The Best Beauty and The Beast Gifts You Can Buy (or Make)

The Disney movie Beauty And The Beast is a classic film that is still adored by children and adults. The story has been told many times and in many ways. Disney popularized the tale as old as time which created an active following.

If someone you know loves this fairy tale more than life itself there’s a gift on this list for them, — or you. These best Beauty and the Beast gifts were hand-selected to impress the biggest fans. This list includes great gift ideas for all ages, for the beauties and the beasts. Some of these gifts are rare finds and are sold in limited quantities, it’s important that you don’t miss an opportunity to treat yourself or someone else.

Best Beauty and The Beast Gift Ideas

1. Princess Belle Costume Dress Up Accessories

The first gift on the list of the best Beauty and The Beast gifts is for the young princess on your mind. This delicate set of items is perfect for pretend play or a themed party. The gift includes clip-on pearl earrings, a rose brooch, a sparkly crown, and a yellow ribbon choker. This cute Princess Belle kit is sold in limited supply and is quite affordable. Let the little one emulate their favorite bookworm princess while watching the movie for the 100th time.


2. Beauty and the Beast Scarf

For the person always channeling their inner Disney princess this scarf is the perfect accessory. A scarf is fashionable and trendy. Designed with two images printed on the square-cut scarf. One image of Belle in her iconic golden gown, and the other features the Beast and Belle sharing a dance. Artistically created, and sold in limited quantity. This scarf can be worn three different ways and will beg people to ask, “Where did you find that?”


3. Chip Cross-body Bag

Almost the same as children, adults love this movie. That’s why we have great Beauty and the Beast gifts for adults on our list. Rarely any woman does not want to get more bags and purses. If you decide to buy this Chip cross-body bag for her that will make her entire day brighter. Even for those women and girls who are not fans of this Disney animated film, this gift will be a fantastic surprise because of its unique appearance.


4.  Beauty and the Beast Music Box

This is a unique piece to display proudly on a shelf or in a music room. One of the most memorable features of the movie is the music. Disney as a whole has several popular soundtracks, including songs from Beauty And The Beast. This is a wooden music box, carved with the image of the Beast holding the Rose as one of its petals is falling off. This is a spectacular accent item for a fan that appreciates the film for its unforgettable characters and magical music.


5. Enchanted Roses

Okay, there is literally no other flower more beautiful and elegant than the enchanted rose in the glass dome featured in the movie. That flower is drawn, it isn’t real — or is it? Someone has perfected roses and made the most iconic rose in history come to life. This glass dome encases five different and stunning roses preserved with no need to prune or water.

This makes a wonderful engagement gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, or just a gift for someone who loves Beauty and the Beast. This item does not disappoint. While these roses will not last forever they will last for up to five years in their display. The petals will fall just as they did in the movie making it just as special.


6. “Music and Magic” Activity Book

This activity book is the perfect gift for young children who enjoy coloring or completing puzzles and love Disney animated movie Beauty and The Beast. This book includes over 50 stickers to use in the book’s activities or for decorating anything they like. Give them something to do when they aren’t watching the movie. This book can entertain for hours of quiet screen-free time. Then when they’ve earned some screen time let them download the free digital story included with the purchase.


7. Mrs. Potts Chip Tea Pot & Cup set

This adorable gift is impossible to dislike. Made of quality ceramics this item is not only beautiful but also a functional tea set. The tea set is an original Disney product. This gift is ideal for every occasion and for every person but it is especially a great gift for Beauty and Beast collectors.


8. Mrs. Potts and Chip Earrings

These are adorable stud earrings, completely wearable for any child with pierced ears or a child at heart. These cute pieces are handmade and one of a kind. This Beauty and the Beast-inspired gift is great for 10-year-old girls and for other girls of similar age. Besides Belle and the Beast, the side characters in this classic tale truly make the story come to life. Mrs. Potts and her son Chip add a little charm to the story. If you grew up and found that you identify more closely with the talking teapot you can wear these with pride. Not everyone is a princess, but everyone is a part of the story.


9. Beauty and the Beast Clock

This beautifully crafted Beauty and the Beast wall clock will make a great gift. It is certainly the an amazing and unique gift on our Beauty and the Beast list. It features Belle dancing with the Beast in a field of roses with the quote, “Tale as  old as time, Song as old as rhyme” underneath the clock.


10. The Beast Cosplay Mask

Belle can’t have all the attention. The Beast is terrifying and savage, cold and aggressive. His character grows significantly through the story, and that’s why fans admire him. So this gift is ideal for anyone who wants to become The Beast in a moment. This mask is of high quality and a great piece to display or wear. Themed parties or theatrical re-enactments can be elevated with this piece added to the mix. Enjoy this work of art as you please, it is sure to spark conversation.


11. “Beauty And The Beast” by Ursala Jones

Is the book always better? Find out with this re-telling hardcover copy of the tale. This version is told by award-winning author Ursala Jones and is illustrated by Sarah Gibb. A nice gift for anyone who enjoys reading just like Belle. Perfect for young readers, or as an addition to a personal library.


12. Beauty and the Beast Charm Bracelet

Accessories are a subtle way to express yourself and compliment your appearance. This Beauty And The Beast-inspired charm bracelet is cute and distinctive. Each charm represents a part of the story or character. A rose to symbolize the Beast, a book to represent Belle, as well as charms to depict Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts The perfect present for young children or adults needing a little sparkle.


13. Enchanted Rose Earrings

If sparkle is your thing, these Beauty and the Beast-themed earrings will dazzle you. These handmade earrings are gorgeous. The red rose dangles against the magical mirror charm crafted to look just like the one from the movie. These earrings are identical sets and can be worn for many occasions. These look and feel elegant. They may be subtle, but if the right person is staring they’ll notice the details and admire the statement.


14. “Be Our Guest”- Home Decor Sign

Whether you’re decorating a new space or re-imagining an old one this piece is perfect. “Be Our Guest” is now more than just a popular song from the movie Beauty and the Beast. Remind the company you keep that your home is open to them, and make them feel comfortable. This Beauty and the Beast-inspired gift is handmade on pine wood, and made to look distressed and weathered but is sure to last for years. Each sign is unique because no two trees are the same. A special gift for someone special.


15. Princess Belle and Beast Romantic Mug Set

If you are looking for a great gift for a romantic couple who loves the movie Beauty and the Beast then you need to consider this mug set. Romantic heart mug for her Beauty and for him the Beast. When you join the two mugs you get a heart shape. Perfect for huge Beauty & the Beast fans who love matching mugs and to celebrate their love.


16. Beauty And The Beast Clutch Wallet

This gift gives the ability to carry plastic and cash, in a great Beauty and the Beast stylish-themed wallet. This one is decorated in that trendy stained glass print. The characters are visible on the front flap. A brushed metal twist lock keeps any items contained and is easily opened when needed. The wallet itself is purple vinyl, which makes it easy to clean, and hard to ruin. This wallet is a rare find, so do not hesitate to make it yours or buy it for someone who loves all the presents related to the animated film Beauty and the Beast.


17. “Beauty And The Beast: Classic Tales About Animal Brides And Grooms From Around The World” by Maria Tatar

Beauty and the Beast is “the tale as old as time”, Disney recreated one version of the story and there are many other versions. If you are like Belle and love to read, or maybe you married a mythical beast you may also enjoy reading these other tales. Discover the parallels and symbols that are present in each story, and learn the tales from other cultures.


18. “I Am The Beast” by Andrea Posner – Sanchez

This book is for younger readers. Little Golden Books have been publishing short stories for decades and can be found in almost all children’s libraries. They are collector’s items and cherished. This book in particular focuses on the Beast and his character. The story challenges young minds to look past appearance and search for the heart and personality. The classic moral truth is explained with familiar characters.


19. Luxury Gold Belle Gown

With its exquisite detail, this gown is a must-buy Princess Belle-themed gift. Cosplay is a hobby growing rapidly in popularity. This is an ideal choice for someone looking to embody Belle’s character. The dress would also work well at a formal occasion, a “Sweet Sixteen” birthday, or a pageant competition. This gown isn’t an exact replica and therefore takes on a more contemporary design. Gold glitter tulle flows from underneath busseled satin gold. The bowed sleeves hug the shoulders and are separated by a single red rose. The gown does include satin gloves. The dress is made to order and can be fitted to meet individual measurements. This dress is magnificent, don’t let it disappear.


20. Disney Lumiere Light-Up Figure

Lumiere is one of the most charismatic characters in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie. Lumiere in French means light. It looks like Luminaire from Disney’s classic movie. This genuine well made Disney figure actually does light up. The flickering effect is very realistic. With this gift, you can very easily make a brighter day for any Beauty and the Beast fan or Disney lover!


21. Magnetic Dress-up Wooden Disney Belle Doll

This magnetic puzzle set is fantastic for the younger kids who are enamored by Belle’s costumes in the movie. Mix and match skirts and tops, shoes or accessories. This fun game is great for pretend play, role-playing, and using your imagination. A durable game to play with sturdy pieces perfect for ages 3 and up.


22. Pet Tag

Pets are important members of the family, so why not get them involved as well? These pet tags are cute to hang on their collars. This tag reads “Beauty” for female pets that are deserving of the title. There are other tags that read “Beast” for male dogs or dogs that aren’t so polite or friendly. These can be personalized to your taste. The reverse side can fit up to 5 lines of text that will fit any important contact information if your pet should become lost. A cute way to extend the fandom to your furry friend.


23. Crochet “Beast” Baby Costume

Newborn photography-themed sessions are popular among new generations of parents. New or expecting parents planning a session of their own, may want to entertain the idea of a baby beast costume. A young prince will look absolutely fetching in this carefully crocheted costume. This makes a great baby shower gift and includes a headpiece, top, bottoms, and booties.


24. Beauty And The Beast Blanket

Blankets are a lovely gift option that isn’t always so obvious. Blankets are warm, comforting, and so much fun to wrap up in with a good book or a bowl of popcorn. This Beauty and the Beats-themed blanket is stunning, the attention to detail, the colors, and the design are exquisite. This blanket will easily become the “favorite” in the house and the best gift ever received. The front is manufactured with fade-resistant cotton, with a stained glass print style. The reverse side can be made with Minky hide or llama Minky, both are totally soft and cozy. You get to choose the color and size of the blanket. Sizes range from baby blankets to adult sizes. Go get one soon.


25. Preschool Backpack

One way to get kids excited about school, and ease their apprehension is by letting them pick out fun materials and supplies for their education. This adorable pink backpack has Belle’s beautiful face all over it. It’s pink, it’s glittery, and it comes with stickers. This will make a young preschooler thrilled about doing something new.


DIY Beauty and The Beast Gifts

26. Beauty and the Beast Wine Charms

Beauty and the Beast Wine Charms

Wine glass charms are small decorations and can be great decorations on different themes. Today’s wine charms theme is Beauty and the Beast. If you prefer that your gifts are handmade this idea is perfect for you.


27. Rose & Jar

Rose & jar

One of the most memorable moments from the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast is the enchanted rose. We have already mentioned some of these roses that you can buy. If you want to do it yourself just follow instructions from the site Jennifer maker.


28. Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Pasta Art

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Pasta Art

Did you ever think that you can make a work of art and a perfect gift from the paste? Yes, you can. With lasagna pasta, food dyes, and a bit of your will, you can make a real little work of art and give it to someone who loves everything related to this magical Disney movie.