Choosing a Gift for the Crossword Puzzle Lovers: Find Your Solution Here

Crossword puzzles have been around for more than 100 years, and through the years, more people have become fond of solving them, while some are almost fanatical about their crossword puzzles.

Do you have a crossword puzzle enthusiast in your family or among your friends and are looking for a gift idea that will make them truly happy, then we have some suggestions for gift ideas.

If you want to make a crossword fan happy with a special gift for any occasion, then read on to get some great ideas for the best crossword gifts for 2023.

The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition 


This Million Word Crossword Dictionary has been meticulously collected and created by two crossword professionals and fanatics – Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark with more than 5 decades of experience in creating crosswords.

It is the most comprehensive Edition and crossword dictionary on the market and will help your crossword-loving friend expand their vocabulary and further improve their performance when creating or solving crossword puzzles.

It includes hundreds of thousands of words, synonyms, books, movies, and many more.


Dual Challenge Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle 1st Edition – 550 Piece 2-in-1 Puzzle


This Dual Challenge puzzle is another excellent gift idea for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and who wants to keep their brain and mind active at all times.

The unique jigsaw puzzle requires that the crossword puzzle is solved first and that then the 550-piece jigsaw puzzle is completed.

It is a great way to pass the time and spend fun time with family and friends.


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug


This is an amazingly creative and entertaining gift for any crossword lover or for a person who likes to exercise their mind.

The 12-ounce ceramic mug has a crossword puzzle printed on it and comes with a pencil, which the recipient of the gift can use to fill in the words.

The first clues to the Puzzle are printed on the colorful gift box. But you don’t have to worry about the mug being thrown away after the Puzzle is complete because there are new puzzles published on the website every month!


The New York Times Daily Crosswords Page-A-Day Calendar for 2023

This Daily Crosswords calendar is among the best gift ideas for anyone who just loves solving puzzles. It will allow the recipient to open and fill out a new The New York Times Crossword every single day of the year.

It is a great way to start or end the day, and the person who receives the calendar will be in happy anticipation for the next crossword every day!


Curious History of the Crossword: 100 Puzzles from Then and Now (Puzzlecraft) 


This is a superb gift for a true crossword puzzle fan. It explores the crossword puzzle’s curious history, starting from the first one created by Arthur Wynne back in 1913, and all of the developments and historical facts after that.

The book includes a page-turning history of the evolution of the crossword, along with chapters on the different types and styles of puzzles, with examples.

It contains tips for solving crossword puzzles and forecasts for the future of this beloved practice and hobby.


Ambesonne Shower Curtain, Blank Newspaper Style Crossword Puzzle


This is a quirky gift idea, which is an excellent choice for a crossword puzzle aficionado or for anyone who appreciates unique and different décor items and elements.

The shower curtain has a newspaper-style empty crossword puzzle printed on it.

The shower curtain comes in a monochrome color and is available in several length options.

The unique shower curtain is made of premium waterproof materials with lasting print and will be the main accent point of any bathroom.


The New York Times Ultimate Crossword Omnibus: 1,001 Puzzles

The Ultimate Crossword Omnibus contains 1001 puzzles from The New York Times, which come in all levels of difficulty. This book is a perfect gift idea for a crossword puzzle fan of any skill level.

It will keep them entertained for weeks and months, and your gift will surely be appreciated a lot.


Drunk Crosswords: Over 50 All-New Puzzles With a Twist

Typical crosswords are great, but what about this funny variation of them? The book provides 80 pages of fun.

Your favorite crossword lover will just have to find a comfortable place, pour a glass of their favorite drink and enjoy this new type of crossword puzzle.


Ambesonne Word Search Puzzle Tablecloth, Classical Crossword Puzzle


Like the eye-catching crossword puzzle shower curtain from above, this crossword puzzle printed tablecloth is another creative gift idea for anyone who likes adding unique décor elements and styles to their home.

It is a true conversation starter and is available in different sizes, suitable for tables of all kinds.


The Big Book of TV Guide Crosswords #2


This crossword puzzle book of the best TV Guide crosswords is an excellent idea for a present for a crossword fan that also enjoys TV trivia. The crossword puzzles include questions and clues regarding the greatest TV shows from the 1940s until today.

The recipient of this entertaining book will test their TV show memory and knowledge and crossword puzzle-solving skills at the same time with this fun-filled book.


Funster 100+ Large Print Easy Crossword Puzzles


If you are looking for a gift for an older relative or friend who has trouble reading the small print of newspaper crosswords, then this book of 100+ Large Print Crossword Puzzles is among the best gift ideas on the market.

The book includes easy-to-read and easy-to-solve puzzles, which will still be a challenge for people with little experience with crossword puzzles.

It is a thoughtful gift for a grandma or grandpa who wants to keep their mind active and working but has failing eyesight.


WS Game Company Scrabble Luxury Edition with Rotating Game Board

If your crossword-loving relative or friend is a true fan of word games and challenges, then this luxurious Edition of the beloved Scrabble game is a wonderful gift idea for an anniversary or other special occasion.

The premium game board is made of wood, and burled wood veneers, and has a faux leather game board that can be rotated and has an impressive gold foil grid and stamping.

There is also a storage drawer hidden in the board.


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