Best Gifts for Principals That Are Both Practical and Personal

When we think about the hierarchy of a school, the general rule of thumb is that the principal is the highest in the school setting. Generally, you honor the highest-ranking member with the best gift. Here are some of fantastic gifts you may want to consider gifting your principal.

1. Book Clock (Custom Engraved Free)

Cool customized gift for school principals Book Clock

A major piece of information about principals is that they are very well read. What better gift to give a person who is very well read than a personalized book clock with your personal engraving. If your principal has been a person who has been a support for you, support them with your appreciation by giving them this stylish yet practical office accommodation. Get it now, time’s a-wastin’.

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2. Principal Mug

Principal Mug with awesome saying that your school principal will adore

Self-confidence has always been in stylish but giving the gift of self-confidence isn’t easy. Telling someone they are doing a good job and that you are proud of them is an emotional thing to do but important. Some people find it easier to do with injecting a little humor in it. The saying on this mug is the new trend but it is a way to show your school principal you admire what they were doing without coming on to strong.

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3. Desk Organizers and Accessories

Desk Organizers and Accessories useful gift idea for a principal

Organization is the key to doing any job well. As time goes on, a principal’s organizational tools tend to ware down. One of the greatest presents you can give your principal are tools to organize their office. Stripes are stylish and trendy and one way to make your principal feel appreciated is to keep them up to date on the new trends.

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4. Vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar

Vintage Desk Calendar unique gift for principal's desk

The most important tool for any educator and any principal is a calendar. A calendar is such an important tool because it allows them to keep track of holidays, school functions, days off, and most important; the countdown to summer. While calendars are important, style is a close second. With this stylish yet practical vintage calendar, you can show your principal that you care about their time.

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5. Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machine is one of the best gifts that will boost your principal energy

If you want a boost because you know you are going to have to stay awake when all you want to do is crawl under the covers and hit the snooze button, you go for the caffeine. What better way to get your caffeine fix than to drink espresso? Principals have very early mornings and very late nights and coffee becomes more important than oxygen in those early morning hustles to the office. Give your principal the gift of sanity by gifting them their own version of Nespresso.

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6. Principal Keychain

Keychain High School (Elementary) Principal meaningful gift

Gifts are such a powerful and meaningful way for a person to have a tangible reminder of how much you appreciate them and how important they are to you. For High School or Elementary School principals, most of their gifts come in the form of something that they can use in the office. With this keychain, they have a reminder that they can take with them. What makes that meaningful is that when they are not in the office and they need a reminder of the impact they are making; they can look down and see it there.

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7. Tai Chi Pattern Zen Garden

Relax gift for anyone who with stressful job

One gift that seems to elude most principals and any educators for that matter is one that cannot be bought. Peace is like a river, but unfortunately, it doesn’t flow very well in a school setting. Teachers, students, and other members of the community are always coming into the office. What can help your principal relax is this wonderful zen garden that is a reminder to take some time to themselves, decompress, and focus on something other than faculty and others.

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8. World’s Best Principal Coffee Mug

World's Best Principal Mug

Coffee is the key to success. Maybe not the coffee itself, per say, but the caffeine. Being in any kind of education field, but especially principal, you are required to be up early to start the day, stay late to end the day, and if you can manage, to have a life outside of work as well. The best way to get manage all of that is high dose of caffeine. What better goes with caffeine such as coffee and tea than a mug that shows the world how much you are appreciated. You are the best principal and you deserve to show the world.

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9. USB LED Clock Fan

Gift for great techy school principals USB LED Clock Fan

Do you truly appreciate your school leader? Do you think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread? Show them your appreciation with this cool portable fan/clock. It attaches right to their computer, so it doesn’t need batteries and it gives them the gift of convenience for when they get hot on the go. This is the coolest affordable tech gadget to get your principal. What a “cool” way to show them how cool you think they are!

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10. World’s Greatest Principal Parking Only Sign

World's Greatest Principal Parking Only Sign

“Principal Parking Only”. This saying has been a staple of our culture this generation, and one way to show your principal how much you appreciate them is to mix the gratification of showing them you respect their title with something from your generation to show them they are still “hip and with it” too. The perfect sign for them to hang in the office is Principal Parking Only. Buy it while it’s still cool.

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11. Edison Lamp

Gift for male principals Steampunk light

In the 1950’s, a man would traditionally get home from working dressed up in his best clothes, sit in his favorite chair, and light his pipe. What made this even more regal was the décor that was around him. Rustic was their modern and accentuated their style. Even though decades have passed, the style is still in and one gift to give your beloved principal that both brings back both style and shows them how regal you regard them is this beautiful Edison lamp.

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12. Book “The Principal: Surviving & Thriving”

The Principal: Surviving & Thriving Book Gift from teacher

One of the hit shows from our generation is Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. There are survival guides for anything from surviving the next zombie apocalypse to how to survive raising children. What better book to give your principal than to give him a book on how to survive being a principal and dealing with people such as yourself.

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13. Desk Clock on Base with 2 Pens for Principal Office

Principal gift from students or teachers Desk Clock on Base with 2 Pens

A clock is of upmost important as a principal. There are things to do and people to see and being late is frowned upon. Pens are equally important. How else would they be able to sign detention slips and executive orders? This gorgeous gift combines the two items (clock and pens) with an incredible personalized name plate. The price is very affordable, and it is very fashionable, great for leaving principal and it is also appropriate to give retiring principal.

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14. Custom School Principal Cartoon Portrait

Unique gift idea School Principal Cartoon Portrait

One of the most personal gifts you can give someone is something that involves a photo. Caricatures are very personable, but since they tend to poke fun at specific attributes, they are generally not a good gift to show your principal how much you appreciate them. Somewhere between Not only is the portrait itself adorable, it shows your principal that you are going above an beyond the standard principal gifts and getting on that will touch their heart.

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15. Katana Bookends

Katana Bookends cool principal school office decor piece

If you’ve ever been sent to the principal’s office, or even just looked around their offices, you will notice the piles of books. Some have bookshelves and others just leave their books stacked around their office. These adorable bookends will help organize the office while adding a little light humor and class to the room. These were made to make it look there is a knife going through the book; something sure to cause a laugh through the days.

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16. Yoda Best School Principal Shirt

Yoda Best School Principal Shirt

When you are choosing a gift, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. Even if it is something they can’t wear in school, principals dress down too and one way to show the world how much their faculty employees appreciate them is to wear a shirt that says something similar to world’s greatest principal. Careers define us and someone once said if you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life and this tee will show the world how much they like being a principal.

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17. Rain Cloud Pot

Rain Cloud Pot unique principal gift idea

There are only so many items that a principal can use practically in their office. Most gifts are display items or trinkets because they are something that everyone who sees them will appreciate. This watering decoration is one that doesn’t advertise that they are the best principal but conveys that message with its beauty. Besides, principals like their office to be appeasing and comfortable and a plant does just that.

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18. Art Print

Gifts for principals from teachers customized art print

Anyone can go to a store or get online or even regift a generic gift. “World’s Best Principal” is a really sweet message but it doesn’t show that any effort was put into finding the gift. With this personalized wall plaque, you can choose the name and even the wording, showing that your one of a kind principal gets a one of a kind gift. You can also choose your size and color, making this art print truly unique.

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