20 Amazing Gifts for Everyone Who Loves Hot Air Balloons

Before the plane, we humans had a way of flying into the sky that was much more peculiar and definitely much more fun in the form of a pretty air balloon. This lovely art did not die completely and stayed in several forms that we can gift to somebody we love. Here I present you a list of gifts you can pick to cheer somebody who loves hot air balloons.


1. Realistic vintage hot air balloon models

hot air balloons gift 1.

No one can be uncheered with a balloon, give this hit hot air balloon model to bring joy to the life of the one you love, this gift will give them a daily reminder of the feeling of floating above the world, while being a very good looking decoration piece at the same time. Great realistic hot air balloon models for both, adults or children obsessed with balloons.

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2. Table Cover

hot air balloons gift 2.

Way up in the clouds, with a privileged view of the sky. This is the feeling that balloon lovers adore the most. You obviously will not be able to give them this feeling for real, but you can give them a reminder, a token of their appreciation for the art of balloons by giving this tablecloth with a unique hot air balloon design.

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3. Sun Catcher

hot air balloons gift 3.

Adventure is out there in the world, in the skies in particular. Art is a form of expression; it is more than just something pleasantly looking to decor a house with. How about expressing your feelings by giving this amazing hand painted glass, the vivid colors give a feeling of real balloons floating over a beautiful sunflower field.

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4. Hot Air Balloon Fabric Button Earrings

hot air balloons gift 4.

How about something cute? These balloon themed earrings might be just what you are looking for! Give as a gift and take it for a ride. I am telling you, this piece is overloading with cuteness. Don’t you agree?

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5. Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern Decoration

hot air balloons gift 5.

In Japanese and Chinese cultures, paper lanterns are quite common; it is used in festivals and are commonly known as sky lanterns, in this gift, we merge east and west with a lantern in a balloon form. Just imagine how nice this will look in a house, like a private hot air balloon show.

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6. Fabric Bathroom Decor Set

hot air balloons gift 6.

Who said that a bathroom could not look nice? This decorative shower curtain gives taking a shower a new feel. Say yes to new adventures, a shower is also when imagination is at its peak, it is easy to imagine being in a balloon flying up and up and above.

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7. Hot air balloon string art, DIY Gift

hot air balloons gift 7.

Here we have another decorative piece, but something that gives more a feeling of closeness since it is a DIY art and it feels unique and something that only you could give. It looks great on the bedroom, the living room or anywhere it can make it look livelier. Anyone who loves creativity and is obsessed with hot air balloons will love this gift.

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8. Hot Air Balloon Puzzle

hot air balloons gift 8.

This gift is something to bring everyone together, a puzzle is a game that can be shared with everyone, you could present this to a single person, but it would be extra special since is something that can be completed with the help of others. Filled with colors, this balloon-themed puzzle will bight anybody’s day.

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9. ArtBuz Hot Air Balloon Chandelier Ceiling Lamp Light

hot air balloons gift 9.

The feeling of being up there in the sky is something incredible, it is said that one image can take you places, you don’t need to be in a balloon to feel the wind of the skies in your face, just a reminder of one can take you places. Which makes this the perfect gift, a bright chandelier, lighting a whole space, like a balloon lights the sky with its colors.

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10. Hot Air Balloon Wine Glasses

hot air balloons gift 10.

For the wine lovers out there, this wine glass gives the best of both worlds, one’s love for wine and balloons at the same time. Give this present to that one friend that gets way up there without the need of a balloon and just a few glasses of wine. Definitely this hot air balloon gift is not for children it is only for adults.

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1. LEGO Heartlake Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 1.

For kids, the idea of a balloon grabs their attention because it means adventure, something unknown, the bright colors and the different designs takes their imagination places. All of that combining with the joy of building something, make this Lego a great gift to give to any kid’s birthday.

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2. Kids Room Wall Decoration

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 2.

For a child, anything that is bright and colorful will grab their attention in a few moments. A hot air balloons makes them feel like going up and away, which makes these wall stickers a fun gift to decorate their rooms. It gives a DIY feel and it is definitely a creative way to entertain kids.

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3. Cherokee Baby Girls’ Footies and Bib Set Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 3.

For a baby girl, nothing will look cuter than this footie and bib set with an air balloon theme. The little one will soar into the sky while looking adorable at the same time. It’s a great little outfit to give as a birthday gift or a baby shower.

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4. Curtains for Kids Room

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 4.

To make a kids room more stylish and fun, this balloon-themed curtain might be a good choice; it has a lovely design with a beautiful scenery with colorful balloons all over it capturing any children’s interest. It is safe for babies and kids and worth your while when looking for something to give them.

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5. Crib Sheets for Babies

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 5.

Give a baby sweet, sweet dreams and let their imagination soar high with this balloon-themed crib sheets. The design is unique and very stimulating for babies and one can even make up stories while just looking at it. Cute, creative and ideal hot air balloon gift for infants.

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6. Cute Air Balloon USB Rechargeable Light

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 6.

Children’s dreams are different from adults; their perspective and imagination are much more colorful and filled with positive emotions. Maybe an adventure in the skies might spark in their dreams with this Balloon lamp, who knows?

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7. Balloon Lantern with LED Light Craft Kit

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 7.

Take creativity to higher standards, this is a different lamp than the other one I showed here. This one invites the child into making the lamp their own by decorating in different ways making them use their imagination to the fullest, making it flow higher and higher.

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8. Book: Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 8.

For kids, a good story can take them anywhere. Curious George is an already known character to children anywhere and here he is going to take them on a new adventure through the skies in his beautiful and colorful air balloon. This gift will put a smile in any child’s face.

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9. Kids Bedding Sets with Hot-air Balloon Print Pattern

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 9.

Who has the sweetest dreams of all? There’s no doubt that kids dreams are way happier than adults, they can ride in air balloons, visit the stars and have all the wonders of being a young and creative child while also being comfortable in this wonderful bedroom set with balloon designs.

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10. 5 ft tall Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon themed gifts for babies and kids 10.

To build something with their own hands can give young kids the feeling of accomplishment and happiness that no toy can ever surpass. How about taking their creativity and skills to the next level by allowing them to build their own real hot air balloon. I am sure this is something that would give them a sweet memory engraved in their minds for years to come.

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