Gifts for high school teachers

Excellent Gift Ideas for High School Teachers to Help Recharge Their Batteries and Bring Them Some Joy

We all remember great high school teachers that made a huge impact on our lives. When it comes time to show them thanks, what do we get them?

There are two things that we all know about teachers:

  • Teachers are overworked.
  • Teachers are underpaid.

Finding the best gifts to thank them and express gratitude for all that teachers do for kids is not a easy task. This article can help you to find an idea that will surprise and delight, and show how much you appreciate and love their work.

So, if you have a special high school teacher in your life that deserves some love and care, I have some excellent gift ideas for your high school teachers to help recharge their batteries and bring them some joy.

25 Best Gift Ideas for that Special High School Teacher in Your Life

1. This “Book” Scented Candle

high school teacher gift candle

This is one of the coolest candles I’ve ever seen! This one is perfect gift for those high school teachers that are huge book nerds! It’s handmade (and hand poured in small batches) in the US and burns for anywhere between 60 – 80 hours. The main theme is an older leather bound book accord mixed with a woody desk character of cedar and sandalwood. Hints of balsamic and vanilla finish the complex scent.

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2. Starbucks Gift Card

high school teacher gifts Starbucks Gift Card

There is nothing teacher’s love (need) more than coffee. This gift is great because you can give pure coffee joy to them and they can use it the same day. Pre-load it with whatever amount you want, and help perk up your favorite teacher with some excellent coffee from Starbucks.

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3. This Sentimental Student Autographed T-Shirt

Personalized Student Autographed T-Shirt for high school teacher gift ideas end of year

GoodnessGraceShop will transfer student autographs onto a T-Shirt and make coolest tee for end of year. Show your teacher appreciation with this personalized T-shirt. You can select design and what all will be written on the shirt. You may have to do a little extra work to secure all the signatures, but it will be well worth it when you give such a thoughtful gift and see the joy on their face.

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4. Helpful Charging Station For All Their Drained Devices

Helpful gift for teachers high school Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at school all day with a dead phone. Add on top of that the hours spent after school grading papers and organizing lessons, with no music, and it sounds like a horror movie. Luckily, this station ensures teachers will never be left in these nightmare scenarios again.

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5. Frame With Educational Quote From Benjamin Franklin

Art Educational Quote From Benjamin Franklin

Perfect for any teacher! This etched glass frame has been engraved with a great word art educational quote by Benjamin Franklin with a child’s silhouette. This will look great in any classroom and remind teachers why they got into the profession to begin with.

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6. Relaxing Bath Salts

School teacher appreciation gift idea Relaxing Bath Salts

There’s nothing more important to a teacher than their time off. Help make sure they can relax fully with these scented bath salts that will make all the thoughts of students, parent-teacher conferences, and grading papers melt right away.

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7. My Favorite People Call Me Teacher Shirt

My Favorite People Call Me Teacher Shirt

As a high school teacher, I can say that this is one of my favorite gifts from this list. Take it up a notch by personalizing this T-Shirt from the Etsy shop Print and Arrow. Teacher’s will love the extra thoughtfulness involved in a personalized message from their student, friend or spouse.

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8. Teacher Stuff Tote Bag

Teacher Stuff Tote Bag

Teachers will love this tote bag to carry the mountain of papers and projects to and fro. If you ask, they may even modify the text for you. You can’t go wrong with this thoughtful gift!

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9. Snarky Grammar Pencils

Gift ideas for English teachers:  Grammar Pencil Set

English Teachers will adore these pencil sets that set everyone’s grammar straight. Imagine your favorite high school teacher handing these out like candy to students who just can’t get There, Their, and They’re right.

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If you want to explore other interesting gifts for English teachers, we have a great list of gift ideas for them. These gifts were commented by English teacher, so you can know what gifts are best to choose in his opinion.

10. Funny Wine Glass To Help Them Unwind

Funny gift for high school teachers wine tumbler

There’s nothing teachers need more than a little liquid relaxation on the weekend. This acrylic wine tumbler will ensure they get to unwind in style with the added benefit of being quite difficult to break if it were to be dropped.

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11. Delightful Adult Coloring Book

Teacher Life adult coloring book - gag gift

This is the gift for a high school teacher with a sense of humor. This Adult Coloring book will have them relaxed and laughing as they unwind from their long days. This one is a must have for any teacher who can laugh at the absurdity of their job from time to time.

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12. Teacher Superpower Mug

Teacher Superpower Mug

This mug reminds them that they are superheroes as they gear up for their day with caffeine. They will feel like leaping over tall buildings, or soaring over clouds after drinking from this festive mug.

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13. Attention Getting Bell

good gifts for high school teachers Attention Getting Bell

This bell will go perfect for any teacher seeking to quiet students in their classroom. Includes 7 fun sound effects: a bugle call, space alert, applause, 2 alarm clock sounds, twinkle chimes, and yes, a clanging hand bell.

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14. Festive Unicorn T-Shirt

high school teacher appreciation ideas Womens Teachers are Magical T-Shirt

Make your special teacher feel magical with this excellent unicorn T-Shirt. It’s simple style and multiple colors guarantee that your favorite teacher will love wearing this mythical creature that reminds everyone just how incredible teachers are.

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Maybe some of you will think that this gift is more suitable for preschool teachers, but whatever female teacher I know that work at any school (Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, and High school) I’m sure she would like to get this gift.

15. Personalized Music Clipboard

Gift for Music High School Teacher Personalized Music Clipboard

Have an important music teacher in your life? We also have a list of ideas just for them, see here the best gifts for music teachers. This personalized clipboard would be the perfect way to show your appreciation for them. Who needs a clipboard more than a teacher carrying around sheet music?

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16. Stylish Arrows To Spruce Up Their Classroom

classroom decoration gift

These custom made arrows would really help any teacher looking to spruce up their classroom decorations. What student can’t be excited by how adventurous and awesome learning must be with this teacher?

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17. Chocolate Inspire Gift Pack

Presents for high school teachers Chocolate Inspire Gift Pack

You can’t go wrong with these chocolate inspired items. The pack includes chocolate soap, bath salts, scrubs, lip balm and a dry mask. Any women high school teacher would love to be pampered in chocolately goodness.

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18. “Found Letters” Personalized Sign

Superb high school teacher gift idea for end of year

This item is so cool! The word “Teacher” is uniquely crafted from various photographs and the message beneath can be crafted to fit any teacher you want. Your teacher will go wild for this unique and thoughtful gift for end of the year or for Teacher Appreciation Day.

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19. TeacherSaurus Shirt

TeacherSaurus Shirt

Your high school teacher will roar with laughter at this dino-inspired T-Shirt. I guarantee your teacher will love wearing a shirt that implies they are the king of all dinosaurs and the force to be reckoned with that we all know they are.

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20. Very Own Personalized Stamp

Very Own Personalized Stamp

I’m sure your teacher will give you the “seal” of approval for this unique gift. Personalize a stamp to say whatever you want so that teacher can leave a unique mark on graded papers, gifted books, or memos.

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21. Shakespeare Matcha Tea with Bookmark

Shakespeare Matcha Tea with Bookmark

Maybe your teacher isn’t a coffee drinker. Make sure they still get a nice warm cup of tea with this Shakespeare themed tea. It also comes with a fun Shakespeare bookmark that is sure to be a hit, especially for high school teachers of English.

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22. Health Promoting Water Bottle

Useful gift for highschool teachers: Water bottle

Help your favorite highschool teacher stay hydrated with this Hydro Flask Stainless Steel water bottle. This gift helps teacher stay healthy, and it helps promote sustainable habits for the environment too! This bottle comes in a variety of colors to suit any teacher’s trends and desires.

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23. Custom High School Teacher Bobblehead

Teacher Gift, custom bobblehead

If you really want to go above and beyond with your gift, you can have a custom bobblehead of that special teacher in your life. That way, your high school teacher can feel just as important as a big time sports star or celebrity.

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24. Classic Book Themed Skirt

Classic Book Themed Skirt

Now your favorite teacher can wear the books that she made her students read! Get this for the bibliophile teacher in your life that wants to show off all the classic literature that she can’t stop talking about.

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1. Mini Zen Garden

High school teacher gift for relaxing

This is perfect gift to help a high school teacher find their happy place on those tough days when students have them ready to pull their hair out. They can rake the sand and look at the cute pandas until their troubles have melted away into the background.

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Consider one of these gifts for high school teachers before you go out for shopping. All these gifts can be used for occasions such as: Teacher Appreciation Week, end of year, Christmas, just to say “Thank you”, or for any other occasion. As very important figures in the lives of young people, teachers deserve more attention, gratitude and of course, gifts. A great Teacher is a caring teacher, but caring need to be mutual, so show your favorite teacher that you value them and that your appreciate all their work. Even the smallest gift can says more that 1000 words.