16 of the Sweetest Elephant Themed Baby Gifts

It is one of the most wonderful moments in life, finding out that someone dear to your heart is going to welcome a newborn into the world. The next most wonderful thing is having the opportunity to shop for the little one and make the baby feel special. Baby gifts are cherished for a lifetime and will bring warm and comforting feelings. There is no other animal like an elephant to conjure up warm feelings, mostly because of their close connection with their mother. These are 16 of the best elephant themed gifts to give to a sweet baby.

1. Elephant toy with a lot of different textures, sounds, features for babies

infant son's daughter's favorite elephant gift in the world

This elephant teething toy is perfect for a little one because it has multi-sensory features on it like a rattle and crinkling and soft materials. It has many features in one and can be played with at home or on the go. When the time comes for baby to teeth, the parents will remember to go for this cute elephant toy so the baby can chew and relive the pain of incoming teeth. Not to mention baby will have a new friend, because of the lovely bright colors on the elephant.

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2. Teething Pain Relief Toy and Clip Holder for Little Baby Girls

Teething Pain Relief Toy and Clip Holder for Little Baby Girls

Babies can never have enough choices of teethers when their new little teeth are coming in. This stylish pink elephant teether is perfect for any little girl. This teether is made from BPA free silicon so you can relax and not worry about the baby’s safety when she is using this for teething pain relief. Also, this can be a good clip so that baby’s pacifier does not get lost.

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3. Elephant Theme Swing

Portable Elephant theme Swing

Life with a new baby is one of the most rewarding times in life, however there is no doubting at times it can be stressful. A newborn can spend a lot of time crying before they can express themselves. This gift is perfect for a fussy baby. The Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing can lull a baby right to a peaceful sleep. This calming swing can be used at home or on the go, and can easily be put away so not to take up space.

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4. Baby Lil’ Elephant Costume

Baby Lil' Elephant Costume

If you want to make unforgettable photos for the new baby this elephant costume will create absolutely adorable photos. What is cuter than a baby elephant? A human baby dressed as a baby elephant. Whether it is for Halloween or just play time, baby wont get enough time in this cozy costume. It also easily snaps open for diaper change and can be machine-washed. Baby will be a hit crawling around as an elephant on Halloween.

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5. Elephant blanket

Plushy Security Blanket

For a baby, time alone can be especially difficult in the first times. Give a gift of comfort for baby with this fleece elephant security blanket. The blanket is amazingly soft because it is 100% polyester plush fleece and it can also be machine-washed after too much drooling. Also, the cute gray elephant character will be a great new companion for the baby if they are ever feeling alone.

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6. Music & Lights Elephant

Music & Lights Elephant

Fisher-Price is one of the biggest names in baby products and they did a great job with producing this elephant music and lights player. This product can play from 20 minutes to all night long to make sure a baby has a peaceful nap or full nights sleep. It has nature, ocean, and rain sounds along with 20 classical songs. During the dark night, the glowing light on the elephant’s trunk will add a serene atmosphere to the baby’s room. A good nights sleep is very important for every baby’s development

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7. Baby Bedding Elephant Crib Set

Baby Bedding Elephant Crib Set

This nursery bed set in a great gift because it comes with 13 pieces that all match together perfectly. Featured is a blue and gray elephant set. These blue and gray colors are lovely neutral tones that will match with many more decorations for the baby’s nursery so you wont have to worry about conflicting colors in this gift. This nursery bed set is a great value for the many pieces in the gift. A great choice for a baby shower present.

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8. Soft and Adorable Plush Bathrobe

Elephant baby robe

This is a must have for elephant lovers. If you want to make sure baby gets nice and warm and snuggly after their bath time, they must have this plush elephant bath rob. Your friend’s baby will look amazingly cute with the elephant character head on their head after the bath. Most importantly, this bath rob is extremely soft and will feel nice or a baby’s delicate soft skin.

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9. Cute Elephant Diaper Bag

Elephant baby bag

Leaving the house with a baby requires mom and dad to bring many things with them. If a diaper bag doesn’t have many compartments, parents can become disorganized and the family trip out will feel stressful. This elephant diaper bag is excellent because it has 15 individual pockets for organizing. This bag is great because is can be carried as a backpack or as a tote which leads to a multi-functional bag. The best part is how cute the bag is with the adorable elephant pattern.

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10. Boppy Newborn Lounger

Boppy Newborn Lounger

This is a must have for a newborn baby and that makes it a perfect gift for mom and dad. This baby lounger is designed to keep baby safe and secure during playtime. The design is precious gray elephants that show baby a lot of love. This lounger will be a very useful gift because it fits all stages of a new baby’s life. Time to cradle, and then time when baby can sit up and start to discover the world around them.

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11. Sweet, Super Soft Pink Elephant

one of the cutest elephant stuffies

Children adore stuffed animals and we should shower little ones with many soft friendly friends while they are young. This plush pink elephant has the sweetest look on its soft face making it the perfect addition to any baby’s toys. This is a high quality plush animal making it extremely soft to touch, the baby wont be able to keep their little hands away.

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12. ELEPHANT Booties

baby shower gift booties

Choose this perfect gift to make sure baby’s little feet stay warm. These precious little elephant booties are so cute. They are soft and feature satin lined ears and a little yarn tail for delightful details. They are easy to slip on and off for mom and dad.

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13. Personalized Elephant Decal

elephant wall decals for nursery

This is an outstanding gift to bring a personalized touch to a nursery room. A perfect edition for an elephant themed room. Give this wall decal as a gift and you will be able to customize the font and color to make sure it matches in the new baby’s room.

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14. Adorable Baby Boys Clothes

Elephant Jeans Romper Set with Stripe T-Shirt

Giving clothes as a gift is always a good idea because this is something every parent will need. This is an adorable jean romper set that features an embroidered elephant on the front. Along with the romper you get a matching striped shirt. Help make the new baby stylish right away.

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15. Elephant Learning Toy For Toddlers

Learning Toy for Babies

Vtech had dominated the field in early education for a long time so you can trust this gift will be a great addition for a new baby. The child will be able to use this purple elephant toy for many years. It features 16 interactive storybooks, 150 songs and phrases, and the ability to learn animals and numbers. Parents will be so thankful for this extra help in educating their child.

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16. Baby Rocking Elephant

Blue Elephant Rocker

This gift is a twist on the classic rocking horse and even better because it features a plush elephant friend instead of the old wooden horse. This is a very special stuffed animal rocker because it can be in a child’s life for many years. They will grow attached to the rocking rhythm and learn to play alone. Children have used rocking horses for many years; give a truly unique one as a gift.

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