29 Authentic Japanese Gifts for People Obsessed with Japan and Their Culture

What are the best authentic Japanese gift ideas?Everyone knows at least one person who adores Japan and its amazing culture. Japanese culture is unique and mysterious, and every Japan lover crave for some traditional Japanese item in his collection. Finding the perfect Japanese gifts for people obsessed with Japan can be tricky. We give you the best traditional and modern gift ideas inspired by Japan.

Gifts for Japanese culture lovers:

1. Bento Box

Japanese Gifts Bento Box
Searching for the perfect Japanese present? Look no Further! Bento box is right choice. It is really popular in Japan to have a home-made lunch wherever you go. It is always packed in beautiful bento boxes in different designs and shapes, from those made for kids to those made for adults. The choice in designs, colors, shapes, size, and decoration is endless. Every Japan lover will be excited to have one of these.

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2. Chopsticks set with case

Japanese Gifts Chopsticks Set

Japanese tableware is the combination of chopsticks and spoons. Every Japanophile will be delighted to have a beautiful set of traditional wooden chopsticks with the case. There are available in different colors and different decorations. You can choose between adult and kids size and decoration depending on who is the proud receiver of this original gift. They can be made of different materials like wood, plastic and even metal. Choose with your heart and the choice will be right.

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3. Japanese lacquerware

Japanese Gifts Hand Mirror

Japanese lacquerware gives you the endless gift-solutions, from tableware to the ladies accessories. These items have a peculiar beauty and style. While using any object of Japanese lacquerware you will feel like a royalty. Here we give you a gift idea for a special lady of yours, the hand mirror in black color with flower decoration. It will charm you with its beauty.

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4. Kimono Fabric Purse

Japanese Gifts Kimono fabric purse

If you want to surprise someone with a symbolic Japanese gift that doesn’t have a high price, then this purse is the right for you. Made from the kimono fabric, these little purses for coins are very popular in Japan. Every Japanese lady has one of them in their bag.

These purses can be made in different colors and designs, but every single one of them has that „kawaii“ charm in itself.

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5. Traditional hair accessories or „Kanzashi“

Japanese Gifts Kanzashi

The Japanese hairpin „Kanzashi“ design is different from every other in the rest of the word. Since the design of the kimono leaves no space for any type of jewelry, the traditional Japanese hair accessories is a jewelry itself. With so many different designs, colors and materials the choice is endless and there is no way you won’t find that one that suits your desires the best.

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6. Japanese Kimono

Japanese Gifts Kimono

If you are willing to spend more money on a traditional Japanese gift than it has to be a kimono. Kimono is a complex word made of the verb „kiru“ which means „to wear“ and the noun „mono“ which means „thing“, so the kimono is the thing that you are wearing and in ancient Japan, it was the only type of clothes. This is something that even you would like to have in your wardrobe. It can be made of different types of fabric, but the most pleasant ones are those made of cotton, the so-called „kimono yukata“.
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7. Origami Paper

Japanese Gifts Origami Paper

Complex word made of verb „oru“ which means „ to fold“ and noun „kami“ which means „paper“ perfectly describes what you should do with these artistic paper. If you have friends that are into art and creativity and at the same time they are Japan lovers, then this should be a perfect gift for them. If you include some origami book with the origami paper, you will probably become the best gift giver.

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8. Japanese Sweets

Japanese Gifts Sweets Mochi

Japanese traditional sweets are usually made of sweet bean, and they are not that sweet as the candies from other countries. That is why they are made to match the green “macha” tea, which is basically bitter, and the small amount of sugar in the candy will be the perfect amount. They look perfect and their appearance is a work of art. The choice in taste and decor is incredible.

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9. Cosmetics for ladies

Japanese Gifts Cosmetics

Japanese women are well-known for their impeccable skin beauty. Their skin care cosmetic is ahead of all the other cosmetics. No matter if it is skin, hair or body care, or any type of makeup products, you can’t make a mistake with Japanese labels like Hada Labo, Shiseido, or any other. The lady who receives this kind of a gift will know how to use it in the best way.

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10. Rice Cooker

Japanese Gifts Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is among the expensive gifts in this list. But can you get more Japanese than the rice cooker? The manufacturer choice, as well as the design diversity, is incredible and this would probably be the best gift for your own house. This is a small but mighty appliance. You can always make a perfectly cooked rice with this little devilish appliance.

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11. Books about Japan

Japanese Gifts Books about Japan

We all have that one friend who likes reading and collecting the books. The best way to surprise him is to buy him/her a book about Japan and its culture. It can also be a book about the Japanese language for those who would like to learn this exotic language and its incredible „kanji“ or the Japanese cookbook. You can find perfect Japanese gift for every taste among the books.

Book 1 on Amazon
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12. Japanese Stamps

Japanese Gifts Stamps

Using the reward stamps in the teaching practice is really popular in Japan. If you have one of those you could surprise him with this inexpensive gift. These stamps are usually made of wood and they can be even personalized with the name or some other symbol that characterize you. This could also be a really nice present for kids.

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13. Sushi making kit

Japanese Gifts Sushi making kit

Whoever tried sushi, had at least once a great desire to make a sushi by himself/ herself. Now it is available to buy a whole sushi kit with the nori, wasabi paste, rolling mat, chopsticks, sushi vinegar, ginger, sushi rice and everything else that you need for perfect sushi rolls. Depending on the manufacturer the number of the items in the making kit can be different as well as the price.

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14. Kawaii items

Japanesse gift idea Kawaii

Kawaii culture is very popular in Japan, and no matter if you are young, middle-aged or old, if you are men or women, everyone loves the kawaii items and has at least one of them in their purse or at home. The kawaii trend reached every part of everyday life and you can find almost every single object in the kawaii version.

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15. Maneki Neko

Japanese Gifts Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is a symbol of happiness in Japan. Almost every house, shop, restaurant, office or company has one of these. It is the talisman that brings good things to the owner. Everyone who likes Japan certainly loves „Maneki Neko“. You can find it in different colors and sizes, and there are versions with the right-hand waving, and with the left-hand waving. The symbolism is different, the right-handed cat brings happiness to the house, while there is a belief that the left-handed Maneki Neko brings success to the business. It is most certainly a really nice gift for Japan lovers.

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16. Ceramic Japanese Hot Sake Set

Japanese gift idea Sake Set

Japanese people have a tradition to drink their sake in different ways, no matter if the sake is warm or cold, it is always served in a ceramic carafe and small ceramic cups. The design can be different and the choice is endless. Just choose that one that made your eyes sparkle. The best sake set includes the warmer cos’ it gives you the more traditional way to serve warm sake to your friends.

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17. Hand-crafted Japanese-style folding fan

Japanese Gifts folding fan

If you had the chance to take a walk to the „Kiyomizudera“ Temple, you will pass beside numerous shops with traditional folding fans. The fans are collectibles in Japan, and most of them are handmade. Their decoration is incredible, and we are sure that you will have difficulties to choose just one. They will steal your heart with their beauty.

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18. „Furoshiki“ or the wrapping cloth

Japanese Gifts Furoshiki

In Japan, along with the kimono fabric purses, it is popular to carry your bento box wrapped in „furoshiki“. It is a piece of nicely painted or decorated cloth that wraps whatever you are carrying with you and has the role of a bag. The prices can be different depending on the fabric quality, the decoration, way of manufacturing ( it’s more expensive if it is made and decorated by hand), the size, etc. Every Japan lover will be happy to have his own „furoshiki“.

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19. Teacups

Japanese Gifts Teacups

It is hard to find two exactly the same handmade teacups. Even those in the set have minor differences in decoration, so every one of them is unique in its own way. Serving tea in different cups is pretty common in Japan, they probably belong to different historical periods, and they can be even 100 years old. In their simplicity lies all their impeccable beauty.

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20. „Noren“ or the doorway curtain

Japanese gifts Noren

„Noren“ is usually seen at the shops and restaurant doorway. What is less known is that they can be a part of the indoor decoration. Many households separate rooms with the „Noren“ giving the impression that you are entering a new room. They can be found in different sizes and of course, the decoration and colors can be various. I have my own „Noren“, and it is actually one of my favorite Japanese gifts.

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21. Japanese School Bag

Japanese Primary and Secondary School Bag

Only true Japan-lovers will understand the meaning of this cute school backpack and why this item is on list of Japanese gift ideas. It is the inevitable part of every J-drama and the symbol of school life of every Japanese kid. This interesting and original gift can be a part of the room decoration but true J-fan will know how to use it in everyday life. Girls may use it as their new make-up bag, or they can just keep their favorite manga in it. You can choose from three color options, red, blue, and black. The high-quality production will make this gift a long-lasting favorite.

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22. Death Note Box Set

Japanese gifts Death Note Box Set

Have you ever met a real Japanese culture lover who doesn’t like manga or anime? No, right! Some of the most popular manga creations are Naruto, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, and many many others. Of course, you should pick that one that suits the receivers taste the best. This time we thought that the Death Note Box Set is the right choice. It has everything that a manga lover will need. If your Japan lover friends aren’t Death Note fans jet, they will become once they read it. This manga book set is packaged in a nice Death Note themed box.

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23. Oriental Furniture Fan Calligraphy Set

Japanese gift ideas Oriental Furniture Fan Calligraphy Set

The Calligraphy is popular in Japan ever since the Chinese writing system reached the Japanese islands. In order to develop and improve this skill, every artist needs the right tools. This set has everything that a calligraphy artist can wish for. It is packaged in a nice and totally Japanese-like fan box. Even if you are not that skilled in calligraphy, this nice gift can be a decoration in office or living-room. As a super-crazy-ultra-giga Japan lover, me myself would be blown away with this cool oriental present.

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24. BAMBOOWORX Japanese Tea Set

Japanese gifts The Perfect Set to Prepare a Traditional Cup of Matcha

Tea drinking culture is a tradition in Japan and people who visit this wonderful country will be a part of at least one tea ceremony. Once they try matcha they will crave for more even when they leave the borders of Japan. To make matcha it is necessary to use certain tools that will lead a preparatory to the final goal, a nice, green, foamy, and strong tea. If you buy this gift to a Japanese lover, he will treat you with authentic Japanese matcha. Sometimes when you give, you actually get.

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25. Otamatone Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument

Otamatone Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument

We all know that Japanese people are being popular for crazy gadgets and incredibly strange items they use in everyday life. This unique musical instrument is one of those typically Japanese items. A real connoisseur of this interesting culture will appreciate a weird gift as this one. It can be found in different colors, and you don’t have to be a real musician to produce melodies on this strange and cute instrument.

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26. Mini Zen Garden

Zen Garden is a Great gift for Japan lover

Zen gardens have their roots in Japan. In almost every small and big town, you will be able to see zen gardens where people can enjoy silence and think about great life mining. That is why small zen gardens became popular. When you have no time to visit real places of wisdom, you can draw shapes in your own small garden and create home feng shui. People who like to decorate their homes in Japanese style will be delighted with this gift.

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27. Chopsticks Rest

Chopsticks Rest

The chopsticks rest is the inevitable part of every table set. If your Japan lover friends like to prepare Japanese themed dinners, this gift will blow them off their feet. They are available in many different designs and shapes, and you can choose those that will suit there kitchen style the best. This particular model is made of porcelain, but you can find those made of stainless steel for modern kitchen and dining rooms. The choice is endless.

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DYI Japanese Gifts:

28. Japanese Fishing Floats

If you are creative and want to make an original gift by yourself, we suggest you try to make this great fishing floats.

29. Koinobori

Japanese DIY Gift idea Koinobori
Koinobori are carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Children’s Day.

Buying Japanese gifts for a huge fan of Japanese culture isn’t something most people know how to do. There are some super cool Japanese accessories and gear out there, but you are stuck and do not know what to choose. Which is why we have a few ideas and any gift from the list to choose you can not make mistakes.