Gifts for Biologists That Will Make Your Favorite Biologist Serotonin Levels Sky High

They are biologists! It is never an easy thing to explain to the rest of the world what you do and that there are more species out there to explore. This career path is for the curious people, creative explorers… And when some of them are having their birthdays, you need to think outside the box and be original.

But lucky for you, we gathered some original gifts that will make your favorite biologist serotonin levels sky high. It is all about cell-e-brating and having fun(gus).

Let’s start counting the best gifts for biologist!

When it comes to gifts for biologists, this list has some of the best ideas.

1. Biology Coffee Mug

Gifts for biologists Mug

Have you ever wondered what is a biologist doing every day? Saving the world on the molecular level, obviously. They need to be honored for doing this, you know! They are also living organisms known for running on the pure caffeine energy- so they need a mug that could handle all that stress. The mug that will manage all those high caffeine levels. Also, they don’t want a simple ‘’Hang in there, baby’’ type of mugs. Nope, they know how to do the work so the world needs to know it too. ‘’It Might Look Like I’m Doing Nothing – but at the cellular level I am very busy’’ mug is an amazing present for your favorite biologist. Or any biologist – but just remember, microbiologist, is much bigger than you think.

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2. Experimental Design for Biologists

Gift idea Experimental Design for Biologists

Who, more than biologists need an instruction manual? One wrong ingredient and we can have the next zombie apocalypse… or some sort of mega animal that Sci-Fi channel will instantly make a blockbuster out of it. So in order to prevent this – you can give them this experimental design for biologists. This handbook explains how to establish the framework for an experimental project. Your favorite biologist will be thrilled to have something to tingle his or her curiosity and practice its science magic.

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3. Binoculars

Cool biologist gift in the mission to see the mother nature in all of its glory

Pair of binoculars is a must on your next field work – you can admire the wildlife and keep just the right distance. It is like playing the really cool video game, graphics are completely amazing. It is great for hiking, for bird watching, stargazing for romantics… and it is also waterproof. Nothing will stop you or your cool biologist in the mission to see the mother nature in all of its glory.

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4. A Biologist ON Board

Unique gift for biologist - Frame A Biologist ON Board

We already mentioned sci-fi movies – when some dangerous sea creature escapes and threatens everyone – next thing you know there is a car approaching dramatically. The car with the bumper sticker ‘’biologist on board’’ – and you know those creatures are history because they are going to have a whoopin’ with science. Maybe your life is not a movie but you are a real-life hero – so let the world know how much you love your job. You are one of the kind – so act like it.

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5. Sleep Mask

Gift ideas for biologists Astronaut Biologist Eye Cover

If you are a biologist – you are probably suffering from some kind of insomnia. Working by the day and night admiring the beauty of the nocturnal creatures. But seriously, you need a good night sleep in order to be more productive. Sleeping mask with astronaut biologist print will be a great choice. You won’t get distracted by the light and you will finally get a chance to rest – and have sweet dreams. When you are properly rested you will have more ideas to share.

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6. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem - perfect gift idea for biologist who don't have time to have another pets

Most of us do not have time for needy pets, biologists are no exception. Although more than others like plants and animals, lack of time can prevent them from having their pets. We present you EcoSphere a self-sustaining ecosystem that contains live shrimp and algae. This are the best pets for those who do not have time to take pets out for a walk, cleaning the dried poop behind them, changing water, feeding…

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7. I’m a a Biologist Stand for Phones

I'm a Biologist Stand for Phones

If you have a biologist friend who likes retro style – well maybe we saved you from overthinking what to buy for his or hers the next birthday. PopSocket with scientific instruments illustration is a great choice. When your favorite little scientist is having a break he or she can watch some of their favorite episodes of ‘’Shark week’’ and enjoy. This little thingy will provide a tight grip and you can watch videos, take group photos, FaceTime, and Skype handsfree. Because your hands are probably busy doing some scientific work, obviously.

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8. Biologist Phone Case

Biologist Phone Case

When you think about biologist and their survival kits – cats are probably at the very top of the list. Providing a better future for your furry little sidekick is the most important thing for you. Your kitty cat needs all that glitz and glamour – so you need to work hard to provide them such a lavish lifestyle. It’s a struggle and we can all relate, so this phone case with ‘’Hard At Work so my cat can have more awesome stuff’’ is a complete must.

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9. Microscope Shirt

Microscope Shirt

Life of a biologist would never be the same if there was no Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. You have no idea who that is or how to pronounce it probably, so there is no T-shirt with his face. But we have his most popular invention on this awesome T-shirt. Every microbiologist, science geek or science teacher would be thrilled to get something this cool for a birthday! We mean cool in a geeky type of way which is the whole different level than regular cool.

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10. DNA Helix Science Necktie

Biology Neck Chemistry Tie

Good style is a part of your DNA – so you can show that to the rest of the world. You are a prime example of a pure science worshiper – and let the world know that you are one stylish science specimen. Show your funky and quirky side with this original bowtie. Doctor Who said ‘’Bowties are indeed cool’’ and we will trust him. DNA is maybe twisted but we bet you will have a great time tieing this bad boy.

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11. Best Student Microscope

Biology student gift Best Student Microscope

Now we have something for the ones who want to start this promising career. You will need a proper equipment! This microscope is awarded the best product in 2017 – and it continues its superior tradition. It is still on the top of the scientific gifts for birthdays, Christmas or New Year. Help your precious gifted child kickstart its a career in science. This model comes with all the necessary equipment and a guidebook – you can enjoy entering the microworld. It is equipped with incredibly prime-detail viewing of ultra-small, translucent specimens like cells, and even the vascular systems of skinny leaves.

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12. Worlds Hottest Wildlife Biologist Magnetic Mailbox

Worlds Hottest Wildlife Biologist Magnetic Mailbox

If you already purchased a bumper sticker for your car ‘’Biologist on board’’ – it is time to take the things to another level. People must know that you are one of a kind biologist and you need to brand yourself. This magnetic mailbox cover is great for the starters, everyone will know that there is a hot biologist in the neighborhood. One that combines great looks and great brains as well!

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13. Skeleton Art Print

Skeleton Great Gift for Biologists

For biologist that simply adore the vintage charm – you will be instantly transferred into the Victorian era. It is spooky, it is cool – and it will go great with every decor. Who said that those things are only good for Halloween? Some skeletons need to be kept in the closet, that is for sure…but others can be hanged on the walls. For twisted and macabre elegance in your home.

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14. Squids Soft Coasters

Soft Coasters Giant squids biologist gift

Giant squids are the nightmarish creatures for pirates back in the day. Every captain had a story to hell about hellish Kraken that had invaded their ship. But you are a different kind of cool – as a biologist, you can tell a tale about sea creatures and serve a warm tea on these cool coasters. In 3d version – everyone will absolutely adore him – we bet captain Jack Sparrow wanted to have these bad mateys.

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15. Tardigrades Bag

Biology present Tardigrades Bag

Ever heard of tardigrades? No? Shame, because they are probably reading this by your side. Yes, they are living on you. Every biologist knows the existence of these little guys and knows how cool they are. Did you know that tardigrades are the only creatures that can survive in the outer space? To help your favorite biologist spread the word about these awesome creatures, fetch them this awesome bag!

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16. Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof Backpack perfect gift for every kind of biologist

The day of every biologist is very complicated because you need to play Lara Croft and Indiana Jones sometimes. And they always get into some sort of trouble. Want to know why? Because they don’t have a backpack with all the necessities to help them survive in the wild. We admire Lara Croft for parading down the jungle in extremely short shorts – but real people need more. For embarking to field work you need to keep all your equipment safe – so this backpack will be the best thing that ever happened to you. It is comfortable, has big pockets and it is waterproof, ideal gift for your biologist next adventure.

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17. Jellyfish Earrings Marine Biologist Gift

Jellyfish Earrings Marine Biologist Gift

This one especially for ladies marine biologists that love to look stylish. When they get tired of chasing megalodons or communicating with dolphins telepathically – they need to go out and have fun… and feel fabulous! So if you have your special lady marine biologist – show her that you admire her passion for sea creatures. These earrings will be a perfect match for every outfit, making your every look original. Colorful, with a jellyfish motive – it will make all the other girls ‘’jelly’’.

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18. Double Toggle Switch

Famous Biologist Sketch of Hummingbirds

Let there be light! Or let there be cool lightswitch to bring that light- with the hummingbird design. It is colorful and beautiful – ideal to bring a little bit of wildlife to your boring office. It is a small yet effective detail that will remind you why you love your work so much.

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19. Sea Turtle Lunch Bag

Biologist gift Sea Turtle Lunch Bag

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It’s lunchtime! You need to take a break sometimes and enjoy a great home cooked meal. And this sea turtle bag is an ideal choice for that mission. It is reusable, completely eco-friendly with an awesome tortoise print. It will remind you that you are saving the oceans and it will bring you joy because it is hiding something tasty. It is insulated and you can pack literally anything you need – you know that your food will stay warm. Just like your biologist’s heart.

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20. Bacteriophage Necklace

Biology themed gift: Bacteriophage Necklace

What the heck is a Bacteriophage (or Phage)? Probably you do not know, but your favorite biologist will know it is virus that infect bacteria. It sounds cool and interesting, even if you still do not understand it. Neither do I completely understand, but I know that every biologist will be thrilled when he gets this unique necklace.

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21. Tardigrade

Biologist gift idea: Tardigrade plush toy

Another for most people unknown is microscopically small animal called Tardigrade. These animals live in water and because of their chubby appearance and clumsy walking are also called Water Bear. Although your biologist has not been collecting toys for a long time and playing with them, (s)he will surely love this toy.

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