Great 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom That Will Surprise and Delight

“Mothers give up so much so that their children can have so much” – Catherine Pulsifer

After everything she’s ever done for you it’s time to give back to your fabulous mother on her milestone 50th birthday. Show her a little love and appreciation with an extra special gift to celebrate this big day. No matter what type of mother you have or what her interests are, our list is guaranteed to help you find the perfect gift for her.

1. Foot Spa

50th birthday gifts for mom foot spa

Every mother deserves some well-deserved ‘me’ time and definitely deserves to put her feet up once in a while after everything she’s done for you. What better way to help her relax than with her own foot spa to use where ever and whenever she wants to. This all in one spa includes an adjustable heat function, bubbles, removable and interchangeable massage rollers and vibration. With all those functions, whoever needs to spend money to go to the spa!


2. Personalized Mother Necklace

Mother 50th birthday gift personalized Necklace

Every woman loves a little bling. Give Mom something extra special, so that she can hold her most prized possessions close to her heart forever, with this beautiful personalized necklace. Each ring can hold a different name, so include the names of all her children. You can select the number of rings, colour and even the necklace length, so this makes it truly unique. Now, with age starting to kick in, Mom has no excuse to ever forget your names!


3. “Mom a title just above queen” Wine Glass

50th birthday gifts for mom wine glass

Everyone’s mother is royalty in their eyes. You may not be able to afford to buy her a crown and a palace, but you can certainly remind her how much she means to you. Now, every time she takes a well-deserved wine break, with this fabulous and fun 19oz wine glass, she will be reminded just how must she means to you. Include her favorite bottle of wine (or2!) and this 50th birthday gift is guaranteed to be a winner.


4. iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

50th birthday gifts for mom Robot Vacuum

Let’s be honest, everyone’s mother has done her fair share of cleaning up after them in her life. Help make her own cleaning easy with this super effortless Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Made to work on carpets and hard surfaces, this gift is definitely made with every mother in mind. It includes a 3-stage cleaning system, picks up small and large dirt particles (including pet hair), carefully man oeuvres under and around furniture and even knows where to focus more attention, by focusing more on high traffic areas in the home. The more tech-savvy moms can even use WiFi connectivity to control the device using Alexa and the iRobot home app. This one is guaranteed to make mom’s life a breeze.


5. Personalized Portrait Scatter Cushion

gift for mom 50th birthday Personalized Portrait

Your mom’s fur babies love her just as much as you do, so why not give them a special and permanent place in her home, with these stunning personalized portrait scatter cushions. Get the portrait of her pets or even a family portrait sketched and printed on one of these cushions. You can choose the color and size of the cushion to create a truly unique birthday gift, made to suit her home. Add a special quote to the cushion to make this an even more memorable gift.


6. 50 Things to do When you Turn 50 Book

moms 50th birthday gift 50 Things to do When you Turn 50 Book

Many people start to feel their life is ending when they turn 50. Turn mom’s 50th birthday frown upside down, with this wonderful book, which includes inspiring and humorous essays by some of the world’s favorite 50-year-olds. What’s even better is that all royalties from the sale of this book go towards cancer research, so you will not only be helping mom with some thought-provoking literature, but will also be helping thousands of others. This gift will become her new favorite coffee table book, as well as provide her with a whole world of inspiration.


7. Tilevo Cute Tea Infusers

gifts for 50th birthday mom Cute Tea Infusers

Few things help you to relax better after a long day, than a nice cup of tea. Help make tea time more fun, with these super cute animal tea infusers. Simply pack your desired loose-leaf tea into your choice of animal, clip it to the rim of your tea cup and allow it to steep for your desired amount of time. They are made from the highest quality, non-toxic silicone, so they won’t affect the flavour of your tea or get damaged by heat over time. They come in a pack of 5 so everyone can enjoy tea time at mom’s house.


8. Personalized Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet with Laser Engraved message for your mom 50th birthday

A woman’s wallet is one of her most special and prized possessions. Help make Mom’s wallet extra special, by getting her a beautifully hand-crafted leather wallet, engraved with her name, initials, personalized message or special image. Each wallet is unique, due to variants in the leather used. This practical, yet beautiful wallet includes ample card slots, a transparent ID slot, 2 cash pockets, a zipper pocket and an extra pocket large enough for a cheque book. This gift will help her to organize her life, as well as make each spending experience a little more special.


9. Box Wine Dispenser

Box Wine Dispenser fifty birthday gift idea for mother

Although box wine isn’t ideal, it is necessary (even for the biggest wine snobs) when the budget gets tight. Buying box wine no longer has to be something to hide, but rather something to show off, with this gorgeous box wine dispenser. Simply insert the wine bag and enjoy! It can hold a 3L bag, comes with an ice pack to keep your wine cool and even includes a fillable bag, which you can use to serve any beverage of your choice. Give your mom a reason to entertain, or simply another reason to enjoy a glass of wine, with this beautiful piece, which is sure to become a favorite in her home.


10. “Celebrating the 29th anniversary of my 21st Birthday” Funny Shopping Bag

Funny 50th birthday gift for mom

Most women struggle with coming to terms with this new milestone in their lives. Reaching the big 50 can be a stressful time for mother, but with this funny shopping bag, you can help her to find some lightness and humor in the situation. This highly durable canvas tote is available in different sizes, is machine washable and is so multi-functional, that it will definitely become mom’s favorite new bag.


11. Wireless Key and Item Finder

Gift for mom 50th birthday Item Finder

Most moms live really busy lives (partially due to us kids), so it is very easy for them to misplace small, but crucial everyday items. Simply attach a colored disk to any item (cell phone, keys, wallet etc.) and when the item is misplaced, all you have to do is push the corresponding colored button on the remote and the item will beep to indicate its whereabouts. This device can find items up to 80ft away and has a 6-12 month battery life. Help mom never be late or miss an appointment again, by being able to find everything she needs at the push of a button.


12. Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Vibration and Heat

50th birthday gifts for mom shiatsu massager

Every woman loves to be pampered and no woman deserves it more than your fabulous mom on her 50th birthday. Allow her to receive a spa quality massage whenever and wherever she wants with this extremely lightweight and discreet portable massage pillow. It provides a circular kneading massage with the option of added vibration and heat, to increase blood circulation and relax sore and tired muscles. She can take this pillow along with her anywhere she goes and simply plug it in to charge when the battery runs low, so that she never has to worry about an achy upper back, lower back, neck or shoulders ever again.


13. “50 and Fabulous” Bracelet

mom's 50th birthday perfect gift “50 and Fabulous” Bracelet

Allow mom to wear her age with pride, with this stunning personalized bracelet. The band and adjustable jump rings are made from stainless steel and each bracelet contains a stainless steel “50 and fabulous” disk, a silver-plated initial charm, specific to your mom’s initial and a Swarovski birthstone, according to your mom’s birth month. Mom will wish she could stay 50 forever, with a gift as beautiful as this!


14. ‘Teenage Daughter Survivor’ Coffee Mug

50th birthday present for mom coffee mug

Ladies, we can all admit we probably weren’t too kind to our mothers during our teenage years. Temper tantrums, stubbornness, sneaking out, constantly challenging your mom…the list is endless! She deserves a reward just for managing to survive through these tough few years. Show your fabulous mother a little love and appreciation and give her yet another reason to relax and unwind with this fabulous and fun coffee mug.


15. Family tree picture frame

Gift to get your mom for her 50th birthday Family tree picture frame

A picture speaks a thousand words and with this gift, Mom will be able to see her favorite pictures of her favorite people all the time. This beautifully designed dark metal tree includes 10 hanging picture frames. Add on picture frames are available so mom will be able to add new pictures as her family tree grows. This gift is truly unique and special and is something that can remain in the family for many years.


16. Beautiful Kitchen Linen Set

Gift for mom Beautiful Kitchen Linen Set

Help make Mom’s time in the kitchen more enjoyable, with this beautiful and practical set of kitchen linens. The set contains a bib apron, oven mitt, pot holder, kitchen towel and even a beautifully worded greeting card. They are all made from 100% cotton with a stunning printed floral design. Mom will want to start spending more time in the kitchen, just to be able to enjoy this beautiful 50th birthday gift.


17. Hand Painted Silk Kimono Style Robe

Kimono cool gift for mom's birthday

Glamour should have no limitations. Help mom feel glamorous while simply lazing around at home, with this exquisitely designed hand painted, 100% silk kimono style robe. Each design is inspired by a Chinese art collection and then meticulously hand painted onto the robe with watercolors. This ankle length robe includes a removable waist tie belt, belt loops and inside ties and is made to fit women of most sizes. Embellish your mom with this stunning piece of wearable art, which is available in many different colors and designs.


18. Woman’s World Magazine Subscription

Mother 50th birthday gift Woman’s World Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription- a gift that truly keeps on giving. This magazine focuses on various women-related issues and articles: Relationships, health, cooking, home, fashion, exercise, travel and so much more. It is suitable for women of all ages and truly contains a library of information within every single issue. Mom will receive 50 issues in a year or 26 issues in 6 months, depending on which option you choose and you can even renew her subscription at the expiration of the previous one. She will be reminded of her fabulous 50th birthday each time a new issue arrives at her doorstep.


19. Personalized Wooden Chopping Board

Gift for Mom Personalized Cutting Board

Add some style and love to mom’s kitchen, with a beautiful wooden chopping board, engraved with a special message. Choose a meaningful message and add your name to the board so that Mom can remember you and her special day each time she takes it out to prepare a meal. The back of the board is left blank, so that this side can be used for all the “dirty work”, so that your special message never has to be ruined.


20. Bucket List Bucket

50th birthday gift ideas for mom Bucket List Bucket

Though 50 is hardly the age to start worrying about your final words on your death bed, it probably will be the start of the decline of your physical health and therefore, a great time to start doing everything you’ve always dreamed of, if you haven’t started already. Help Mom to achieve her wildest dreams with this super cute metal bucket list bucket, which is extremely easy on the eye, so it will make a great home accent too. Included is a pack of cards, on which to write your bucket list activities and mark off their completion as you go along. (102)


21. Ceramic wall mounted indoor plant pots

Wall Decor Gift Idea for Mother's 50th Birthday

Gone are the days of plant pots being made to occupy tables and walls being reserved for paintings. Help your mom to turn her walls into stylish works of art with this 6 pack of ceramic wall planters. Each set contains 6 different colored and shaped ceramic pots, which can easily be mounted to any wall, so Mom can get creative with the layout of the pots. They are best suited to hold air plants, succulents or cooking herbs and faux plants can also be used for those moms whose green thumb isn’t quite up to scratch. Turn a regular wall into a beautiful living wall with this gorgeous gift.


22. Kindle Paperwhite

50th bday gift Kindle Paperwhite

If your mom loves to read, this is the perfect gift for her. This amazing device is super light, waterproof, has audio compatibility so you can listen to your story and has a glare-free screen so it feels like you are reading a real book. It is available in 8GB or 32GB and even has a built-in light so that you can read anywhere, anytime. Mom will be able to enjoy weeks’ worth of reading pleasure at a time, with its long-lasting battery power. Make the gift even better by pre-loading some of her favorite books for her.


23. Funny Stemless Wine Glass

I Am 49 + 1 Middle Finger Funny Wine Glass

Everyone loves a bit of humor. Help mom to always remember her 50th birthday and laugh a little every time she sits down to enjoy a glass of wine, or favorite beverage of choice. This 17oz glass is versatile and the humor will last a lifetime, as the text is etched into the glass and not printed, so it can never wash off. Just because mom has reached a milestone age, doesn’t mean she has to forget how to laugh at the silly things in life.


24. Custom Birthstone Ring

birthday gifts for 50 year old mom Custom Birthstone Ring

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but diamonds certainly aren’t as special and thoughtful as this stunning custom birthstone ring. Each ring is made from 100% sealed copper and each ring is completely unique, due to an unlimited number of customization possibilities. Include up to 7 birthstones, to represent each of your mom’s children and customize the size and positioning of the stones according to your preference. Mom will certainly shine like a diamond and always hold her most precious gifts close with this ring.


25. Pamper Hamper

Mother 50th birthday gift Pamper Hamper

There isn’t a woman on earth who would ever moan about having too many nice smelling pamper products. Add to Mom’s pamper stash with this cute wicker basket, containing some fabulous pamper products, all aimed at making bath time a sheer pleasure. This gift contains bubble bath, rose petals, geranium bath salts, Dead Sea mineral mud, Vanilla and Strawberry candles and essential oils. The packaging alone is so practical and cute, that Mom will be able to enjoy the gift long after the products are gone.


26. Custom Fridge Magnets

50th birthday gift ideas for mom Custom Face Magnets

Gone are the days of your fridge magnets having to be a display of all the places you’ve ever visited. Make mom’s fridge super stylish and truly unique, with these custom portrait fridge magnets. Each picture gets artistically sketched from your choice of portrait and transformed into a hard and durable magnet. Include the whole family and even mom’s pets, who can wear a little collar with their name on. She’ll feel the love of her precious family every time she opens the fridge, no matter how near or far everyone might be.