23 Unique Dance Recital Gifts That Dancers Will Love

What are the best dance recital gift ideas?Music is the language of the soul, and dance is the way we speak it. From ballet to jazz, from hip-hop to contemporary, we move our bodies to express our soul. If you’ve ever seen a five-year-old in a tutu twirling and swaying to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” or your 70-year-old grandma swing dancing with your grandpa, then you know what I mean. Music makes us move, and for all the movers and groovers in your life who have just given their first, or fifty-first dance recital, we have a list of great gifts for your dancing queen (or king).

Best Dance Recital Gifts

1. Dancing Ballerina Necklace

Gift for perfect dance recital

Plies and pirouettes, tutus and pointe shoes. Your ballerina lives to dance. She has become Odette, Giselle, Juliet, and Aurora. She jetes and allonges in her dreams. You may have no idea what any of this means, but it doesn’t matter because she does, and it’s all that matters to her. So, show her your how much you support her with this beautiful ballerina pendant. It’s the perfect way to compliment her perfect recital.


2. Keep Calm and Dance Forever Wall Decal

Gifts for dancer recital, dance theme wall sticker

They’ve been dancing since they could walk. Even when there’s no music, the music in their heads makes them whirl and bop around the house. You just know that no matter how old they get, they’ll be dancing no matter what life may throw at them. So, next time, after yet another dance recital, let them know that you love what they do, and you hope that they’ll do it forever. Give them this “Stay Calm and Dance Forever” wall decal. That way they can have this positive message and a reminder of your love and support with them anywhere.


3. Skeleton Tango Dancers Decorative Snow Globe

Unique Dance Recital gifts to remember dancer's performance

They say that love never dies, and you know that their love of dancing is the same. So, the next time they have a dance recital, give them this unique snow globe to congratulate them on their performance. Perfect for the ballroom dancer and anyone who can tango their way across the dance floor. This gift lets them know that your love for them will never die, just as their love of dancing will never die. Very unique and cool gift, one of my favorites on this list.


4. Movie: Dirty Dancing

Dance recital gift idea for your dancer, movie Dirty Dancing

What dancer has never seen this movie? Iconic and timeless, Dirty Dancing is the perfect gift for your performer the next time they have a dance recital. I mean, what other movie proves that love and dancing can’t triumph over any adversity? This is one to watch time and time again, and maybe you can even groove a little bit with your dancer. They’ll have the time of their lives!


5. Eat Sleep Dance Repeat Shirt

Perfect Gift For any Dance Recitals

She never stops dancing, unless it’s when she’s asleep. Even when she’s eating, she taps her foot or bops her head to some unheard music. Everything she does revolves around her love of dance. So, give her this hoodie and let her know that you understand that for her, dancing is life. So soft and comfortable, she’ll probably never take it off – even when she’s sleeping, or eating, or dancing.


6. Personalized Dance Class Bag

Personalized gift for dance recital

She spends more time at the gym and at the dance studio than she does anywhere else. You may hardly ever see her these days but let her know that you still care. Give her this personalized duffle bag for all her dance needs: going to the gym, heading off to practice, starring in another dance recital. This duffle bag helps her carry everything she needs, and your personalized message is always there to remind her that she’s still the star of your life.


7. Your Heart Speaks Through Dance, Bisque Porcelain Figurine

Dance Figurine super cute gift idea for dance recital

Your little dance star never stops moving her feet. They tap out the rhythm of her life from morning to night, and you can’t even count how many pairs of tap shoes she’s gone through. And still, she tap-tap-taps away the day. So, the next time she gives one of her amazing performances in a dance recital, give her this Precious Moments “Your Heart Through Dance” tap dancing figurine. She will cherish it now and for years to come.


8. Ballet Girl Bag

Looking for the ideal Dance Recital Gifts? Check this ballet theme bag

She may have started wearing that tutu when she was five, but now she’s grown and still loves to dance. She has become the ballerina that every little girl says she wants to be. So why not give her a gift for all her grown-up accessories, like the make she wears that makes her even more beautiful? This ballerina-patterned make-up bag is the perfect gift for your on-the-go dancer. Adorable and practical, it’s a gift she can really appreciate.


9. Dance Candle

Dance Candle cool gift for all dancers for any occasion

This candle may not look like much at first glance, but much like the dancer in your life, beneath the surface there is more than meets the eye. Hidden in the unscented candle wax, the bronze figure of a dancer waits to be set free. However, unlike your dancer, it’s not music that will set this statue free, but time. As the candle slowly melts, the statue of a dancer appears, like the slow and precise movements of ballet. It’s a gift that any dancer will treasure.


Dance Recital Gifts for Little Girls

1. Elegant Swan Lake Ballet Water Globe

dance or ballet recital gift for young girls

Like all little girls, she wanted to be a ballerina. You thought it was just a phase, and that maybe next week, she’d want to be an astronaut or the president. But now you’re up to your nose in leotards and tutus, and it’s time for her big dance recital. Reward her perseverance and hard work with this beautiful water globe music box. She’ll love it for its beauty, and every time you hear it play “Swan Lake,” you’ll know you picked the right gift for your little ballerina.


2. Swan Lake Ballet Heart Shape Musical Jewelry Box

personalized dance recital gift for little girls

You watch her dance across the stage in her pink tutu, her steps still faltering and small. She watches the bigger girls and mimics their movements. She sees you in the audience, stops dancing and waves. There is nothing so precious as these moments. So, after her big dance recital, give her this precious heart-shaped jewelry box. She’ll love watching the little ballerina spin around to the sounds of “Swan Lake.” Maybe she’ll even dance along, still smiling and waving at you.


3. Personalized Dancer Ornament

Personalized Dancer Ornament unique gift for dance recital

It’s the Christmas dance recital and your little one is almost as excited for it as she is to see Santa Claus. She’s been practicing for weeks, and now it’s finally the big day. Let her know how proud you are of her with this personalized dancing Christmas ornament to mark the occasion. This year and every year, you’ll remember this recital each time you decorate the Christmas tree.


4. Ballerina Doll

Ballerina Doll present for young dancers

Her bed is covered with stuffed animals – all of which are wearing a ballerina’s tutu. Mice with tutus. Hippos with tutus. Pigs with tutus. And she loves them all, but she’s never had an actual stuffed ballerina doll. Until now. This crocheted doll is loveable and quirky, and once it’s added to her collection, it will be the star of the show. Just like your little ballerina.


5. Pink Ballet Shoe Picture Frame

Dance Recital Gifts for Dancers and Coaches Pink Ballet Shoe Picture Frame

It’s her first dance recital, and you’re not sure who’s more excited, you or her. It’s you – obviously. Which is why you got her the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. This pink ballet shoe picture frame holds a photo of her in her ballet outfit and looks perfect on the top of her dresser. She’ll love looking at it again and again, and it will become the “remember when…” picture you both love looking at.


6. Little Girl Necklace Dancer Ballet Recital Gift

Recital gifts - idea to celebrate your dancer performance.

Not only does your little girl love being a dancer, she also loves being a fairy and wearing jewelry and being the girliest girl in the neighborhood. That’s why, for her upcoming dance recital, you should give her this beautiful fairy ballerina necklace. With this necklace, she’ll stand out in the crowd, which is exactly what she loves (aside from being a fairy and a ballerina and wearing jewelry and…).


7. Book: Tallulah’s Toe Shoes

Great gift, book to give your favorite little dancer's at big night

Your little girl is ready for the big leagues – or at least that’s what she thinks. Now that she’s performed in a dance recital, she thinks she’s ready for pointe shoes and the New York City ballet company to boot. Well then, help your ballerina learn a little patience along with Tallulah in Tallulah’s Toe Shoes by Marilyn Singer. One of a series of great books with great lessons for little ballerinas.


8. Cute Ballerina Doll Recital Gifts for Little Dancers

Ballerina Doll for Baby Girl, Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, & Little Girls, Great Recital Gifts for Tiny Dancers

It seems like it was just yesterday that she was learning to walk, and now she’s performing in a dance recital. She still seems so small up on that big stage, but she’s smiling and spinning, completely out of sync with the music and all the other kids up there. It’s wonderful! And afterwards, instead of a bouquet of flowers, give her this beautiful ballerina doll with a matching headband and travel bag. Now these two little ballerinas can go everywhere together.


Gifts for First Dance Recital

1. Ballerina Doll for Little Girls’ First Dance Recital

Ballerina Doll for Little Girls' First Ballet Dance Recital

Her big day is finally here. It’s her very first dance recital, and you want to get her something special to mark the occasion. Why not give her this lovely ballerina doll? Soft and pink from tip to toe and dressed in a sparkly pink tutu, your little dancer will love it.

You can buy it as a gift for yours daughter, granddaughter for her first Ballet Recital or any other Dance recital. Every girl will certainly adore this sweet and soft ballerina doll.


2. 1st DANCE RECITAL Frame


It’s her very first dance recital. She’s been dressed in her costume for a week, and you’ve taken enough pictures to fill up half your smartphone’s storage. What better way to commemorate this “first” in her life than by framing one of those photos you’ve taken? Hang it in the living room or in her room to look at time and time again. The ideal keepsake of your little dance star.


3. Personized Dance Shoes Ornament for First Recital

First Recital personalized gift Dance Shoes Ornament

She’s been practicing for weeks, tapping around the house until you hear tap shoes even in your sleep. It’s her first big recital, and you want to give her something to remember it by. This personalized Christmas ornament is perfect. Every year she hangs it on the Christmas tree will bring back memories of her big night.


4. Child size necklace tutu charm necklace Personalised gift for first dance recital

Child size necklace tutu charm necklace Personalised gift for first dance recital

How many tutus does your child have? Not enough. Especially when it comes to this adorable tutu charm necklace. For her first dance recital, reward all her hard work and effort with this personalized pendant. Let her show the world she’s a dancer even when the ballet shoes have been swapped out for sneakers.


5. Dance Photo Album

Dance Photo Album gift for 1sr dance recital for young dancers

You captured it all. Every moment she was on stage twirling, smiling, taking a bow, you have it in pictures. Now you can put all your best shots into this personalized photo album. Choose her favorite sparkly color for the cover, add her name and 24 of her best photos. This makes a great gift to remember her first dance recital.


6. Book: The Night Before My Dance Recital

The Night Before My Dance Recital

She’s practiced. She knows the music by heart. She knows all the steps and twirls. She’s as ready as she can be, but she’s nervous. What if she messes up? What if she can’t remember the steps? Put her little mind at ease. Read The Night Before My Dance Recital by Natasha Wing, and let her know that it’s normal to be nervous, and it’s even okay to mess up as long as she keeps smiling and having fun.