect for any woman looking to live out either one of those fantasies! Coming in an array of colors and floral prints, you’re sure to find the perfect dress to fit your vision!

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  • Figurine Girl with Sunflowers

  • Sunflowers sentimental gift: Figurine Girl with Sunflowers

    Besides being a symbol for adoration and loyalty, sunflowers are also considered a sign of good luck and positive energy. This has to do with their name and bright yellow color. Maybe someone in your life isn’t feeling their best right now. Maybe the world has them feeling a little defeated and down. This simple, yet beautiful statue is a great gift to help bring the joy and positive energy back into their life. Place in on their windowsill or on their bed side table and they will start to feel the joy this statue brings!

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  • Sunflower Engagement Ring

  • Unique sunflower gift: 14K Gold Diamond Sunflower Ring

    You have found the one for you. You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your days and nights with. So the nest step is clear- Propose to them and hope they say yes! But the classic gold diamond engagement ring doesn’t feel special enough to you. You want a ring that is unique and truly shows how much they have brightened up your life. This sunflower engagement ring is the perfect unique engagement ring to check every box and get that coveted yes!

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  • Sunflower Necklace

  • Sunflower themed gift Necklace

    The sunflower engagement got you the yes you desired from your beloved and now you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary with her! The joy she has brought to your life has only grown since you married. Your loyalty to her is unwavering and without question. And the adoration you feel for gets stronger every day you’re together. So what better gift to get her than a sunflower necklace to match her beautiful engagement ring? She’ll feel a spark of joy and adoration every time she wears it!

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  • Sunflower Sneakers

  • Sunflower themed Sneakers

    I’m sure we all have that one friend who is very a child of nature. No makeup, hates wearing shoes, always has an herbal fragrance following them, etc. This friend can be found frolicking through a meadow of flowers or dancing in a small stream of water. And though they may hates shoes, they are necessary to prevent them from receiving bug bites or getting a sharp rock in their foot! So why not give them this sunflower printed shoe? It’s sure to be the one shoe they will actually want to wear! This is wonderful gift for the lover of sunflowers

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  • Sunflowers Travel Mug

  • Beautiful sunflower themed items

    Real talk- Most of us aren’t morning people. Even more real talk- Most people can’t function without their coffee. Grumpy and non-caffeinated is not the most positive way to start your day. And looking at that plain black coffee mug just reminds you of how your eyelids look while you sleep! So for the grumpy, non-caffeinated, and not a morning lover person in your life, this sunflower travel mug is the perfect gift to perk them up. The bright colors will inspire energy and so will the contents inside!

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  • Hand Painted Wallet

  • Sunflower gift ideas: Hand Painted wallet

    Being an adult is hard! It is filled with tedious tasks that we don’t really want to do, but we have to because were adults now. Wasn’t life so much easier when we were kids and didn’t have a care in the world? One of the most tedious and stressful tasks we have to do is pay bills. And every time you pull out your checkbook to pay those bills you want to cry. Thought this sunflower checkbook won’t make your bills go away forever, it will at least give you something nice to look at when you feel like crying!

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  • Cute Little Sunflower Plush

  • Sunflower gift ideas for kids

    We all have a gamer friend who has played every game video known to man. Whether it’s a computer game, mobile game, or console game, they’ve played it and possibly beaten it! And for each game they beat, they want a physical reminder of their victory in the form of memorabilia. This friend has beaten the game Plants vs Zombies more than anyone you know, so this sunflower plush from the game is the perfect addition to their “trophy” collection. Also perfect sunflower present for small children who like video game plushies.

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  • Flower Muscle Tee

  • Unique sunflower gifts: Flower muscle tee

    The sun is seen by some as a symbol of positive energy and light. But it also symbolizes something else- Being hot and sweaty in the summer! And though the sun illuminates everything that is beautiful around us, it also illuminates us with sweat, which isn’t pretty. Wearing t-shirts in the summer is uncomfortable, feeling restricting and heavy. That’s why tank top and muscle shirts are seen almost everywhere from the months of June to September! This sunflower printed muscle tee is the perfect gift for sunflower lover sunny summer wardrobe!

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  • Vintage Pastoral Sunflower Stained Glass Tiffany Table Lamp

  • Sunflower gifts: Vintage Pastoral Sunflower Stained Glass Tiffany Table Lamp

    There are certain items or phrases that will bring on a feeling of nostalgia. For some it’s a song from their teenage years. Others it’s a vintage car that their grandfather or dad might have driven when they were a child. For others, it’s furniture or decor pieces. For me, it’s stained glass lamps I would see in family members home as a child. So anytime I see them it take me back to childhood. Whether your gift receiver love stained glass items, sunflowers, or want to give them a touch of nostalgia in their home, this lamp is the perfect addition!

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  • Camille and the Sunflowers

  • Camille and the Sunflowers

    As a child I did all my best learning from books. If I was learning a subject in school I wasn’t particularly fond of it, I was given a book on that subject. Most of the time it helped me learn the subject. Maybe your child is struggling with art or have an interest in it and its history. This book based on a real life event with Vincent van Gogh is the perfect gift for your child! Brightly colored with beautiful illustrations and sure to keep them enthralled and learning!

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  • Personal Sunflower Notebook With Ribbon Bookmark

  • Unique sunflower gifts: Personal Sunflower Notebook With Ribbon Bookmark

    Does anyone else get joy from buying new notebooks and pens? I know I do! Nothing makes me happier than buying a beautiful new notebook with some new pens. Occasionally I will add in a new bookmark or pen case for no real reason at all. This beautiful leather sunflower embossed notebook is sure to bring joy to the person who receives it as a gift. With lined beige paper and a ribbon bookmark, they are sure to want to write down every thought they have in it!

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  • Custom Sunflower Nike Roshe

  • Sunflower themed coll gifts -  Custom Sunflower Nike Roshe

    We all use clothes as a way to express ourselves. Some people choose to express themselves as casual with a simple t-shirt and denim jeans. Others choose to express themselves as over the top in a floor length sequined gown. Others choose to express themselves as rebels with plaid pants, ripped black shirts, and combat boots. Some others choose to express themselves using labeled brands to show how much money they have spent on their clothes. For the label dropper in your life, consider these sunflower printed Nikes for them.

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  • Crochet pattern amigurumi doll “Sunflower Sam”

  • Crochet pattern amigurumi doll "Sunflower Sam"

    Childhood is a wonderful time full of imagination. Children can make a cardboard box a pirate ship or a castle. A simple piece of string can be a kite or a leash for their imaginary dog. The innocence and creativity of childhood is truly astonishing. And what’s the bets part of childhood? Having an accomplice for your all your adventures! This adorable crocheted sunflower doll is the perfect companion for your all child’s adventures, helping them stay optimistic even when they’ve been captured by pirates! Comes in other flower types.

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  • Sunflower Welcome Mat

  • Themed sunflower gift welcome mat

    The bright and sunny yellow color of sunflowers sparks feelings of warmth and joy in a person. It’s the same way when you have guests over- You experience feelings of warmth and joy at being surrounded by people you love and care for. It’s always nice to feel welcomed. And it’s always nice to feel joy when surrounded by others. So this sunflower printed welcome mat is the great present to any happy home, sparking joy and warmth in your guests before they even step in the house!

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  • Hand painted sunflower/bird wine glass

  • Sunflower items gifts: Hand painted sunflower bird wine glass

    Another very unique and the hand-made sunflower gift. To go along with the thought of having guests over, there are certain things you need in order to make your guests feel welcomed. A clean and good smelling home is the best start to that. Follow up with good conversation and maybe add some board games. Then follow that up with the best part- Food and drinks. And since you’re all adults, someone is bound to have brought some wine. These sunflower wine glasses are a great addition to any dinner party or cozy night in with friends.

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  • Flower Toy

  • Sunflower presents flower toy

    Cute dolls have a way of bringing joy to someone’s life. From small children to your ninety-year old grandmother, cute dolls seem to make people really happy. Though everyone has a different definition of cute, there is a doll for every doll lovers taste! This adorable potted sunflower is no different! The perfect doll for the sunflower lover in your life! Excellent addition to their collection that can be used for display or play. Sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face when they open it.

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  • Sign, Sunflowers – You Are My Sunshine

  • Sunflower gift idea: Sign, Sunflowers - You Are My Sunshine

    Childhood songs have a way of bringing out the nostalgia in us. Hearing Ring Around the Rosey might remind us of playing at recess with our friends. Rock-a-Bye Baby might remind us of our parents singing us to sleep. And the Alphabet song, which you might still use to this day to remember what Q is in between. The song You Are My Sunshine might hold a special meaning to you. So why not have this beautiful sign hanging up in your home to remind you of that meaning every day?

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