Gifts for preschool teachers

25 Perfect Gift Ideas for Special Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers are often your child’s first encounter with a teacher or an adult influence other than yourself. Therefore, preschool teachers make a lasting impression on our children and us. They are always remembered for their patience and kindness in guiding our children through their first school years. For that reason, finding the perfect gift for a preschool teacher is very important. With the best gift, we can thank them for their hard work and dedication.

1. Bracelet

Preschool teacher gifts Bracelet

If you want to show your appreciation for a preschool teacher by adding some sparkly accessories to her style, this is the perfect gift. Jewelry is a timeless gift and it can be worn again and again by a teacher. This stainless steel bracelet features a rhinestone apple, a delicate pink pearl, and a circular pendant stating, “It takes a big heart to teach little minds”. What better way for a teacher to feel proud of her job then to wear it right on her wrist?

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2. Personalized Preschool Teacher Sign

Personalized Preschool Teacher Sign

Personalized gifts always carry more meaning because they prove you had that special person on your mind. Preschool teachers should feel very special for cultivating our children’s young minds. Give them this canvas sign to hang in their home or office so that every day they can remember how much they are loved. Teaching children can be exhausting at times, but this warm message can instantly uplift any teacher’s rough day.

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3. Custom Engraved Thank You Teacher Frame

Gift Idea Thank You teacher frame

Another lovely personalized gift that will turn a teachers desk into a warm and cozy space. This photo frame allows your teacher to always be reminded of their student’s smiling faces. For someone who teaches our future leaders, being able to constantly see their smiling faces will be such an amazing reward. This wood photo frame will have your teachers name on it and many kind words to express your thankfulness for them.

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4. Tote Bag

Pre school teacher gift idea Tote Bag

For that preschool teacher on the go, this versatile tote bag is a perfect gift for her when she is out shopping on the weekend, or when she is busy carrying work papers between her home and office. What’s even better is the inspiration quote on the tote bag, “Teach! It changes everything”. This beautifully designed handbag will easily make any teacher feel pride in themselves.

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5. Specialty Gourmet Coffee Treasure Chest

Preschool teachers gift Treasure Chest of Coffee

We all know the reassuring feeling of waking up and having a warm and delicious cup of coffee in the morning before heading off to work. Lets face it, sometimes coffee is the only thing getting us out the door on those dark winter mornings. So why not give this gift of specialty assorted Arabica coffees and flavored coffees to your child’s hard-working preschool teacher. They can receive these gourmet coffees in a cute and rustic gift box and enjoy fresh coffee at any time they please.

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6. Personalized Preschool Teacher Desk Pen Set

Personalized preschool teacher gifts Desk Pen Set

Most teachers spend a lot of time at their desks. Whether they are grading papers, having a meeting with a child’s parents, or giving advice to one of their students. It is clear that any teacher would want their desk to reflect them and be a place to exhibit their hard work. A desk pen set would be the ultimate way to reflect this strong image. This wonderfully crafted desk pen set contains a business card holder, name plate, two silver pens, and a clock. This is an excellent gift to give to an organized preschool teacher.

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7. Funny T-Shirt for Preschool Teacher

Funny gift ideas for preschool teachers

Boo! Halloween only comes once a year, but it is usually the highlight of students and teachers school year because of the fun parties and events. Children love Halloween because the get to dress up and of course eat candy, but teachers love it because they can see the smiles on their student’s faces. Why not give a perfect Halloween t-shirt as a gift? The t-shirt reads, “World’s Scariest Preschool Teacher.” Your preschool teacher wont be able to wait to wear this fun Halloween t-shirt!

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8. Unique Preschool Teacher Bracelet

BEST PRESCHOOL TEACHER GIFTS Personalized Teacher Bangle Bracelet

“Thanks for making a difference in my life”, that is the touching quote engraved on this beautiful piece of jewelry, and along side that quote is a ruler and a circular pendant stating, “Love.Inspire.Teach”. This is an extremely meaningful gift for a preschool teacher for any special occasion. This bracelet will guarantee your child’s teacher will never forget the impact she made in their life. This is a high-quality piece and a great choice because it will last through the years and always be worn by that special teacher.

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9. Appreciation Coffee Mug

Preschool teacher appreciation gifts

Other than the lovely assortment of coffee previously mentioned, this etched glass mug is a great way to give thanks to a preschool teacher. This gift is such an easy and perfect gift because everyone needs that ideal mug to carry around his or her beverage. Also, everyone else has a hectic life too, so go ahead a pick this simple yet ideal THANK YOU gift for the preschool teacher in your life.

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10. Elite Point-SCISSORS Zebra Set

Cute Preschool gift for Teachers Coffee Tumbler

This is another good gifts for preschool teachers because of its versatility for everyone. They can have the glass-etched mug for at their desk, but they still need this stainless steel travel mug to carry their hot beverage in the car and to school. Any teacher would love the comical message on the travel mug, “You can’t scare me, I teach Preschool”.
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11. Best Teacher Ever, Makeup Bag, Pencil Case

Perfect for end of year or teacher appreciation week

This make-up bag or pencil bag will conveniently hold any preschool teachers items and every time they use it, they will be reminded of your child. The bag is the perfect size to hold all essential make-up products and the canvas bag has dazzling colors that really stand out. The, “Best Teacher Ever” will never forget this thoughtful gift when she pulls it out for her pen or make up application.

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12. Amazon Gift Card

Preschool teacher gifts from students Amazon Gift Card

Giving an Amazon gift card as a gift to a preschool teacher is the surest way to know the teacher will get exactly what they wanted. We all have busy lives, but we have to make sure we remember the ones so influential in our lives. By giving an Amazon gift card, you take the shopping and guess work out of your busy routine and finish with leaving someone feeling very happy. They can now select something they always wanted and have it delivered right to their doorstep.

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13. World’s Best Teacher Award Trophy

World's Best Teacher

Preschool teachers are like superstars! Working every day to turn children into the next presidents. Superstars get trophies for their hard work, so show the preschool teacher in your life what a superstar he or she is. You can guarantee they will get a kick out of it and have a great story to tell when they show it off to their friends after school. They will show off how much they are appreciated.

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14. Stamp

Stamp great Christmas gift for teachers preschool

Preschool teachers can spend a lot of money on classroom resources and those resources are very important for keeping the preschool students interested and focused in school. Help your child’s preschool teacher have the best stamp in the whole school. This personalized custom stamp is perfect for teachers for many reasons. Marking and grading papers, keeping documents organized, and just to add a personal flare to their work materials. This is a unique gift that won’t be given often.

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15. Teacher Angel Figurine

Teachers are Angels in Disguise

Preschool teachers really are angels in disguise. They take care of our children when we are at work and they set them up for a successful future. This angel figurine is a thoughtful gift to give. A preschool teacher can put it on her desk at work or keep it showcased at her home. Regardless this gift sends a meaningful message to your child’s teacher that she truly is an angel and to never stop what she does.

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16. Lavender luxury bath set

End of the year preschool teacher gifts Spa Gift Basket with Sensual Lavender Fragrance

Treat the best preschool teacher you know by gifting her this sensual lavender bath gift set. She can now pamper herself and come to school with moisturized and lavender scented skin. Every woman loves to take relaxing hot baths that smell good and rejuvenate her for the next day. This particular bath gift set comes beautifully presented in a white jewelry box that can be used later. Also the purple packaging of the lavender shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, and bath bombs contrasts beautiful in the white jewelry box giving an unforgettable gift.

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17. Teacher’s Desk Starter Kit

Teacher's Desk Starter Kit

This desk starter kit has everything imaginable to stock a preschool teacher’s desk. This could be for a new teacher who is beginning to teach or even a teacher working for many years and they need to replenish their stock. Also, this is truly a great value for this gift. The kit contains a glue stick, a stapler with stables, a stable remover, paper clips, and much more. To top off this practical gift is an apple shaped stress ball, a must have item in a desk when the workload has piled up.

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18. Willow Tree Angel Sculpture

teacher appreciation gifts for preschool

Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of these Willow Tree angel sculptures. Each sculpture is specially crafted to mark the exceptional thought that goes into someone’s mind when thinking of the recipient. This angel sculpture will forever represent the gratitude for your child’s preschool teacher’s work. Work to help raise a special child. This particular sculpture was designed to show thankfulness. This gift will be sure to display true sentiment.

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19. Beary Best Teacher Teddy Bear

Bearington Beary

This adorable furry little bear is such a cute gift for any teacher. The brown bear is holding a plush red apple, and on it is written “My Favorite Teacher”. And this fuzzy stuffed animal is scented with fresh apple fragrance, so the bear will always give off a lovely smell to lift a preschool teachers mood. Everyone loves receiving a sweet little creature to add to their collection or be a welcoming decoration in their home or office. This Bearington bear is a traditional design of a classic teddy bear and will fit in perfectly to a preschool teacher’s life.

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20. Teacher Travel Mug

Teacher appreciation week ideas for preschool Travel Mug

You know what they say, you can never have too many travel mugs, and that is very true because teachers need one every day. This creative travel mug is specially gifted for a preschool teacher because it states, “Teacher, opening minds, inspiring hearts”. Preschool teachers are the first teachers to reach in and inspire children to do their best. Let us inspire teachers to keep doing their best with this lovely card that comes with the mug. It has a special little mantra a preschool teacher needs to hear before they start their day.

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21. Antiqued Leather Notebook with Engraved Message

preschool teacher gift ideas for end of school year Notebook

Preschool teachers need to be very organized people because they constantly have little voices asking them for help. A notebook is necessary for writing down notes and creating lesson plans. Give this gift of a handcrafted and personalized notebook. This notebook is made to last because it is made of leather, and it wont fall apart like those cheap notebooks. A preschool teacher can rely on this to keep their lesson plans intact and they will forever be thankful for such a great gift.

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22. “Thank You, Teacher” Holiday Ornament

Thank You, Teacher Holiday Ornament

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, but it is also the time to buy everyone in your life gifts. When considering a preschool teacher, this Christmas ornament is the best Christmas gift to give because it will brighten up their Christmas tree and remind them they are doing a great job as a teacher. This cute little owl on the ornament says “Teachers INSPIRE minds to Soar”.

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23. Sign for Preschool Teacher Classroom

Sign for Preschool Teacher Classroom

A cute little teal owl is featured on this teal and white polka dotted sign. This teacher sign is perfect for hanging in a classroom to welcome everyone inside. The best part is that it can be personalized to include your preschool teacher’s name. This gift will be loved and will add the perfect look to any preschool classroom.

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24. Personalized Teacher’s Classroom Mat

Personalized Teacher's Classroom Mat

A well-decorated classroom is better for inspiring students to learn, so your preschool teacher will be forever grateful for this gift. A welcome mat that is designed to look like a chalkboard and has many cute school related symbols on it will liven up a classroom. This is the first thing students will see when entering the classroom. This is a unique and thoughtful gift that can be custom made.

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25. Teacher Stamps by Stampmojis

Preschool teacher gifts Teacher Stamps

Emojis are the new craze with kids today and they send cute messages, so give a preschool teacher Stampmojis so their students will love receiving them on their papers and notes. This is a funny and lighthearted gift to give but also practical at the same time. This 25-piece set has the best emojis that everyone loves to see. Your child’s teacher will be so excited to use them the next time they grade papers.

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