60th Birthday Gifts for Men – Our Clever & Lighthearted Suggestions to Bring Out a Smile

Knowing someone special that is soon to be in their 60s? How about cheering them up on their birthday with a funny, original gift?

The opportunity to reach this age is a blessing. This is why it needs to be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. Embracing the 60s with positivity and wit is the way to go.

The gifts listed below will be a fantastic addition to any party and will bring a smile to everyone’s face, to say the least. Most of them are hilarious, while others can be pretty useful as well. Our team had a great laugh while selecting them, and we are sure you will do too.

AOZITA 60th Birthday Gifts for Men – 15oz Wine Glass

This is a wine glass that is perfect for celebrating your 60th birthday. A present for dad, grandpa, or even yourself!

AOZITA’s 15oz Wine Glasses are made of high-quality lead-free crystal glass and packaged with a gift box. They are great as gifts for men’s birthdays. In addition to being microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven-safe, the glasses also fit in the dishwasher. Each glass holds 14 ounces of liquid.

60th Birthday Glasses with Crystal Frame


If you are about to celebrate a lady’s 60th birthday, these glasses are an absolute must. The set includes six glasses for under $15. They can be worn while taking pictures or simply welcome the guests with them as unusual gifts that will stay like a souvenir for the memorable event.

The glasses look really classy and sassy and come in one universal size. Made of high-quality plastic with rhinestones on them, they look simply gorgeous and will add awesomeness to the birthday party.

Happy 60th Birthday Toilet Paper

This funny toilet paper will be highly appreciated by most aging people. They can actually use it for its purpose after the laugh. But what is more important is the genius print that can’t be ignored.

Imagine switching it during the night and the birthday person sees it in the morning. That would set the mood for the whole day! It is biodegradable, made from recycled paper. The image is printed on the whole roll, not just on one side like other cheap alternatives.

This funny gift will serve as reading material for those extended stays on the toilet. They will also be reminded of how considerate you are and how much you care about them every time visiting the toilet. If this does not make you purchase it right away, we do not know what else will.

60th Birthday Funny Mug


Everyone gains knowledge and experience after reaching a certain age. However, only some learn to enjoy the little things in life and, instead of taking themselves seriously, start to have more fun and do not care about people’s opinions.

If your friend or relative who turns 60 reminds you of the second group, this mug will win their heart. This is a very meaningful yet witty gift. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and can be used for hot and cold beverages.

We don’t know a person in his 60s who would not like to receive a gift that says that he looks 28. With this mug, you are telling them that age does not matter, and they are still the same cheerful, looking-good person they were decades ago.

Extra Long Shoehorn


This funny gift is suitable for senior ladies or gentlemen. It comes in 7 color options, while the price might vary for each one. Why would they need a long shoehorn?

Everybody knows it is harder for seniors to do certain things like bending or kneeling. You can remind your 60-year-old friend that this time has come, and you want him to crack up at the joke, not from trying to put his shoes on.  The extra-long shoehorn is sturdy and will last a long time.

Over The Hill Exerciser Gift

This one here is simply hysterical. If your 60-year old man needs the keep the love muscle in shape, and he most probably does, you can get him this exerciser.

For under $6, you will garner plenty of laughs. If in 30 days he is not satisfied, well, he can try some other excuse. It would be even funnier if this special senior had been a fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder. Get him this little gift to remind him to “keep it up.”

Funny 60th Birthday T-Shirt


If the birthday person is a dog lover or respects the 420 part of the day (cannabis culture slang), this T-Shirt will become his favorite one. It comes in various sizes, from S to 3XL for men and S-XL for women.

This is a high-cotton product, soft in touch and not see-through. Seniors mostly stay at home, so this T-Shirt will make a perfect gift for everyone that loves the comfort of staying in.

Do not get us wrong. This T-Shirt will be appreciated if worn outside too. The funny print will raise the mood wherever they go. In Dog Years I Am 420 is a nice way to say that age means nothing when your spirit is young.

Teeth Denture Shaped Ice Tray Mold

Most people when were little had that grandpa that always left his teeth denture on a visible place that was pretty gross for everybody. We should face it, we will all get there!

This funny gift can make perfectly-formed teeth denture ice. The molds can be used with gelatins, fondants, and more. You will make the birthday person laugh for sure. You can surprise them by casually putting the ice in their drink and see their reaction.

The ice tray mold is made of silicone and is super easy to clean if you decide to make chocolate or mold any other food with it. It will last for a long time if cleaner properly after use.

Fake Belly Waist Bag with Adjustable Belt

This waist bag is just hilarious! If aging did not make the birthday boy grow a fat belly, you can fix this missed opportunity by gifting him a hairy beer belly. The item is water-resistant and has an adjustable waist belt.

The best thing is that it looks astonishingly real in person. It has an invisible zipper that is also pretty solid and secure. It’s quite impressive! The brand offers different designs, so you can check them out and choose the right one.

Philips Washable Hair Trimmer


We can’t talk about gifts for men in their 60s and not mention the hair trimmer. This is a mostly practical gift that will be useful. However, you can use it as a reminder that seniors should trim their nose, ears, or neck as much as they cut their hair.

The Philips Norelco has Dual Cut technology, and the blades are perfectly sharp. The trimmer is designed to be gentle with the skin so the gentleman who will receive it can safely trim the nose, sideburns, ears, eyebrows, neck, and beard.

Who knows? Maybe after trimming the hair in their ears, they will start hearing better again. The trimmer is water-resistant and durable.

Wolf’s Head Walking Stick

Yup, this is a walking stick with the head of a wolf. It is definitely something that your special 60-years-old man is not going to buy for himself. Show him how important he is with this stick that looks like it is taken out from a Renaissance movie.

With age, the body starts moving slower, and sometimes we need a little help to get to some places. Well, with this walking stick, not only will they be able to get to wherever they want, but they might grab a lot of attention from same-age folks too.

If the birthday boy is active and does not need a walking stick, they can at least use it to knock on peoples’ door or your own head for gifting them such a hilarious gift.

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