Pokemon Gift Ideas

Top 26 Essential Gifts for Pokémon Trainers and Fans

Pokémon has been an extremely popular franchise since its introduction in the mid 1990s. With trading cards, video games, television series, and even movies, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in the Pokémon universe.

People of all ages enjoy Pokémon, for a multitude of reasons. Children love the cute and cool creatures, as well as creating their own adventures in gameplay. Young adults enjoy the nostalgia, and still hold Pokémon close to their hards. And adults can appreciate the more competitive aspects to gameplay, as well as how unique the world of Pokémon truly is. No matter the reason, here are twenty six truly awesome gifts that any fan of the franchise will love!

Best Gift Ideas for Pokemon True Fans

1. Poké Ball Plush Set of 4

Pokemon gifts: Poké Ball Plush Set of 4

These little plush Poké Balls will make anyone feel like a Pokémon trainer. These high quality plushies resemble 4 unique kinds of Poké Ball! Everything from the traditional basic Poké Ball, to the rare and elusive Master Ball is included in this set. Perfect for display or play, these little plush are about 5 inches in diameter, and resemble the size an actual Poké Ball would be if found in the real world. These would also make a great gift alongside plush Pokémon characters, as anyone who plays with them all together can use these soft and safe Poké Balls to pretend to catch their own Pokémon.


2. Handmade Bubble Bath Bombs

Pokemon gifts: Handmade Bubble Bath Bombs

This gift would be a great idea for any Pokémon lover. These bath bombs are made out of organic materials that are natural, safe, and will not cause an allergic reaction on even the most sensitive skin. The set includes six bath bombs in various colors, and include a surprise Pokémon figurine toy inside each! Not only will these spice up the bath and make it more exciting with bubbles and a fun scent, but the surprise toy inside will make each bath even sweeter! Everyone can enjoy a little luxury, and the fact that these are themed with Pokémon make them even better.


3. Pikachu LED Night Light

Pokemon gifts: Pikachu LED Night Light

This is no ordinary night light! This bright LED light is shaped as Pokémon’s mascot, Pikachu, and is sure to delight. This lamp can change into 7 different solid colors, or even change gradually, with just a simple touch to the touch control. This lamp is easy to use, and can run on either batteries or via a USB charging port. And at just under 10 inches tall, this Pikachu LED lamp can be placed anywhere throughout the home. Guests would be amazed at this well made little light, making it a great gift for any Pokémon lover to show off and proudly display.


4. Assorted Trading Cards

Pokemon gifts: Assorted Trading Cards

Although it has been around since the 1990s, the Pokémon Trading Game is still quite popular among fans and hobbyists alike. Anyone who loves Pokémon will appreciate receiving this assorted lot of cards. No two packs are identical, making this a very lucrative gift choice. Each set includes 40 common/uncommon cards, 5 holo cards, and 5 rare cards. Another perk of this set is that it is great for any level of Pokémon lover! Whether a current collector looking to add to their collection, or a new fan ready to begin collecting, this set of cards is perfect for anyone.


5. Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

Pokemon gifts: Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

Another aspect of collecting in terms of Pokémon is within the many Pokémon game titles. This book is perfect for any trainer to keep track of the Pokémon they catch, as well as learn all about them. This Super Deluxe edition includes over 800 Pokémon, and is extremely comprehensive and up to date. Bookworms and avid fans alike will love to have this book with them. Each page is in full color, and images and descriptions are included for every single Pokémon. To make this book even better, it even includes valuable data regarding the Pokémon trading card game! This book will also make a great companion to many of the Pokémon video games.


6. Trading Card Carrying Case

Pokemon gifts: Trading Card Carrying Case

Whether you’re purchasing Pokémon cards as a gift, or simply know someone who collects them, this case makes a great present. Guaranteed to fit Pokémon cards, this sturdy case can hold up to 320 cards in its protected pages! Never again will cards be lost or damaged if someone is gifted this amazing carrying case. Portable and protective, this case is both waterproof and shockproof. In addition to the protective interior, the exterior of the case also has its perks. It’s completely smooth and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about stains or damage to the outside of the case, keeping it looking like new for years to come.


7. Pokémon “Lillie” Drum Bag

Pokémon “Lillie” Drum Bag

Pokémon fans are sure to recognize this bag, belonging to the beloved in-game character Lillie! Though Lillie carries her Pokémon “Nebby” in this bag in the games, this gift can be filled with whatever it’s recipient wishes. Strong and durable, this bag is perfect for storing and carrying items such as shoes or sports equipment. And for a fan of the character Lillie, this item makes a perfect prop for cosplaying her. This durable gift has a multitude of uses, and would be a great gift idea. And as a bag, this gift is easy to transport, and show off on the go.


8. Exeggutor Flower Pot

Pokemon gifts: Exeggutor Flower Pot

Now this is adorable! This lightweight Pokémon planter can be customized for whatever size is desired, so that it can fit or fill empty space of any size. The pot can of course be filled with a fake or live plant that makes the pot really look like the Pokémon Exeggutor. But alternatively, it can also hold anything desired. A cute idea would be to gift this flower pot in a smaller size, so it can be sat on a desk and filled with pens and pencils. Any Pokémon fan would love to show this creative gift off in their home, or on their desk.


9. Guitar Picks

Pokemon gifts: Guitar Picks

Know a Pokémon fan who is also an established or budding musician? This little set of Eevee patterned guitar picks would make the perfect present. The set comes with six per pack, making it a great deal as well as a great gift. The shape is traditional of a guitar pick, and the material is high quality, to provide a warm sound and natural feel. These picks are sleek and durable, and feature of pattern of Eevee and a few of its beloved “Eeveelutions.” This gift would be a wonderful way for a Pokémon fan to bring Pokémon into their music, and to really personalize that experience.


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10. Set of 4 Cereal Bowls

Pokemon gifts: Set of 4 Cereal Bowls

If you are looking for a gift that is a bit more practical, these bowls would be perfect to gift to any Pokémon fan in your life. This set comes with four bowls, featuring the original 3 starter Pokémon, plus Pikachu. The bowls outer color and designs correlate with the type of their respective Pokémon (i.e. water, fire, grass, and electric), and are super cool. They can be used for everything both hot or cold, from soup to cereal. Plus, the material is sturdy, making these bowls useful and long-lasting. They will look absolutely perfect in any Pokémon fan’s kitchen or dining room.


11. Ash Ketchum Trainer Hat

Pokemon gifts: Ash Ketchum Trainer Hat

This is not your basic every day baseball cap. Pokémon fans of all calibers will recognize this hat anywhere. A replica of the hat worn by the famous main character in both Pokémon television episodes, and movies, this is none other than Ash Ketchum’s cap! Made from 100% cotton, this hat is comfortable and easy to keep clean. Additionally, this hat features an adjustable strap on the back, so it can be worn by fans of all ages and builds. In fact, this hat could also be used as part of an Ash cosplay costume, whether for Halloween or otherwise.


12. Electronic Guessing Game

Pokemon gifts: Electronic Guessing Game

If you are seeking an interactive and unique Pokémon gift, consider this fun electronic game. All the player has to do is think of a Pokémon, and this smart little Poké Ball-shaped game will guess it. This particular version of the game covers the Pokémon from the well-known Johto region of the Pokémon universe. The game comes in a sleek and cool “Great Ball” design, and with only a few batteries, will provide countless hours of fun. Pokémon fans young an old will enjoy joining in on playing this game, making it a good, engaging gift option for a family or group of friends.


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13. Learn to Draw Pokémon Book

Learn to Draw Pokémon Book

This paperback book is jam-packed with various Pokémon, and the steps needed to draw each of them. Each page teaches the reader to draw the characters by both written instruction as well as step-by-step instructions, and would make a great gift to any Pokémon fan who has ever wanted to make their favorite Pokémon creature characters come to life on the page. High quality and informative, this book makes an engaging and useful gift for all Pokémon fans, whether they watch or play Pokémon! Fans would appreciate this book on their shelf, to make use of whenever the situation warrants.


14. Poké Ball Lunch Box

Pokemon gifts: Poké Ball Lunch Box

Many people pack their own lunches, from school-aged children to mature business people. No matter who it is, as long as they are a Pokémon fan, they will love this little Poké Ball box. Made of safe, quality material that is safe to come in contact with food, this cute little handled Poké Ball makes a delightful lunch box. It is even dishwasher safe, making it easy to keep clean and sanitary. But it does not have to be used as just a lunch box. This Poké Ball would also make a great travel case for anything from makeup to small collections of items.


15. Gym Badge Pins Boxed Set

Pokemon gifts: Gym Badge Pins Boxed Set

This high quality pins are built to last, and are sure to delight. A main aspect of the Pokémon world is that Pokémon Trainers battle against more skilled professionals, called gym leaders, to earn badges for all the gyms in the respective region. And for those who play the video games, they partake in this activity themselves. Just like in the games, these pins come tucked away in a little box. Therefore, this gift essentially comes pre-packaged in its very own gift box. Trainers young and old will enjoy being able to wear their favorite gym badges via these eight piece pin sets, or simply just collect them all for display purposes.


16. Poké Ball Headphones

Pokemon gifts: Poké Ball Headphones

Whether using them while playing a Pokémon video game to listen to the sounds on the go, or to watch the movies and episodes while out and about, these headphones make a cool gift for anyone. They can also be used to listen to music and the like as well. Plus, if searching for a gift for a younger Pokémon fan, these headphones actually include a volume limiting feature, so that parents could potentially limit the volume to ensure their child’s safe listening. But with the soft padded ear cushions that help block out external sounds, to the crisp sound quality, these headphones can be enjoyed by older Pokémon lovers as well.


17. Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Pokemon gifts: Peel and Stick Wall Decals

When someone is a fan of something, they often enjoy decorating their personal space with that theme, in order to cultivate an environment they can use to express themselves and enjoy. Therefore, these cool Pikachu and Poké Ball assorted wall decals make a great gift choice for Pokémon fans. This set comes with 12 wall decals, all of which are easy to apply and remove as needed. The decals can be placed on any smooth surface, and can be removed without any pesky sticky residue. Any Pokémon fan would have a fun time decorating their space with these neat decals, which can be removed and used time and time again.


18. Funny Psyduck T-Shirt

Pokemon gifts: Funny Psyduck T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a more humorous gift for a Pokémon fan, this shirt checks out. It features the fun and silly Pokémon Psyduck in a very famous classic painting. The shirt comes in four different color options, and has even more size options. This makes the shirt a good choice for anyone, as it can be personalized as you see fit, to make it a great match for the intended recipient. And with this shirt being handmade and made to order, you can be sure that you are gifting a high quality item for whichever Pokémon fan in your life has a great sense of humor.


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19. Pokédex iPhone Case DIY Project

Pokemon gifts: Pokédex iPhone Case DIY Project

This neat set includes everything you need to assemble an amazing and unique phone case based on the popular Pokémon item, the Pokédex. Due to the DIY nature, the set includes the basic items for the case, but can be customized to your liking. Plus, it fits several models of the extremely popular mobile phone, the iPhone, making it an extremely versatile choice. The materials included in the case are plastic and stainless steel, which makes this Pokédex phone case a sturdy and reliable protector for any Pokémon fan’s cellular device. You can either assemble the case yourself before giving the gift, or give it in its unassembled form as a fun DIY project.


20. Rubbish Plush Drawstring Pouch

Pokemon gifts: Rubbish Plush Drawstring Pouch

Too cute! This little drawstring bag can be used as a purse or clutch, and is uniquely shaped like the Pokémon Trubbish. In the Pokémon world, this little guy is modeled after a trash bag. But in real life with this drawstring clutch, Trubbish can hold a wide array of items! Handmade to order from fleece, drawstring, strap, thread, felt, polyfill, and quality lining material, this little guy will be a long-lasting gift that can hold a Pokémon fan’s various items for years to come. Popular things to carry would be a cellphone, chapstick, wallet, and more. This little guy proves himself both useful and adorable.


21. Wall Mount Key Holder

Pokemon gifts: Wall Mount Key Holder

Hardcore Pokémon fans will be surprised and delighted with this unique gift. Handmade to order, and not sold in stores, it is very unlikely that the Pokémon fan you are gifting has seen this one before. In Pokémon video games, you choose your “starter Pokémon” at the beginning of each one, and that Pokémon grows and evolves by your side, becoming a more powerful companion as time passes. This key holder features three well known starter Pokémon, plus the obligatory Pikachu. This is an adorable key holder a Pokémon fan can mount onto their wall, and smile at its cleverness every time they pass it.


22. Made to Order Crochet Plushies

Pokemon gifts: Made to Order Crochet Plushies

Every Pokémon fan has a favorite Pokémon, no matter how avid a fan they are of the series. This gift is great, because you can pick any of the 800+ existing Pokémon, and have a crochet doll of it made. As a handmade item, these are of course unique. But with the endless possibilities of options of Pokémon character choices, the possibilities are endless. Whether to be played with or to sit as a token to display around the house or workplace, this gift is a great, customizable option that will surely delight. And, if your Pokémon fan has multiple favorite Pokémon, you can order more as you please, for any occasion!


23. Athletic Shoes

Pokemon gifts: Athletic Shoes

Many Pokémon lovers model after the characters in the franchise, and love to adventure and be active. These Pokémon inspired shoes would make an amazing gift for active fans who are always moving or on the go. Bright, colorful, and featuring a multitude of Pokémon, this gift choice will not disappoint. Soon enough, your Pokémon fan will be wearing them everywhere, and showing them off wherever they go. Various sizes and sole colors can be selected, making this a great gift option for all Pokémon fans. Durable and long lasting, these shoes will be a favorite for years to come.


24. Coffee Mug

Pokemon gifts: Coffee Mug

This mug is a fun, light-hearted play on words. A popular Pokémon is Koffing, and many Pokémon fans will recognize him straight away. Now, Koffing has transformed into an 11oz coffee mug, with the words “Koffee” cleverly added on, and Koffing’s little face included as well. These mugs are both dishwasher safe and microwave safe, making upkeep and cleaning a breeze. Plus, they’re handmade from quality materials, and will be a durable, clever gift for any Pokémon fan to either drink out of, put out on display, or even hold items such as pencils. Both hot and cold liquids can be consumed out of this cute mug.


25. Adorable Enamel Pins

Pokemon gifts: Adorable Enamel Pins

Many Pokémon fans first started their adventure into the franchise with the Gameboy Color games, and these pins can show off this pride. With a cute, retro look about them, these pins can be gifted in a variety of colors, with correlating Pokémon featured on each. The pins can be ordered with either Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu. But that’s not all! As Pokémon fans are well aware, Pokémon come in two different colors: their standard look, and then the more rare “shiny” version. The Pokémon on these pins can be ordered as either! This way, they can be gifted in the color and type that the recipient will enjoy most.


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26. Pokemon terrarium Japan: Umbreon Terrarium

Pokemon gifts: Japanese Umbreon Terrarium

This beautiful gift would be perfect for any Pokémon fan to sit out on display in the home. In the shape of a Poké Ball, the top of the ball is transparent, allowing onlookers to see inside and view what it would be like inside of a Poké Ball! This particular one features the beloved “Eeveelution” Umbreon, and it lays amongst decorative grass, flowers, and other nature. Each of these items is handmade, so no two are alike! Pokémon fans and even those who are unfamiliar with the series will marvel at this lovely art piece, and appreciate it for its uniqueness and beauty. This gift would be a perfect choice to dazzle and delight Pokémon fans.