Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls That They’ll Truly Love

Turning 10 is a huge deal! it’s the first year in double digits and the last year they can use their fingers to calculate their age. It is important for them, and they are important to you. Finding the perfect gift can be hard, but with this list of hand-picked selections, the process can be simple. These gifts are ten-year-old tested and reviewed. Every girl is unique and deserves to explore all sides of her personality. This list includes a variety of products to encourage her budding interests to bloom. Here are 20 gifts to give and to impress little ladies of this age.

20 Best gifts that 10 year old girls will love

1. Fabric markers

Creative gift for 10 year old girls Fabric Markers

A young woman who enjoys spending time coloring in books or drawing will surely appreciate a nice set of fabric markers. This special gift will encourage her to color outside the lines, specifically on fabric. She can illustrate bold designs on tee shirts, canvas sneakers, or her backpack for school. The set here includes 24 vibrant shades that will dazzle and inspire.


2. “Hamilton” Broadway CD Soundtrack

“Hamilton” Broadway Soundtrack music gift for 10-year-old girls

Girls that love theater arts will enjoy this gift. Hamilton the play has had incredible success on Broadway. This is ideal for someone who has seen the wildly popular play and enjoys the music. The play has been popularized in recent years for its innovative style, and use of language. This CD soundtrack is a must-have for a budding Broadway star.


3. Journal

Journal cool gift idea for birthday for 10 year girl

A girl who spends her time writing will need a journal. Being ten can be tough, help her write about the good days and the bad ones in her own private space. These journals make smart gifts because once the pages are full, they can be kept as reminders of the past. A literary time machine for when she is old and grey. This journal is hand-made from the heart and guaranteed to make her smile.


4. Girl’s Romper Maxi Dress

Romper Maxi Dress cute dress for any teen girl

Some girls have a passion for fashion. There are other clothing items selected for this list but this gift is going to delight the girl who loves feeling the wind on her skin. All the elegance of a dress with the comfort of shorts underneath. This item is the best of both worlds, allowing her to embrace her femininity while being able to remain active. She can play hard on the playground or twirl like a ballerina, it doesn’t matter she’ll look great while doing it.


Best Unicorn Gifts for Girls
Best Unicorn Gifts for Girls

5. Vintage Printed Dress

10 year old girl birthday gift beautiful dress

This dress is channeling the style and elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. If the girl on your list loves twirling around and swinging to the music this dress is the perfect pick. The beautiful blue floral print pops against the crisp solid white. A dress that will command the attention of the room and keep all eyes on her.


6. Blue jeans

Awesome gift for trendy 10 year old girls - Blu jeans

Girls are versatile, and their wardrobe should accommodate that feature. A good, durable pair of blue jeans can be the perfect gift for the woman who is always ready for adventure. Wear these jeans while playing sports on the field or hiking in the forest. Some girls just don’t feel like themselves in a skirt. Every girl deserves to feel their best—even in blue jeans. These are made with a blend of cotton and spandex making them comfortable and trendy.


7. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Gift idea for ten year old gamer girl

For a girl on the go that needs something to do with her downtime, a portable gaming device might be the ideal choice. This handheld console brings the joy of Nintendo gaming with you wherever you go. You can play hundreds of games during long car rides, or whenever someone is hogging the television. This device is comfortable in your hands and delightful to use. Provide your favorite ten-year-old with her favorite new toy that gets to go anywhere she does. Enjoy classic games like “Mario Kart Racing”, “Super Smash Brothers”, “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon”, and much more.


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Best Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

8. Nintendo Switch

What gift to give to a ten-year-old girl who loves to play games+ Nintendo Switch

Another option available for the gamer girl is the Nintendo Switch. The Switch can toggle between a portable gaming console and a home gaming console.The Switch’s innovative design and customizable components make this a fun and exciting gift. The controller snaps into the main component and becomes a handheld console, much like other portable consoles. However, bring this device with you to a friends house and let your friends play with you. The sides unsnap and become two separate controllers. Now you can play on the comfort of the couch, on the school bus before school, and share the fun with others without any extra equipment.


9. Mega Mermaid Makeover

Gifts for 10 year old girls who likes mermaids

At the age of ten, girls may want to experiment with their look and let their personalities shine. One way girls express themselves can be through make-up. This mermaid make-up kit is a nice introduction to make-up with its pastel colors, inspirational guides, and imaginative theme. The make-up is non-toxic and easily washes off, so they can play and you don’t have to stress about a mess. This is another opportunity to explore their unique identities and grow confidence in themselves.


10. Kids Hiking Adventure Shoes

Present for girls that likes hiking

These shoes are made for outdoor fun in the mud, climbing, running, or jumping up and down until you’re out of breath. A tough girl needs tough shoes, these are manufactured with breathable fibers allowing her feet to stay cool and fresh. The bottoms are designed with anti-slip outsoles so her moves are never wrong. A comfortable shoe to wear for hours of play, made for the girl that never stops moving.


Housewarming Gifts For Kids
Housewarming Gifts For Kids

11. Colored Pencils

Gift ideas for girls age 10 Colored Pencils

A gift that inspires creativity for any young child. You’re never too old to color or draw. Long days at school can cause stress even for today’s ten-year-old. Coloring is a great activity to do while you relax. A quiet but stimulating hobby for the mind. This set includes a variety of pre-sharpened pencils in stunning shades to keep the creativity flowing. These colored pencils work well for school projects and printed pictures. Every budding artist needs fresh tools to keep them growing.


12. “Headbanz” The Game

Headbanz Great Board game for 10-year-old girls

Who doesn’t love a classic board game? If you are tired of buying stuff you aren’t sure they’ll use, buy them experiences! A game is sure to get everyone together and create memories as a family. This game is quick paced and fun for everyone over three years of age. Players get together to try and guess what is on their personal headband without saying the words. Get minds racing in this guessing game of “what am I?” If you get the girl giggling you’ll know that you nailed the birthday gift.


13. Girl’s Jumpsuit

Girl’s Jumpsuit 10 year old teen girls gift idea

Some girls adore a full closet and feeling good about themselves. This jumpsuit is fun, functional and fashionable. The polka-dot print is a classic pattern that always flatters. This item is perfect for someone looking to feel put together without being too fancy. Perfect for school, the playground, and family nights out.


14. Rain Boots

Favorite Rain Boots of most teen girls

Depending on the time of year or where you live, rain happens. Feet get wet and soggy. Noses become stuffed and chapped. Help the girl out by grabbing some of these stylish rain boots. Now she can become a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day with these beautiful floral rain boots! Vibrant flowers bloom admist the grey skies. Even if it’s sunny skies these are perfect for fishing in a river on the weekends, or stomping in the mud. These boots are perfect for the ten-year-old who wants to stand out.


15. “Grow and Glo Groot”

Fun gifts for 10 year olds Grow and Glow Groot

This is the perfect gift for the Marvel fan in your life. This is a flower pot with the Marvel character, Groot. Groot is a baby tree that needs you to nurture him and help him grow. A real planter that needs the loving attention to grow two different types of plants. Will fit nicely on a small desk or table, and actually glows in the dark. This is another present that does more than provide entertainment for moments. An unconventional gift for the girl who has everything.


16. Nail Art Stamping Plates

Nail Art Stamping Plates

For the girl’s whose nails are always painted, surprise her with these stamping plates. A salon appointment can be luxurious but also expensive. These designs are delicate and impressive. The high-quality look is done in the comfort of home, without spending a fortune. Perfect for a girl’s slumber party, or mommy – daughter spa nights. These are fun and easy to apply.


17. Shel Silverstein books

Every Thing On It - Funny Book for children's

The author of the best selling book “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and “Falling Up” continuously delivers humor and curiosity through whimsical poetry. If your child loves reading, has a curious mind, or loves writing her own silly stories, this new title from the author will delight her. The book “Everything on it” is a collection of never before published poetry and illustrations. A book that is sure to make her smile.


18. Brain Games – Clever Kids

Gift for smart young girls Brain Games

Here is a book for the boggled brains that enjoy puzzles. A lovely book to pack on short trips, long car rides or quiz their teacher on at school. Challenge her to complete each puzzle, and teach her how powerful the mind is. Smart girls are the best girls.


19. “The Girl Who Drank the Moon”

Book: The Girl Who Drank the Moon - this is the perfect gift for every teen girl who like to read

A book with witches, magic, tragedy, and conflict of good and evil. A highly reviewed and popular novel for a young audience. Reading is a great way to spend downtime away from studies. This book will enchant its readers with its fantasy world. Remind her that growing up doesn’t have to include giving up your imagination.


20. “5 Second Rule” Game

Gifts for 10 year old girls 5 Second Rule Game

This game is fast-paced and easy to play. Only five seconds to name three items that relate to a single topic on a playing card. A buzzer sounds when the time is up and the fun starts all over again. Revel in the satisfaction of the competition’s outbursts as they race against the timer. The game is perfect for players 10 and up. Make the next game night, one that’s filled with laughter.


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