Gifts for Computer Science Majors – 8 Ideas to Consider

The smartphones that you use, the games you play, and the carefully edited movies, are all these things possible due to coders and tech geeks. If they weren’t present, your life would have been dark and dull.

It is all because of them that you can exploit the available technology to its maximum potential and use it to your benefit. You can play games on your smartphone, order food online, shop on a website, etc.

Individuals pursuing Computer Science majors are the future world shapers, and hence we must appreciate and encourage them on their journey.

So, if you have a tech geek near you and want to shower love and encourage that person, this article is just for you. Here, we will present 10 incredible gifts that you can present to the person around you pursuing a Computer Science major.

Let’s not waste time and begin the hunt!

Best Gifts for Computer Science Majors

3dRose Computer Whisperer Black Mug


Another version of the coded cup, this black mug can be an excellent gift for a programmer who loves to drink coffee or any other beverage. This mug will keep them reminded of their love for their passion and what they are doing.

Keep your beloved tech geek surrounded by such tiny pieces with computer components printed on them. Such gifts will make their day, and they will always use them whenever they are away from their love.


Cracking the Coding Interview Book

In today’s competitive job market, it can be hard to compete with candidates who are more knowledgeable about the technological landscape and able to answer what interviewers ask. This book provides a phenomenal range of practical questions that your interviewer might ask you during an interview as well as examples for people like yourself looking ahead towards landing their own dream career!

This book is great because it has more than 189 interview questions and suggested solutions.

When it comes to approaching algorithm questions a Computer Science major has never been taught before, this book is here to offer five strategies, as well as the importance of communication and leadership skills when interviewing for positions in this field.


May Stack Overflow be with you T-shirt


There are a lot of cool t-shirts designed for programmers. T-Shirts are the most common gifts I’ve seen given to Computer Science majors in sheer volume. They’re a great choice because they are funny, act as conversation starters, and help the people who wear them to show off their interests. The stack overflow shirt embraces this geek by combining references from Star Wars with coding languages like C++, JavaScript, or PHP.

The t-shirt is available in men, women, and youth options and for all of them, you can choose between multiple colors.

Has a programmer’s dream come true?


Men’s Microfiber Green Computer circuit Necktie

Another great gift item suitable for a software developer is a necktie with a computer circuit printed on it. Since the individuals working with computers are attached to the device, every element makes them happy.

A necktie in itself is the best gift for a man, and if your tech geek is a male, you should not step back to gift him this necktie.

To prevent your programmer from missing their darling computer, give him this incredible computer component that he can wear and feel his device near him.


Computer Nerd Unisex T-shirt

If you don’t remember your code, you wear it on your coat! Coding is that magic spell that every programmer knows and initially learns.

Everything runs on a code for a tech geek, which if gets wrong, then what he intended to do may lead to something else. Keeping this necessity in mind, you can present your software developer with a customized T-shirt.

You can print the entire coding of the one that your techie tends to forget quite often or dislikes. Seeing that code on his T-shirt, whenever he wears it, will tickle his funny bone and help him create a bond with that piece of machine language.


Azio Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard


Do you know what a tech geek loves the most out of all the components of a computer? It is the keyboard! Since a keyboard allows a techie to enter the codes and run a program, it will be impossible if a keyboard is absent.

Without codes, a techie is of no worth. Hence, to appreciate your tech geek’s efforts and remind him of his worth, gift that person a mechanical keyboard that represents the old form of a keyboard.

The retro style will remind that person of the days when computers first came into existence. We are sure that the person will love this gift!


Framed Desk Art


Tech geeks are not computer mechanics, and everyone needs to understand it. They definitely study the parts and know how to fix them, but that is not what they are paid for.

Whenever a computer breaks down in your house, you call your programmer to fix it. He must not be willing to do it but still, out of love, he may do it.

This framed desk art with “No I Will Not Fix Your Computer” written on it treasures the feelings of your programmer. Give that person this desk art to make him laugh throughout the day whenever he sees it.

If he is summoned to fix a computer any day, he can point out this art and convey his message.


Memory Foam Wrist Support

Working on the computer and typing all day, the programmer might feel a bit uncomfortable. Due to the continuous typing motion, the wrist can be considerably affected. What should you do to provide him comfort while working?

The best gift to give is wrist support made of memory foam. Memory foam is soft and compressible. It gets compressed according to the shape of the body kept on it to provide maximum comfort.

With this wrist support used while working, your friend or family member pursuing Computer Science Major won’t feel any discomfort and can work for hours.