All rise! 15 Great Presents for a Law Student

If you have a law student in your family or among your friends, you probably know how challenging law school is. Why not reward the law student in your life with a useful, motivating, or funny gift?

Here are the best gifts for law students for all occasions and all budgets.

Polare Men’s 17″ Full Grain Leather Briefcase Business Messenger Bag Tote

This premium quality leather briefcase is an excellent gift idea for a law student and will serve him well during his years of study and well into his career.

This messenger bag’s elegant Italian design will look good on him, no matter whether he is wearing casual everyday or formal clothes.

The business bag by Polare is made of full-grain, soft leather, which will last for years, and will look even better as it ages.

It can fit a laptop of up to 17.3 inches in its padded compartment and has enough pockets and slots for all of his books, gadgets, and personal items.

The bag can also be used for traveling and comes with a nifty luggage strap to be easily attached to a suitcase.


FaceYee Law Classroom Pillows Cushion Covers for Law School Student



This is another gag gift that any new or advanced law student will appreciate. It will look great in the dorm room and will be a constant reminder that all of the blood, sweat, and tears of going through law school are actually worth it in the long run.


MIP 17 oz. Stemless Wine Glass Scales of Justice Paralegal, Lawyer, Attorney


Pushing through and graduating from law school can be one of the most challenging tasks in one’s life, so why not give the law student in your life this humorous stemless wine glass, which is law-based?

It has printed scales of justice and different measurements for good days, bad days, and don’t even ask days.

Every law student needs some time to relax and relieve the pressure, so why not do it by enjoying a glass of good wine or another beverage of choice?


Haikus for Law Students


This book of 105 Haikus for Law Students by Jacob Erez is a fun way for a busy law student to relax amidst all the long sessions of studying, tests, and writing papers.

The haikus are truly fun, relatable, and hopefully will be stress relieving for any law student.


Lawyer Mug Attorney Coffee Cup

Make your law student friend or relative smile with this novelty gift for law students. The affordable mug is 11-oz, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

It has a fun sign printed on both sides, which will retain its brightness and quality no matter how much time passes.

This is an excellent gift idea for a new or a graduating law student and will make s great Christmas stuffer as well.


Samsill Envelope Style Portfolio

The exterior of this envelope is made from a faux leather material that looks sleek and professional.

With stitching on the borders, it’s perfect for staying relevant in a modern-day work environment!


Scales of Justice Stainless Steel Tie Bar Clip

This cool law school graduation gift will get you the perfect souvenir for your lawyer friends! This stainless steel tie clip is engraved with a scales of justice symbol, and it arrives in an organza gift bag.

Pair it with gavel cufflinks to show off how much you care about your legal professional friend’s success.


Lawyer Infinity Scarf for her Judge graduation for law student

This stylish infinity scarf with the intricate courtroom and law-related details is the perfect gift for a graduating law student.

It is reasonably priced, made of a light and soft silk-like fabric, and comes in a delicate ivory color, suitable for all occasions and outfits.

It is a versatile scarf, which the law student can wear at school, or after that in the courtroom or with clients.


The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons


This is a collection of the best 85 lawyer-related cartoons from The New Yorker by acclaimed cartoonists Steign, Addams, Cullum, and Shanahan. The book is a smart gift idea for anyone who is studying to be or is currently a lawyer.


Bey-Berk Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

This funny decision-maker paperweight may not help a law student reach the best verdict when it comes to legal matters, but it is a fun gadget to have handy when facing a dilemma. It even includes an “ask mom” section, so we guess she was right when she has been telling you all life long – “mother knows best” even if you are a law student.


Symbols of Law and Justice – Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip


This elegant pen with the law and justice symbols engraved on it is not only a thoughtful gift for a law student, but it is a useful and versatile one as well.

It works as a pen, as well as a flashlight for studying in low light conditions, and also has a soft rubber tip, which can be used as a stylus for a touchscreen of a phone, tablet, or another device.

The 3-in-1 pen is beautifully made, comes in a premium box, and is offered at a very reasonable price for the value provided.

It is an excellent gift idea for a graduation or for an acting lawyer, paralegal, judge, and government official.


Overly Attached Decals Lady Justice Vinyl Car Decal – 5″


This car decal will allow the law student in your family or circle of friends to flaunt his or her specialty and future profession.

The high-quality decal is made of durable vinyl and is shaped like a Lady Justice silhouette. It will definitely stand out from those stick figure family decals and other ones we are used to looking at when stuck in traffic.


Scales of Justice – Etched 8 Oz Stainless Steel Flask

Any law student will appreciate this fun and useful gift. The 8-oz stainless steel flask is etched with the scales of justice.

It looks elegant and can be discretely hidden in a pocket or purse so that the future lawyer or judge has access to a sip of his or her favorite beverage.

It comes with a funnel and an inexpensive yet impressive gift to buy for any law student of legal drinking age.


Satan’s Advice to Young Lawyers


This sarcastic book written by Aleister Lovecraft will hopefully prepare the future lawyer for the difficulties, temptations, and other issues that he or she will cross paths with on the way to becoming a successful lawyer.

It should not be taken too seriously, and hopefully, the law student will read between the lines to realize the ironic message of this book.


Pacific Giftware Desktop Lady Justice Marble Finish Statue


This is a stunning and beautifully made statue made of polyresin with a crushed marble finish. It is a statue of Lady Justice holding scales that are removable.

The statue will look great on any desk, shelf or mantelpiece, and will remind the current or former law student of the power of the law and his or her responsibilities to stay true to it.

The statue is an excellent gift idea for a law school graduate or for a new job in the legal system.


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