Best Gifts for Principals That Are Both Practical and Personal

Have you ever noticed that the people that get the most recognition in schools are teachers? They deserve it and so does the staff that leads and supports them, namely principals. Principals are the unsung heroes of schools, and they can be shown just how appreciated they are with a gift of gratitude.

Trideer Ball Chair with Base for Home and Office

If there is one thing that principals have known for a long time it is that working from a desk all day can sometimes be boring or stagnant, especially now that most work is done from home. The Trideer ball chair comes in two colors, black, and grey, and is meant to encourage movement and better posture. The ball can also be used to relieve stress by exercising or to get the blood flowing during breaks. This offers an alternative to a hard office chair and can often add more fun to the workday without being distracting.


Hallmark All Occasion Card

For those of us who like to keep it simple, cards are a simple yet great way to show someone you are thinking of them. These Hallmark cards come in several designs such as “Pretty”, featuring roses and greenery, and “Orchid”. The inside has a small saying with room underneath to express your feelings. Writing to your principal about their impacts on campus can make them feel appreciated and special.


Because Virtual Teaching Wine Glass

If you thought the teaching ends in the zoom meeting with the class and teacher, think again. Principals have been the leading force in figuring out how to handle coronavirus in the safest and most efficient way. They have been constantly meeting with their staff of teachers to support and guide them through this time, most of which is happening virtually for them as it is for everyone. They are invaluable virtual teachers who often do not get credited for their time setting guidelines within the school so that everyone is on the same page. It might be time for them to relax and treat themselves to a fancy drink (sparkling water, anyone?).


Personalized Joycuff Bracelet

This bracelet or “joycuff” is primarily for people who identify as women and is meant to serve as a reminder that they are cherished within their school community. This product is personalized and comes with sayings like “Believe in you as I do”, “Nothing Can Stop You” and “I got this”. Little things like putting on this piece of jewelry before beginning the day can remind people that they are seen and heard and that their work does not go unnoticed.

FIND IT HERE Gift Card Gift Boxes

This is one gift that can not fail: a gift card. A gift card is good for any person because it will more than likely be used to get things that they actually enjoy at their own discretion. If you do not know your school principal well, this could be the perfect, simple gift to get them. These Amazon gift cards come in a gift box that dons several different designs to pick from such as mock Amazon packaging, a yellow bow, a soccer ball, or blue and white stripes with a black bow. You can also choose from amounts of $25, $50, and have the option to put in your own custom amount.


Variety Healthy Snack Box

Snack boxes can go a long way for certain people, but it is important that you get to know your principal first. Allergies, dislikes, and food restrictions are something to be aware of when gifting food – after all, we want them to be able to eat it. Make sure that the snack box fits into their lifestyle, and choose the snacks you believe they would like the best. The snack box here would fit nicely with someone who likes healthier things to munch on during the day. Snack boxes can come in gluten-free and vegan varieties for those with food restrictions.


First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

This mug is a great gift for the literature nerd inside of us all. Most principals have master’s degrees or PhDs and have spent a lot of time in school. It can be a hit or miss whether or not they liked literature pieces, so it can be helpful to try and spark a conversation with your principal and see what their interests are. If you happen to mention Slaughterhouse-Five and it sparks a fire in them, this may be the perfect gift for your principal.


SHASHIBO Shape-Shifting Box, Fidget Cube

This gift would be for the principal you catch playing with Rubik’s cubes, or stress balls, or admiring abstract art. It is a more niche gift because it requires critical thought, but it can provide a helpful means to destress those who enjoy those kinds of things. This contraption is a magnetic puzzle that can be formed into nine satisfying three-dimensional art designs, while still leaving room for creativity. This puzzle can be taken apart and formed differently due to the strong earth magnets inside each part of the puzzle. This can also add a conversation piece to their office space.


Classic Insulated Tumbler with Straw and Flip Lid

Let’s be honest, we have all lost or have come close to losing our water bottles or thermoses. It does not hurt to have an extra, or one that you are able to keep specifically at work for when you forget your main one at home. A lot of principals drink a lot of coffee to keep themselves going, and these tumblers are insulated to keep drinks at the desired temperature for longer. These are also the perfect tumblers for iced coffee in the morning to start off with that extra kick to the day. These tumblers come in sizes 16, 20, 24, and 28 ounces and come in over 30 colorful designs to pick from.


Mini Artificial Plants with Grey Pots for Office Decor

While a real plant may be your first go-to, plastic plants provide the pleasing aesthetic of greenery while avoiding complications with allergies, bugs and other obligations that would take away time from caring for a real plant. Additionally, not everyone has a green thumb or the knowledge to take care of indoor, potted plants. Having real dirt or soil in an office space can attract bugs and can be dirty if knocked over, while a plastic plant has none of those problems. Principals only spend so much of their time in their offices, and there is no worry that this gift might wilt if they are away or busy.