Congrats on the New Job Gifts for Her

Thinking of the perfect gift for a woman who just landed a new job can be tricky when there are so many different options available.

However, this is such a new and exciting time for her, that we wanted to make it nice and easy to pick out a fun gift for her that encapsulates all that she has achieved in landing a new job.
Whether she has just gotten hired at a huge new company or has attained a smaller-scale position, here’s a list of some great options to choose from when deciding on her gift:

Michael Kors Wallet

This Michael Kors wallet is an amazing way to congratulate someone! Not only is this wristlet made with real leather, but it has an inside zipper and multiple inner pockets. This is a gift that screams sophistication, which is perfect for a woman who is taking a big new step in her life. Whether or not she is able to show this Michael Kors wallet off at her new job, or simply uses it for her weekend outings with friends, it’s a great congratulatory gift!


“Congratulations” Wine Glass

This “Congratulations” hand-painted wine glass is the perfect gift that is heartfelt while remaining a bit of a fun, novelty present. If you are unsure of what to get someone who has just gotten a new job, but knows that she likes wine, this could potentially be the perfect option! She can use this glass or display it on her new desk at work, but it will certainly be put to good use! Plus, it’s very thoughtful but not too pricey!


Floto Taormina Leather Bag

This authentic Italian calfskin leather bag is another amazing gift option for her after getting a new job. If you want her to feel as though she is prepared to be entering into a new chapter in her adult life, this bag certainly does the trick! It is a perfectly sized versatile bag, with the ability to be used as a day-to-day purse, or a tote for specific occasions. Regardless of what she uses it for, she’s sure to love it!


Sarah Jessica Parker Pump

These stilettos are an AMAZING choice for a woman who has recently gained a new job in the business world. They come in a variety of different color choices, making sure that there is the right option for the woman you are shopping for! As she climbs the corporate ladder in her new gig, she will be thankful to be able to do so with a killer new pair of pumps!


Millionaire Success Habits

Something that I find to be an incredible idea is an item that is sure to teach something to the person receiving the gift. This being said, a book is an incredible choice for a woman who has just earned a new job or promotion. This book, “Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity,” focuses on rethinking your daily routine and gives you the appropriate tools to live a truly successful and stable life. If you’re shopping for a woman who wants to better her life while attacking her new career, this is a great idea.


Coworker Leaving Keychain

This “Good luck in your New Job You Traitor” key chain is the fun thing to give a woman you currently work with, that is leaving the company for a new job. While this is a bit specific idea for a gift, it could be the perfect fit for you, especially if you are coworkers who have playful humor with one another. Plus, this is such a great keepsake for her to remember her past job in an innocent yet comical way!


Inspirational Bracelet

What better things could you possibly give a woman than jewelry? This bracelet is available in both gold and silver and contains the phrase, “She believed she could, so she did.” While going into her job, this inspirational bracelet will serve as the daily confidence needed for her to tackle her new gig. This engraved bracelet combines a thoughtful, personalized gift with a beautiful piece of jewelry. What more could you possibly ask for in finding the perfect congratulatory gift for her?


SUSU Purse

This particular clutch is a bag that literally goes with any and every outfit a woman could possibly own. If you are wanting to gift her with a present that is able to be utilized on a daily basis as she enters her new job, this is the ultimate option! It is small, simple, and real leather! Plus, it is available in many different colors, allowing you to decide which you think she would like most. Bottomline, this purse is for sure something she would love to get!


Pearl Necklace

The pearl necklace is likely the most sophisticated choice out of all of these congratulation gifting ideas for her. This being said, if you really want to treat the woman you are shopping for by giving her something that is incredibly beautiful and valuable, this pearl necklace is a fantastic option. Regardless of the position itself, this necklace instills a feeling of luxury and grace that will only help boost her spirits upon entering her new job position.


Book “The First 90 Days”

This is another book option that is incredibly thoughtful and practical for a woman who be on her first day of work in a new place. Its title, “The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter,” explains the premise of the book, which is to help her gain the proper knowledge and tools to be the best at her job. In terms of a gift that teaches her life skills and shows your interest and supports this new chapter in her life, this is a perfect idea!


Congratulation Wine Tumbler

This fun and light-hearted, “You’re Awesome Keep That Shit Up” travel mug is a great comical option to celebrate this big moment in any woman’s life. Plus, it is only very affordable, so it can easily be added as a fun touch to a more serious gift if you would like to go that route! This travel mug is available in various colors, so you can easily find the perfect choice for whoever the woman is that you are shopping for!


Congrats You Did it Shot Glass

This shot glass says, “Congrats You Did It,” with a ceramic woman sitting on the top of it. It is awesome for a woman who has a playful spirit as she approaches her new job. If the woman you are shopping for is an individual who enjoys having a good time with friends, along with fulfilling her life accomplishments, this is most certainly a good choice to congratulate her for a major step in her career.


Anne Klein Watch

The Anne Kelin ceramic bracelet watch is probably the best congrats gift for a woman who likes elegant watches. Something about the sleek face and overall design of this watch is elegant, without feeling matronly. Being that a new job is such a “grown-up” step in a woman’s life, getting her the perfect watch is an outstanding gift idea that proves time and energy went into picking it out! Do you want to make her feel special? Purchase this watch for her!


Phone/Card/Pen Desk Holder

Wooden elephant desktop organizer is the perfect mix between a cute, novelty present, and one that will actually benefit a woman as she enters a new job. If the woman that you are shopping for has recently gained a position at a job where she will have her own desk or cubicle, this cute little elephant-shaped desk organizer will be useful to her, while still being a unique and thoughtful gift! This is a great option to congratulate a good friend of yours (especially if they’re a big elephant lover)!


Owl Leather Handbag

This leather clutch is certainly a unique and perfectly quirky choice, being that it is designed in the shape of an owl’s face. However, it is made up of 100% genuine leather, so it is of great quality as well as thoughtfully designed. If you happen to be shopping for a woman who has slightly eccentric, yet high-end taste, this owl clutch is such an incredible gift to give her in congratulating her for a new job!


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Regardless of which of these gifts you end up deciding on while shopping to congratulate a woman who has recently earned a new job, you simply cannot go wrong with any of these suggestions. Being that these gift choices have a mix of high-end and novelty options, they allow for the perfect opportunity to combine two or more of the items to make up your gift! Also, the prices of the items range from inexpensive to very exclusive (and pricey), so these are all-encompassing in terms of budget! Regardless of the woman, you are shopping for, each of these gifting options is sure to make her feel incredibly special!