Best crossword puzzle gift ideas

24 Gifts for Crossword Puzzle Lovers That They’ll Actually Want To Receive

Only really brilliant people can consistently invest time and energy into the art of solving crossword puzzles. If this is one of your loved ones, they deserve to be celebrated for their daily mental exercises! Let these people in your life know how deeply appreciated and love them with some of these gift suggestions. We’ve collected 24 of the best gifts for a person who enjoys at solving crosswords.

1. The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Crossword puzzle gifts Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Give this gift to help expand your friend’s vocabulary! They might need some help from all the time you’ve beat them in crossword challenges. You can use this book to settle your various word disputes, but its main purpose can be found in getting a head start in words with friends or scrabble. Don’t brag too hard with your expanded vocabulary if you choose to invest in this educational book, but it will be fun to enter into word wars with friends if you’re both on the same page (pun intended).


2. The Curious History of the Crossword: 100 Puzzles from Then and Now

Crossword puzzle gifts The Curious History of the Crossword

This book brings both present and historical crossword puzzles together in one fabulous collection. The reason why this is so appealing is because you have to tap into words or phrases that were likely used almost a century ago! You will be challenged and stretched in your understanding of crossword puzzles as we’ve known ever since the first crossword puzzle on December 21, 1913. If you or your friend enjoy knowing the origin stories of everything you love, you will certainly love this gift.


3. Funny T Shirt

Crossword puzzle gifts T-Shirt

Imagine a day of you and your friends doing your favorite crosswords puzzles in this really fun tee. This tee is perfect for hot crossword puzzle dates (hypothetically speaking). It might also be perfect for dressing up as a genius for Halloween. Who knows? It might actually be a huge hit within your social circles. This gift will certainly inspire you in all of your puzzle-solving aspirations. Plus, everyone needs more tee shirts in their lounging life.


4. Coffee Mug and Pen – Exercise Your Mind While You Warm Your Belly

Crossword puzzle gifts Unique coffee mug and pen

Almost nothing goes better together than crossword puzzles with your morning coffee. With this gift, crossword lover will be able to combine all of their favorite morning rituals into one item. It does actually have a solvable puzzle on it. The instructions are on the box, and the answers are in the inspiration that your coffee will bring to you. So drink up and exercise your brain to get ready for your day!


5. Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

Crossword puzzle gifts Scrabble Luxury Edition

This scrabble board is the perfect addition to any crossword lovers home game collection. This is not an ordinary version, this is the exclusive, luxury and best version of the Scrabble game. It will definitely spice up your friendly dinner parties or family get togethers. The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t have to be hidden in your closet, but its ornate design allows it to look amazing as a main focal point of the living room. Invite all of your friends to practice their scrabble skills and crossword skills with this luxury edition of famous board game. Nobody will remain indifferent if gets this great gift. It will especially make the day for a anyone who loves words and word games.


6. Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle

Crossword puzzle gifts Jigsaw

One puzzle certainly isn’t enough for your Brainiac friends…they need a puzzle WITHIN a puzzle! In solving the crossword part of this puzzle, they can find the answers on how to piece together the jigsaw pieces to complete this epic mother of all puzzles. No one can deny the novelty of how awesome you would feel once having completed this amazing time of mental dexterity. You could also challenge your friends to discover which of you can get this puzzle done the fastest.


7. Word Search Puzzle Coaster Set

Crossword puzzle gifts Coaster Set

These coaster sets are the perfect accompaniment to the living room of a crossword puzzle enthusiast. They look great, and they are certain to bring some inspiration to your puzzle-solving mornings. Make up your own puzzles for these coasters or keep them blank like a fresh canvas, but they will always add more energy to house parties. Because of their unique design, they will definitely keep your friend’s house interesting. Keep your tables protected and your brain engaged with this fun gift.


8. The New York Times Crossword Puzzles 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

Crossword puzzle gifts The New York Times Crossword Puzzles 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

You know what they say! A puzzle a day…is very good for your mental and emotional health. This gift will supply your friend with a year’s supply of great puzzles so they can effectively have some sense of consistency in their life. This calendar gives access to New York Times puzzles that have delighted millions of people across the world. Nothing can please a crossword puzzle enthusiast more than a calendar of daily crossword puzzles!


9. Table Cover with Black and White Boxes and Numbers

Crossword puzzle gifts table cover

Your outdoor patio or sunroom will look fantastic with this tablecloth addition. It is a perfect splash of design that any boring sitting room desperately needs. Imagine how great this gift will look at your friend’s picnic party or crossword get-together. Games and eating bring people together, and this tablecloth combines them both! The last person to solve their portion of the cloth has to pay for the food.


10. Knowledge Encyclopedia

Crossword puzzle gifts Knowledge Encyclopedia

Maybe your friend has come across a particularly difficult puzzle and is too stubborn to look in the index for the answers. This could be the miracle book they have been asking for, and they will certainly be eternally grateful. It’s like a moment where the answer to an annoying question is on the tip of your tongue and you finally discover the resolution you’ve so desperately been waiting for. This book will scratch the intellectual itch your friend has been feeling for ages.


11. Crossword Infinity Scarf

Crossword puzzle gifts Infinity Scarf

Stylish and brainy, this scarf will perfectly express your brilliant crossword friend. This infinity scarf will certainly stand out amongst other scarfs and will give your friend the perfect opportunity to peacock through every social event. You can also use this scarf as a way to kill time when you are bored so it certainly fills a double purpose of entertainment and style. This fun gift will keep your friend smiling for a long time to come.


12. Wordplay DVD

Crossword puzzle gifts Wordplay dvd

If your friend enjoys documentaries and learning the origin of their favorite things, this DVD will open their eyes to everything involved with the history and creation of crossword puzzles. It has special guests and surprise facts about famous crossword solvers and creators. After watching this film, your friend should be able to answer every trivia question involved with crossword puzzles and the people who make them. Who knows? They might be able to impress a lot of people with their new-found knowledge.


13. The Big Book of TV Guide Crosswords

Crossword puzzle gifts The Big Book of TV Guide Crosswords

If your favorite crossword puzzle player also loves tv, this is definitely the gift for them! They will be able to spend hours of enjoyment in solving questions related to their favorite tv show items. This challenging book will stretch your tv knowledge and allow you to show off all know about the history of television. With over 250 puzzles inside of it, your friend will be well satisfied with crossword challenges for a long time to come.


14. Crossword Theme Watch

Crossword puzzle gifts Watch

It’s almost difficult to make out what this item is at first, but for those who emphatically love all things tiny, this gift will be the perfect addition to their daily outfits. This is a great talking piece, and can be an incredibly helpful ice breaker wherever your friend goes. It is a good expression of crossword love and punctuality. They do go hand in hand, don’t they?


15. Personalized Ornament

Crossword puzzle gifts Ornament

What would better accompany a gift of crossword puzzles than a crossword puzzle ornament? Part of this complete Christmas present, your ornament gift can be personalized with a sentiment that is so important to your relationships. This adorable snowman will look great on your crossword lover’s tree. Or – even if you have a group of crossword friends, you can get matching sets of this ornament to really celebrate your group dynamics.


16. New York Times Electronic Crossword Touch Screen Puzzle

Crossword puzzle gifts New York Times Electronic Crossword Touch Screen Puzzle

For those hardcore crossword puzzle aficionados, this gift will supply an almost infinite amount of puzzles of varying difficulty levels and themes. You can work your way from beginner to crossword genius in almost no time. It gets progressively harder, but you also get to choose the many different ways in which you wish to learn. It’s going to challenge your vocabulary and dictionary prowess further than you’ve ever been challenged before. You could think of this device as your educational and entertainment answer to all of your time-saving needs.


17. Pick Two Deluxe

Crossword puzzle gifts Pick Two Deluxe

Word games are super fun for family nights or dinner parties. Use this game as an awesome ice-breaker and get to know your friends and family really well over your game time. Let’s be honest, you really can’t have enough word games in your house. This game will spice up your collection quite nicely. After giving this gift to an enthusiast of word games, you should be prepared for an invitation to come play it ASAP.


18. Home Decor Coffee and Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzle gifts home decor

Those last-minute gifts can be stressful! Here’s the answer to your procrastination problem – an instantly downloadable piece of art for your friend’s wall. After you buy this digital download, all you have to do is print it out and put it in a nice picture frame. If you forgot your cruciverbalist on your Christmas gift list, this is the perfect solution for cruciverbalist! Don’t worry, everyone forgets people on their list.


19. Tornado Pencil

Crossword puzzle gifts pencil

Almost nothing satisfies more than doing a crosswords with your crossword puzzle pen. Everyone will know you are serious about your puzzles when you whip out this fun little guy from your bag. It is dripping with inspiration and full of the right kind of moods you need to complete the most challenging of puzzles. It’s scientifically proven that better crossword pens equal better crossword solving. No joke – this pen has magical powers.


20. Bathroom Set, Word Search Puzzle, Blank Newspaper Style

Crossword puzzle gifts Bathroom Set

Get crossword crazy with these bathroom decorations! These pieces will give you a lot to stare at during your morning routines. Instead of reading shampoo bottles and readers digest during your time in the bathroom, you can make and solve puzzles! Your mornings will receive so much more brain power when you wake up to this kind of bathroom set. You will get so much more out of your bathroom experience.


21. Crossword Bow Tie

Crossword puzzle gifts bow tie

This bow tie will make your friend look extra smart (or nerdy). It will look great for science conventions…or school tacky days. Either way, this tie is sure to leave an impression on everyone who sees it. With this statement piece, you will never be lacking for conversations or new acquaintances. This bowtie can make you small talk central – so be careful. Otherwise, consider this gift the perfect expression of brain prowess and puzzling abilities.


22. Laser Printer

Crossword puzzle gifts Printer

Sometimes you need a printer to print out the awesome crossword puzzles you find online! If this is the case, your crossword loving friend will obviously appreciate this printing appliance to help them in all their puzzle solving endeavors. This king of printers works conveniently with wireless printing, so your friend will be able to print their puzzles from all across the house. Of course, this printer can be used for a million other things in addition to printing crossword puzzles as well.


23. Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

Crossword puzzle gifts Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

SCRABBLE!! The best crossword game known to human kind! Of course this game will be the perfect gift for your wordy friend! Get ready for a load of fun nights with this game because you will test each other’s vocabulary for a long time to come. These games are great for making wonderful memories and relationships. Bring family game night back with this little board filled with big words. Just be careful not to flip the table when you lose.


24. Puzzle Pod Cryptex – Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

Crossword puzzle gifts Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

This puzzling piece actually holds a plethora of brain teasers and styles of testing your mental capacity. Players beware, this little thing can steal a lot of your time in trying to solve it! You might enjoy watching your family or friends struggling with this challenge because it has strong entertainment potential. Get a few and see who can finish the tests faster! In any case, this puzzle will bring a lot of laughs or frustration. Totally worth it.