Ad Meliora: 7 Gifts Your Latin Teacher Will Absolutely Appreciate

If there is one popular language that we have all heard of, but few of us actually know, that is definitely Latin- the language of the great Roman Empire. Latin is a language that has embraced philosophy, literature, medicine, and many other areas, and thanks to it, we have such vast knowledge about our history.

Still, nowadays, Latin is a dying language, and we must all appreciate the efforts all Latin teachers put into keeping it alive. And what better way to show our love and appreciation for our Latin teacher than a thoughtful gift?

Design Toscano Roman Goddess of Wisdom Bust Statue

This next suggestion is the perfect addition to your Latin teacher’s house interior. This Design Toscano Athena bust statue weighs 4 pounds and is made of durable marble polyresin. The goddess of wisdom wears a feathered helmet and a breastplate that depicts the snake-haired Medusa.

What we really like about this statue is that it is hand-cast and uses real crushed white marble and designer resin. The item dimensions are 4.5L x 6.5W x 13.5H inches, which makes it perfect for your teacher’s library shelf or office desk.


I Teach Latin I Win T-shirt

If your teacher loves t-shirts, then this is definitely the best gift you can get them. The t-shirt comes in five different colors, and you can even choose the fit type: men or women. We really like the fact that the solid color t-shirts are made of 100 percent cotton.

The shirt is not only lightweight and stylish, but it also features a clever “I teach Latin. I win.” inscription that your teacher will surely love. The piece has a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem and offers a classic fit. It is also machine-washable.


Latin Proverbs: Wisdom from Ancient to Modern Times

It is highly likely that your Latin teacher knows a lot of Latin proverbs, but 1,188 is a large number, so we think that there will be at least one or two unfamiliar ones in this book. Oh yes, that’s right- this incredible suggestion is a collection of 1,188 quotations in Latin that are translated into English.

These quotations are well-illustrated with beautiful black-and-white drawings, and the book features three indices- author, topical, and works of authors cited. The quotations are hortatory, philosophical, folksy, ironic, and pretty much everything you can think of. Moreover, the book gathers together about 100 authors, from ancient to contemporary.


Julius Caesar Pen and Pencil Holder

We bet your Latin teacher knows everything about Julius Caesar, so don’t you think a Julius Caesar pencil holder will be a suitable gift? We certainly do, especially when it is so finely done as this one! This pen holder is made of heavyweight painted resin and looks like a true museum piece.

It stands 7 and a half” tall and is the perfect addition to all teacher’s desks. The design is super smart as the pens are placed in the back, and it will be pretty much like you’re stabbing him. We know, we know….it’s black humor, but who cares! Still, even though Caesar was stabbed 23 times, the penholder can hold up to seven pencils or pens only.


Knock Knock Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Journal

We all love personalized gifts, that’s a fact! Well, this Knock Knock gift book allows you to create a present specifically made for your teacher. The “Why you’re the best teacher” journal is a book with 112 pages that you can personally fill to show just how much you love your teacher.

Each page features a started but unfinished sentence with a blank that you have to fill in yourself. That way, you can write funny, creative, and cute messages your teacher will be able to read whenever they feel like doing so.


Latin Teacher Coffee Mug

Does your Latin teacher have a great sense of humor? Do they love coffee? If the answer to both of those questions is ‘yes, then this next suggestion is all you need to surprise your beloved teacher.

Why? Well, just look at these funny patterns on both sides of the mug – “Trust Me, I’m an awesome Latin teacher”. Your Latin teacher will definitely enjoy their coffee much more in this very considerate coffee mug gift.


I Teach Therefore I Drink Stemless Wine Glass

While we love coffee, we realize it is often not enough to make teachers company while they are grading tests. Now, a glass of wine is something else! This “I teach therefore I drink” glass is not only super clever but also really sturdy.

The glass is made of Tritan plastic that is EA and BPA-free and also shatterproof. The glass has a wide base to eliminate spills and is suitable for 450ml of wine. It also comes delivered in a gift box, so you will be ready to go!


Wrap Up

Our teachers deserve our love and appreciation, especially if they have really managed to light up our passion for a given subject. When that subject is as hard as Latin is, well, then your teacher deserves a gift to remember!

We did thorough research on the best gifts for Latin teachers, and we gathered our top picks that we guarantee your teacher will love just as much as we do. They are all high-quality suggestions, and some of them are ideal for teachers who have a great sense of humor, so check them out!