20 Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles

Do The Beatles even need an introduction? It’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard of this best-selling band, with an estimated 800 million records sold. Though the group was only together for 10 years, their legacy lives on through their eclectic music, stunning visuals and inspiring songwriting. Two of the members continue to do music to this day. Everyone knows at least one Beatles fan, probably even several, but it can be hard to find a gift they don’t already have. The following is a list of the more unique Beatles gifts out there, with a few classics scattered throughout. You’re sure to find something here that you never even thought existed!

What are the best Beatles gifts for Beatles lovers on your gifting list? Read and find out

1. Men’s Distressed Beatles British Flag T-Shirt

#1 Beatles gift Men's Beatles Distressed British Flag T-shirt

We have to start with a classic gift, the distressed British Flag t-shirt. This is a must for any Beatles fan; new, old or otherwise! The shirt is dark gray/black, with the British Flag and “The Beatles” written across the chest. The image is distressed to give a vintage look and feel to the shirt, and comes in a variety of sizes. This is a must-have for any Beatles fan. Even if they already own this Beatles fan staple, who doesn’t need an extra one, just because?!

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2. The Beatles Minicell Film Cell

#2 Beatles gift The Beatles Minicell Film Cell

This very special gift contains an actual film cell from one of the many Beatles movies made over the last several years. Each piece is double-matted and framed, with the film cell, a descriptive plaque, and a certificate of authenticity. The film cells are hand-cut from the reel, providing a unique and one-of-a-kind look into one of the great Beatles films. This is sure to be a big hit and a cherished gift for years to come. Consider snagging a few to create a collage in any room, on any wall.

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3. Yellow Submarine Ceramic Cookie Jar

#3 Beatles gift Yellow Submarine Ceramic Cookie Jar

For the snack lover in your life, give them this adorable cookie jar, shaped like the famous Yellow Submarine! The entire jar is hand-painted with exquisite detail, and arrives in a full color gift box. The ceramic is high-quality with a silicone freshness seal. It’s perfect for not only cookies or snacks, but great for storing a variety of items, such as office supplies or random trinkets. Whatever the use, it’s a wonderful addition to any Beatles fan’s home.

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4. Multicolored Square Mug Set

#4 Beatles gift Multicolored Square Mug Set

Another fun item is this set of mugs, featuring the faces of our beloved Beatles. The set includes four bright and colorful mugs, all uniquely square-shaped. Each mug holds ten ounces, and all are microwave and dishwasher safe. Whether your friend loves to drink coffee, tea, or just good ol’ water, these mugs would make a great gift for the kitchen and everyday use. You really can’t go wrong with this Beatles themed gift, so grab set today for any hardcore fan!

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5. 5-Piece Russian Nesting Doll Set

#5 Beatles gift 5-Piece Russian Nesting Doll Set

For something completely unique, check out these beautiful Russian Nesting Dolls. The set comes with five pieces, four bearing the faces of the Fab Four, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, while the fifth simply displays a treble clef. These gorgeous dolls are made in Russia and handcrafted, with a glossy lacquer finish. The detail on each one is remarkable, and would make a beautiful decoration in anyone’s home. Give your loved one something special that few have with this wonderful gift!

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6. Charm Bracelet

#6 Beatles gift Charm Bracelet

For the Beatles fan who may appear to have everything and loves jewelry, this is the perfect gift for Beatles lovers. This is a gorgeous charm bracelet, measuring seven inches in length. There are a variety of charms, including infamous photos of the boys, a microphone, a flower, hearts, and many more! The entire bracelet is silver-plated and handmade. Should the bracelet not be their cup of tea, you have the option to choose a choker instead. This beautiful choker is classic black, with a photo of the boys framed in the center. Either item would be a wonderful present!

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7. Retro VHS Lamp

#7 Beatles gift Retro VHS Beatles Lamp

This next item is really something quite special. It is a retro lamp in the shape of a VHS tape. You can customize the primary light color, and even how it’s powered! Choose from a variety of colors and either battery or USB operated. Each lamp is handmade to order and shipped from the UK. This incredibly creative and unique item would be sure to surprise and delight any Beatles fan! It would look great in the bedroom, living room, kitchen – anywhere really! It also makes a great conversation piece so hurry and grab one today.

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8. Sgt. Pepper Wooden Spoon Set

#8 Beatles gift Sgt. Pepper Wooden Spoon Set

Another incredibly unique gift is this wooden spoon set. Four spoons come in this set, all handmade to order as well. The faces of each band member are displayed on the heads of the spoons in the Sgt Pepper style from their eighth studio album. Whether used for cooking or simply on display, these make another great gift for the Beatles fan with everything. They would make a great stocking stuffer, or just any occasion.

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9. Personalized Beatles Abbey Road Cake Topper

#9 Beatles gift Personalized Beatles Abbey Road Cake Topper

For those special occasions that include cake, this is a great way to make it extra special for them! This cake topper depicts the boys making their famous walk across Abbey Road, with a personalized name below. It comes in a variety of colors and is made from Perspex, a shiny plexiglass that will shine on top of the cake!

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10. Vinyl LED Light Clock

#10 Beatles gift Vinyl LED Light Clock

Everyone needs a clock in their home, and this Beatles clock would look amazing on the wall of a fan’s home! It is all black with the group standing above a guitar, cut out to showcase the artwork. An LED light on the back illuminates the entire clock, making it even more beautiful. You also have the option to add someone’s name to the clock, making it more personalized. Grab one today, and treat your Beatles lover.

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11. Yellow Submarine Cufflinks

#11 Beatles gift Yellow Submarine Cufflinks

This is one of the most unique items on the list. These yellow submarine cufflinks add a touch of flair and stylee to any business suit. They are simple but so cute and stand out in a way that isn’t too obvious, but true Beatles fans will immediately notice them and love them. They come in a sleek gift box and are a great to give to the Beatles fan with a business side!

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12. The Beatles Engraved Gold Pocket Watch

#12 Beatles gift The Beatles Engraved Gold Pocket Watch

Another perfect gift for the more business-oriented loved one is this gorgeous pocket watch. Made from real gold, it bears the Sgt Pepper insignia on the front, with the option to engrave the back with a message of your choice. Pocket watches are less common these days, but anyone would be proud to bear this beautiful homage to the Fab Four. Also makes a great display piece in the home, and comes in a hand-crafted wooden case.

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13. Book: “100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die”

#13 Beatles gift Book: “100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die”

A great gift for any Beatles fan, this book lists and ranks 100 things every fan should know or do in their lifetime. From trivia to adventures, fans can explore the group’s history and discover little-known facts or activities that will only deepen their love for the band. It’s available in paperback or on kindle, great for any preferred style of reading. Even the biggest fans will likely discover something new, so give this to a friend and expand their knowledge!

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14. LED Neon Sign

#14 Beatles gift LED Neon Sign

Whether for a man cave, the basement, an in-home bar or just general décor, this awesome neon sign is sure to make a fantastic gift! It shows “The Beatles” outlined in LED lights on transparent acrylic, in a beautiful blue tone. You can also request a different color, from red to purple to orange, and many more. As a special promotion, it even includes a 3D coaster to add to the overall vibe.

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15. Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

#15 Beatles gift Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

This next item is perfect for the Beatles-loving tea drinker in your life! Another yellow submarine item, it’s an adorable little tea infuser. It’s dishwasher safe and resistant to boiling water, so sure to last a lifetime with proper care. The recipient simply opens the cap and inserts their favorite tea leaves, then drops the little submarine into a fresh cup of hot water and boom, delicious tea!

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16. The Beatles Drums Salt & Pepper Set

#16 Beatles gift The Beatles Drums Salt & Pepper Set

This Beatles gift is super cute and super fun to display (and use!) in any kitchen. It is a ceramic salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of The Beatles’ drums. One bears the classic Beatles insignia on it while the other bears the Sgt Pepper insignia. A unique gift for any Beatles lover, they are hand-painted and custom sculpted to perfection.

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17. The Beatles Bite Size Trivial Pursuit Board Game

#17 Beatles gift The Beatles Bite Size Trivial Pursuit Board Game

A great way to celebrate their love for The Beatles while challenging themselves is this travel-sized trivial pursuit game. The game includes a stack of trivia questions listed by categories, a holder for the cards, and a die to roll for each turn. Small enough to carry anywhere, it’s a great way to compete with fellow Beatles fan or even test themselves on their knowledge of the boys. This is sure to be a hit for them!

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18. Set of 3 Mini Classic Guitar Collectibles

#18 Beatles gift Set of 3 Mini Classic Guitar Collectibles

This next item is really something special. It is a set of 3 handmade guitar ornaments, featuring George Harrison’s rosewood hollow body guitar, Paul McCartney’s famous violin bass, and John Lennon’s signature “Ed Sullivan” show guitar. Each guitar measures 6 inches with a string attached, ready to hang on the Christmas tree or just display year-round. They can make a great cake topper too, or be used as part of a gift tag on an even bigger present. The possibilities are endless with these gorgeous items!

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19. Engraved “Let It Be” Wooden Music Box

#19 Beatles gift Engraved “Let It Be” Wooden Music Box

Give your favorite Beatles fan this exquisite item to not only display but use when nostalgia hits. It is a small wooden music box, beautifully handmade and carved with care. When you turn the little gold handle, the classic song “Let It Be” plays. You can even try playing it on different surfaces to get a different sound each time. It’s a very pretty sight to display and a great conversation starter as well.

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20. The Beatles Discography Periodic Table

#20 Beatles gift Discography Periodic Table of The Beatles

This is probably my favorite item on the list, and the most unique and creative. Combining science and music, this poster displays the many works of The Beatles in a periodic table. Each “element” shows a symbol, the song title, a color coding for the release date, and in some cases the band members and albums. It’s a fantastic way to display and honor the wide variety of music created by this sensational band, and a surefire way to touch the science nerd in all of us!

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